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Some call it oversexed swingers, or unfaithful people. I call it open minded, but either way, itís a lot of fun. I have the fortune of living in an open minded marriage and we have more then few very open minded always horny friends. The ladies on this web site are (married or singles) like any other lady. They go to work or  working their way through college and trying to have a bit of fun in the process. However they love to have sex and they don't make secret of this! Some of them can take more then one guys (and or girls) at once  and some of our male friends able to give multiply orgasm for any women.

You are in the right place if you looking for swingers party pictures and swingers party stories, but be warned, youíll never look at swingers the same way again!

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Four some

Married couple first time visit at the local swingers club. True based erotic story. They are a normal every day's couple, except they could not get enough sex, until they decided to do something about it... Click here and read what they did.

Four some

The first Foursome. A married couple sex life have became boring. They have tried spice up things and nothing since to work for them longer than few months. And one they something happened... What did they do on that day?
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How can you make her horny?
If you are not sure where to begin and what to do to get her into the mood check out this page. You will find there lot of useful information.
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Sex Life Related Advice
Do you have sexual and or sex related question? Visit our new sexy partner Elisha! You will find thousands  of answers for your question, or if you don't ask her. She is stand by every day, waiting for your questions. You can ask anything and everything sex related question! No question is taboo for her!  Click here and try!

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Older women having fun with younger men.
"I am a 44 year old woman. I consider myself attractive. My husband passed a way 3 years ago, leaving me widowed. I don't need a husband, I don't need commitments but I do need sex, a lot of quality sex. Because of my occupation (I own and run a law office) I don't want to get into the bar scene. Until recently I didn't know where I to find what I need. And one day...."
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Story of an on-premise swingers party with swingers party pictures
"Do you care that people watching you," he pressed on. "N-no," she gasped as another orgasm began to overtake her, "I don't care who sees us, all I want to do is cum over and over again."
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anal sex

Why some people like to perform anal sex? How should I start? Anal sex related information, anal sex positions with photos. Everything that you need to know about anal sex, you can find here. 
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How friend of my Jack got me to do his wife.... with him...

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in the swing club

Our first night in the swingers club and the party after that.
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I am a 37 years old woman, married more than 15 years. Our sex life is well balanced and sometimes kinky. However what woman hasn't dreamed of having two guys at once? I definitely did. And in fact I talked a lot about this with my husband, but somehow it never happened. Until one day.... Click here to read the rest of the story.
On-premises swingers club
We invite you to visit Copenhagen's most popular on-premise swingers club. Real club, real swingers, with real pictures.
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My best friend - my wife - and me.
... I laid on her for a few seconds then sat up. She did too and reached Ernie. She started to clean up his tool with her tongue. When she finished it Ernie was hard again. "Your turn" I said and gave him a condom....
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My best friend and his wife - my wife and me. Part two.
...It was very - very erotic. I laid on my back and tongue fucked my wife. In the meantime my best friend's wife was riding on my cock and gave a blow job to her husband.
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My wife with two guys (plus me)

... My balls were already tightening. She did not need five minutes to reach her first orgasm. Then pulling her hands away from her pussy she invited the two guys onto the bed... 
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We found the right sex partner here!
My pussy immediately got wet when Don entered the house. I'm sure my husband cock started to move at the sight of Don's blonde, big tits wife. It was nice to find out they are more attractive in real then on pictures. Probably you've already guessed  my husband  Albert and I are active swingers. We ran into Don and Clare's ad on this website. Exchanged a few letters and pictures and we were finally going to give it a try....
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Real swingers party story with pictures!
... I was very mad at him and decided I will find out what it is like to have sex with two men at the same time. It was my long held fantasy anyway. I am a 22 year old pretty redhead. My looks never fail to capture the attention of certain type of horny men. I dressed in a very short and tight miniskirt and almost see through blouse with my best push up bra. I hit the closest bar. I never felt sexier in my life. I hoped I will find there 2 of that certain type of horny men... 
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... For a moment I felt a sharp pang of jealousy but something else over powered this. I was getting turned on watching my wife having XXX fun with another man. My cock began rising. To read the rest of the story and take a close look to our swingers party pictures.  Click here to enter this site.
I cleaned a way the leftover shaving jell with a warm watered cloth and put some moisturizing cream on. I let my fingers rub the cream in her silky pubic skin a little bit, and one of my fingers just slide inside her cunt. Her cunt was warm and moist. She did not pull her but a way so I just left my finger there and started to play with part of her pussy lips.
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Tanya did not give  up yet. She needed more sex. She ripped off the condom from my tired cock and started to bath it with her lip. Her lip-smacking oral elevator slowly brought my cock back to life.
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We often read stories about couples who invite a single guy into their sex life to create MFM experiences for her. Many of those stories are pure fiction, or just talking about the couple's erotic experience. This is a true threesome story, explained by single guy.
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Oral Sex and oral sex related pictures from a swingers party. Some of them with multiply sex partners.
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Pussy shaving party
... few minutes later, only her puffy lips were left to be shaved, and Michael, now being even more careful, slowly began to slice away the remaining hair on her nearly bare crotch. "All done," he announced proudly as he stood back to give everyone a better view of the now bald cunt, how does she look?
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