Valentines Day house party at Saturday night with gang bang

We are invited to a privet  Valentines Day house party at Saturday night. It will be a sex party. Both of us love sex parties and we open to play with others. But there is one thing… that made me think.

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The host told us who will be there and also she told us, one couple want  a gang bang for wife.  Looks like there will be a gang bang for the request of the wife. Yes, he wife wants to get ganbanged. It made me curious.

Personally I don’t like gangbangs, I am okay with threesomes… It made me wonder, and I am very curious, what exactly she find arousing about being involved in a gang bang? Continue Reading…


sex datingNmbbw64

I cannot speak for other females, but as far as I’m concerned, I want to be gang banged because as of now, I have an insatiable libido….

No matter how many times I cum, I always want more. I know that will change, so I would like to take advantage of it while the getting is good. Continue Reading…


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Who says it is just the women that love gangbangs? I would  love to watch my wife get gang-banged.

We have tried to set one up before but it did not happen. Men chickened out. Continue Reading…

Valentines Day Sex PartyNo String Attached Sex Dating

NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Well I am on of those woman that do not like gang bangs! I like to know the men first!

I do have an insatiable desire to have sex.. but only good sex with my gent and another (chosen). Continue Reading…


no string attached sexWanton_Wench

I can’t speak for all women, only for myself, so why
do I love GB’s?

1. I am a cock lover, love to see & feel as many as possible.
2. I love the attention.
3. it turns my Hubby/Master on watching me enjoy myself,
and being his whore to share.
4. I just love the feeling when it’s all over and I am exhausted, and Hubby/Master takes me again, just one more time. Gangbangs are not all that easy to organize, we should know!

A sex party is a good place to have it, because otherwise men usually back off. There are a lot of keyboard warriors around!

Over the years we have had a few successful ones, by inviting men we have already had the pleasure of my company and body, for us works better that way. Continue Reading…


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I have enjoyed a few gang-bangs, and never once felt  degraded or experienced a lack of self worth.

Actually I felt appreciated and desired. To have a roomful of naked men with hard cocks all waiting to enjoy you is very exciting and sexually rewarding.

Then to have many of them return for seconds and thirds made me feel very sexy and desirable . Each one was a very sexual, enjoyable, and fulfilling experience.

I myself would do it again in a heartbeat. I guess either you like it or you don’t, but don’t knock it until you experience it. Continue Reading…


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Since I have a very high sex drive, am multi orgasmic, I dream of a 3some, might remain a fantasy, not easy to organize. I  tried more then few times, did not succeed.

Can only imagine how difficult it would be to organize a gang bang, for me that would be a nightmare, to keep track that everyone wears glove…


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I don’t know what women you talk to, but I for one would never.

I’ve tried threesomes enough to know I’m a 1 on 1 kind of woman. To each their own, but that’s way too much going on for me and I like the intimacy with one man only. Continue Reading…

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love gangbangsgangbangkrista

Personally I love gangbangs, but I don’t think a gang bang at Valentine Day is a proper way to celebrate Valentines Day…

Valentine Day is the lovers holiday, get romantic for one night and celebrate with love. Than you can have your gangbang at next weekend.

Gang bang is something that people picked up from porn flicks, it have nothing to do with Romance, but gangbangs can be fun if it done right… Continue Reading…


Gang bang me! I want a cock in my mouth, one in each hand, and in my pussy at the same time. Others are free to watch and masturbate and take turns. Continue Reading…

Our Valentines Day gangbang fantasy

Our marriage is different, or even better if I say our marriage is  not a usual type of marriage.  Lets get into some details…

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My husband loves to watch me be with other men, I mean be with others and have penetrative sex with them. I love it too and I love perform for him.

He might join in or might not. That is his right, he is my husband… Right?

As I said, I love it too and Valentines Day just  few days a way and I want, we want a Valentines Day special, which would be a Valentines Day gangbang.

Both of us love to play billiard,  and my idea to make a gangbang billiard party at Valentines Day. We need a place with a pool table.

I would love to watch guys play than I lay on it and who ever is won, decide what going to happen and who take me first… All the guys stand around it and take turns and fucking me missionary style and doggy style.

I love bareback but in this case, condom is most. I love all races and there is no hole barred.

At once we did something like this with one of my  friend, (she is the shorter blonde on the photo) they use to have pool table in their basement, not anymore. That wasn’t a gang-bang, just partner change, at now we just want to take this to the next level.

We can’t got to the bar,  or pool hall, for apparent reason and there is no privet club in our area with pool table.

So far we have our idea, we need a pool table and few good men.  Lets play balls! Continue Reading…

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no string attached sex1Canuck

I don’t think you have enough time to make this happen on Valentines Day.

Find few good men take longer than you think and the pool table thing makes it even harder.

You can not make it happen, even if you want to get gang bnaged on your dining room table… this few days is a way to short.

If you start to work on it, you might get it work around Easter time… Continue Reading…


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My step brother would fuck you. His cock is about 8 inches
but very fat and he cums loads.

He is just one guy not a  gang and I ma not sure he wants to participate in a gang bang. But he loves billiard. Continue Reading…


sex partypartyanimals

If that pool table something that you need to have, than let me suggest that you consider converting your garage or den or basement, maybe a living room.

In my area, you can rent pool table for a  weekend, it is not cheap, but if you need to have it, this would do it.  They deliver it in pieces and they set it up.

Then you just invite some men to your place, there’s usually never any shortage of men here on SwingersCouple, who willing to fuck a woman who looks like you. I am sure some of them will prefer pass the billiard and just play with you. Continue Reading…

sex partiesGangbangs

casual sexpartychixxx

I understand your gangbang idea, but why on billiard table…

If your gangbang will work out, next day your ass and your pussy, maybe your mouth will hurt anyway. Do it on a pool table, that have a really hard surface going to hurt much more you can imagine.

I never had a gangbang and definitely wont have on Valentines Day, but I had threesome on carpet and it caused carpet burn. I assume the pool table worse than carpet… Continue Reading…


Valentines day threesome, the father the son and I

I red a lot about Valentines Day and Valentine Day‘s dilemmas here. I have my own and I would like to hear others opinion, advices about it. I know, some of you wont like me after read my post… but that is okay, I can live with that.

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As you can see at my photo, I am not a teenager, but it is not about my age, even though I never been married and not get to get married in the near future.

I used to date a man for several moths. I had few casual relationship before him and I  I thought he is the real deal, and I thought I love him, he was a nice guy, even thought sex wasn’t satisfying enough. I was sure  we will get used to each other and with time, sex will get better, but instead it get worse…

But one day I was in his house and I had sex with his father… My boyfriend  was 29, lived his father who was  50 at that time. His mom died in car accident few years back, so the two men lived in a big house.

He hit on me while his son went to work and I was in at their house….so I went for it. His timing was good, because it happened after a sexually disappointing night with very unsatisfying sex and I was horny and somehow I felt for his father. Damn he was good….he did me hard…I told him about his son sexual performance level and he understood.

Anyway, when my boyfriend came home, I told him too and he did not freak out.  He said my dad must have needed it, well I said I needed it more.

That day started a three way relationship, the father the son and I. It worked for few months, than it started to get messy, than I tried to get out and at that time it turned to be very messy, but I ended it.

Here comes the problem. I have a friend with benefits (I always have) lets call him my permanent sex partner. We play together and play with others too. At next weekend we will go with his friends a married couple to a  lifestyle Valentines Day dance and I know from the host couple, my X boyfriend and his father will be there too.

I really don’t care wat they tell or not tell about our past, whatever… but I don’t want to be at the middle of a circus… and if my X boyfriend drinks a little, never know what will he do..

The question is should I got or should not? Continue reading…

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When I was university student I loved older women. I did a mother and then the daughter. I dated the mother and she invited me over for overnight and she left me there when she went to the grocery store to pick up something to eat.

I was having coffee in the living room and her 20 years old daughter came on me… I said what the hell, and did the daughter too, the mother came home and we got catch.

She did not make  any “circus”, I had casual relationship with both of them until the seminar was over, and I have to leave the city,  but we never  had a threesome. They shared me and they deicide who I spend the night with, it was okay for me, in fact I kind of found it very cool…

If I were you, I would explain your problem to your sex freind and let him make the decision. If anything happens there, list he knows why happens… Continue reading…

love being watchedLove Being Watched

no string attached sexerotic-vision

I would feel like a pervert if I had threesome with father and son… For Gods sake, that is not right!

lol, some sick people in this world. His son should say to his father,  better stay the hell away from my girlfriend. And you better stay a hell of the way from that Life Style Valentines Day Dance. Continue reading…


leisure sexeatitraw

A long time ago I wasn’t married and I had sex with my best freind mother on his grandmother retirement party. My friends mom is older than may mom, and it was ongoing for a while..

I learned a lot from that lady, he trained me how to perform oral sex…

Why do you worried about that life style Valentines Day party. Your ex boyfriend should worry, you should tell him,if anything stupid happens, you will tell to anyone… whit out his father he can not even properly fuck a woman. I am sure he would not like that. Continue reading…

swingers sexGang bang anyone?

Valentines Day fun a week before Valentines Day

My husband’s younger brother visited us at the previous weekend. We decided to go out for dinner and after dinner we will go to the restaurant’s new Whisky Bar style dance club, to have few drinks and dance a little.

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I love to dance and hubby’s brother is much better dancer than my husband.

We had our dinner and walk to the other side of the building to the Whisky Bar. It was a busy, but we manage to find empty booth. We did not even warm the chair up when my husband cell rang. He checked the number and he told us, it is my work I have to pick this up. Continue reading…

For privacy reason I am not getting into where he works and why he had to pick that phone call up, but I know he had no choice.. Anyway, he said he have to leave for a half hour or less, and he will be back as soon as possible, and he left.

His brother and I had a drink while talked and listened the music, than we decided to dance. One song than other and few more, when the DJ slowed down and said something like, its almost Valentines Day, everyone should get close and feel  each other. The drink (I know it is not an excuse) and the dancing couples around us, got us into the romantic – erotic dancing move.

Than the music was over and he escorted me back to our booth, my husband was already back. His brother excused himself and left to the men’s room. My husband told me:, “I saw the two of you out there. I saw how he caressed your ass, then I watched as you pressed your body tightly up against his and he kissed your neck  at the end of the dance. He excites you doesn’t  he?” Continue reading…

swingers photo albumsNo String Attached Sex Dating

Before I could respond, he went on, “Would you like to fuck him?”

“What!” I gasped, “Are you serious.”

“I am,” he replied, with a smile on his face. As we sat side-by-side in the booth, looking into each others eyes, he quietly continued, “We talked about this and fantasized about it a lot. We joined that erotic adult dating website to find a partner, it did not happen yet, but this is a perfect opportunity. I  want to watch him fuck your brain out, and hear you scream as he comes inside you.” Continue reading…

“Honey!” I replied with a gasp, “He is you brother, we never considered him as a casual sex partner.”

With a broadening smile on his face, my dear husband said, “I never  really did, until just now. I mean, I have thought about it, but I  didn’t think it could ever happen. However there is very good thing in,  discretion… What happens in the family stay in the family.”

What about Klara? (Klara is his brother wife).

We will deal with Klara latter on, now we have more important think to do, my hubby stated.

Hearing that, my mouth just sort of hung open, my hearth rate sped up, as I waited to see what might happen next.

As the two of us smiled at each other, husband looked over to his returning brother. To my surprise, my husband said, “Well I just talked it over with her… and I’m not used to this sort of thing… so I’m just going to  come out and ask you…. How would you like to have sex with her?” Continue reading…

Valentines Day Sex PartyI almost coughed into my drink as I considered what my husband had just  said. I looked first at my husband, with questioning eyes, then toward his brother as he began to speak.

“Well this is just a little bit of a surprise, as you can probably imagine,” he said. “But I find her so incredibly attractive and I was wondered many times over the years how it would be to have sex with her, so I would be stupid to say no. So, I think I can try.

I finally gathered my wits and said to him, “Can you excuse us a moment? I need to talk with your brother a little more.”

“Sure,” he replied, and left the booth for a few minutes. Continue reading…

As soon as he left I looked my husband in the eye and said, “Baby, this is crazy! We have never even talked about doing this with him.  I know we have been reading that on-line swingers magazines, and those articles always turned us on, but… he is your brother,
do you really want me to screw him?”

He looked into my eyes, gave me a gentle smile, and said, “Honey, from  what we have been reading, I think you would enjoy it, and I don’t think it would hurt our relationship, maybe even improve our sex life… if you occasionally got to experience a new cock, and a new lover’s techniques.

fun coupleWe just sort of looked at each other, still smiling, but saying nothing for a few moments. Then I said, “You know, when I dressed up extra  sexy tonight, it was NOT in anticipation of attracting your brother and  have sex with him. I just sort of wanted to see if at age 39 I am
considered attractive enough for other guys to… ”

I went on, “Yes, those articles in that erotic on-line magazines did intrigue me, did cause me to wonder what it would be like to feel the nude body of  another man, and they left me with a curiosity about having sex with another man. But, I have never even considered your brother, and I think the only way I could have sex with him if both of you play with me at the same time.”

He put his arm around me, gave me a big kiss, and said, “Yes! Sure I will be there… lets get into the car and go home, before he changes his mind… and he called his brother and told him, Okay bro, lets go home and have some pre – Valentines Day funContinue reading…


A Latino Couple posted it:

“She wants to have our very own, small erotic house party, or I can say a sex party at Valentines Day. In fact she wants more, then just a Valentine’s Day sex party. She is curious about threesomes and wants to taste a woman while I watch them at first and maybe join in later.

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Erotic Valentines Day celebration

We all know that, Valentine’s Day is the lovers holiday and all lovers like us, (list I think so) like to keep sex life interesting, special when you celebrate Valentines Day… The question is, how far are you willing to go with your partner with this tough at Valentines Day?

leiisure sex dating

casual sexyoungbutplayfull

Maybe some foot worshipping and the like?

Maybe it gets both partner aroused, maybe not… If he does it on her, it might get her turned on but what does it do for the guy?

I think it’s a huge turn on for both involved but maybe I’m wrong here? So this is my question.

How far do we go to keep things hot and erotic in the bedroom at Valentines Day? Continue Reading…


swingers sex datingdoithard

Foot worshipping as erotic Valentines Day treatment… Never heard of it!

Foot worshipping is foot fetish, a play for sex slaves  or mistress. The master’s feet must be deserved to be worshipped. Something like this: My feet are dirty and sweaty. I want them clean, clean therm! I need my foot worship now!

If you are into foot fetish it might do something for you, but I don’t think it does to much for your man.

How far would I go? I would and will got to partying like a party animal at Valentines Day. That is what I call an erotic Valentines Day celebration. Continue Reading…

threesome sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexnext2us

If both understand and trust each other, the sky’s the limit, special if you want to turn that Valentines Day into erotic Valentines Day.

Foot worship isn’t my thing (and I’ve known men and women such ticklish feet that any such move would result in a kick in the nose) but I know it’s a big turn-on for some.

Our things are toys, threesomes and moresomes, bondage, blindfolds, spanking, video – the list is endless…. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexsweet-cpl

We don’t worship no human being’s body. It’s bad enough I lust after the flesh.

Less worship, more focus on pleasing spouse and or partners in  the bed.

Just have good time in the bed and if you want to get kinky invite some friends over and as it stated at above, the sky is the limit… Continue Reading…


no string attached sexoral- queen

Get someone new. That might be a mistress, or a random fling here or there, or a complete change of replacing the old with the new or add one or two new to the old and that is a group…

Sure, you can dabble in different gimmicks of sex play, but eventually you will realize the problem is you want someone different to play with, and when you tasted it, you want even more… because the more is merrier.

Three men and a woman can go very far at any given day, not just Valentines Day. Continue Reading…

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unicorn womancan-be-unicorn

If you aren’t truly into the person you are with no amount of trying will keep it hot in the bedroom, or anywhere else for that matter. But if  you are into your partner, and he is into you that make thing easier.

You just need to mix open mind into your partnership and find an attractive open minded couple and then really the sky is the limit on experimenting and finding things that work for both of you.

You do both need to be on the same page  with this, otherwise your Valentines Day celebration might turn to be the worst Valentines Day that you ever had… Continue Reading…


Valentines Day or not… our favorite thing to do is sex party, which is always no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Set up a mfm threesome for him at Valentines Day

How to Satisfy Men at valentines Day? Usually men have problem to satisfy their female sex partner, but Valentines Day is a special day for us, for us stand for my man and I.

casual sexwelovefun

There are many women, who want to be prepared for every situation, and I am one of those woman, even if the situation stand for casual sex at valentines Day.

An average women would say to satisfy a man is simple and easy. Get naked and bang him. Few others will modify this, they will say that; You don’t even have to get naked, give him a hand job, or blow him in his car, or don’t have to do anything, he will satisfy himself, you just give him access to your pussy.

Those above statements are partially true. Easy to get off a horny man. Easy to make him blow his load, but was it satisfying sex? I want him satisfy mentally too. I want to create something that would make him say, this was a greatest Valentines day, I ever had…

How can I do this? Continue Reading…

sex adsswingers classifiedsyoungplayfullcpl

I checked your profile out and I know you are into casual sex and male female male threesome with your man… Therefore the best thing would be a surprise Valentines Day Sex party, spiced up with a threesome with a friend or a sex freind.

Casual sex is two way game, even on Valentines Day and with two men you make sure your own sexual needs are served properly too. Continue Reading…


casual sex adshot4fun

Basically there are two easy and normal ways to provide satisfying sexual experience for a man.

If you choose one on one sex on Valentines Day than let him screw you as he wishes. You do not have to do to much just be yourself and do what comes naturally. When things gets to hot, let him choose the love making position. When he penetrate you, you have to pick up his rhythms and squeeze your pelvic muscle in the in stroke and relax on the outstroke.

The second way is start like the first one, but you can spice it up. While his hard erected cock is inside you and his body weight is not on you, you should wiggle, thrust and grind on his dick and against his pelvic bone to achieve as much friction as much possible. If you really want to be good in this, you have to learn how to loosen up you hip’s join. It might take some practice and you might have some muscle pain after, but it worth.

Than the extra fun way would be a threesome, but for some reason it’s getting harder and harder to find a good guys to join in… so if you haver a palmate friend, that threesome with a friend sound like a real nice idea to make him completely, mentally and sexually satisfied…

I think a sex party better than a threesome, however if his favorite sexual activity is to share you with another men than set up that threesome… but you have to move lady, because time goes fast… Continue Reading…

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Valentine’s Day Sex Party

Gangbang on Valentine’s Day

Our Valentine Day dream is Hotwife hotwifing with older men

We have been getting a lot of emails from men who are from out of city but planning to spend Valentines Day in the city, which will comes soon soon and they use Valentines Day as an excuse to play with us.

erotic dating
Hotwife for Hotwifing

swingers sexfuncravecpl

Although the gesture is appreciated, not because Valentines Day but for other days too, and we are looking for older (late 40s –  early 50s) single/divorced man for an on-going casual hotwifing role-play – relationship. We we want someone for hotwife role play, hotwifing is  not a one-time thing for us.

This is stated in our profile, and we stated we want a man or men who does not leave  farther than half hour drive.

Now this does not mean we would not consider set up a male female male threesome at valentines Day for her. Yes, that’s a pretty good  possibility, but we would love to play with someone who is open to “hotwifing” at list twice a moth.

Of course there are few things that have to be right, for example, cleanliness,  attractiveness, “experience”, and practice safe sex.  I guess there is no way to find out some of this things with out the first time.  If the first time work out, than we would like to continue… even though Valentines Day is over.

If it end up as one-night stands, well than we had an erotic Valentines DayContinue reading…

swingers sex datingCouples For Three Wheeled Sex Plays

casual sexJ&Jcpl

You post leaves me wondering… My wife is hot, actually I find her very hot and a lot of other men find her hot, because they want to fuck her. Right? Men usually not go after ugly women… Because she is hot and she is a wife, she is a hot wife.

But you talked about  “hotwife”,  and “hotwifing”. So what is the difference between my wife and your wife?

We go out and play, maybe just one night stand maybe more. Is there a difference? Have we misinterpreted the concept? Continue reading…


hot wife to pleasehotwife2please

Hotwife, hotwifing is almost the same to today’s cuckolding… A woman from a married couple have penetrative sex with a man. Her husband give “amen” for that.

In our case he is always present and always watch the action, in fact he might join in. I know a couple who are into hotwifing. That woman plays alone too, but after penetration she explains everything in details to her husband.

Sometimes she uses her cellphone video chat future and her husband enjoys her sex session in life at home.

It is not swinging, we are not swingers, I never visited any swingers club.  Continue reading…

horny Asian woman Asian Women Looking fo Erotic Valentines Day

young lady for older manloveoldermen

I love older men too, in fact I would not have nsa sex with guys in may age group or younger…

They don’t care about your needs, they jump on you and just want to unload their load. Older guys don’t rush, they take their time, they know what is fore play. They know I wont run a way naked…

There is nothing more that I can ask for Valentine’s Day present than an erotic weekend with a nice older Gentleman. A weekend, because Valentine Day is on Saturday in this year.  Continue reading…


Other Valentine’s Day erotic party related articles, advices from our members.

Valentine’s Day Sex Party

Gangbang on Valentine’s Day

A perfect Valentines Day sex party

My husband and I disagree on a little thing. For me it does not make any different, but he is Mr perfection, even in nsa sex and mfm threesome too and he wants to make our up coming Valentines Day sex party a perfect Valentine’s Day sex party.

hot wife to pleaseHot Wife To Please

hot wife to pleasehotwife2please

Let’s say you are married couple at a Valentines Day sex party. You are the wife and you love mfm threesomes, you husband loves it too and he “eager” to see you please other men.

Both of your goal is a threesome. You are in the bed with the two men or on the sofa, or when even that threesome will happen. The third guy is a new guy in you sex play, so my question, who goes first?

The husband or the new guy? I think after several times it would be does not matter, but we are disagree on the first timer. Is there an unwritten rule? Continue Reading…


leisure sexmyway

I never been in mfm threesome, but I had ffm many times. I don’t think it had to do anything with Valentines Day and perfection.

The perfect threesome is when everyone reach orgasm and there is no specific order. In ffm, we ladies play first, make a sex show for him, make him really exited. I have my rules and I play based on those rule. My number one rule is, he can’t penetrate me, everything else ok.

I think you have to set up your rule with you husband and keep your rule in your mind when you play on your Valentines Day sex party and than that will be a perfect sex party. Continue Reading…

hot  wifeHot Wife Needs Men


I partially agree with the above… which is, Valentines Day have nothing to do who go first in a mfm threesome

There are no rules written, list I never heard of it, but in our experience, always to new men penetrate the woman first. I think it practical, because new  guys in threesome can lose their erection  from nervousness, or they get turned on to much to watch live porn show, so they cum before they have a chance to penetrate her…  Continue Reading…


double penetrationdplover

Valentines Day sex party or not a mfm threesome is your threesome. You and you husband “directing” the play and your guest player have to play according to your direction.

I love threesomes and when ever we have chance we pratice it actively…  Usually start blowing my man and let the guest work his way into the mood by touching and licking, and some of them even masturbate. That works great. Once  everyone is very turned on it’s easier, less inhibited.

I also enjoy it most when the guys are sort of working together as a team work to “share” me so that I don’t have to direct anything, but that is more of a personal preference. My like, the new guy penetrate first. Continue Reading…

evil pussyevilpussy

If you like you husband can lead, ask him if  he comfortable to leading. Each person in the 3 can of course call a stop to the proceedings if they are uncomfortable, that needs to be an unbreakable rule. Everyone matters.

If you get two very hard cocks at one time, try double penetration! That would be a real nice and very erotic Valentines Day present.

At the end, I like it best, always, when my guy fucks me good while the guest watches. The focus on “just us” helps to end it on a happy note, and no guest has ever thought this selfish, just hot. Continue Reading…

Valentines Day Sex PartyHot Wife For Valentines Day Sex Party

threesome sextwoarebetter

Nothing better than a  sex party at Valentines Day. If I am a party, it does not matter who takes the first turn. Makes no difference for me. The best threesome I ever had was when the two men we’re equally into each other as they were with me.

In some other threesomes, it felt like I was just having sex with two men at the same time, which is still okay,  two men can do twice as much as one man, and that is the reason behind any threesome, special at Valentines  Day. The important thing is just make it work and make everyone satisfied. Continue Reading…


Members amateur sex party videos

Erotic Valentines Day


Valentines Day Erotic Party Dilemma

Before I get into our Valentines Day‘s issue, I have to explain few things. At first we are an open minded married couple. My wife is bi, I am straight like a stick. We are into “hot wife” and other nsa fun as far as we do it together.

no string attached datingHot Wife NSA Sex Ads

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Get back to Valentines Day’s problem, which is related to my wife’s best freind. They are friend for many years, actually  they was freind before my wife and I met. She is married too and her husband is a nice guy, but a bit conservative…

My wife friend is bi sexual too (her husband doesn’t know it), in fact the wife and her used to play together before we got married and we are married more than 8 years now. Once upon a time my wife told me everything about her sexuality, which I suspected anyway, she called her friends and since that time we have ffm threesome list once a month. She is not on our profile picture and we do not have photo or video of her in our photo album .

At once, few years back she wanted to be at the middle of a group sex as Valentines Day present, so we group sexed her, with few fuck buddies.

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My wife and I got alone real good, her freind never caused any problem between us. I think her husband treats her like a bit of a house work slave, and sex is not enough for her.

The problem… We will host a sex party at Valentines Day weekend in our cottage. Valentines Day is on the weekend this year, so it will be a weeknd long sex party and she wants to come. She can’t get a way for all weeknd alone, so she decided to bring her husband, but she scare to explain to him what kind of Valentines Day party that party will be…

It scares a hell out of me… Her conservative husband and our fuck buddies plus my wife. I do not want to be the “adultery” reason in her divorcee… and I do not want to cancel my Valentines Day sex party either.

So, how can I climb out from this hole, whit out hurting anyone? Continue Reading…


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If I were you, I would not worry about it. You did not cheat, she did. You fucked her with your wife and in fact some of your freinds did her too…

I think if you would not do her, your wife and she would find someone else to replace you, and your wife would turn you into a cuckold men… Let her to fix her problem, not much else you can do. Continue Reading…

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Well, this is one of the problem to originate from… married people play alone. Should not do her, but what is done is done, no point to brag about it…

Her man is not your friend and wether he treats her nice or bad that’s a problem that they have to fix. If she does not care about him, you should not worry either,  bang  her or someone else will. Continue Reading…


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Maybe her husband is not that conservative how he looks like. I know few very conservative looking  business men, who turns to be a sex machine if none know their real identity.

Or she might to penalize him and she wants to make him a cuckold at your Valentines Day sex party. Don’t worry, let her deal with her family sex life… Continue Reading…


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If I understand it right, there is nothing romantic going on between you and her, just sex and your wife is always present and or actively play.

It is just nsa sex and you did not do anything wrong. You are not responsible her privet life. She can handle a group sex, so she is a big girl, so the hole to clime out is hers, not yours. She dog it and she need to clime out from…

Maybe her best opportunity will be you weekend long Valentines Day sex party. Continue Reading…

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We’re thinking about put together a gangbang for her at Valentine’s Day

Are you want to be wild at Valentines Day?

Casual sex with a very good friend couple at Valentines Day

Should I have sex with a very good friend, male female married friend couple?

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I got two voice mails from them, one from her, and another one from him just recently. She explained they were up for a party at the coming weekend to celebrate Valentines Day.

I am not new to  casual sex or flings… and this friend couple know this, but we never played together. We are friend, not sex freind. I know the guy likes and I find him attractive too, but she is an old friend of my and I do not want to risk our friendship… but sex at Valentines Day with them, would be nice.

The issue is, someone told me never had sex with a friend…  What should I do? Continue Reading…

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She said they want to partying with me, because they knew I love threesomes, so they called me. I realized what kind of party in their mind when she said threesome. I was sure at first, she smoked some 420, or she was drinking, but she is not a drinker… and not a drug user, so it made me realize, she is serious.

Than his message; He said, her message is not a joke. A threesome is their long time fantasy and they want to use Valentine’s Day to make their fantasy reality…. He said that they were looking for a “beauty” like me and they hope I’d go over next Saturday and see what developed, but he really want us to get together before Saturday all three of us, and talk about it in details…

He is very attractive and , it would be a lot of fun, but she is my friend, so what should I do? What would you do? Continue Reading…


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I would not go… alone. I don’t think a threesome would work out good between really good friends. If something goes wrong… your friendship is over.

What you value more? Your friendship or Valentines Night sex session? As I said, I would not go alone, but I would take my man with me, that would be more fun… you can even have a mfm threesome with both guys and vice versa. Continue Reading…


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Valentines Day or not… ever get involve with friends you have great values for.

I have been in that position and it all blow up in our faces and that was the end of the friendship. So my advice is: you should sit out on that one… Continue Reading…



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You are in a tricky situation… If you go and partying with them and something goes wrong, your friendship might be over, as it stated at above…. So one would say don’t go, but if you don’t go, that might will damage your friendship too, so you go or don’t, either way your friendship might be over… Therefore just go and have a blast.

Friends for help each other, so help them to fulfill their kinky Valentines Day fantasyContinue Reading…


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I would go for it… They know you kinda already “joined in” other couples in threesomes, so they are comfortable enough with you too show that they are interested….

Also I think it take a lot of guts to ask a friend to have a 3some… It would have
been easier for them to find a stranger… but they choose you so you must be what they’re looking for. GO FOR IT!!!! Continue Reading…

sex adsA lot of people have given me the advice in my younger days: Never have sex with a friend. Why not? I don’t think this was the best advice that I ever get… Instead I would really enjoy to have NSA sex with one of my lady freind at Valentines Day…. Continue Reading…

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Sex with a freind at Valentine’s Day. This sound really kinky… but why not? It would not make her sex friend… I think our friendship would be deeper…

Sex with a friend not just for lesbian roommates. I think everyone (strait, gay lesbian or bi sexual) should try to have sex with a friend. It is really enjoyable and comfortable situation. You know your friend and your friend knows you.

There should not be any pressure to be perfect. You are allowed to be the person who you are. You do not have to try to be perfect, because your friend might know anyway you are not.

In friendship you are perfectly aware of each other and accept each other. Friends honest with each other about birth control and protection. Friends are for have fun together and be there to help when help is needed even if this help mean to balance the un-balanced sex life or spice think up in a bedroom.

And for extra, friends can laugh when things do not work out perfectly, because they know it, they can try it again at anytime. Friends are not lovers so they are not jealous, therefore they give to the another maximum freedom.

A lot of people know this. That is why so many swinger’s ads and NSA sex personal ads start like this: We are looking for friends and maybe more!

So when you are planning your Valentines Day celebration, remember, sex with a friend maybe not a bad thing at all, not even at Valentines Day… I would go and try to have that threesome with them. Continue Reading…