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Our First Foursome

We are happily married couple, more then 9 years  now, and I can not see any reason why it should not stay this way. In the first few years the sex was marvellous. To go into the  bed with the same person for years and years, sooner or later will get too routine and it will be boring. For us the sex is very important part of our life. After 6 years together, we had to find a solution to spice up our bedroom activity. We bought some really erotic XXX DVD's and sex toys and used them regularly. But after a while it turned to be routine too and once again our sex life have became boring. Than my hubby suggested that we should get into swinging. The thought of getting it on with with another couple certainly did sound like fun. However I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another women. We talked about it for weeks and then the subject just died. But it was like a ghost, it kept coming back. We talked about it again, have checked out few swingers magazine and once again did not make the next step. Until one day.

That day was a hot summer day. The heat inside the house was close to a hundred, and sweltering. Outside was even hotter. Our air-conditioner brake down, so Mike (may husband) and I were wearing as little as possible. For him that meant a bathing suit, a boxer style, for its looseness. I wore a cropped tank top and no bra as well as a pair of loose shorts.

We were just sitting around the living room watching TV and drinking beer, not planning anything, and waiting for the heat to ease so we could go to bed. There was a knock at the door, and Mike got up to answer it, returning with his friends Paul and Jeff. Both were in cutoffs and t-shirts, and both gave me appreciative looks as they came into the room.

A minute later I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it back off my forehead, and almost at once realized that with the large armholes in the tank top Paul, sitting next to me, would have a hell of a view of the side of my breast. Instead of being embarrassed, though, I felt an instant throb of heat between my legs. I was bored, and had been for a while, and I'd always loved being a tease when I was younger. Not that I was very old at 33. I'm just out of practice since I've been married to Mike for 9 years. I have long blonde hair that I part to one side, and as I moved it kept sliding back onto my forehead. I didn't want it there with the heat, so naturally I had to keep brushing it past. I was well aware now that using my left arm to do that gave Paul a great shot at the side of my breast, but even though I felt a bit embarrassed, the hot little steamy center between my legs was really getting off on it. I felt my breasts starting to warm from the inside, and soon felt my nipples hardening and pushing out against the thin fabric of the tank top. I could imagine what they looked like to Jeff right across from me. We were all just about agreed on how bored we were, and how disgusted we were that there was nothing to do. All except Mike, who slid his arm around me and jerked me in next to him suddenly.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I'm never bored with Megan around." I giggled and we kissed. To my surprise he slipped his tongue into my mouth and pulled me half onto his lap before easing his grip. "Yeah, you're lucky, you bastard," Jeff said. "No running around searching for it." "They joys of marriage," Mike said. "Free pussy. All you can eat." "Mike!" I slapped his chest, both embarrassed and a bit excited by his talk. "Wouldn't you rather wake up next to a great looking guy like me every morning, Megan?" Jeff asked. "I like where I wake up now, thank you," I said with a grin. "Yeah, but he can't give you what I got," Paul taunted. "Ten inches." "Is that all?" I asked. We all laughed, but the atmosphere was definitely getting hotter, and I don't mean the temperature. "It's not how long it is, it's how thick," Jeff said. "Now my log can out pump that little piece of spaghetti you got easily." "What it is is technique," Mike said. "And I got a witness that my technique is the best." He slid his hand down my back, then up under my tank top, stroking my bare back. "I don't have any complaints," I said smugly. "That's because you haven't been with me," Jeff said. "If you had you'd know what you're missing." "Yeah. Let me take you into the bedroom, Meg. You'll see who's the best," Paul growled.

They were just kidding... I thought. But I felt my stomach flutter and my pussy bubble anyway, then gasped as Mike pulled me across his lap, kissing me, his hand resting on my bare stomach as our tongues slid together. He looked up and grinned at his friends. "Suffer," he taunted. "Yeah, look at that bastard," Jeff said. "Greedy son of a bitch has it all and won't share," Paul complained as Mike's lips slid over mine again. I felt a hard pulsing between my legs now, like we were putting on a show or something. The two men were both watching intently, and I knew damned well they wanted me.

"What do you think guys? Has Megan got a nice body?" "Show something to us," Jeff said with a grin. I leered and flipped my top up briefly, baring my sweating breasts. "Nice," Jeff said with a lewd grin. "Nice pair of melons there, Megan," Paul teased. My hubby's hand was stroking my stomach as I half sat, half lay across him, and while the guys and I grinned at each other he lifted my top up again, holding it up. I gasped, but made no effort to pull it down, feeling a deep, gut churning excitement at being half naked with them watching. "Take it off! Take it off!" Paul said, clapping his hands and grinning. I peeled the tank top up and off and lay back in my husband's arms, grinning like a cat, basking in their admiration. He cupped one of my breasts familiarly, then kissed me again. I ground my ass down against his crotch, feeling his erection as his friends looked on. His hand eased down between my legs then, cupping my crotch through my shorts. I almost came, moaning into his mouth as he rubbed at my pussy. Then he tugged at the waistband, slipping them down and baring me completely. I wasn't wearing any panties because of the heat, and his fingers stroked up and down against my cleft as he pulled my head back and bit down on my exposed throat. I groaned at the rippling waves of heat that swept up my body from my crotch, gasping and moaning weakly. Mike took one of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed it, then rolled it between them as I squirmed in his lap and gulped in air.

"Nice, eh?" Mike said. "Very nice," Jeff agreed. "How do they feel?" Paul asked. "Check them out," my husband offered generously. He shifted me in his lap so I was kind of laying back against his chest. My heart pounded like a drum as both men leaned forward and took one of their breasts, squeezing and kneading it, pinching and rubbing at my nipples. "Yeah, real nice." Jeff said. "Gorgeous tits," Paul agreed. The two men sat back and I trembled and groaned as my hubby sawed two fingers up and down my pussy cleft. The heat rose to unbearable heights as I sat back, spreading my legs, gasping and gulping as he stroked his fingers along my slit and his two friends watched. Then I groaned aloud as he drove a finger inside me. "She's really tight," my husband said. He added a second finger, pumping them in and out as the two men watched and I squirmed in helpless pleasure. I'd always kind of got off on showing myself off, but I'd sure never gone this far before. My pussy was swimming in sexual juices as Mike's finger pumped in and out of my hot, tight, moist little slit, stroking across my clitty with every motion. I was on the verge of coming, of having an orgasm right in front of these two men! It wasn't my husband's stroking or fingering that was driving me wild. It was just the situation! I was straddling him, legs spread, naked with two men watching! If I wasn't so hot, and I don't mean the temperature outside, I'd have run screaming into the other room. But as it was, even though I was sort of embarrassed, I was so aroused that their presence, their hungry horny eyes on me, only added to my own heat, only made me cream even more. I came within less than a minute, and despite my discomfort at the men watching, despite trying to show little response, I grunted loudly and repeatedly, gasping and moaning and arching my back so my head rolled back across my husband's left shoulder.

The men cursed as they watched, and I knew their eyes were ravishing me. Mike only chuckled in delight at the show he was putting on, lording it over them as if I were a fancy sports car or something.

"Not bad, huh, guys?" he taunted. "Shit," Jeff grunted. "Hey, man.  Are you gonna let us have any?" Paul asked. "I am not sure, man. Wives aren't the kind of thing a man shares, even with friends." "We'll give her back," Jeff pleaded. "You got us all hard, it's the least you can do." "The least I can do is nothing," Mike laughed. Then he asked me. "What do you say, honey? Are you going to fix those two horny bulls?  Can you help them out?" "Do you want me to help them out?" Answered him with a question. He blinked his eyes and said; "Let's do it baby"!

My pussy was still bubbling and clenching, though and my mind was tumbling around like a leaf caught in a windstorm, alternately embarrassed, excited, and a bit surprised. After all I thought, what the hell why not, it is already fun.... I reached out and the other two got eagerly to their feet, dropping their pants. Paul's cock was very long, ten inches, like he'd claimed, while Jeff's was shorter but very thick. I licked my lips as I looked at them, then grunted weakly as my hubby shoved three fingers inside me and began to fingering me. He reached around me with his other hand and began to squeeze and knead my breast. I leaned forward and I reached for Paul's cock as Mike held me and looked over my shoulder. I squeezed it a few times, then licked at the head before sliding my lips over it. He groaned, and I felt so intensely slutty I almost came. I bobbed my lips up and down, going down further and further as I slicked up his cock with my saliva. Mike was justly proud of my cock sucking abilities. For after months and months of trying I'd finally learned how to deep throat a long time ago. I knew he wanted to show off my skill to his buddies and wanted to make him proud. I wanted to show off myself, of course, and felt a deep, gut twisting spasm of pleasure when I took Paul's cock down my throat and heard his gasp of shocked delight. "Oh fuuuuck!" he groaned. "Look at that!" Jeff said in delight. My lips slid down and down and down, his long cock sliding deep into my gullet as I wrapped my lips around the base of his shaft. He came at once, spurting his juices down into my belly as I slid back up and gave the head a final suck. I sat back, feeling smug and proud.

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Then Jeff moved eagerly forward I wiggled a bit on Mike's lap as he finger-fucked me, then opened my lips wide to take in Jeff's thick prong. My jaw strained as he pushed it inside me and my tongue could barely move against it as it filled my mouth. I slurped wetly as I slowly bobbed my head, then, knowing this would be a real challenge, took a deep breath and pushed forward. At first I was afraid it wouldn't fit, but then his cock head punched forward into my throat and slid smoothly down it until my nose was grinding into his pubic bone. He groaned, his hands sliding excitedly through my hair as I slurped and sucked. I eased back, letting his cock come free and licking at it with my tongue, then pushed forward again, once again swallowing his thick meat and taking it deep.

Seconds later he exploded too, and I felt another gush of steaming sperm pour down into my stomach. I eased my head back up, licking my lips and smirking as Mike laughed and kissed my cheek. He lifted me set me down on the heavy coffee table, then unzipped his pants and stood up. I pulled his pants down, grabbing his cock and pulling it to my mouth, drawing it inside and sucking in delight. I bobbed my lips harder and deeper, taking him down my throat to the base. But he pulled back after a second and turned me, positioning me on all fours on the table. My entire body fairly radiated heat now, and I was sweating like crazy. I was drunk on the sex heat, on the lewd, carnal atmosphere that gripped me.

Jeff and Paul stood on either side of the table, watching excitedly as my husband moved behind me. I spread my legs wide, groaning, arching my back and pushing my ass up. Then he entered me, thrusting deep, making me cry out in pleasure as his cock buried itself in the deepest pit of my belly. He began a steady stroke, his cock sawing back and forth against my pussy lips as he fucked into me. His hands moved up and down my body and I fairly purred, putting on a show for the two men watching, groaning from the pleasure pouring through my nervous system. Each of them reached down and gripped one of my dangling breasts, squeezing and kneading it as they stared rapturously. God! I had never felt such heat! I was trembling with the excitement and lust inside me! "Fuck! Oh Fuck!" I cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me, Mike! Fuck it into me!"

The men cursed as Mike picked up the pace, his hips slamming into my buttocks with bruising force, his cock spearing deep into my body with each powerful thrust. I grunted like a bitch in heat, riding his cock into a wild orgasmic storm that seemed to last forever. It was the longest of my life and I thought I'd pass out as the world seemed to grow faint around me. I sagged weakly, groaning, exhausted. I eased down onto my elbows, then groaned again, falling to my shoulders. My ass remained high as Mike's steely grip held my flanks and his cock pounded into me. Seconds later he came too, pouring his sperm down my neatly shaved furry opening. He squeezed my upturned buttocks and then eased his softening prick out from my tight pussy lips.

As I knelt there I felt another, harder prick press against me, then pierce me and thrust deep. I groaned, feeling a bit of ache and cramps inside me. It was not him, of course. It was Paul and his ten inches that had his prick crammed up against my cervix. I groaned as he began to rut into me wildly. He moved his hips from side to side, then up and down, thrusting in from different angles, churning my guts into a frenzied froth of heat once again. "Fuuuuuuck," I moaned, slowly pushing myself up, straightening my arms and throwing back my head. His hands slid up my body onto my shoulders, then down under my chest to cup my breasts. A moment later Paul straddled the table and pushed his cock into my mouth. He was semi-hard, but after a few seconds of sucking he was as hard as a rock again, his thick meat straining my jaws as he groaned in pleasure. I'd never had more than one guy at a time before, and now I felt like I had one long cock inside me, like I was impaled on it and it was going right through me. I felt a towering wave of orgasm rising up around me and moaned weakly around Paul's cock as I braced myself. I fell over me like a tidal wave and I screamed...soundlessly, for Jeff's prick was deep in my throat. Paul came with a cry of pleasure, and both of them pulled out.

I sagged down onto my elbows again, groaning and gulping in air, then felt my pussy lips peeled wide as Jeff moved behind me and slowly forced his thick meat down my fuck tunnel. Sweat was dripping off me now as Mike moved in front of me again and stroked his cock across my face. I opened my mouth and took it in as Jeff worked up speed behind me. I felt my body responding to Jeff's thick beef, and groaned wearily as Mike's cock grew harder inside my mouth.

Well, it was another hour before we took a break. I had several more orgasms, and each of the guys fucked me again. Then I took a shower, had something to eat, and we all watched TV for a couple of hours. After that we all retreated to the bedroom. Me... and three hunky guys with hard cocks.

We've never repeated that night's fun. The next day, to tell you the truth, I was kind of embarrassed, and worried about how my "married wife" reputation would suffer. Paul and Jeff were cool, though, and I never heard they told anyone I knew.

However this night made us to realize what swinging is. We started to swing, but we never swung again with guys with out their wife.

Remember: It's okay to *READ* erotic stories about unprotected sex with others outside a your  relationship. But it isn't okay to *HAVE* unprotected sex with people other than a trusted partner. You only have one body per lifetime, it is your body and your life. Keep your head cool and practice safe sex only!

The basic story from the news group alt.sex.stories: Friends and Lovers. Written by anonymous writer.


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