My first double penetration

I had my first double penetration last weekend. I had  have some very erotic  encounters before, I am not a virgin, I love anal sex but I never had sex with two men at the same time.

swingers sexswingers sexlovexxxfun

It happened at a party with two older guys who were both, well hung and very experienced.  They took their time and they  pretty much rocked my world.

I had no idea where I was when I had two dicks in me. I guess somewhere close to heaven. I could not stop to orgasm… If you’ve ever experienced it, you know what I’m talking about.

I had sex, both vaginal and anal, with a few different guys, threesomes too,  but nothing can get close to the pleasure that I had during that dp. All i can think about 24 hours a day is getting double penetrated again.

I am into no string attached sex, but only want to be double penetrate, I know regular vaginal sex wont do it me… However I am not looking for a boyfriend right now, I just want to guys who can solve my problems, the same way how those older guys did.

I know if I get used to play with two men, that could intentionally be a problem one day… if I get into a long term romantic.

I am not sure, how others deal with this kind of sex appetite? Anyone have any suggestions, or any people who also share this problem? Continue Reading…

casual sex________

swingers sex adshere2play

I don’t know what to say, other than I  totally understand you…  I

I am like you, I  always want the feeling of two bodies fucking me at the same time. I like it when two guys going absolutely crazy over me at the same time, thats what I after too… Would be a nice Valentines Day present… Isn’t it? Continue Reading…



How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos

Threesome basics


kinky sexdoublefun

If I were you, I would not worry about it at all. Just enjoy it.

My wife and I have been doing dp for years with our fuck buddy.

Pretty much almost every weekend. It’s all we enjoy and all we do when we have nsa sex and we are still going strong.  Continue Reading…

nsa sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual datingrealplayer

My bf and I usually make love while watching double pnetration clips. We use toy for dp, never have done with real man, but we talk about it a lot.

Once we even  tried to find some willing guys, but the problem is hard to find another male… They chicken out in last minute. Continue Reading…


swingers sexnext2us

I  love but plugs, and anal sex too. I would like would love to have a real life DP with my husband and with  some hot man but have no idea how to find the right guy.

We keep looking, but it is very time consuming… as we have a family, so its hard. Continue Reading…


double penetrationhotsex103

Why so hard? I can find people easily to regularly come and fuck me real hard…

I don’t have to spend to much time here to find men and  to get dped. You just don’t need to be a head gamers… Say what you want and what you are looking for upfront, than you do not waste yours and others time. Continue Reading…

reciprocal sexSwingers Sex Dating

adult datingcurious-wife

I’ve never had sex with two guys at once, but I have had my man do me with a vibe as he himself was doing me anally.

It was awesome. He got a good feeling out of the vibrations as well. I also have toys that do the DP thing as well as clitoral stimulation at the same time. That is so intense.

One day I will, we will try anal – vaginal double with a real penis… Continue Reading…


free sexhereforfun

We fantasize about getting it on with two or even three guys. It just seems like something that I  (the women from the couple) would really like to experience and would probably enjoy a lot. Continue Reading…

double penetration

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Valentines Day Penis Deep Throat

Revive the spark in sex…  I red  it somewhere on the net, when you and your partner get stuck in a cycle of  negativity and  stress, it effecting your love and sex life. I recognized my (our) relationship. It feels like almost over, even though we had had a lot of fun…

dating sex

nsa sexmiakittylicker

I would like to revive that spark…

With Valentine’s day fast approaching anyone got any good ideas on reigniting the spark in the bedroom? Continue Reading…


adult datingcurious-wife

You did not tell what kind of fun you had with him before… but if I were you I would host an erotic Valentines Day party.

Or maybe a threesome… It can be mfm or fmf, it depends on his preferences… Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

A great hotel suite.. (honeymoon suite)… and have a great night of sex with you loved one.

And odds are if you are telling then you are using the suite for a valentine, you just may
get some extras, like a bottle of champagne or rose petals on the bed.

Or ask him to bring his friends… Continue Reading…


adult datingSensuousPlays,

My partner love blow job. He said there is nothing better on Valentines Day than a blow job. Usually I deep throat him.

You should do the same, probably even his eyes will sparkling… Continue Reading…


sex adssexyjddd

Deep throat is a good tip, my man and any other men who I know loves it.

My man fucks my face, I deep throat him, he moans with pleasure.

Within a short amount of time, he is ready to blow his load and he ask me where to I want him to cum. I say deep inside me. Few more thrusts and he is done.

Telling me, “Oh My God! This was the best fucking blow job I’ve ever had!!” Continue Reading…


older womenolderwomanwhoplays

I have a problem. I love hard cocks, or if they not hard, I love to ake them hard… I very much enjoy give a satisfying blow job to my playmates… to satisfy them.

Ok, here’s the problem. I enjoy teasing and pleasing too. I read a lot of articles and advices about deep throating’s positions to make myslef better… and I learned how to breath on the backstroke… However there is the gag reflex. Does the gag reflex ever go away? Continue Reading…


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How to Deepthroat a penis? Read the article on

how to perform oral sex

erotic datingNjoy_a_lil_tango

One word “spontaneous”.

No idea of your boundaries, so its hard to give a specific statement or recommendation. That being said, stretch the boundaries you have.

Push your lover back onto the bed, onto a towel. Give them the closest shave imaginable, checking for smoothness at every opportunity.

Blindfolds- cuffs – restraints or back row at the movies.

One time at a Valentines Day party my lover inserted in my vagina a remote controlled  a vibe… He got me off while I danced with an other man… It was spontaneous and I saw erotic sparks everywhere…

Go out together in see true clothing… The tease will end up and wild sex…

You get the idea, be spontaneous stretch your boundaries and you might be surprised of the results. Continue Reading…

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Valentines Day Fling

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  How about make it as erotic as possible…  Spice up your sex life with Valentines Day Fling. Some of our hot members looking for nsa sex partner to make Valentines Day as hot as possible…

nsa sex datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

Many members snapped some sexy new photos, recorded kinky videos, and jazzed up their profile’s text with their erotic wish. I am sure you’ll enjoy the new look, and you’re more likely to snag a hot Valentine’s Day fling, but first you have to browse!

Unfortunately to browse members profile, you have to register. The registration is 100% free! Register here with our sexy female registration assistant… Continue reading…

woman for sexlong4sex2

If you are registered, you can create your own profile and this is still 100% free. If you have a good catchy profile, sooner or later someone going to find you… plus of course you can find some horny women, men or couple, in your neighborhood. Check them out here…

Remember, just for browse the ads, you do not need to be member, you do not need to be registered, you just need to click here. And If you like what you see , you should create your own profile and let the world know, what you are offering… Continue reading…

erotic datingnsa sex dating

Here, at next ares some ideas on how to make you profile, sexy and catchy.

To make more connections and get as many profile views as possible, you should record your own video. Your own sexy striptease video and post it on your profile.

If you are a guy the ladies will love it – and you could enjoy instant fame on the Hottest Member Videos Gallery!

Recording your own videos is also highly addictive! It’s a fun, sexy, and safe way to tap into your inner exhibitionist and interact with other hot-bodied members! Just check out this sexy, fresh-out-of-the-shower towel striptease at next.

Put on some music and slowly peel off your clothes layer by layer… If you don’t like your first attempt, just erase it and try again!

So chuck your inhibitions – and your pants – to the side, and start recording your very own exclusive strip show tonight! Or search others sexy video profile.

If you point your mouse over her video, you will see her detailed info with out a click.

Take all  off



Other Valentine’s Day erotic party related articles, advices from our members.

Valentine’s Day Sex Party

Gangbang on Valentine’s Day


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Hardcore Valentines Day Sex Play

At last night I decided to give my live-in man some hard core pre Valentines Day “treatment” in bed. I did every trick I know: oral (I took my time, made him last), anal, vaginal, created angles… and views. I gave him a really a good show to watch.

MILF datingErotic Adult Dating Ads

erotic datingPeakAboo2

I even gave him control to accomplish his favorites. Within his freedom, I asked him to per from anal sex on me, anal dogie style. I often pulled out to give hand masturbation to slow his orgasm. I did everything, just to get him ready to recognize it, what kind of pleasures he will face with at our Valentine’s Day party. Continue Reading

I paid attention to his reaction and body response while keeping it sexy. I noticed, and it wasn’t the first time, when I noticed… He briefly lost erection, during anal sex more then few times.

It happened yesterday too, that part was the only part where he had to regain his composure… and get hard again. He did it, with my help… I’m very skilled in this department….

In the morning I asked if anal sex is a turn-off for him. And it crossed my mind that the feel of anal, and or anal entry it is not for him.

I like anal sex very much and I THOUGHT , it will make his day… Continue Reading

Where am I failing in this area? Does this man “not get it”, I love anal sex? Maybe anal sex is not his cup of his tea at all.

He did not give me strait answer… did not say No I don’t like anal, or yes I love anal, he did said something, sometimes anal is not his favorite play… So what should I do? Continue Reading


swingers coupleCpl4SingleM

I met once with a guy like you. I love anal – vaginal double penetration. One cock and a vibrator. I love it when a guy fucks my ass in doggy style and I fuck my pussy with my vib.

And that guy asked me to change… He wanted my pussy and asked me to use the vib on my ass. Well it was okay… but the other way is much more fulfilling the orgasm.. Continue Reading


casual sexdirtylildi

I went out briefly with a man 12 years my junior. He didn’t like oral at all. I mean he did not like if I went down on him. He have no problem to perform oral on me, he just did not like to receive it..

I found that nearly unbelievable. It just confirms the point that nothing should be assumed, because guys have different preferences. Continue Reading


NSA Sex1Str8Man

Looks like not only I am the one, who is not crazy about anal sex. I do not lose my erection, but takes me a lot of bed gymnastic to reach orgasm from anal sex only.

For me anal sex works the best if I wear that extra pleasure type of condom with over sized ribs. The inside of her anus is to smooth, flat, with normal condom, not enough traction… What I see, that is very erotic, but I have to concentrate on something even more erotic to reach orgasm from anal sex only…

A vibrator in her pussy is help, because, the wall between the anus and the pussy is so thin, I can fill the vibe on my cock.. So that is fun… Continue Reading



A lot of girls states it, anal sex ends up in the best, hardest, most satisfying orgasms they had ever had.

Halloween sex party with threesome, anal sex and double penetration.

The New Anal Sex Craze. Is it true men crave for anal sex lately?


69 coupleohmymy69

We all have preferences, many like us enjoy anal, others not so much. Often sexual dislikes are driven by shadows of old taboos, anal may be dirty to some. It’s time to have a nice discussion about your shared likes and dislikes, you can’t read each others minds! Continue Reading

Erotic Adult Dating Ads

adult datingspiderwoman15

Dependents on his likes and don’t likes…

A lot of guys don’t like it. Sad to say I as well not so in to it. Makes DP’s not so great when one guys going soft.

Better talk to him, a lot of guys will not tell the truth about it. It is sad, isn’t it? If he thinks you like it he could shy away from saying its not for him.

That said Anal sex is not the cleanest fun what you can do, but fill good… Just have to be careful, not to go back from anal to vaginal, with out change condoms. Continue Reading

swingers sexIamwman

I have had the pleasure of enjoying some anal action with women… I am not big fun of anal sex either, so I never asked to do her backdoor… I was asked, or I was let know “I take it in all hole”… so it is like ask for dance…

I can say, I do not find anal sex to be as stimulating as vaginal penetration. I prefer vaginal penetration over anal at anytime. Continue Reading


Casual SexWhatToDo

Anal sex does not feel good to everyone. I don’t care how
experienced the person giving it, I don’t like it and never will.

I personally find it painful, and it makes me feel like I need to take a big dump. It’s simply uncomfortable every which way.

I know people who really love it. Not everyone is the same. Seems to me that’s why you’ve had to develop your body language skills isn’t it?

Now, his body did not give you a strait answer, I think would be much better if you ask him wast is his problem, not asking US. Continue Reading

horny womenKinky Blogs For Open Minded Women

erotic dating adsWeWantXXFun

Not every man is going to like the same things obviously. However I think most of us definitely like anal sex, mostly because it is less common for a woman to be open to it.

It is human nature to want what we cannot have.

I am sure I am not alone in the feeling that I hate when a woman “lets me” do something, just because it is Valentines Day. Valentines Day or not, if she does things that she is not normally into, well that can be a big turn off..

I would rather just do something we both enjoy. I was not there so I cannot say if it seemed this way or not, but I would assume you made a good show of it and that was not the issue. More likely it really was just not his thing. Continue Reading

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She Wants a Threesome at Valentines Day

A blog post on our sister website got my attention… A woman from a couple fantasize about Valentines Day sex party with threesome.  I mean it really got my attention and I think if you are serious about nsa sex or sex party than it would catch your attention too…

adult sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

A Latino Couple posted it:

“She wants to have our very own, small erotic house party, or I can say a sex party at Valentines Day. In fact she wants more, then just a Valentine’s Day sex party. She is curious about threesomes and wants to taste a woman while I watch them at first and maybe join in later.

A good news is, I am really into this. I also want to find the right woman that really turns her on to join us and ravage her. And it is hard for me to choose the right woman for her.” Continue Reading

Click here for more!


Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

How to organize a sex party

New Years Eve’s Swingers Party Story


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Valentines Day Cuddle Party

Maybe I am behind the times but is a Cuddle Party something new? I have never heard of them until recently when I was asked if I wanted to attend one at Valentines Day. I was invited by a couple that are acquaintances of mine that are aware of some of my history but with which we have never had sexual encounter.

pajama party

adult dating laidbacknready4u

I was told that I could come as a single or bring a friend and that there are usually 30-40 people in attendance. As evidence they post on their face book page these events. I assume with the permission of those in attendance of course.

It was recommended that I should wear pajamas or some form of sexy sleepwear. Right… How would I look in a sexy sleepwear….? I assume that is for ladies and for my lady oif I take a lady…

I was told that it allows folks to meet and get more intimately introduced without any pressure of anything else expected or happening.

To me this would seem like a grope party am I wrong?

Is this something you would attend and if so why, what could the benefits be if any? One benefit to the hosting couple I can see is that they charge $10 a head. Continue reading…


adult datingcurioues-wife

Valentines Day party sounds like fun, I love being close to another human been special if just only sleeping wear between us… special around Valentines Day.

I really like the idea of a cuddle party. Come one, come all and you aren’t even required to cum at all, I would love it.

It’s good way to get to know the others, get to close to each other and have some fun. Studies have been done on the effects of cuddling and all had positive results!

I wanna cuddle, will someone cuddle me??? Continue reading…


free datingtslutjanie

I love to cuddle and snuggle and I think it would be an absolutely wonderful experience. I can not imagine anything better (to start with) to partying at Valentines Day.

$10 a head doesn’t seem outrageous to me. Perhaps they supply some refreshments or, are supplying the venue for such a party to take place? I mean to rent hotel, etc.

In any event it sounds like a wonderful thought to me. I would participate and it would be a great way to get to know someone intimately without pressure or expectations. Continue reading…



Celebrate Valentines Day with kinky sex

We are thinking about Gangbang on Valentines Day

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…


adult dating2newnudists

Don’t see any harm in it and I expect being in PJ’s makes it less formal than a conventional meet-n-greet, and a little more intimate too.

I would be happy to go. Any party is better than no party. It will give an opportunity to meet other open minded people. Continue reading…


adult datingfunfufnmorefun

A Valentines Day cuddle party for adults in pajama. The name is new, but the pajama party is around for a long time…

Although pajama parties’  idea came from college students, teens and even from kids, adult pajama parties can be an excellent stress reliever and it give perfect opportunity to connect with like minded people.

These type of parties are excellent to forget about adult responsibilities and focus on what they used to do at parties: completely relax and have carefree fun in a hope, after the party, you can go somewhere privet and get ride of the pajama and have some nsa fun…

swingers sex blogNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sexcoolandhornycpl

We hosted and will host cuddle party which is a pajama party for adults. They are fun and as someone stated at above, after the party you can have more fun…

Adult Pajama Party, but just be aware that “adult” carries certain connotations with it…. and as you said they know some of your history, therefore I think  your history is what they’re going for…

Otherwise they would not invite you. Continue reading…


sex datingfun_chix

Adult cuddle party in pajama, the keyword is the adult and the pajama. It is sure that party will be an adult party, where the participating people will wear hardly anything…

However the $10 charge is comes with a  legality issue in US. If someone reports them charging money to give place for sexual act…. that is pimping.  The parties where I go to do not charge, they take  “donation” at the door…

The host couple use the donation to pay the hotel or if they host in their on house, than 40 people make a big mess…. It will cost them time and money to clean up, plus probably the preparation to the party and the decoration, maybe some snack, cost money too… Continue reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

No I don’t think that is something that I would be interested in and I certainly wouldn’t be interested in paying to cuddly someone, especially a stranger.

I have plenty of people in my life that I can get a cuddle from. Continue reading…


swingers sexneedzmorecpl

We would not go to a cuddle party, but advertising a sex party on face-book is illegal, so maybe this is that couple’s way to get things go…

But if we think about it a little, adult party at Valentines Day , and if you are alredy in some kind of sleep wear (what is suggesting, some ladies might will wear almost extra nothing, like very sexy  see true baby-doll, like me on the next photo… so that party might worth that $10 donation…  even if it will be just a cuddle party,  a lot of masturbation will go on…

Otherwise, what do you think, how will it work? Like in the church? Turn left and give a hug (cuddle) the person on you left, than give a hug to the person on your right too… Yeah sure… and I am Virgin… Continue reading…

sex party

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No String Attached Sex Encounters

Still waiting on that first no string attached sex encounter of  the New Year? This is the right time for you! This time and the coming weeks are the busiest of the year in the on-line dating and of course in the erotic adult dating scene.

free datingValentines Day Sex Party Ads

Every single and lonely person make up their mind after the Holiday Season, they realize it, everybody need somebody for hug and and for fuck.

Basically I can say, if you are serious to find nsa sex playmate, do it right now or you might blow your best chance…swingers sex ads


The New Year’s  first week is when everyone seems to be very lonely and very horny.  Lonely horny people, join adult on-line dating services and browse  adult dating, casual sex ads.

So this is the time when most people try to find friends, sex friends or play mates for casual sex relationship or even romance.

The time, between now and Valentine’s Day is the best time  to make your secret or not so secret erotic fantasy reality.  This time is the peak time of erotic dating.



Gang bang is one of our erotic fantasy

My fantasy is to have sex with a black man at the front of my hubby

We are going to have an erotic Valentines Day, Valentines night with the new sex partners

What a man need to do to meet a woman or with women… for casual sex on Valentines Day

Other Valentine’s Day erotic party related articles, advices from our members.

Valentine’s Day Sex Party

Gangbang on Valentine’s Day


The time is right at now to start to browsing those erotic dating profiles.

People with erotic dating experiences states it, if someone try to find play mate, sex partner or sex friends, even if someone try to find romantic dating partners and start to put some time and effort in, to browse on-line dating profiles, it is very likely they will  find someone by Valentines Day.

Of course there is no guaranty, and of course on-line dating is almost like old time face to face dating, you have to go somewhere to meet people.

At on-line you have to make your profile visible, you have to be active, you have to give chance to users to ran into your profile.

sex dating
Erotic adult dating is an adult game, you kind of have to be ready all the time to play… The people who  start to looking for in January are the ones that are the most serious about casual sex and sex relationship. Probably they very very lonely and very horny at the Holiday Season and now they are looking for a little Valentines Day fling.

You can find a lot of erotic dating tips on our website and on our partners erotic adult dating on-line magazine. That magazine is run buy it’s members.

With a little work,  some effort and a little luck anyone can find a compatible playmate. You just have to be positive, have to be confident (confidence is sexy) and do not be negative, do not post negative things on your profile.

Also remember, a picture worth more than 1000 words… So what about an erotic dating profile video? Check them out here before you make your decision…


no string attached sex1Canuck

I am agree with the above, and had an example to support it…

Last year around Valentines Day one freind called me over a phone and asked me to make my self available to join them in their very personal erotic party…

He said, he is not joking, MFM threesome is their long time fantasy and they want to use Valentine’s Day to make their fantasy reality…

He said that they were looking for NSA action and hoped I’d go over next Saturday and see what developed, but he really want us to get together before Saturday all three of us, and talk about it in details…

They are not and wasn’t lonely, not even last year, but they was very horny… Of course I went over, she is a very pretty lady and they are very good friend, almost my best friend.

We had the mfm play, but I did not have penetrative sex with her, (tongue fuck, does not count as penetrative sex :-) ). We played and I had a lot of fun, I had orgasm(s) too, but I just could not do my long time friend’s wife. Sound like I am stupid…


adult datingcurious-wife

I don’t think that was stupid. A good  friendship have more value than a threesome. Easier to find playmates for threesome, than find a really good long time friend.

I am pretty much the same, I do not have sex with friends, not even with friend’s husband, but I have no problem to have sex in the present some of my friends.

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Sex with your friend

There are many words, that people use when the subject is sex between friends. It can be  sex friends, fuck buddies,  or NSA friendship (no string attached sex friendship, sex relationship). Than I heard students,  call them “play mates”. Continue reading…

nsa sex datingMembers Erotic Photo – Video Albums

no string attached sex1canuck

The most popular one FWB,  (friends with benefits). Personally I believed have sex with friend,  does not seem like a good idea… Until  it happened with me (almost).

I have a lady friend, both of us divorced, neither of us are in serious relationships. We are friends, we like each other… enough I think to have some NSA fun. We find attractive each other and we talk about sex a lot. Both of us are horny, curious and sometimes bored.

sex friendsmfm28201

Than one day, I tried to take “things” the the next step and asked her out for a real date with a possibility some play with erotic benefits at the end of the night. With out any hesitation her answer was  a simple no.

Than 2 weeks later she called me and asked to go over to her place, because she wanted ti hug someone, and maybe more. Basically she asked pretty much the same thing, that I did…

She kind of offered herself, here I am lets have a one night stand.

I know for fact (we were talking about it) she met with a guy and had few dates… Maybe they had sex and sex wasn’t satisfying at all, and she just want to use me as a boy toy… How would you handle it and why? Continue reading…


sex datingfun_chix

Boy toy or not… I would not hesitate to go for it. Something similar had happened with me and I did not regret it at all. I will do it again…

After about 3 years of friendship, I had sex with my friend. We were at a party, not a sex party, just a friend’s birthday party.  We had few drinks, and because  we live close by, we left the party with the same taxi. I invited him to my apartment and we were talking about how hot the birthday girl was. Then it somehow just happened.

5 years later, we’re still friends  and sex friends and we still occasionally fuck each other. Because we’re so close, we know it’s just sex and that if any feelings came into the mix, it would ruin what we have. So it’s completely no strings attached very satisfying, and neither of us get jealous if we date other people, etc. Continue reading…



What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy


casual sexYummyMommy2014

I would not take it personally and go for it. Seems like she does not remember that you asked her earlier.

Or perhaps she does remember that you did, but she wasn’t ready at the time. Maybe she had her period… I would not over think it. Continue reading…

erotic datingAre You looking for NSA Sex for Valentines Day Present?

unicorn womanunykorn

I never agree to a one night stand, nor do I ask for them, they are just happens…

If I say an outright no to a meeting then I have a reason for it and would be highly unlikely to turn around and ask for one later.

But if I say no I do say why I am saying no. But if if you want to go out with whoever is asking then go for it., nothing to loose… Continue reading…


no string attached sexOceana1969

It depends… if it happened at the same day I would say no.

If it’s a while later, I would converse and ask why the answer changed.
Sometimes we get asked way to early and we say no. After conversing for a while and getting to know someone, our answer might change. Timing has a lot to do with it. Continue reading…


no string attached sextawnie89115

I don’t know what should you do, but I’m always put off by men who say they don’t want to go with you and then later on they change their minds.

It just leaves you with too many questions, so if a man tells me he’s decided he’s not interested in me, that’s it. I wouldn’t be interested if he changed his mind later. Continue reading…

kinky NSA sexGet Kinky on Valentines Day

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Threesome with Bi Man

I wonder how many guys in couples who put ‘straight’ as their sexual orientation are really bi-curious or bi? I ‘m not asking this in a judgmental way, just from selfish interest because there may be more couples out there who might fancy a bi mmf with me…

nsa datingcasual sex jayguy6

But I would never know who they are into a malemale – female threesome if they state in their profile he is  straight.

I guess someone might put “straight” instead of “bi-curious” because they’d be afraid
of putting off some straight women.

I don’t know if that actually would put off many women though. I’ll continue with the bi-curious label myself though. Continue Reading…

The second question is for ladies: How frequently are you finding yourself, between two straight men in a threesome with Ben Wa Balls in your pussy?


sex datingConnie_the_Witch

I guess that you are desperately seeking for explanation why you only had little success so far.

Mister… in the year of 2015, mankind has lost the clear definition for terms like “straight
or “bi” or whatever. If you rely on those labels, you’ll get lost.

Straight” is the biggest lie on this website anyway. You better talk to people in straight language about what you want and then negotiate the deal for all three, but stop “guessing”
based on labels. Continue Reading…



How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

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Threesome basics


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I think that there are a lot of people who aren’t honest when it comes to stating their preferences in their nsa sex dating profile.

I can’t talk for other women but I’m cool with bi men and would be very happy in a poly relationship with 2 of them. I am sure that would be a ongoing  good fun. Continue Reading…


casual sexnekkedcouple

Maybe there needs to be another category between straight and bi-curious. We have been an almost exclusively MFM couple since we have been on this site. I don’t consider myself bi or bi-curious.

My wife, though, is not only aroused by 2 men paying attention to her, but a little male-male interaction also really turns her on.

I really enjoy watching a nice looking guy with a nice penis pleasure my wife, and I love to join in. I do not mind a little incidental, or not so incidental contact in an MFM situation.

However, I would never seek out another male for my own pleasure. I have no desire to kiss a man or be involved in any sort of anal interaction, or, for that matter, any other sexual contact with anyone where my wife is not the center of attention.

Where does that put me on a rigid category scale? I am much closer to straight than any other, so that is the one I chose. Continue Reading…


swingers classifieds1seeking1

Hello nekkedcouple, your wife is a very lucky woman… Continue Reading…


swingers sex blogEverything That You Need to Know About Swinging

swingers sexVickie_Jo

Gotta admit, it; What a brilliant way to Advertise on the Advice

But it’s still a Cheesy Advertisement. Continue Reading…

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love gangbangsgangbangkrista

Take into consideration that culturally & socially we now have many people who have different opinions of what Straight is, if we talk about casual sex with couples.

Definition for for “straight” man recently changes… on websites like this. There are  “straight” men, they are straight but not narrow minded.

Than there are men who describe themselves as “very straight“. Those guys do not want to get near by to any cock… Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

Should be a category named orally bi man.

There are a lot of couples profile, who states they are straight or she is bi curious and he is straight.

Then you get into the profile and you realize, he  (the man from the couple) put a comment somewhere, he is orally bi…

Its mean, if you as a single man, would like to play or been chosen to play with that couple, they except you to suck his cock… because he is orally bi and she gets turned on to see man to man action… Continue Reading…

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The First Threesome of The New Year

I love, blond women and love older women, I was able to hook up with a really nice retired couple on this website. She is blond and she is into Black guys and he is into watching, and join in later. I am an exhibitionist of sorts. Continue reading…

interracial sex datingno commitment sexblackman4u

I drove about two hours to get to them and they were just beautiful. A typical American White couple with a nice home.  I brought a bottle of of wine for him, a box of chocolate and flower for her as a gift, and a lot of extra large condoms for myslef….

He welcomed me at the front door and escorted into their house. We went the basement, that was set up like a bar. She was behind the bar. Continue reading…

Big tities

She is Looking for Black Men For Penetrative Sex

Never see in real either of them before. We used web cam to chat, but the webcam did not do her justice. She was a fine looking woman, much better looking to face to face  than on the web cam.  She dressed just in a thin, almost see true blouse and a thong. The blouse showed her large nipples and part of her tits.

We spent about an hour just talking about everything and getting to know each other.  We had a couple of drinks and their nervousness disappeared.  The evening went well.

I finally asked permission to touch his wife. He said of course. I took her hand and rubbed it on my hard dick. I am still clothed. He suggested that I should get ride of some of my cloth… he did not have to ask me twice,  I got naked.

It started out a bit awkward at first, because she dropped to her knees and started sucking my dick like a pro. He took photos and she posed with just the head of my dick in her mouth. Continue reading…

swingers sex

She could have give me that blow job all night and I would not have climax. I can’t cum like that.

The we got down to the floor and the real sex begin… the sex was as good as I ever had and each of us got what we wanted. The husband joined in later on too. Basically we kept penetrated her almost all night long.

She wanted two dicks, one of them black. He wanted to watch a black dick in her and I wanted to be watched. What could be better? We all got what we hoped for… We all had several orgasms…

They talked about Valentines Day and their Valentines Day party… I hope they will invite me back. Continue reading…


swingers sexhotconncunt

I love black men too (wink) and I glad to hear you had fun… Continue reading…



I never had sex with back man,  and it is one of my erotic fantasy is to have sex front of my hubby with a black man. Or a threesome with a black man… I think his dark chocolate brown  skin would look good on my white skin and his dark cock into my pink pussy… Continue Reading


You and your wife is white and you are married to each other. What would you say to your wife is she tell you: Baby I got this erotic fantasy. I want to have a threesome with you and with a well hung black man…


I don”t know how it will be different… But she will be black not blond. And I don’t know sex is different with a black lady… but it is my erotic fantasy… a black lady and my blond wife fuck me until I pass out… That would be different. Continue reading…


casual sexcuckoldcpl

Watching a black cock in action is amazing. They get so big and thick.

I am bi and have gotten into clean black cock via oral…  well hung black guys’ cock. I cleaned them up after they fucked my wife. She satisfied them and I cleaned them… Never wasted any drop of their cream….   Continue reading…


casual sexcoolandhoornycpl

I also hope that they invite you back to their Valentines Day party, and I hope you will share that story on more details with us…!!!

When we got into nsa sex, my wife  hooked on BBC and I really enjoyed
watching her and her BBC partner(s) enjoying each other!!! That was a big turn on for me… Continue reading…


no string attached sexGiant882014

Sounds like a fun time for all! Hope you get invited back and  as at above, we hope too, you are going to share that story with us… Continue reading…

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