Couple looking for men for long term sex friend

Here’s the deal. We had a long term sex friend a friend with erotic benefits, we can call him fuck buddy.  A man that we didn’t meet on erotic dating website. He was a friend, a  “vanilla friend” so to speak that turned into a sexual friend for us (100% straight btw).

swingers sexNo String Attached Dating Ads

no string attached sexHe is in the military and got transferred to the other end of the country.

We found Swingers Couple’s website and though “no problem, we can find another sex friend on here for something long term”.

We were very wrong! Now we have had no problem meeting men for a one time sex play thing, but everyone says “oh yeah I want something long term” but after one or a couple of times they just fizzle out and disappear.

Have any other couples ran into this situation? We know some of these “single” men weren’t
really single after some time, but she is hot and sexy. It seems we have better luck finding people in bars or people that are existing friends.

Any suggestions for weeding out the fakes that are just looking for a quick piece of ass? Continue reading…


casual sexcoolandhornycpl

According to our experience… Someone really interested in an ongoing erotic play will be willing to put a little time in to get to know you.

Don’t hit the sheets right away, and let them know up front that you won’t play on the first date.

There are serious people out there… take your time end select them on the “smart” way… Continue reading…



How can a single an build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

What to do in MMF threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


adult datingspiderwoman15

When my wife is looking to add men we found that couples where always our best place to find friends that last long times and are good too go with out troubles.

Most wife we know will let their men swing with their close friends with out needing to join all the time.

I as well get to go out on my own, most of the time I play with couples. When we are all in the same place we’ll meet for fun… and it can be a lot of fun. Continue reading…


NSA sexthebabygurl70

For a couples, hard to find a single fuck buddy… Why would single guys  settle for a borrowed penis or vagina when they can have one of their own? Continue reading…

swingers sex3somefetishcpl

We currently have  two long term fwb and we did not have any difficulties to find them. Also we are partying once a month with new partners.

I can’t understand why you have problem to find a willing long turn man… Maybe there is something, that you do not tell us… Continue reading…


nsa sexfoxeyatfifty

Patience and a lot of searching and you just may find the couple looking for another regular couple to play with.

It took me years to find the right man for me. Yes I had to weed out a lot of duds, assholes, players…. all talk no action, but carefully screening works.

Patience and searching and  you may find what you are looking for. Continue reading…


casual sexTarnishedAngelSD

I understand what you mean. BTW I am part of a couple and we have a couple gold membership, but we also have our own single standard profiles.

We prefer to play together, but even if both can’t play one does the other is still there, on the sidelines as to say. We have wide variety of erotic taste, into a lot of fun things… We work our way  in weeding out the ones that we know are players, pic traders, cyber friendship only type.

Then with the remaining “finalists” more chatting and learning about each other, we weed out the “no clicks” “not for us” “we not for them” and on down the line in hopes of finding
our nirvana.

Patience is a virtue an we have met a lot of carp, in the ocean of possibilities and we know more to come, but with patience and diligence we will hook the ones worth keeping in the end.

Also I tend to remind myself we are looking for people we both have to agree on, bit harder to couples that will do it for both of us and us for them. Continue reading…

Swingers Sex

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Some men on here pussy teasers

I met with 2 guys here, two friends who talked me into a male – female – male (mfm) threesome,  but we never meet. Continue Reading…

casual sex

sex datingfun_chix

They could not find a good time… We started with some erotic chat than had some webcam session. I do not understand, why they would waste anyone’s times? Continue Reading…


casual sexhinj1

Same issue…  Met 2 men on here who got me all interested and hot to trot
but would never meet. Talked a good game.

It made me wonder… Why are some men on here pussy teasers? Continue Reading…


no string attached sexfkmeallnitelong9

I’ve had the same experiences. Talk a big game but when it’s time to  actually meet they go m.i.a.

If they only knew what they missed out on… Continue Reading…


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nsa sexfoxeyatfifty

It is the way of Internet dating. A few no shows and big talkers and they can break a date or no show with out an explanation because it is anonymous.

And because they may have built them up so much when you meet then they will be found out. Today most people, men women alike, can  be a different person in real life and on the Internet. On the Internet a lot of them not responsible for their actions.

They act differently if confronted face to face… It is how it is, you just need to deal with it and filter the rottens out. Continue Reading…


swingers sexffmcpl

For hinj1.  Maybe they are unsure of you. You list yourself as bi but looking for men. So they think you might throw them over for a woman the first chance you get.

Men are delicate creatures and must be handled carefully just like an unbroken pony. Continue Reading…

interracial sex dating

no string attached sex1Canuck

I do not understand what ffmcpl wrote: …. “they think you might throw them over for a woman the first chance you get.”

How can she throw them over, if they never meet… First they should try to meet. As far as I understand, the men throw her over, for what ever reason….

Maybe they are hunters end enjoy hunting for beavers… but don’t want to go all the way… Continue Reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

It isn’t only men who do it, women and couples do it too.

It is a part of being on the Internet. Learn to weed out the flakes and game players by screening them properly and you shouldn’t have that problem. Continue Reading…


swingers sexnedzmorecpl

Why do men talk, make good impression and then disappear?

Probably because you’re waiting too long to agree on a meet-up. In our case, we meet the new connection – wanna be playmates,  within 2 to 5 days at the maximum. Any more days than 5, and you unable to meet, then it’s likely we will not meet.

I think your two guys are the same… They might think you are just a webcam  exhibitionist… Continue Reading…


adult dating adspussyeater

I’ve had the same trouble with women from this site. I think it’s probably a general Internet phenomenon  and not restricted to one sex. Continue Reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

On the web, a person can stack bullshit up to the ozone! Continue Reading…

local sex dating pprofilesCasual Dating Ads

adult dating1seeking1

Have had it happen to me too…

My best guess,  they remembered they are married, got cold feet, but only they know why… Continue Reading…


casual datingsensualleolady

I don’t know, it’s a bit like, why do men say they are great in bed and they can not even get it hard…

Or a common one – love to “eat pussy” for hours and they would not go down for 5 minute… Yeah Right, Whatever!! Life sure is a mystery at times… Continue Reading…


leisure sex adssexxxcrzd

It’s funny but mainly every time I talk to a man on here and I bring up that we should meet, but my husband will be there too, he doesn’t reply any further.

I am, we are not here for chit chat. I’m here to meet men in person, to join us for third wheel in our sex game. I mean don’t even show me any interest, if you don’t have any intention on meeting, because of my husband. By the way he is not bi, like a lot of men here… Continue Reading…


casual sexbisexual4us

For the above post. Maybe if your husband would be bi… would  be easier to find playmates. We both are bi and have no issue to find men and women to play with…  Continue Reading…

swingers sex dating


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Adult Dating Ads & Penis Size

If you are looking for casual sex personals or adult dating personals, you are probably realized that, many women profiles states it: I am looking for well hung men, or men with bigger then average size penis. Continue Reading…

no string attached sex

I will talk about two things from the above statements. The first one, how big is an average sized penis…?

Beyond the myth and stereotype that every culture has got a different average penis size, the truth is, everyone is generally the same. No matter where you are from the average penis size is close to 6 inches.

This fact is proved by two recently studies performed by the Journal of Urology (1996) and Lifestyle Condoms (2004). In these 2 separate studies they came up with the same result, and they say according to their studies, the average penis is between 5.08 to 5.9 inches long when erected.

So if your penis is bigger than 6 inches then you are qualified as a bigger then average. Find out here, what women think about small penis. Continue Reading…

The second things: Why so many women fantasize with big penises? What is this female penis size obsession?

I do have a simple explanation. Around 2,000 years ago, depictions of large penises have been associated with real power, not just sexual power. Gods, leaders, people of position… and mythological male figures every one of them is displayed as having a giant penis. With this kind of background in place it is easy to see why women looking for men with something similar. Continue Reading…

Swingers Dating personal Ads

Local Adult Dating Personal Ads

So what can you do, if your penis is smaller or average size and you are looking for casual sex? You can do many things. At first, if a woman looking for big dick boys… do not contact her, if you penis is average size or smaller. Sooner or later she will figure it out anyway… so there is no point to waste her time or your time.

You should contact, someone whom  preferences match with your description, even it is for casual sex… If you did not find her yet, then keep looking. There are a lot of women who do not care about penis size, they care about to have an orgasm or more orgasms.

If you know how to use your penis, then I have nothing more to say. If you do not know where to find women who are looking for sex only, check out our partner’s members. They have millions of members, and I am sure, many of them form your city. Check them out here. Continue Reading…

You have to find the right woman. To find competitive horny women is easy. To give her mind blowing orgasm is harder. If you know how to use your penis, even if your is smaller then an  average, then you have nothing to worry about. Then you are on the right truck. But if you don’t know, or if you say maybe I know, or maybe you think I know a little and I will pick up from experience… then you should learn first. In casual sex, you will not have second change, you do her at first or you are out and she’ll find a guy who will give her mind blowing orgasms…

If your penis is smaller then average you have to be a good lover. You have to be good in sex. Your sex techniques should be advanced. You should know everything about women body and sex positions. There are many sex positions, that can wok with small penis too. Or you can work on your penis size.

How can you give an orgasm to any women with small penis? Read the article on our personal website []

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adult dating

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Full Swap Horny Play Couple

If you are married and  into no string attached sex with your spouse at some point this question will come up… if you are into full partner swap. Of course it doesn’t apply to threesomes or other casual sexual activity… Continue Reading…

adult sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

Next2us Next2us

Anyways…  Full swap couples, some say this is a matter of preferences, others say it all depends on the level of trust.

Anyways, how do you decide how you play, if you are into penetrative sex? I mean but how do you truly define your position, do you like to play in  same room or different rooms?

What are the things you ask to arrive  with that decision? Does both partners have a say or do you just go along with it? Is it more fun playing in separate rooms than same room?

I can see that if you are a voyeur, your answer to this question is most likely same room sex. Now, some wives are more comfortable being in separate rooms as they feel, they can do what they want more, without their husbands watching.

C’mon folks let me know your thoughts on the subject and maybe we can enlightened  everyone with your answers. Continue Reading…

Licks, ~Next2us


swingers sex3somefetishcpl

For sure, it depends on your preferences and the fan factor what you are looking for… For example we love threesomes, and you can not have any kind of threesome in separate rooms…

We might play in separate room and or different part of our house with couples, but we always and up in the same room.

Some couple have problem to watch their partner, spouse entertained by two from the different sex. Well those couples are not for us, and this is something that we can call preferences…

So we preference full partner swap in different rooms and when we are comfortable each otehr, than we end up in the same room for group play or threesome. Continue Reading…



NSA  Sex Tips for Single Men, if They Want to Play With Man – Women Couple

Chat Naked – Erotic Video Chat

Casual Sex

Perhaps you find it more convenient or just enjoy the thrill of casual sex. Or maybe you want to experiment without the emotional hassle.  How can you find sex partner for casual sex only?


sex friendssexfriendtonight

That’s really a matter of trust & preference. If your 4somes are basically trading partners, same room or different rooms is up to everyone to decide.

Most married couple we know always do same room play. Couples who are dating each otehr, more likely into separate room…  but it might be just our experience.

My partner & I can do either way, even though same room is erotic.

But if your are into threesome and or group play, I mean when one person is in the focus and the other three try to make that person orgasm… that only possible in same room. Continue Reading…

anal sexAre you into taboo sex, like anal sex? This girls ready for you…

 casual sexOceana1969

When I did  and do full swap with my partner it was done and will be  same room.

I saw no reason to be in different rooms. Full partner swap is  to share the erotic experience together. Continue Reading…


casual sexhazel_eyes44

It is up to your preferences…

You can be in a separate room from mine. Preferably on the other side of  the motel, because he can be very verbal &  loud…. and that is distracting me. Continue Reading…


casual sexPussytease155

We like same room sex, it is fun for both of us. Continue Reading…

full swap couple

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Looking for truly straight men

Are there even any truly strait men out there anymore? Is there even any such thing as a straight man anymore? I’m honestly so confused by this whole thing with “straight”
men searching for or wanting or fantasizing about cock, huge cock. Continue Reading…

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexPetite4fun

Thinking about sucking, fucking other men, letting other men fuck them, letting other men suck them…. What the hell? I’m absolutely 100% without any reservations or bullshit for homosexuality. Some of my best friends are gay men, truly I’m not actually just saying that to sound cool like a lot of women.

That’s not my issue here. What my issue is, all the men who claim to be straight, are in relationships and secretly hook up with men, hook up with men on the side, “down-low”.
I have a serious problem with that? Continue Reading…

swingers sexweswing2

Am I the only one left who sees a problem with that? It seems to me the lines have
become so blurred that there’s no such thing as gay or straight anymore and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I’m a woman who loves men. I’m a woman who loves gay men as my dearest friend in the world is a gay man. I love to see gay men in love and living life happily open and without reservation and getting married and raising families, etc etc etc.

However, I do not want to carry on a relationship with a man who is fucking other men, or even who secretly wants to be fucking other men to the point where he’s fantasizing about a man all the time or trying to think of ways to get as close as humanly possible to another
mans cock or another man close to his without noticing me, or who is talking to other men online and jacking his dick to the conversation they’re having…

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy and it’s just me and I’m the only 1 who feels this way.

But I’m just trying to understand what the hell is the deal with all these “straight” men fucking and sucking and seeking out huge cock.

Can anyone try to fill me in here? Continue Reading…


nsa sexhere2play2couple

We get a few messages from guys that say something like “I’m straight, but I like to jump the fence every now and then.”

Not sure what it is about our profile that makes them think my husband is even bi-curious, but we still get these messages. Not even sure it has anything to do with his big cock, because he is big, but does not hang like a horse by any means.

I think those guys are just so horny that they will do anything to have someone else play with them rather than just take care of themselves.

Seems like a lot of them also travel for work and are just looking for some action in the town they are coming to for work. Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sexmswannabyrlvr

I tend to agree with you, Petite4fun. A guy contacted me and of course I read his profile. In his profile he states he has no problem giving or receiving oral sex to/from well-hung men, and he loves women who penetrates his anus with a huge strap-on.

Yet he declares he’s straight. His profile left me a tad confused, but to each his own… Continue Reading…


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nsa sexVelvey

I know for sure these 100% straight guys do exist, yet the actual real life ratio might be different from what you encounter here on Swingers Couple’s website.

Guess it’s the as with cheating 100% straight husbands looking for any casual sex company on the down-low preferring the “fantasy world”. The online dating  anonymity is a motivating force for this guys… Continue Reading…


sex datingfun_chix

Some people comes here, because they can find here partner for sexaul activity that used to be taboo.

There’s plenty of erotic taboo things to do, the craving for taboo things doesn’t need to require one to jump fences per say. I used to believe any man is bi sexual who let a woman use anything on him anally…

Seriously, if a man takes a dildo in his ass and enjoy it, would seriously question his sexuality. However I have mostly changed my mind on that because it is in fact, a female doing it not a man.

I now perceive that more as a fetish or role play or act of Dom/Sub play I guess. However, it’s the actual man on man thing that gets me.

How do you call yourself straight when you have sex, or foreplay with another man? Think
about it…. All women who hook up with  other women refer to themselves as bisexual do they not??

So what’s the difference guys?! Continue Reading…


adult dating1seeking1

Simply put, they are not straight, perhaps they are not comfortable enough to admit their bi sexuality… Continue Reading…

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Swingers Casual & Leisure Sex. How old is to old to have nsa sex?

Why are casual sex and swinging lifestyle so popular this days? What is in this lifestyle that makes a large number of couples and singles want to join in?

Why do people think that, swingers are different? Read more…

Swingers Sex PartiesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

There is nothing different in the people who call themselves swingers. However the difference is in their sexual fantasies and in their erotic – sexual behave. They try to make their fantasies reality. Read more…

swingers classifiedsdiscreetsex

Not to long ago sex used to be something between two people who were in love. I know prostitution is the oldest business in the world, but in this case business activity does not count. In our today’s modern society – even with out prostitution – most of the people can tell the difference between sex and love. Love is something very personal – between two people. We do make love with our partner who we love with all our hearts. Read more…


swingers sexhornysweetgall

We make love, have sex with our loved one. Love making – with out love is sex only. Sex can be something leisure, casual or leisure sex. Leisure – having a great time. To having a great time you do not need to love your partner. You just need to find something sexy in your partner, something that turn you on. Swingers says need to have chemistry.

In our modern society for females and males have the same right to enjoy life. Women can join the army, women can be a “policeman” or firefighter. Not too long ago it was impossible. In other words men and women have the same rights, not just in work, in sex too. Read more…

interracial sex dating

swingers sexwewantgroupfun

Around year 1960′s nobody talked about women sexual related fantasies. And if some lady tried to make her fantasy reality everyone called her a slut. If a man did something about his sexual fantasies it was okay….

Today most of the people (men – women) are extremely busy. Work, family – kids, business, trainings.

Couples sex lives are becoming boring and here comes the casual sex and no commitment sex related flings… Many people do not like flings. They choose the swingers lifestyle, because swinging might spice spice up their boring sex lives. Read more…


Swingers Sexsweetmuff

The swingers lifestyle is sharing sexual fantasies with your partner. This lifestyle can only work for committed couples that are secure in their relationships and have open and direct communication with each other. And some people get into swinging, because fantasizing sex with multiply partners. This is the only chance for “selected” singles to join in. Join in now!

Find fuck buddy here!  Read more…

local sex dating pprofilesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

swingers sex fan2c4us

Having been swingers for over 25 years, I often wonder when we should stop enjoying this lifestyle because a lot of people consider us to be too old.

Being in our early 60′s we feel like we’re enjoying life more than ever. But I know that people have opinions on this. So what is it? Read more…


adult dating outtherelinda

My opinion is that you shouldn’t worry about what others think. If you and your partner enjoy what you do, don’t let anyone else put you off.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and as long as you aren’t hurting anyone else, go for it. Read more…


nsa sex boobiebabe

Your sex life is your business and no one else’s.

If your sex partners don’t like it then they won’t participate but I’m sure that even when you’re 80, you’ll still be enjoying it if that’s what you want! Read more…

Swingers Sexno string attached sex1Canuck

You are too old to have nsa sex, or casual sex, when you no longer can do what you want to do.

I knew a couple, they live in a retired home they are in their early eighties,  and still have their sex party list once a month…

Since that small blue pill, they can partying until the grave. Is a matter of personal choice. Read more…


casual sexsexty9

Hell… I plan on being sexually active till I am in the ground…

There is no such thing as to old for sex or swinging…. Your lifestyle
is your choice and you enjoy it till you can have choose…  Read more…

Real People for Real SexLocal Horny Women Looking for sex partners

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My wife enjoys two men at the same time

Question of the day from our partner’s erotic adult dating advice line. A male member posted the next article with a  question: Read more…

swingers sexCasual Sex Personal Ads

mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

My wife happy to take two men at the same timne in the form of male female male threesome. One guy servicing her pussy and the other getting one of her blow job special…. I love to  watch her on her knees sucking another man’s cock and licking his balls.

It really turns me on to see two men and her together. My question is; Do other men like myself get turned on watch their wife with other men or am I just a little different? Read more…


Group FUNgrupfun

I have only one thing to say to the above post. There are a lot of married men who get a lot of sexual pleasure from watching their wife while have sex with someone else.

Many of them come too this site to looking for competitive sex partner to satisfy their wife erotic – sexual needs. I’m sure it’s not something that they discuss with their buddies after work, that is why they are here. And this is a lot more common then you think.

I would say that you are having a very erotic fantasy, using your wife to get your share of sexual pleasure, while she is using  the opportunity to serve your erotic fantasy, while sje gets  fulfilled her erotic fantasy .

I don’t think anything is wrong with this, if she likes to do two men at once. It’s called a relationship, even if she is having sex with others…

Basically I beleive, there is no reason to rent a porn DVD when we can create or own erotic scenario with willing partners.   You are a lucky man.  Your dream come true with your willing wife. A lot of men wish their wife is like yours… Read more…


no string attached sexhotredhead

Enjoy your marriage and you and her being open enough to do erotic things others only daydream about yet.

They pretend they would never ever do erotic things like you guys do, because they are not open minded enough, but deep inside a lot of them want to do….

Basically they  think and fantasize of erotic plays you are actually living. The ones that deny it only make fools of themselves because people are still people, and fantasizing casual sex, no matter what labels they hang on their heads. Read more…

Women & Couples Looking for local men for threesomes

Women & Couples Looking for local men for threesomes

swingers sexlive2maxcpl

I’ve watched my wife on several different occasions play with 2 different guys and it turns me on to watch her pleasure them. So no it is not only you.

Also we have done few 3 somes with my wife and we will have a next one very soon. So far all of our threesomes was extremely good sex and all night long erotic play. It really turned me on by see her doing it.

She has also done another woman (and me) and that one was very erotic too. However I like the MFM scenario much more better. Two guys can do much more erotic things with one woman, then one guy with two women.

But what two women can do with a man… that is a different thing. I always have thoughts of things like that for us. Read more…


casual sex36andneedit

My husband like to see me with other guys as well. And I like to play with well hung men. He said it is a major turn on to him. He likes to watch live sex party, special if I am the main attraction while being banged by two large cocks. He is free to join in if he chose to, or he sit back and enjoys in the show. Read more…

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I am a 37 years old married women. I am married more than 15 years. Our sex life is well balanced and sometimes kinky. However what woman haven’t dreamed of having two guys at once? I definitely did. And in fact I talked a lot about this with my husband, but somehow it never happened. Until one day…. Read the all at next>>>

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Finger in your butt during oral sex

I love women, I love sex, and dying for a nice clean pussy… I don’t think I have to say it, but I will any away,  I love to eat pussy. Of course I like to take my time before I go down on her, and I try to make her to reach orgasm always with via oral…

swingers sex

coolandhornycpl casual sex

However sometimes it just does not work, not even on my wife… So I would like to ask two questions: Ladies, would you enjoy it if a guy stuck his finger in your butt during oral sex? If you don’t, than  how much do you enjoy when your man going down on you?

Are most of your sex partner good at it, would you say? Read more…


sex datingfun_chix

All the men I choose to spend time with are either very good at giving oral or take direction well. Either works for me. However, the worst is someone who thinks he knows what he’s doing, doesn’t respond to feedback and won’t accept direction.

If that’s the case, I need to stay home and wash my hair whenever he’s available.

As for enjoyment, as part of play time, I love both giving and receiving oral. I want vaginal penetration and other forms of play too but oral is big fun!

By the way, oral sex is only fun for a woman if the man is enthusiastic about it. If he’s holding his nose and plunging in to my vagina I’d rather he not bother. I keep myself clean and expect him, too. No enthusiasm, again, my hair is feeling dirty… Read more…


older womenolderwomenwhoplays

To answer your question, yes, I enjoy oral a lot! Most men are very good at it, if not, you can try to lead them to what you do like.

His finger in my butt? That makes fun more fun… However an anal toy is much better in there than his finger… Read more…

Local Erotic Dating Personal Ads

nsa sexready2play

Most men think they are good at it.

So many profiles brag about how great they are and excellent at oral sex. So why are these men still looking for sex partner!??

I honestly think that women are afraid to say when it’s not good…. Don’t want to hurt feelings, upset a partner, kill an ego, or whatever.

If women would just say what feels good and how they like this or that it would make a big difference. I just think that sometimes some guys just forget that we are all different and like different things, even in oral sex. Like someone like a finger in her ass and someone else like a hard cock there… I’m just sayin’…  Read more…

swingers sex dating

no string attached sexjimmyinkate

It depends on my mood. Sometimes it drives me wild!!! However  I’d say enjoy it as much as a guy probably enjoys getting head.

Are most men good at it? My guesstimate would be around the same percentile of women that are good at giving head.

Some men say they are good at it and they really are. Some say they are and not good at all. Then some say nothing and they are superciliously good down there. They are so good I want to keep them do me at all the time… Read more…


casual sexwelovefun

I think more women fake an orgasm during oral sex to put an end to the physical abuse, than are willing to admit it…

Most men are terrible at oral sex. They just lap around like dogs and expect me to orgasm in 30 seconds. I guess they try to learn from porn movies.

It is a skill. I try to teach them, but few learn. The ones that do I try to keep around as long as I can! Read more…

You can learn everything about sex at next…


adult datingpinkismyfavorite

I love oral  sex and  anal play. However, I don’t think I could enjoy anal penetration with anything that ticker then his thumb…

Oral sex with anal play is totally welcome and feels great to me, and I love orally skilled nsa sex partners.

My present playmate oral skill is fantastic, I’ve orgasmed more times via oral sex, than via vagianl penetration… and I really hope that we do at some point enter into anal play territory.

I don’t think we’re too far from it though, because he’s already done the whole ‘thumb rubbing’ thing in that my anus area during sex from behind. He’s probably just waiting for the right signals from me or for me to request it myself. Which I probably will at some point if he doesn’t go for it soon…. Read more…

casual sex

swingers sexhotformen

I love men who will take his time and do it right… Women can definitely tell  men that love it… vs the men that just do it because we like it.

I love oral sex, crave for good oral sex, and I really want a guy who gets into it… A guy who enjoy being down there… Most men are not good at it because they don’t respond to what women like. Believe me, I will show you if you pay attention… Read more…


no string attached sexhotreadhead

I actually enjoy oral sex a lot, and enjoy his finger in my butt. I enjoy  it more when he does. It’s an exhilarating feeling to me. Read more…



I love it when my wife fingers me, even some smaller sized toys. It does not make you gay in the least, it feels great and is done by a female. What more could we want….

She played with my anus and nothing else until she brought me off to an orgasm that had my legs shaking even after the fact. I never ejaculated that much or half that much before in my life.

Lately she has expressed an interest in pegging me, and I am seriously thinking about letting her.

She does not mind me playing with her butt when I go down on her or during sex, but no anal sex. Finger or small toys only…. but I think one day it gonna happen Read more…


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NSA sex with a lot of noise

I was lucky enough to ran into a pretty good looking woman from this website, who happen to be live just a short drive to my city. After few chat and web cam chat we decided to spend a weekend in a popular summer tourists’ place close by.  Continue Reading…

interracial sex datingErotic Adult Dating Ads

casual sexmaybeno

I do not want to get into the details to much… but at night when we get “dirty” in the motel room and when we got to the moment where we had sex, she started to moan and talk just as in a porn movie. It sounded so fake that it brought me somewhat in trouble, but then she faked her orgasm as well and I was glad it was over.

When I woke up in the morning – still horny, since I didn’t spit my load, I started to wake her up very sensually. She was in a haze and was in no shape to repeat her charade. That
was when it was my time for the real performance and give us both an orgasm like sweet candy.

How do you cope with female overdone real life porn charades? Does it turn you on?

And for the women, what do you think about it? Do you fake your orgasm often? If so, why? Continue Reading…


adult datingwildcatr27

I have never had to play charades, I don’t need to fake orgasm when in the bedroom. I either orgasm or don’t,  in which case I do myself a favor and use my pocket rocket, so  either way I orgasm…

I think sometimes people play charades because they are nervous with a new lover and they think this is what they want. She might not faked anything, just wanted to turn you on… Continue Reading…



Is she faking an orgasm? How can you tell that your female sex partner is faking an orgasm?

There are a lot of excellent website on the Internet with a lot of  women orgasm related info. They provide casual sex – orgasm related information, for men, women and for couples too,  not just Kegel Exercise info.

There are a lot of things, that couples can do do for each other and those things will might give her screaming mind blowing orgasms, therefore, she doesn’t need to fake it. She will scream and moan from real pleasures, from real enjoyment…   Continue Reading…


swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

Like wildcat mentioned, I never play charades. Maybe she was really a moaner and moaned in anticipation, or maybe she added alot of sound effects as being a new lover, she wanted to turn you on.

You stated “she was in a haze and was in no shape to repeat her performance” at morning.

She may have been still half asleep or her moans last evening may have not have been a charade but a hurry up guy, “I wanna go to sleep…”

There are two kind of people…  Sound effects are liked by some and some like it really quiet. You had both versions, nsa sex with a lot of noise  and quiet no string attached sex… Not sure why is this a problem… You got what you wanted. Continue Reading…

casual sexNo String Attached nsa Sex Dating

swingers sexVickie_Jo

The key is to be yourself…. some people are loud, some aren’t. Some people talk dirty, some don’t.

If you find yourself being fake and acting fake you have to ask yourself why are you doing what your doing? In the end there is really nothing gained by it. Continue Reading…


adult dating1seeking1

Faking orgasm is very bad idea, special in casual sex. There are lots of things that can not be faked, pay attention to body language.

In my case being multi o and a squirter, can not fake that fluid… Continue Reading…


Oh yes you can fake squirting too… You just have to watch some porn and you will see yourself.


NSA sexAnewWoman

The “lack of interest” can be a problem of fucking for the sake of fucking. The entire process is only mechanical.

Obviously if she was faking orgasm, she wasn’t getting what she hoped for. And because you read her as faking, you lost any desire.

I won’t say it is her or your fault, but something to consider is being honest upfront about expectations. Building too high of expectations opens the door to a let down, so at least be honest about what you are bringing to the table, or bedroom in this case. Continue Reading…


nsa sexburrbaby68

I fake orgasm only if my partner under perform…  when sex is so lame I just want it to be over. Continue Reading…

naked chatLive  Erotic Web Cam Chat – with free public chat rooms


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Cream Pies

After seeing a post on whether to spit or swallow cum, my mind wandered to cream pies. Not coconut cream pies, just in case any of you had a clean enough mind to go there, but cum filled pussy cream pies. Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex

nsa sex adssexaddict

Personally I love when someone don’t waste anything… and clean up after himself and eat cream-pie… That is an incredible felling for me,  but no longer get that privilege to enjoy it,  due to my present sex friend’s lack of of cream pie eating interest…

In a safe relationship, where you are assured that neither of the partners has any STD’s, have you or would you eat a creampie? Continue Reading…


caasual sexeagerbeaver

First lets set the seen. Both partners are long time ones, STD free, have both swallowed one another’s pleasure out flowing fluids in the past, to be comfortable with that.

Then why would it be a problem to lick or clean up the same when mixed. My mann would and have as a showing of more than just lust for me, if I want it.

This is again a preference of eating a hot cream pie that we both made in pleasure or not doing so… Continue Reading…


swingers classifieds1seeking1

Seeing as I am not into women, no I would not.

My playmate, oh yes, he has done this hot kinky act many times, and yes I will gladly kiss him after he has eaten me. I know I am clean… Continue Reading…


swingers sexMrPoke

No, I’m what’s called a depositor. Once it’s in I don’t make withdrawals. She can spend it, if she want bare back… but I am into safe sex only, therefore, producing and eating cream pie is a big no…  Continue Reading…


adult datingGeorgeW1964

I don’t have any hangups concerning cum. I have had cream pies before and hope to have many more in the future.

Having a MMF or MFM threesome ensures it is freshly made… Continue Reading…


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leisure sex adssexxxcrzd

If she wants oral stimulation after I have cum in her pussy, I have no problem with that. After all, it’s just me.

If it was there from someone else, HELL NO! Continue Reading…


nsa sexfirsttimersalso

I enjoy eating my wife’s pussy after another man has cum in her. I will also clean him, if he wants me to… Continue Reading…

leisure sex datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

No string attached sexsussi1028

I think it is between 2 and 3 people, what they like or what they don’t like…, but my hubby did never suck any other guy’s cock or eat me out after I have been filled up by others and that was just fine with me.

None of my boy toys do this either… Continue Reading…



My first taste of it was when i was 15 I’ve tasted enough cream pies to know that men and women alike have their own unique smell and taste.

Nothing looks hotter, smells sexier, or tastes better than a horny freshly fucked woman with an abundance of cum leaking out onto my tongue. Continue Reading…


swingers sexHot4itcpl

I have done this several times with my old lady and all I can say is how good her pussy tastes with another guys cum dripping from it!! Continue Reading…

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