Why Some Women Masturbate During Sex

Some women climax very easily. A lot of them can reach orgasm by humping blankets, riding a bike or rubbing up their genital to anything hard. Some of them use their erotic imagination or thinking about X sex partners. Some others even finger themselves, play with their clit or anus.

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no string attached sexactiivecpl

On the other side a lot of women never achieve orgasm. This is the reason why many of them visit website like this.  They think, things that can’t be done by a man, might be done by two or more, and they are right. Two men might do better job than a man…

If you ever participate in a erotic party, or visit a swingers club, you might see there, all kinds of different erotic activities, different love making techniques, SEX position and even masturbating women.

I don’t say ladies sit in the corner and masturbating. I don’t think that happens too often at an erotic party. However if women go to a sex party, they go there, because they would love to have orgasms and they know very well their own body. They know where it is sensitive and they don’t mind to help to touch their own genital to achieve the no return point.

Some lady make themselves orgasm during vaginal intercourse by push their clitoris against their partner’s pubic bone. Experienced male sex partners can choose a sex position and can manage to touch her clitoris with his penis, while he moves his penis in and out from her vagina. However if he wants to hit her G-spot, there is no way to touch her clitoris, with his penis, because his penis enters into her vagina in a different angle. Continue reading…

local sex datingThis is the point when the woman should help him and help her self too. The lady should reach down with her hand and play with her clitoris while her partner’s penis is inside her vagina.

Some women’s nipples are very sensitive. It is not unusual for a woman to touch, turn, and play with her own nipples with one hand and with the other play with here own clitoris. This is not masturbation, she just want more stimulation and better, bigger more full feeling orgasm.

It is fact a lot of women, who are into no string attached sex, masturbate before intercourse. They just want to get their genital ready for the real fun. They turn themselves on with masturbation. I can’t see anything wrong with that.

Not many women use vibrator or dildo at erotic party (expect woman too woman play). At the party they not just want a hard penis inside their vagina, they need a man or maybe two, to make their erotic fantasy reality. The masturbation can be part of this erotic fantasy.

If a woman “properly” turned on at a sex party, she might experience several orgasm during a vaginal intercourse. The first one is the biggest, fallowed by a waves of smaller one.

These type of women are multi orgasmic. Their vagina stay ready to use again and again, often by different sex partners.

One came here to find sex partner for one on one sex too. They find a single, vaginal orgasm, to be very satisfying. Usually they are the ones, who don’t like to touch themselves.

They prefer penis, not fingers and they love to be screwed for a long time. These type of women usually do not participate in three or more some. They love to be entertained by one man at one time. Continue reading…

fun coupleHow should you masturbate, if you are a woman?

You can do anything that feels good. Touch the sensitive parts of your body. For starters play with your nipples. After lightly rub your clitoris with your panties on. Cotton panties might feel better rubbing against your clitoris than synthetic. When you are “hot” and your pussy produced some natural lubricant take your panties off and finger yourself.

If your vagina is dry try lightly stroke your clitoral hood and play with your anus area. Lots of nerve endings are there and they are very sensitive. But you have to be very careful! You do not use the same finger in your anus and in your pussy.

If you do so, you’ll get a nasty infection. In your anus  is all kinds of bacteria that’s okay there, but they definitely not okay in your vagina. You can use rubber on your finger, but you need to change them. The best method is use one hand for your butt and one hand for your vagina.

Of course if you have sex toys, vibrators or dildo, use it. You can reach your G point with a good vibrator. It will make you cum in no time.

Basic Masturbation Position for Women

Lie flat on your back. Open your legs slightly and bent your knees.  Bottoms of your feet touching each other, so your legs formed into a diamond. Relax. Breathe deeply. Turn your vibrator on or use your finger. Find your pleasure points.

Most women reach orgasm with vibrator by pressing it against the clitoris. Move the vibrator back and forth and vary the pressure and speed. Tease yourself for stronger orgasm. When you are at the no return point finish yourself with the tip of your finger. Continue reading…

swingers sex partyOnce you had a climax you should try again, practice makes perfect.  You will be better lover if you can love yourself better….

Masturbation is not just for kids and not just action between two sex partner. Masturbation is on going affair with yourself.  Remember, masturbation is safe, easy to do and healthy. You can do it alone or with your partner. In both cases it should feel very relaxing.

Once you know your body, your genital, teach your partner how to use it. If you have a first time partner don’t be shy, let him know what body part of yours are  sensitive and he will make your night unforgettable.

Tips… to Masturbate at Home

A lot of women masturbate in the bath tap under the running water (they keep  run the water on their clitoris). Some women point two fingers in a downward V around the clitoris, so the pressures applied to the sides and the tops. Some others use the flat of the hand to grind the clitoris and insert the other hand’s finger(s) at the same time into the vagina.

Women who loves hard rough sex twist their clitoris between their index finger and thumb. Some others use the hand shower… basically you need to figure out what works for you… Continue reading…

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How to have no commitment sex with women

Tips to attract  sexy horny women. Of course only if you want to have sex with her.  You are invited to an erotic party. If people goes to erotic party, there is only one thing in their mind. Casual sex. This apply for women too, you just need to find the right woman. Women want to have sex too..

no string attached sexHow can you get ready for no commitment casual sex.

Today’s youngsters say playing, older people say swinging, you can say what ever you want, either way, the action is the same, sex and nothing else. No string attached sex is sex, with out any commitment.

How can you prepare yourself to have no commitment sex?

When you know you will be having an intimate sex encounter with your mate, you take extra special care in your daily hygiene routine, right? Well multiply that ten times for casual sex.

Before you go to partying you should spend extra time brushing & flossing your teeth, showering, doing your hair and pubic hair, putting on your best cologne. Get extra cleaned up and dress to impress. Leave your torn or baggy jeans or shorts and T-shirt, and baseball cap at home, you’re not going to the stadium to watching baseball game, so don’t dress like it.

Don’t assume that just because you talk or dance with someone that they want to have sex with you. And, don’t get aggressive on the dance floor or at the bar, unless you get the clear message that it’s all right. If you get that message, go with it, just don’t overdo it. You can and you should ask ask her; Is this okay? Continue reading…

What You Should Do If You Want to have Sex With Her

You should act like a man, not like a teenager. Be a man and be confident. Don’t be shy and withdrawn or be a wallflower. If you see a lady you’re interested in, be observant. If she dances with guys other than her husband, or if she spends time talking to single men, maybe she’d enjoy talking or dancing with you as well. Don’t be afraid to approach her.

older womanOlder Women Looking for Younger Men

Even in swingers clubs, women generally don’t approach men. Just because a lady is with her husband, doesn’t mean she’s not available or is  not approachable. Remember you would like to have casual sex with a woman,  approach politely and with class.

Swingers clubs are social clubs not a drinking clubs. Drink in moderation.  No one likes to be around a flaccid slobbery drunk.

If someone tells you “NO” that’s all there is to it. It’s not open for discussion. Don’t ask why not?

All in all, it’s real simple, be a gentleman, be classy, be friendly, and treat people well. Everyone has a much better evening if the ladies have a fun time, and if they do, then you’ve got a great chance at having a really fun time with them.

And once again, admission to a sex party or to the swingers club, doesn’t guarantee that you will have sex, but only that you allowed to be there. No one owes you anything and you shouldn’t expect anything from anyone. Continue reading…

What You Should Not To Do?

The worst thing what you can do call a lady to dance and go behind her, and try to be cool and dance. In the same time you, try sticking your crotch into her backside. This disturbs every women! DO NOT DO THIS!! Realistically how many men did you see have success with this method? None!

You think, as you stare at your targets bottom that they are encouraging you, inviting you. On the other side she might think, You’re drunk pushy and rude! If you call someone to dance try to look like you enjoy yourself and know how to dance.

Valentines Day Sex PartyIf you don’t know how to dance, should not call anybody to dance. Just say hello and ask can I buy you a drink? If she say yes, you are on the right truck. It might happen she will call you to dance. You should not say I can’t dance. This is the worst turn off. Just go and try to dance.

I know it is easy to say  and hard to do, just go and listen the rhythm of the music and try to move your body with the rhythm.  Closing your eyes may help you, then once you’re satisfied with your move to that rhythm, although you may not be dancing well, you will be dancing in time – which if anything is better than nothing.

DON’T copy anyone else dancing, the fact is although you may think they look good – others probably won’t. Continue reading…

Don’t talk About Your Wife or X Girlfriend

Don’t talk about your wife or girlfriend, or X and how great she is or how beautiful she is. If she was the greatest woman, you wouldn’t be here alone and she’d be with you. Don’t tell a lady how hot that woman across the room is. If that’s what you think, tell it to the lady across the room.

People go often to erotic partying with their spouse. If you like a lady and she is with her husband, you should not ignore him. No matter how much his wife likes you, if the husband doesn’t like you, you’re not getting anywhere with her.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend all night talking with him, but introduce yourself and be cordial and play it by ear. Don’t try to sell yourselves  with the famous lie: My wife wanted me to come here first by myself to check it out, so I’ll come back with her the next time and we can all play together after you and I play now.

There is not to many wife sends her husband to an erotic party or to a swing club alone, but I have no problem with it, if he wants to go, he is free to go. Continue reading…

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I am looking for men for my wife

I posted a message here few months earlier for advice about how much I want to see my wife have sex with other men. I did not get a lot of response, but more than a few guys contacted us…

casual sexswingers sexneedzmorecpl

After a long and many greats and meets, we thought we found our man. He was a fine, good looking very polite 23 years old university student.

We rented a nice hotel room and invited him over for a weekend, in a hop I will get what I “prayed” for.  Well I got it, but it wasn’t great experience at all.  Let me explain.

Yes, he had sex with my wife and yes I watched it, but he wasn’t a sex god, wasn’t even close to… He cum before my wife had chance to get real hot… He said, he was overly horny and apologized. So I had to fuck my wife to serve her needs and our guest was watching us.

sex partyneedzmorecpl

My wife wanted him to take round two, but he could not get it hard. It was Friday night. Next day at Saturday, there wasn’t any morning delight… It felt like we are on vacation with our regular friend, not in a hotel room with a nsa sex partner.

We slept in late, went out for breakfast and went back to our room and watched TV. I know its very sad, instead sex we watched TV…

At one point at afternoon we started to play. At this time our guest blow his load before he could penetrate her. Than he said he had to go and left… Our erotic weekend started badly and end up in disaster…

So we are looking again… but how can I, how can we make sure we select a man who would be a great sex partner? We want to share our sex life with others, basically I want to share and watch my wife with other men, and she would love to experience sex with different men.

Anyone have some usefully idea? Continue reading…


sex datingfun_chix

Your wife is a very lucky woman… I wish my partner’s brain turn like your brain…

You want to set up her to have sex with other men. According to your profile she is 35 years old and you served her a 23 years old “bull”.

I think the problem was, his age, young kids steal sex… He might have girlfriends in his age group always. I mean they have quickies in the car, or in the shower or on the stairways up to the apartment and when there was a real woman, (your wife) naked ready for real sex play… he stressed out and could not perform.

Things like that happens with young men. Choose an older gentlemen, older men knows how to make a woman happy… Continue reading…


no string attached sexspicycinnamon-baby-lips

Find an experienced couple, I am sure many couples are here and I am sure there are willing men who will bang your wife so hard, she will have a hard time to walk next day…

And if play with a couple, you might have a chance to taste some different pussy juice… Continue reading…

adult datingswingers sexover40s

Go to a  high end swingers club.

You can see guys in action, before you choose… As spicycinnamon-baby-lips stated at above, she will be fucked so hard… You can’t even imagine it.

Believe me, I went to a swingers dance this pass weeknd and  it happened with me. I loved every moment of it… Continue reading…


Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?

Looking for Single Men for Hotwife Role-play

Over the last week or so I’ve been logging into the IM here on Swingers Couples.net, shopping around for male playmates for hotwife role-play… It was like opening some kind of Pandora’s box or something.

hot wife Couples Looking for Men for Hot Wife Scenario

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Within a few minutes, we’re utterly swamped with messages. I’ve never seen anything like it. After trying to keep up with it for a few minutes I usually give up and log back out. Wow guys, a few things we’d like the single males on the IM to know…

1. Calm down guys. Yes she’s real, yes she does have sex with other men, no we don’t want to hear about all the filthy things you’re wanting to do. There’s a time and place for that, the introduction isn’t it.

hot wife2. Be patient. You’re one of about thirty of forty chat windows popping up. If our apparent ‘lack of response’ pisses you off, then we’re not you’re type to begin

3. You’re average, trust us. We despise braggarts and egomaniacs. You’re not impressing us with your self aggrandizing accolades.

4. Upgrade your account, then you don’t have to ask us our ASL, what we’re into, how many dicks she’s
sucked, or if we’re coming over to your place tonight.

5. Don’t beg. It’s not pleasant to watch. If we say we’re not interested, it means we’re not interested. If we talk to you, it doesn’t mean you’re getting your dick wet with her pussy juice.

6. We’re real live human beings, not meat from the meat-market, not
webcammers, and definitely not your live 24 hour video sex chat line. There is a specific section dedicated for erotic webcam chat.

Save the dirty talk for the bedroom, please. There’s fifty other fuckers all talking that shit. If you’re trying to pick a woman up in real life and you say “I’d eat your ass hole” as your opening line, you’re going to get the same reaction from us.  Continue reading…

erotic datingcreolelicious

7. If you’re more than a hundred miles from us, we’re not interested in meeting. Not if you’re passing through town, not if you’re uncle’s cousin’s sister lives down the road from us. We don’t meet guys from
out of town.

8. We despise cheaters. If you’re married and you’re
not bringing her along, we’re not interested. If you
have a girlfriend, then you don’t need any hotwife
lol. We’d love to meet another couple, not break one
up. If you’re cheating, fuck off.

9. Grow up. Some of guys talk like you never been around a lady before in your life. No, we don’t want to hear about how much you cum, how big your dick is, how much you like eating pussy, how incredible you are in the sack, or how long you can fuck.

What the hell is wrong with you people, introduce yourself, say hi, ask how we’re doing, talk about the current political situation in the Iberian Peninsula even, but leave that nasty talk for more appropriate times.

10. We’re swingers. Educate yourself a little if you don’t know what that means. We have norms, we have rules, we have etiquette. We have limits and boundaries, preferences and things we’d like to try or things we won’t do. Read the profile, we didn’t write it to take up the space
between our pics and videos. Continue reading…

swingers sex partySwingers NSA Sex Dating Ads

11. Fakers are easy to spot. If you’re claiming to be a female and you’re not, trust us it shows. We may patronize you for entertainment, but you’re not fooling anybody for long. If you’re a guy pretending to be a couple, you will eventually fuck up and reveal that. Why bother? Be yourself, even if that means we won’t fuck you, at least you’re not a sleazy fucking faker.

12. If we want a picture, we will ask you for one. If you want one of us, upgrade your account and take your pick from the 2500 or so pics that we busted our ass taking an posting to our profile.

13. Our profile is very active, we post a lot of content. That does NOT mean that she fucks everything that walks and pops wood. If we’re interested, we will arrange a meeting. A MEETING means we meet, and it also means you’re not getting any pussy at that point, it’s a meeting.

Sorry about the rant but damn, it made me understand why women are so paranoid on here. Continue reading…


swingers nsa sexbutterflybutt

As you as we we’ve actually met a few standard members through the built in IM on here over the years.

It’s a great tool for finding locals for nsa sex when it’s working well. We wanted to post this on the advice line here hoping it will help some of these guys that don’t understand what women – men couples go through on there, we’ve honestly seen better manners over pig trough sometimes.

Also we post this just to show, even guys with free standard membership can find nsa sex partners here, if they use their had for thinking, not just to put a hat on it… Continue reading…


swingers sexwannahavefuncpl

We are here to find playmate for my wife, I guess we can call it hotwife role play, so one more thing guys, if you want to fuck her be nice be real and polite but don’t be a cheater or you have no chance…

Thousands of other women and couples are here for the same reason.

This is the digital age guys and if you live in US, even your local supermarket is capable to tracking your internet history. Your phone records, include cellphones are a mere $19.95 away from anyone that knows your name and number.

The sheer matter of ethics aside, we don’t want to end up in your divorce proceedings and we sure don’t need your wife or girlfriend out in our driveway wanting to pull some hair…

Therefore more than ever, honesty is your best policy.  Continue reading…



Most folks are fairly decent… IN PERSON face to face that is. Online however, that changes the demographics considerably.They still live in the early 80’s Internet, they think on-line no name no face… I do what ever I want.

Well there is a bad news, today very easy to track and find out things about anyone over the Internet. It is more easier then face to face.. Continue reading…


swingers sexover40s

Number 12 hits it home for me. If I want to look at a cock dripping cum I will see it in my own home.

Sending me a photo like that before you have even said” hello, hows the weather”, there is a good chance I will ignore your sorry ass.

It is also clear on my profile that I do not play with people younger than 40. I get them all the time saying that if I would just give them a chance I would never go back to older people again.

I do not want to play with people my kids age or younger. Now I just get rude with them if I bother to answer at all.

Thanks again for a great post. Continue reading…

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More info on hot wife – hot wifing from members

Either way it means sex with someone’s wife, but which way is the right way? Hot wife, hotwife or hotwifing?

Erotic sex party games

I red on a Swingers Personals website an article about Hot Wife scenario – sex party at Easter time. We are going to host a sex party at Easter Saturday too, we never host one, this will be the first.

iplayaloneNo String Attached Sex dating Ads

casual sexiplayalone2

This wont be our first sex party, we played in some and loved it, but in all of them people was taking pictures with their cellphone and that is a big no for us. This is the main reason why we going to host our own.

At our party, all electric “devices” cell phones, tablets, cameras will be banned. There are few other rules, but all invited agree with our rules.

As I said we played in others party, but never had our own and not really know how to get into the want to have sex mood everyone. In our previous experiences, those parties almost turned to be a “talk party”, people was talking and socializing half night. We do not into long talk… we want action. How can we start? Anyone have any suggestion? Continue reading…


nsa datingmywifeandI

I think talk is good, even though you do not like it. There is reason behind talk.

Talk help for people to overcome their own mental barriers, and also you should make sure that the action is slow.

Everybody must want to go further some time before they actually do, that is why they go to your sex party, so there is no reason to rush. I don’t think anyone will run a way. Everybody should be horny and everybody should turned on.

If someone gets into right to the action, for example goes directly from massage to penetration, others may start to think “I don’t want to do that!” Participants who rush destroy  everybody else mood. The whole group should be doing the same sort of things at the same time.

Encourage the slowest. Hold back the quickest. Even if everybody is ready to go straight to the action, you should hold back. The longer you hold back the sexual energy, the stronger it will be when you let it loose.

At some point, unexpected things will start to happen. Let them happen. Do not disturb the group unless something or someone is threatening the entire party. Continue reading…

no string attached sexfunseekerfunseeker

I have some sex party experience too, at those parties the host started the fun with play games. Laughing together makes people ease up and creates a friendly atmosphere.

I those games was fun, games for example included being blindfolded and dancing and find out who is your dance partner etc.

Or strip poker. The losers have to take off a piece of their clothe. Do not use games in which the losers must leave the room. That would only make them passive.

People usually want what they cannot have. Therefore, if you play a game nobody should partnering with her/his permanent partner. This will make them start to talk with each other. Continue reading…

no string attched sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

casual sexno-headgamecpl

Agree with you, the most difficult part of any sex party, is how to start the erotic part. You can start with erotic games, like those mentioned at above. Or give a four handed massage for somebody.

For example two ladies give a massage for one man, and then opposite way. At once things have to start somehow. This is why you should invite experienced couple. They will know how and when to start to get serious.

It might happen, someone was leaving. It is okay anybody have a right to leave at any time, is better if they leave than stay and being a “party pooper”.

If somebody walked a way you should tell the others he/she or they chickened out. This might stop others to leave. People love sex, that’s why they are at your sex party and if they are serious they will not leave until they haven’t try why they are there. Continue reading…

casual sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexoralmedexpert

Someone told me at once, a sex party should be an aesthetic event, to avoid the porn feeling.

It kind of made me wonder… Is sex party aesthetic and sensual? Or is it a cool party? Or an expression of raw, sexual lust to fulfill the participant erotic fantasy…

Like anything else in the life what is aesthetic and cool for one that is disgusting for others.

For example sex with multiply partners, some people, loves it, and this is the reason why they participate in a sex party, but a lot of people think sex with multiple partners is immoral. For them sex with more than one partner is definitely not aesthetic or sensual.

You can try a lot of thing, but will be really hard to make everyone happy… Continue reading…

I am not a porn star, but I love to have mfm threesomes

I get a lot of comments on my  sex play videos, that are attached to my profile. One of the most common is that I to quiet.  They said there should  be more erotic noise when one women have sex with two men. According to them if I was enjoying it, I would be much more louder.

swingers sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

casual sexanonymous

Just for the record, I am not a porn star, I love to have mfm threesomes, but just because I play with two men, it does not mean I have to scream like a virgin girl at her first time.

What you see can see and hear in professional made porno movies, that called “marketing”. The noise you hear and the women’s scream and yell staged, to sell more videos.

Not so in real sex life, list not in my. The majority of the women that I know, and I have partied with do not scream and whine like those porn stars.  Yes some do grunt, moan, groan, and may at times make some erotic noise. They have sex, they enjoy themselves, maybe tipsy from alcohol, so there are sex noises… However what they do is reality not put on.

One of my friend said, she would scream, but she lives in a townhouse (row house) and she would not want to wake the neighbour up with her screaming. She said at once at her sex party the neighbour called the cups, because they thought someone getting raped… Continue reading…

Woman looking for group sexSwingers Sex Parties

Figure, there was four couples, they were naked,  had sex and two young hot cup show up… My friend have uniform fetish, she was naked in her own home, when the cups showed up she thru on some see true negligee, but the cups realized what was going on.  She tried to hit on one of the cup, its was legal for her, but not for the cup at work time.  Have sex party in your one home is legal too, so the cup told her to close the window and they left…

I do make some noise, and I do enjoy sex play, but I don’t believe I have to yell, scream, or do anything else just to please those who watch my videos. Instead concentration on screaming I concentrate on my partner am with and my own pleasure.

The positive things in, my partners don’t care, usually I have good time too and I do not have to worry about cups show up at my door, because I have to loud orgasm… Continue reading…


nsa sexstarkenore

We quit watching porno movies. They got to be so fake it was disgusting. We agree with what you said.

I make some noise, I’m told but it doesn’t even come close to what you hear in the porno movies. Natural sounds are more enticing then the put on sounds. Continue reading…

adult dating video profilesMembers Erotic Videos

no string attached sex1Canuck

I used to have a lady friend with benefits. She was like your friend, she could not control herself and she was very loud.

However when she really enjoyed herself she could not longer breath and make noises at the same time, so she had choose breathing not screaming!!! Continue reading…


swingers sexsassy1595

Well, I beg to differ. I can be very loud and very animated when getting it good. Especially if there are other people sexing it up in the room.

We have had other couples with women who are also vocal during sex. I am not saying that porn is not fake… You can see the time difference between the sounds and the lip movement in most of them.

I am saying that vocalic sex play and animation does occur in real life, you just have to look for it! Continue reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

I dunno, I’m pretty loud. Just comes out natural. And I like to hear a little noise coming from the guy or gal I’m playing with as well. List I know what ever I do, do it right…

They don’t have to match in volume, but the more senses you include the more intense things get. Continue reading…


Members amateur sex party videos

I want to have nsa sex on my first date

I use on-line dating as my primary source for nsa sex partners, (not much success) I mean easy to find men for nsa, but I want quality…  so when the quality is satisfying, then we can work on the quantity…

swingers sex partyCasual Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexsex-crzd

I tried to set something up for the weekend last night, in the form of first date. I webcamd with a guy from here, few times and we will meet at Sat. evening.

I want to have a real good first date or meeting, does not matter how we call it. My St. Patrick Day was suck, and I want to have a “good” one at this time, and  I searched Google for  first date advice.

swingers sexsex-party-lover-cpl

Google “told me”, women who reach out for men, they get all of the benefits of on-line dating. I got a little deeper into this and its said, in erotic dating, on the first date, woman should make the first move.

If I diced to meet someone, I always want to have sex, but I wait to read my date as the date is winding down. With that being said it’s still scary to make the first move because I could swear that he is going to treat me like a prostitute. I make a move and I can read his mind.. something like Oh, she is that kind of girl…

Well, I don’t have time for romance and I don’t need  romantic meeting but I love to have sex and the best way to get to know each other is via sex.

So if we find each other attractive, why should I wait… Am I wrong? Continue reading…


swingers sexwanahavefuncpl

Sorry to hear your St Patrick Day did not work out… Sex is OK at any date and any time. Why didn’t you try on St P. day?

It doesn’t even have to be a formal date or St Patrick Day sex party..

If someone turns you on then go for it. Male or female any age. If it feels good do it and a lot of men likes it when the woman makes the first move. I do not see anything wrong with it, this is not a marriage agency, it is a erotic adult dating website… Continue reading…


nsa adult datingHeathen_G

The purpose of dating from this website is get sex. No sex, then not a date.

If you’re not having sex with him, you’re really not attracted to him enough to have sex with him.  If he was really hot, you’d be all over his dick.

You basically were interviewing him for a position in your pussy. If he didn’t pass the interview, he didn’t get in. There was no date. That was a meeting.

A meeting to see if he has what it takes to get in you naked. And you figured that out in the first 15 minutes of meeting him and if you want to get him naked at the first date, then you should not wait until the second. Just do him… Continue reading…

love being watchedLocal Horny Women

no string attached sex1Canuck

My St. Patrick Day was like any other Day. Nothing special happened… I did not even celebrate it, I try to get some green beer, but it was sold out before I got there… so not even beer.

Back the first date sex. Open communication… want to have sex, like to make the first move… than discuss it with your dating partner.

I’m a man, and men here driven to have sex, so we are supposed to be
ready for it, otherwise we would not be here.

You are a woman and you said, you don’t want romantic dating partner, you want nsa. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

But you have to be carefully here, If sex was great and you want to carry on, after about3 dates the romance and the commitment might com.

If you want nsa only- don’t do him more than tree times on the row, find someone else. Even nsa sex partners can get attached after three dates… I

So, yes, you can enjoy yourself on the first date, on the second and on the third, after that tell him, you need to take a break… Continue reading…

Celebrate St. Patrick Day with nsa sex

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate with real nsa sex. Lets wear green underwear, or no underwear, green condoms and drink green beers. We talked about it with my hubby and decided invite over  few open minded people for some St. Patrick’s Day nsa fun.

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sex partypartyanimals

And there is no willing people. What the hack is happening here? Isn’t it a nsa sex dating website?

This has made me wonder for a while. Here we are on a sex dating site, and we are all trying to hook up with some persons, or just even a person we desire. We love erotic parties and we love first date sex. We decided to host a sex party (not in our home and not in a hotel) but at a really good and quiet, perfect party location… and no willing person.

No commitment, just open – curious mind and good attitude need.

No matter what type of date you have when you first meet, is everything leading towards the hopeful HOT SEX at the end of the night? This party would provide a perfect opportunity…

Yes we love to have sex and want to have sex, but even meeting someone from this website, does not mean you have to have sex at our party. You do not have to, but you can if you choose to, that is why no string attached sex.

So, does anyone want to meet on this weekend for some St Patrick’s Day fun? I mean nsa SEX optional if we find each otehr attractive…?

I think it is a normal think  on this site to start with… Continue reading…

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horny ebony ladyEbonyBabydoll

In my experience, when I’m trying to feel someone out, and if I aint feeling them or they aint feeling me it ends up with no sex.

Not on the first date and not on the second date, because, if I don’t have sex on the first date… I wont have a second date with the same man.

If I go to sex parting, its very likely I will have sex. Sex parties for have sex… or watch your partner have sex with others.

This has happened about 5 times in the 6 years I’ve been on  true  SwingersCouple.net.

Some people think this is a romantic dating website, or list they acting like that… It is in the name… Swingers.  Continue reading…

oversexed womenSamlamRNMcD72

Well, that’s not always the way things need to end up, unless you want just that, but I think you have to  figure out why you are going out to partying…

If you are into getting to know each other and then, or just strictly lets jump in the sack, or maybe you meet and no click, no physical spark…

Well, I think, it’s ok, to back out politely and say thanks for meeting one another.

So, far myself, I have not had one real date off this site. Of course sex is my ultimate goal. And not to say, I don’t want that on my first date… Eventually, it’s just that there is more to us then just sex… Something like HOT SEX.

It does seems, guys come here to flirting and for the web-cam, but they scare to meet.  So I am hoping… Continue reading…

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swingers sexlove2play

Interesting question. I don’t expect sex at the end of the first “date” as it is exploratory to see if there is the same attraction in person that exists on line.

If yes, then make another date to do more, erotic adult activities a few days hence. There still needs to some sort of connection, chemistry, with a live person for the sex to happen. Continue reading…


erotic fantasydxbfantasy

Here is my 1 cent worth….Yes, we are all on a sex dating website, and one should never forget that. From my personal experience, I do not have sex with everyone I meet. Well, not ALL of them, but yes, most of them.

I like to start by talking to the person I am going to meet. First on line, webcam than phone.  After all those steps usually by then, I have a pretty good idea if I want to meet with him/her, or not. So, that when we meet eventually, it is just basically to make sure if i was right… before we start to screw each other brain out.

You see, for me it is easy, as I am not looking for anything long lasting on here. Yes, friendship, yes, always, and even a regular fuck buddy for sure, etc, etc.. NSA sex and nothing more.

For me, it is purely no strings attached fun, and if by chance someone turns out to be someone that I would like to go out with regularly, then that is a bonus, and we ride the wave as long as we can.

Until it is completely spent, then hopefully depart good friends afterwards.

As for going to a sex party, of course I go there to have sex. What kind of sex party that if you can’t have sex? First date at a sex party ends up in  hot sex, it can happen… Why not?

The main thing is, make sure why you are on a site like this and then leave the normal world outside once stepping inside these pages. Continue reading…

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erotic work outworkitout519

My last first date from this website with a great guy, ended in a kiss. But the next date is was hot and heavy in his van. Actually it took us both by surprise. I mean it was surprise we could not wait to get to the hotel room…

First date at a sex party? I never done that, but would try… Continue reading…

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Tips on how to set up your own sex party

Casual sex advice from real swingers

Why is it so hard for married couples to find single men for casual sex?

Casual no string attached sex with couples or lets call it swinging shouldn’t be exclusive to the attached or married couples. Adults having adult fun with fellow single people isn’t easily found.

Valentines Day Sex PartySwingers Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexwannahavefuncpl

I mean for a threesome you need tree people, usually two same gender and an extra…

In a married couples case (in our case) it means, my husband and I want to play with a single guy.

The problems is, we are living in a very small city, the locals are good people but the events seem to be lacking interest and it’s a shame that not more new people are participating. Plus the discretion, in a small city everyone knows everyone and words flies fast… So there is limited option to play  at “home” with local single men.

Therefore we travel, and travel takes time and vouching and vetting for new partner even for newbies is a must and I agree 100% on that, but I’m just looking for suggestions on how to entice more singles to join us.

I don’t really need negative answer, so if you do not have any helpful idea, please keep your negative comment to yourself… Continue reading…


casual sexelastic_heart

There are no single men, just “single” men. If you catch  my drift; sorry if that were negative.

Couples and swingers aren’t the only people looking for single men for casual sex as well… Continue reading…


swingers sexjuicyb14u

I love the openness of the swingers lifestyle but the lack of available men that are not married is slim to none.

I do feel that single men wanting into the lifestyle are getting the raw  end of the deal as I do know a few and they find it uncomfortable as they want to play, but not with the couple but with the wife only.

Many couples want bi sexual men for play partners, which unfortunately turns many single straight guys off. I’m not saying that you have to be bi to be accepted in the lifestyle and that everyone needs to set ground rules prior to any play if any.

Single ladies wanting single men should not be that hard. Continue reading…

no string attached datingSwingers Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexover40’s

Disagree…, hard to find “quality” single guy sex partner even for single women. I know this from experience.

I think the word swingers and swinging scares a way a lot of men. The definition of a swinger is slang for someone who lives an uninhibited erotic lifestyle. I

We are living in 2016 and so the definition has changed over the years, but still promiscuous sex with partners of your choice.

Too bad there isn’t much choice in singles. Continue reading…


casual sexOtis_Good

I met with a couple just recently. It started, here on-line. How big is your dick ? Is the very first thing she asked me. After some chit chat and fancy words we decided to meet.

We flustered around some and they said they had a house but could not host. I said but I thought you said you didn’t have kids at home?? Well he piped in what an I some kind of censuses taker or something and if I want to diddle his wife I would come up with the motel money.

casual sex datingablond&herman

So we went to the Fish Tail inn and I checked in and when I gave them the all clear they snuck in like thieves in the night.

As soon as they finished shoving the ashtrays and the big bath towel and the soap into her big purse, he said here now lets get one thing perfectly clear there will be no male to male contact and I want to watch you fuck my wife while I jack off. I am not a homosexual and not even bi but I like to watch my wife take a big dick so really give it to her good so I can take really close up pictures, that me and her can enjoy later.

Oh oh, and no foreplay and no kissing, even she she is sucking your dick, don’t think of that a affection because you are like that cockroach over there in the corner no less and nothing more.

Now a lesser man would have told them, sorry and need to go home, I take my dog for a walk, but me not being the lesser man, plus I paid for the motel.

I said I hope you brought a lunch Bubba and a couple rolls of film, because this single man is going to get some pussy for all the poor saps that read everyday on every profile NO SINGLE MEN, and I did.

Therefore, to find single men is possible, but you need to put some effort, time and work into it (maybe money too, to pay or share the hotel’s cost)… Continue reading…

casual sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexDntUWannaRide

Well, from personal experience I know that being single in a new area makes it impossible to get into the lifestyle scene, even for a single woman. I mean any woman can get into a “cheap” swingers club, at anywhere, sometimes even for free, but I talk about a classy, high end club.

You have to have people who have known you, to vouch for you, so if you just moved to the area you are screwed. I guess for couples it can be even harder. Continue reading…


Married couples in threesomes. I love one cock in my pussy and the other in my mouth

Threesome with my boyfriend and his best friend turned to be a bi sex three-way

I had a threesome with my boyfriend and with his best friend,  at last weekend. They had a couple of  Jack Daniel on the rock during the night, both of them were a little tipsy, but not drunk. I was completely sober.

no string attached sexSwingers No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexyoungplayers

It wasn’t our first mfm threesome, we love threesomes with two men, that is why we have this profile here… but it was the first time with his best friend.

This was new, with him, unlike all the other threesomes, after he and his friend both came for the first time from penetrating me, my boyfriend and I were both sucking his friend’s dick and then my boyfriend asked his friend to perform anal sex on him and his friend did not hesitate, not even the moment. Looked like they did this many times before. Surprise, surprise…

So while he got his ass penetrated, he was moaning like crazy on top of me. I kind of understand because his friend dick is  larger than an average dick and fairly thick too.

I heard and read a lot about threesomes with bi men, but being at the middle of it wasn’t on my bucket list. I love my boyfriend as a man, but I am not sure I love him as a bi man…

However it was very erotic and a lot of fun, but its bothering me, he did not tell anything about his  bi sexuality or bi play fantasy and not sure what to think.

I am in a emotional limbo, I very curious and want to do it again, but can’t see myself to do it on a long turn… Is it normal? Continue reading…

fun coupleCouple Open for Adult Fun

swingers sexiamtherooster69

I have a fantasy about having a threesome with a bi guy and a woman.

There are lot of guys on Swingers Couple‘s that want to try it, just seems the ladies are like you… Harder to figure out, because they don’t know what they want… Continue reading…


swingers sexbeaverpatrol

I had more than few three and moresums over the years, and whilst the attention is nice, as a rule I find them over rated.

Threesomes with bi men not “bad” exactly, but not something I would want to get involved with more than once or twice a year, say. They can be really great on a very special occasion with just the right people, but only if your permanent  partner is bi curious. Otherwise he would worry more about his own ass than satisfying you…

I have nothing against bi men, but threesomes with two straight guys is much better, I like to be at the middle of two horny men attention… Continue reading…


sex datingNmbbw64

I have had quite a few threesome with bi-sexual men. All of them was a lot of fun and yes it was hot to see my boyfriend suck another man’s cock.

I was never left out, but mfm threesomes with 2 straight men are much more fun for me… Continue reading…

swingers sex partyInterracial Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexthrillofitall42

I love threesomes but I don’t ever see myself as being between two bi men.

I want to be the center of attraction. Also every threesomes is comes with the obvious health risks. Those risks (STD) are doubled with two bi sexual men… Continue reading…


swingers nsa sexButterfly on her butt

I don’t know, women’s want and don’t want is mystery… Hard to figure out them.

For example, any time than we are are in a sex party or orgy, its okay if another guy and his lady goes down on her.

Than she gets turned on watching a man suck my dick off, but on a “normal” weekend she states it; No sex with bi men! So what the heck is it…?

Sometimes she asking me to masturbate and she gets off watching me pleasure myself, but she likes to hear what I am thinking about another guy going down on me while I jack off.

What I think… What ever she wants as far as is fun for me, I am ok with it. Continue reading…