Adult Themed Halloween Party

The Exotic Erotic Halloween Ball or sometimes it called Perry Mann’s Exotic Erotic Ball was held annually around Halloween in the San Francisco Bay. It was the longest running public adult themed event in the world. Continue reading…

adult datingNo String Attached Sex Dating

love gangbangsgangbangkrista

This once a year indoor event became a major attraction in the San Francisco Bay and was attended by nearly half a million people. It was a lot of fun… unfortunately since 2010 they do not organize it…

Anyways, I love gang bangs. My first was when I was 19 years old. It happened during that San Francisco Bay’s Halloween event. I was drunk and I tried it “just to see what it was like”. I loved it.

Tan I had my next gang bang at the next Halloween and it became my Halloween tradition… Most of the time I was drunk, and I guess I am lucky to get away with it all. The older I got the better the gang bangs were, as the guys were older too.

A couple of my girlfriends are horrified when I say that I love gang bangs. I will do it  again, at this Halloween ( I am going host my own Halloween Sex party) and because I will be the hostess I would not drink at this time. Plus I would like to enjoy the gang bang with sober head…

What do you plan to do at this Halloween? Are you going to partying or handing out candy for the kids… Continue reading…


Sexy Halloweenplaymaker

Starting at the coming weekend,  in the little town, where I will spend all week with few friends we will have long kind of like Halloween party going on.

Usually we do it every year… around this time time of year. We do not call it Halloween party, we call it Halloween  Fantasy Week. It is always a week of NSA fun… Continue reading…

adult datingswingers sexwewantgroupfun

I never had a gang bang, but love group sex, therefore I am fantasizing about gang bang a lot….

But I do not love anal sex, I tried it once with my husband and it is just not for me. I can handle 4 – 5 guys a night, but I am into mouth and pussy never anal. Just didn’t want to do it. Guys asked for it a lot of time, but NO, never did it. My Hubby doesn’t want it from me either anymore, which is good of course. I scare in a gang bang I will get anal – raped…

What will we do at Halloween? Candy for the kids and trick for me… Continue reading…


couples sexhere4rmfm

On Halloween, we will party with our “open minded” friends. Halloween give a perfect opportunity to have some erotic fun.

We have the excuse to get as kinky as we want to be. We can show our interests and creativity through the costumes we choose. And a good costume is an immediate icebreaker… Continue reading…

nsa sexMsCarla

Definitely I am going to partying. All kinds of Adult Halloween parties around here too. Because of so many they have already started happening.

Its a blast seeing how many people can come up with so many kinky different costumes. Continue reading…


Halloween Partyletmesuckitplz

Oh yes, party time! More than one party and I will go as a slat! Continue reading…



How to organize an erotic Halloween Party

How to host swingers sex parties

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story


swingers sexvalleycivilwarbu

This is my favorite fun holiday. Every year we have a party. This years theme is ROCKY HORROR. I am going as Columbia and he will be Eddie. My plan is to have fun!

October is my favorite month. We have done the same thing the last 6 yrs. This weekend we see a midnight showing of Rocky Horror with a live shadow cast. The next weekend is
our anniversary. On Friday we drive the whole 108 miles of Skyline Drive then on to a place in a resort where we own a RV.

Friday night we privately celebrate. We hook up with another couple for dinner and play on Saturday.

Then we have the  Halloween party. God I love October. Continue reading…


casual sexwildaspirations

I have no plans to dress up. Continue reading…

Halloween Partyswingers sexislamilf

On Halloween night, I’m taking the kids trick-or-treating. There are a lot of adult events going on next week (not lifestyle themed) and there’s one adult party, that I’m planning on going to.

I usually participate more but I don’t plan as much this year as I usually do. This whole Ebola thing kinda has me freaked out. Continue reading…


Halloween Partyrun4fun232

There are a couple of “adult” Halloween parties in the region sponsored by groups from this site. May go, may not.

Have been to some of those in the past and they can be a lot of fun as people tend to be somewhat more uninhibited in costume.

One year I dressed up as Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island” and had a righteous time. My “little buddy” got a lot of workout that year’s party! Continue reading…

no string attached sex

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Wife Loves No String Attached NSA Sex

Our profile is a couple’s profile. It states it, we play as a couple and yes we play with single men too, but only as a couple. Even though, there is no way misunderstand this, single men contact us and asking out (me the wife) for romantic date… Continue reading…

sex dating
No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexcocolove132 47 C

So let me say few things…

I love the lifestyle, I love no string attached sex. I love being an exhibitionist. I love no string attached sex and all the sexy fun we have. But I love my marriage and my husband more.

I understand that some of you may be here to find something that is long lasting but I already have that, we are just here for no  string attached sex, or how we would say on the street, I am here to get fucked hard.

And, I only fuck when my husband takes part and joins in. That being said, I am not looking for anyone on the side, a friend with benefits, a sex relationship or anything of that sort.

Our preferred scenario is; We show up, I give out some lap dances and do a little teasing and have a cock in my mouth as soon as possible. When we get done, I don’t want your number because I won’t call you and I don’t expect or want to develop a relationship.

I’d like to say thanks, maybe we will run into you again and then goodbye. I think a lot of people here for the same reason, for no string attached sex to fulfill their erotic fantasy.

Am I right? Continue reading…

swinger couple________

no string attached sex1Canuck

You are probably right, I am not sure because I am not a couple I am single guy, but that is sure, I never tried to date anyone’s wife.

But I can turn this around and mix it with my issue… I am a strait man and love to play with strait couples. Believe me, it is not essay to find playmates… special with standard membership, so I have to use every opportunity. And then finally looks like something will work out, and the first date time’s arrive…

On the date the couple announce it, the husband is “orally bi” even though they list him as strait on their profile. I have nothing against bi sexual men, but I can get sexually aroused, excited from any man, in fact I would lose my erection from a orally bi man….

So make this post short… being upfront honest is very important in casual, no string attached sex. You let your wanna be partner know what you want, if they don’t like it, they can walk… To bad not all the couples are like you! Continue reading…


couples adcupl4fun56

Very well explained. I like your attitude a lot. Keeping it simple is great.

Hubby and I both love no string attached sex, love to fuck and everything
about sex but we do have other interests….. just not as much fun… lol Continue reading…


bi couples godthisisfun

In this day and age why is there such a bias against bi men
while bi women are worshiped?

I think this is why many men that are bi or bi-curious list themselves as straight on
this site in their profile. Continue reading…


kinky sexhotwitch2

Bi guys strait guys doesn’t make any difference to me. Bi guys know how
to suck dick, and lick pussy better then a straight guy. So that’s a plus for them…. Continue reading…


wicked sexNaughtyLilBrat69

I don’t like it. It grosses me out. I don’t want to fuck a dude who has had his cock in another man and vice versa.

That’s just me. Everyone’s different and  a lot of chicks are into that type thing and maybe more are like me. Continue reading…

nsa sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

adult datingSensuousStars

I do not dislike bi men. That’s who they are. I would not, however, be in a sex relationship with a bisexual man.

I absolutely would not compete with other men OR with women to keep any man’s attention on me. Continue reading…



If you are a woman and looking for well hung men for casual sex, or even very large men for any kind of sex log in to Swingers Couples website and click “Search” at the top of your page. Halfway down the page, it says “As for male endowment, and you can choose, wide, long, thin, short, whatever is in your erotic fantasy or what ever is in your preferences. To use this feature you need to be registered member, however the registration is 100% free.

Kinky sex position with small penis

Husband feel he needs to get his wife to have sex with well-hung men

How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.


swingers sexHotMochaIc

I’m not fascinated by either bi men or bi women, but I do know what you mean. When people think of “bi”  women, they think of the two “hot” women they see in porn movies.

When they think of bi men they think of two hairy, sweaty old perverts. I’m straight and
I don’t (knowingly) meet bi men, because when I have a MFM 3some, I wanna be the only one in the room craving dick… Continue reading…


bi woman22Nina

Nice topic. I happen to be a bisexual woman that gets turned on by bisexual guys and surprisingly I’m not the only woman that enjoys it too.

I wouldn’t mind dating one as long as we had a strong personal bond when it boils down
to any relationship whether heterosexual straight or bi trust is a huge issue before sex comes in the picture. Continue reading…

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Our first mfm threesome

Remembering back many years I can remember my husband asking me if I really wanted to try swinging or mfm threesome. It was always something we had talked about during our lovemaking but never had I thought it would become a reality.

reciprocal  sexCasual Sex Personal Ads

swinger womanwife_discreet

For several months Tony (my Husband) had been joking that a friend of his whom I had met just a couple of times had the Hots for me. At first I thought he was just joking, but in the back of my mind I was flattered if it was true.

Tony’s comments persisted and in moments of passion I would jokingly question Tony as to what would he do if we met up with his friend Steve.

swingers sexReal People For Real Sex

As we both joked and teased each other about the friend and somehow his inclusion in our sex chat made him almost real. Then one day Tony told me Steve was coming round to pick him up and take them to a friend’s retirement party.

God was I nervous, had Tony said anything to Steve? How will I look him in the face without blushing? I guess all of this played on my mind. Before Steve arrived and for some reason I had dressed maybe a little sexier than I would normally.

Any way I need not have worried. A car horn sounding outside and Tony sprang to his feet kissed me and said see you later as he dashed out of the door.

It was the early hours of the morning before I was woken by the front door slamming and the downstairs toilet flushing. I made my way down stairs in just my  panties Tony was in the kitchen getting a drink of coffee.

He turned to me then smiled. It was then I heard the toilet door behind me open and close
and realized we weren’t alone.

I was suddenly aware of Steve presents as I heard him say “WOW you lucky bastard” which then made me very aware of my near nakedness…

You can read the complete story here….

swingers sex….That night I was fucked and fucked and fucked, mainly by Steve and occasionally by Tony.

The next morning Steve left early as he had work but Tony and myself stayed in bed and although a little tiered and sore, we made love like never before.

During the lovemaking Tony asked me about my feelings about the night?

I told him in intimate details and feelings (what I told him I think should be told in a separate article so as not to distract from this one).

If you would like to read the complete story, you can read it here….

How many of you have had similar first time threesome experiences ?



Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in mfm threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


casual sexplaycpl2

Wow!! It makes me wish I had a friend like Tony…

I always wanted to see my wife fucked by a big cock.

One time we were in a store, she was wearing tight white shorts and a tight sweater and a  young employee used every chance to brush her butt. He had a big hard on.

I watched him (them) from the next row. He started to talk with her, but when she introduced me as her husband, he chickened out… and it did not go any further. Continue Reading…


curious couplewewant2play

We have never had such an exciting threesome experience nor the opportunity. But we are looking for, that is why we are here.

I hope something like this will happen with us at one of those upcoming Halloween party….
Thanks for sharing. Continue Reading…

older womenMature Women Looking for Younger Men for No String Attached Sex

swingers classifiedsyoungplayfullcpl

Our first mfm threesome have happened in a heat of the moment… Of course we are fantasized about it and talked about it a lot and one weekend it just happened with hubby and a long time friend.

Some alcohol, some erotic movie helped us a lot and it was better that I ever could imagine…

Since that time we have fun with couples or with single strait men approximately once a month. Continue Reading…

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Casual Sex Parties

We love to go sex partying and or visit a swingers clubs. As a swinger couple we started with many rules, but very quickly  forgot them. Such as kissing “no kissing”, condom’s always, same room sex, etc..  Continue Reading…

adult sexswingers sexsafecouple59

After diving right into the sex party scene we found kissing as a great “ice breaker” for us both, condom’s rarely as we play with the same couples and all are health conscious and generally work in the medical field.

That means medical testing is free, often and embarrassment free. Same room sex, we found to be to distracting for the males as a general rule.

Do you go bareback? What have you discovered as far as foreplay goes? Continue Reading…


Erotic Adult Datingntnwillis98

I don’t think it matters whether someone is a swinger or not, intyo casual sex or not.

Your reasons for not using condoms sounds like someone’s reason for enjoy a game of Russian Roulette on the weekends.

You have heard of doctors and nurses dying of Ebola, haven’t you? These are cautious health professionals I am speaking of who are no longer with us.

You can swing or you can be a sex party”animal” until the bell stops ringing for all I care. Practicing unsafe sex as part of foreplay or during play is just plain burying your head in the sand. Continue Reading…


couples sexhere4rmfm

Sex parties and rules… Everyone should have rules. Setting your own rules is a good thing, so that everyone feels comfortable.

Then, as you found, as you progress and get more open to other things, the rules can change.

That is life and the way things are for many areas. Everyone finds their own comfort levels and as long as both partners agree, then there should not be conflicts. It is when one partner goes beyond agreed limits without discussing it with the other. Than things can get messy. Continue Reading…

naughty sex datingAmateur Swingers Sex Dating Ads

NSA sexVickie_Jo

I met a couple at a sex party, the wife said she allowed her husband
to fuck other women, but he wasn’t allowed to come. Go figure that one out….

But the condom-less thing is playing with fire. Health workers aren’t immune for STD. Continue Reading…



Do you enjoy three-way sex? Do you? And why? My lady prefer MFM threesomes

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party


boring wifeboredwife

I used to work in the medical field too and I will focus on  your sentence: “Condom’s rarely as we play with the same couples and all are health conscious and generally work in the medical field

I do understand what you are saying. My closest friend don’t need to use condom, because we know each other a a long time and we trust each other.

The key, do not practice unsafe sex with new partners… Work in the medical filed does not come protect anyone from STD.

It happened not long ago… and I am sure these people thought that they were safe: “Pastor admits to having sex with multiple Church Members without informing them, He have AIDS”

One would think you could trust a Man of God.

The trust you give must be well placed. A man lying to get laid is not a rarity. Hell he could have a STD and not care. What does he have to lose? You have to protect yourself.

Foreplay is not a canned, one size fits all thing. What works for one woman may not even come close to turning me on. Or what get some me off may not even excite someone else.

What action works? Well it can be physical, verbal or combination of the two that works. Continue Reading…

Swingers SexNo String Attached Sex Dating

sex partiesxoxFlyboyxox

We are into casual sex and swingers sex too. We don’t have any fixed rules. Each couple is different. Some want same room, some want condoms, haven’t run into the ‘No Kissing’ yet.

I, the male, sometimes have distraction problems in same room encounters. I also don’t like condoms as it already takes me a long time to cum, with a condom, it probably is
not going to happen… Continue Reading…


mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

I love lots of foreplay, and find it a great ice breaker. As well as putting everyone at ease it usually sets the mood.

As a couple, in a mfm threesome situation, it has to be the same room, but some guys have problem perform with my husband present present.Those guys are out of luck, because there is no way to have threescore in separate room.

Condom is a must.  No condom no penetrative sex. Just not worth the risk. Continue Reading…

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Casual Sex Relationship

This is an erotic adult dating website, or swingers sex dating website…  No one can misunderstand it, but I think some people just can’t get it, what no string attached sex stand for… It make me wonder; What people really search on a nsa  sex site like this?

nsa sex dating

nsa dating HugeboobsF

In my opinion no string attaches sex sites are only for having some very erotic and very good moments…

I really want to trust someone more and be my friend too, but I don’t know how a friendship can starts this way? I mean by showing your naked body picture, shaved pussy or erected cock picture  before show your eyes… Continue Reading…


erotic datingSaranghae2

You can show whatever photo of yourself you want on line for others… it is up top you and you comfort zone.

I feel, the so called real friendship starts when you actually meet in person and talk and get to know one another, etc… if you shoved your shaved pussy’s photo, than you wanna be freind knows, you prefer to shave the bush off down there… Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

I am not sure how can you build friendship or sex friendship… but I understand your point. In the normal world, we should get to know the other, before we get naked and here at first we get naked and get intimate than we try to know the person.

In some cases, being intimate with someone serves as a way of getting to know someone better. When you are naked, there is no hiding! You get to see the real person, and how they behave towards you.

If you like the experience, you might try to work on the friendship, if you don’t like it… you will try to find someone else. Continue Reading…



My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

What we have with each other is a relationship, what we have with others is just no string attached sex

Casual Sex TipsCasual Sex Advice

The World Of Casual Sex


NSA sex66LUV

I understand what you are saying. A naked picture whit nice body parts, can get my attention, but I do know let anyone into my bed until I know that person…

So those erected cocks and shaved pussy pictures are marketing tools… Continue Reading…


unicorn womanunykorn

I think any relationship you start from sites like these are up to you. They can be whatever you want them to be. And what they start out as can change as time goes by.

I know someone who had a FWB deal going then it changed and they have now been married for several years. I like going into something where the only expectations is to have nsa fun. Continue Reading…

older womenCasual Sex Dating

adult dating sexnightsoul1962

Entertainment to each its own, just like in any other social network!

True intimacy cannot be developed until you get to know one first, and not the other way around.

I’ve noticed that a lot of people on here, or on similar sites, are on so they can hide behind it while feeding their own erotic fantasies.

A friend of mine talked me into joining this site so I could get in chat rooms and meet people that way. It works for me… and I do not shoe my pussy picture up front. Maybe that is why works… Continue Reading…


casual sexislamilf

Well, I’ve managed to find more than nsa sex on this site and I came here for nsa sex.

I’m sure you can too. Just make your wants clear in your profile and especially while communicating. Continue Reading…


free online datingslave2end

This is a nsa  sex  dating site. This is not a site that guarantees a long term romantic relationship.

A majority of the users are here for sex only. Some are here to fulfill fantasies, some are here to go outside their marriage or current relationship.

The site is works, it is what you make of it. Continue Reading…

local sex dating adsLocal Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexzilmaru

I originally came here while looking around for porn movies. Signed up on a whim, met some guys. Had sex with some of them.  With a couple of them, had sex for a couple of years. Then I started to develop more then sex friendship and they left. I scared the hell out of me…

So I quit with the site… but my erotic need made me come back and started to looking for nsa partner again. My experience is this: if I go a long time without sex, I can have “emotionless” sex, to fulfill  my erotic  need. Continue Reading…


dating sexaflower2c

I was hoping to find someone that has the same sexual energy as me for fuck buddy (sometimes those can lead into more).

But I am finding that the area I live in, most of the single males are only wanting one night stands. And it is hard, because if you do not use the opportunity… you do not know how much sexual energy that guy have…

Plus I like the photos, videos and live feed on here. I can make my choice for potential sex partner based on his pictures too. You only want a hookup, well that will depend on your
body type, height and cock size. For fuckbuddy, I will also be looking for compatibility. Continue Reading…


NSA sexthebabygurl70

Have you ever seen the show “Dating Naked”? Just because they see the goodies before they get to know each does not guarantee first base.

This is a casual  sex dating site. Love and friendship may or may not form. I don’t expect, but should it happen, than let it happen. Continue Reading…

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I love to share my wife with other men

We are a middle age married couple, I am the man from the couple and we love mfm threesomes.  I love my wife dearly…. It is our life, our sex life and our marriage, and still a lot of people questioning our sexual preferences. Continue reading…

cuples dating

couples sexhere4mfm

I had been asked quiet often, how can I share my wife with other men? How can I watch her while she makes out with others?

The simple answer would be, I enjoy it and she enjoys it too, but there is more behind it…

The number one thing, I truly enjoy when my wife being sexual.

The hottest sex we have is, when the she loses herself into being a completely sexual being. When her mind and body are both consumed with desire and lust that all she can think of is giving sexual pleasure.

swingers sexAny woman that is in such a state is a thing of beauty and passion that she will respond and bring her men into deepest sexual pleasure, that is possible.

Our sex life is more than great. She can be and usually she is very sexual in bed and once aroused would become this way.

The hottest sex happens when we go to bed with another man. She love to be touched and feel men’s hand and  body parts all over her body. The feel of someones tongue on her clit and inside her while she had deep kisses, hands on her breasts and ass.

She become  alive with lust and passion. When she is being fucked while she have a cock in her mouth she lost herself in ecstasy and return the pleasure completely.

Consumed with the feel of men filling her, she would do anything for sexual pleasure. She loves to receive the pleasure and she would do anything to make her partners 100% satisfied.

For her erotic  pleasure she always responds with the hottest and deepest sex a man could have… This is why I love to share my wife with other men. Continue reading…



Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in mfm threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


no string attached sexcocolove132

What an excellent post. You have hit the nail right on the head.

When I am being fucked and touched and kissed and have hands all over me, I am in absolute heaven. Nothing makes me hotter than two or more cocks,  a cock in my pussy, my ass and my mouth, hopefully with more to fill me.

I love the overwhelming feelings of desire and lust and the pleasure is indescribable. And it makes me greedy for more and I love every second of it! Continue reading…

adult datingFree Adult Dating

no string attached sex1Canuck

I have only been in a mfm threesome with a man woman couple where she was like your wife. She unleashed her deepest sexual instincts with having two of us at the same time.

She was so deep into herself, her eyes rolled back in her head… I almost looked like she passed out,  it scared me. She did cum the first time just by the first push inside her, than she just lost control. She was very sexual and enjoyed everything. When I say everything I mean normal sex play, no humiliating and no un human playa…

Its hard to find a woman who enjoys erotic plays like she did. Continue reading…


couples dating2playornot2play5

I am into nsa sex plays too… If I play with couples, there are more scenario possible… More option, more fun, but I have some issues with single guys…

I know it’s not just me because I’ve spoken with a lot of women on here. What’s with all
the single guys that try to meet you pretending they have a girl friend or wife that will join in.

Do you think I’m not going to notice you’re all by yourself when we meet. Or do you think you’ll be able to explain it away by telling us some lie about how she had to stay home to take care of her cat or some other stupid thing? Continue reading…

adult dating sex2 play or not 2 play 5


free couples datingDazzGeanni

The truth comes out sooner or later.  A lot of single guys are so stupid on  here… They spend a lot of time on single women, the way the go about seducing a girl, and let alone a married woman.  REALLY!!! Continue reading…

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cuckold husband

It seems the majority of people believe that if a couple into mfm threesome or the husband is a cuckold in their relationship, he must have a small penis, or some other physical or sexual inadequacy, making it necessary for the wife to sleep with other men to get satisfied.

no string attached sex

casual sexcuckoldcpl

However, this is not always the case: not all cuckolds have a desire to be humiliated and not all cuckolds penis is small.  For example my husband penis is around 7 inches… so he is bigger than average.

We are into threesomes, cuckold type of threesomes, but with out any humiliation,  because my husband want me to experience something different.

He has the desire to break free from the boring vanilla sex what we used to have. He wants to introduce new and diverse sex for me and for us as a couple, he has aspirations of spicing up our sex life.

Threesomes and cuckolding can possess all the elements of a powerful, sexual diversion what we craving for.

Why is this cuckolding? Because he gets pleasure, in fact he can orgasm just watching me to have penetrative sex with one of his body…

So what do you think, is it cuckolding or not? Continue Reading…


adult datingWNCCuckoldcpl

I would say, he is a cuckold…  In some instances, the cuckold husband has a strong desire to live out his voyeuristic fantasies.

This is especially true of husbands who are proud of their wives, like your husband. The husband wants to show you off. Coincidently, the cuckold in your case your husband, want to actually watch another man enjoy you.

This can be very erotic for everyone involved, especially if you are proud of your body and want to show it off as well. This has little to do with humiliating the cuckold. Rather,
he lives out his fantasy of “watching.” It is very rewarding to the cuckold to share something so erotic with the woman he loves.  Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckold

There are a lot of different cuckold and maybe even more reason why people getting into cuckolding.

My husband very much enjoys being a cuckold and he  is not into humiliation. He might be a “competitive” cuckold, and he is very bisexual, so he and I enjoy sharing the cocks of the men who use me…. Continue Reading…



Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?

My Husband Enjoying Seeing me while Having Sex with Another Men

A lot of people fantasies about 3somes, my hubby and I too. Be it MFM or FMF… I would love both scenarios

Men love to have spouse fuck by others, or women love to fuck in front of him?

couples sex ads


couples datingsexyCPL20007

Yes, agree, there are a lot of ways to be a cuckold.  My hubby loves to watch and join in later to clean up :-) Continue Reading…


swingers couplesbrutay2

Yes we agree with all the above. We love to share ourselves with our friends.

Cuckold or not… We also love to provide to each other all the pleasures that fucking has to offer physically and emotionally. Continue Reading…


dating for coupleswetpet4you

I believe it can also be a combination of everything. We love it all! The watching, waiting, sharing and the stories when he is not there.

He loves hearing about me getting fucked. He loves to fuck me with other people as well. Hmmmmm….. I guess we just love to fuck and cum. Continue Reading…


sex and funurforus

I’ve always been a cuckolding voyeur into “giving”. Don’t want to be humiliated at all but find it incredibly erotic to watch wife enjoy sex with another man.

If his cock is large, so much the better. I’m just into watching her become playful and horny with another man. She has no desire to degrade at all. At some point she is simply into the moment and allowing her sexual desire to become dominant and drive her.

Yummy!!!! Always want to have lots of sex after. Continue Reading…

swingers sexCouples Sex Dating Ads

cuckold couplebackfmore

We got into “cuckolding” because our erotic fantasy, our erotic game what we played… In our fantasy I was a prostitute,  than later a slut.

This  almost sound like more related to humiliating me,  the slut wife, instead of humiliating my hubby, the cuckold.

He acts as my pimp. In our case, he may not even want to watch it. His fantasy is… I am acting as a prostitute and have sex with several men.

After that, he may just get off on listening me, as I relay all the erotic details to him after the encounters. Continue Reading…


casual sexnewcpl

I guess you can call me a cuckold too…  At once I asked my best friend
to take my wife away for the weekend (of course my wife wanted it too) to a hotel which I had booked and paid for it. It was near Thanksgiving, and told him that is how I want to celebrate Thanksgiving…

When they came back they thank me saying it was the best Thanksgiving celebration  ever.

That night she told me all they did, how he is better than me, and how she did erotic things with him that she won’t do with me,  but no any other type of “hard core” humiliation… For me it was such a turn on and still a big turn on… Continue Reading…


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Casual sex nsa dating

15 years ago, I thought on-line dating was sad. I figured I’d never do anything like that… but then the Internet wasn’t nearly as popular back then as it is now. But now, I love it! I’ve never tried a conventional on-line dating site…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sexislamilf

However the experiences I’ve had on the 2 adult dating, swingers sex sites I’m on has been incredible.

Now that I’m a mom, and don’t get out much anymore the internet has been a lifeline for my love & sex life. I’ve had more fun than I ever imagined, and it’s made possible for me to meet people I wouldn’t  have chance to meet in my everyday life, without on-line dating website.

So what do you think? Have things improved for you since using these sites, or not so much? Continue reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

My sex life has improved greatly in recent years but I don’t really think it just because I am on this.

I think it has more to do with reaching an age where I am more comfortable with myself and my body and more confident to try new things.  Continue reading…


dating sexaflower2c

It has made it harder to meet real people. Men figure there is always something better or easier with the next click of the mouse… and they are probably right.

Plus the way media depicts beauty, sites have just become collection of photos with no context… just click away and not meet.

So I would have to say it has made it harder, as male standards for who they will have sex with have risen even higher and all is based on photos and not actually meeting. Fair  enough, I make my selection based on photos now too, just following suit with the rest of the herd. Continue reading…

swingers sex dating

no string attached sexfkmeallnitelong9

On-line meeting has taken place of real life meeting, far more men just want virtual masturbation than the putting the effort into the real thing. Continue reading…


adult datingzeva3366

On-line dating makes nsa sex life much better. With out Internet my nsa sex life would not exist. Hard to find men in this small town where I love in.

Also some members of Swingers Couples seem to not have the BS factor as much. You know what you are looking for and guys BS less.

Also I chat allot and have phone call or calls before meeting anyone. Whit out  phone call no meeting and this seems to filter the BS type of guys out… Continue reading…


casual sexcoolandhornycpl

More exposure, more opportunities… defiantly it has gotten better…

What better way to find eligible people in your age range, in your neighborhood without having to leave your house? Continue reading…



What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy


swingers sexMrPoke

Have a gold account and your will get laid.

A lot of horny women that like to talk about sex. The trick is how to meet them and get their clothes off. Here is easier, because women here want to have nsa sex too. The trick or treat is how to meet them and get their clothes off, but without gold account you can not start to do the talking… Continue reading…


dating for couplesteknty

Well we could not say better or worse because we would never depend on a web site only for casual sex, but it does make it seem more complex… Continue reading…


nsa sex adssexaddict

I have always been a huge fan of online dating.  In fact when yahoo had its public chat rooms, they were the best way to meet real people and take things forward.

Sadly Yahoo shut down their chatrooms,  but sites like these still are a good way of find casual sex partner on-line. Plus this site have adult chatroom, web cam, built in IM,   Continue reading…

MILF looking for menAdult Dating Ads

adult datingAnewWoman

I have had the best sex of my life since meeting others with online dating. We each have our unique life that brings us here and for me I could not have asked for more.

Before coming here I thought I might have to hangout at bars to find men to fill my intimate needs, and in all likelihood, one one night stand after another.

Online dating has allowed me to better screen individuals which gives me more confidence
when meeting the first time. Without a doubt, online dating has been very good to me. Continue reading…


swingers sex foxeyatfifty

Yes my sex life has improved and have got more open minded sexually. Having a high sex drive and  users on other sites are either a pervert or soliciting.

This venue has opened my eyes there is a whole erotic world here and sex just is not for perverts and the desperate.

And the kind of gent I was looking for was on here, so in short my sex life has improved after being on this erotic adult dating site. Continue reading…

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Vaginal intercourse during my period

I am one of those unicorn woman, but I do not really like the world unicorn, even though I am very comfortable with my bisexuality.  As every bi sexual person, I too, can play and I can get attracted to men and woman alike.

swingers sex

unicorn womancan-be-unicorn

However I’ve noticed an odd thing about myself over the years and it’s remarkably consistent.  It is my sexuality during my my menstrual cycle.

During my period, I’m very attracted to men. I can’t have enough of penetrative sex, vaginal intercourse feels amazing during my period. No any female playmates can turn me on at this time…

I am not sure what it is and why, but makes me wonder what others think about penetrative sex during women’s menstrual cycle? Continue reading…


casual sexphatass2

I red it somewhere; “A real man goes down on you on your period. And loves it. Sexual naifs fear encounters; those with experience cannot be fazed. “And you will love it, too.

Going down orally and have period is not my thing, I think that is gross… but the vagina is much more sensitive when you’re menstruating, so if if you try to have intercourse, you might love it more than you think… Continue reading…


sex datingwewantblack

Sex during period… we are loving it. Sure it makes a mess, but sex is usually messy, with all kind of bodily fluids and personal lubricants dripping, leaking, seeping, and staining. We deal with those messes, so her period should not stop anyone…  just have to deal with it. Continue reading…

full swap couple

curious couplewewant2play

I love sex during my period, but I find that younger men, often display disgust, toward anything that related periods.

It indicates, they are not grow up yet. They have yet to grow out of the childish instinct to  learn how to deal with a wrapped tampon on the floor.  I am not into these kind of men. Continue reading…


swingers sexchichere2play

The best sex I’ve ever had was a mfm threesome at a Halloween sex party… I had my period and I told to the guys, but this too said, there is no Halloween with out a little blood. Both of them was extremely good sex partner and they made me orgasm several times, with out touching my vagina with their hands, and whit out oral sex. Basically they  treated me, like I am not at the middle of my menstrual cycle.

Men like that two are more common todays,  when I was 25. At that time menstrual sex was more taboo, or maybe no one was talking about it… Continue reading…



Intercourse during her menstrual cycle. It can be messy, but if my boyfriend does not mind then who am I to object?


casual sex36andneedit

The answer is in my user name. I am 36 and I need sex at any given time, period or not… I have no problem with. Period sex is not a question of right and wrong, only a question of comfort.

If it is not for you and doesn’t float your partner’s boat, then masturbate and decide which one is better… penetrative sex or self hand job… because if you wont perform intercourse, I wont perform oral on you. Continue reading…

anal sex

swingers sexwewantgroupfun

Sex during period not for everyone, but I think at one point or the other everyone try it once…

At first try you may feel dirty about it, but if you and your partner enjoy it, what do you have to worry about..? Continue reading…


swingers sex datingdoithard

I do not want to do anything with a man who refuses to fuck me while I have my period. Call it gross or  fetish I don’t care!

I bleed, therefore I am, as someone at above stated, deal with it..

And if you want my pussy, you have to accept her as she is, which is usually nice and clean and smell good… but during my period it is bloody and it have odor, but I am horny and you need to take care of my needs… or you will not touch me, when my period is over… Continue reading…


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Why I like threeway casual sex

I am single and will be single for a while… I know exactly what I like in casual sex,  for example I love MFM 3way action, and I know why I love threesomes. When  2 men shares a woman, for erotic play, special if that woman is one of the man’s girlfriend, that is hot…

Swingers Sexcasual datingrealplayer

But what about married men… I would like to know what turns the guys on when they share their wife with another man…

Have you done it? Can you please let me know what turns you on the most about it? Continue reading…


nsa sexfoxeyatfifty

I can’t speak for all men, but my married male friend that has been part of a MFM. really like to see his wife  to satisfied to the fullest… Continue reading…


nsa sexWeekendcouple3

I am agree with foxeyatfifty  I think I think she is  right on target with that comment.

Hubby is always incredibly turned on seeing me being pleasured by another man… Continue reading…


adult datingspvcouple

Yes, watching your lady partner receive pleasure from another man
is fantastic.

So is the one on one  partnered sex later on as you remember and talk about the action! Continue reading…


unicorn womanunykorn

Some of my partners got a kick out of watching before joining in and others liked to be watched before the threesome started.

But they all enjoyed watching me get as much pleasure as possible. My kick is in giving them both as much as they can take. So everyone is happily exhausted by the time we’re
finished. Continue reading…



Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

My wife wants to get double penetrated in a mfm three-way

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in mfm threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


nsa sexstudboy9210

Seeing that overwhelmingly excited and enthusiastic look of pure ecstasy in the woman’s eyes.

That brings a lot of sexual energy to the table that one on one sometimes just cant match.
And you get to pig roast her… which is fun. Continue reading…


adult datingHornysatyr53

Seeing my lady over-cum by her wanton, animal lust. I love seeing, hearing and feeling my woman cum, so the more she does, the more I like. Two cocks will usually do the trick.

I like to watch men and women fucking anyway, being in the same room is 20x the thrill. Unfortunately haven’t had the pleasure recently. Continue reading…

casual sex

casual sexsunnboy63

I am not into MFM. For me the best part is being with the man, and pleasing him, as he pleases her, so mmf is a different game.

I’ll join in with her, if she want me too, better if all get what they want, and have coffee after… I love that! Continue reading…


swingers sex3somefetishcpl

I agree with your male friend. The fall’s erotic party season is already on… I reply to those invitations always when the hot couples step out and want to have their private party.

Drinking makes her horny, they party like rock stars and the sex is awesome. Then we part ways as friends… This is why I love mfm threesomes. Continue reading…

swingers sexCouples Looking for Horny Men to Play with

Group FUNgroupfun

Joining a couple is a good way to have a woman you desire with
her partners permission. Watching her enjoy two or more men giving her the lusty pleasure is so hot and exciting… Continue reading…



For myself, when I am in a relationship there is nothing hotter than sharing my girl with another guy. I know it’s not for everybody but it works really well for me.

I love seeing the extreme pleasure on her face. I love seeing the guys reaction as he is pleasured by my gal. I love to have her dress all sexy in a short skirt and go out and watch peoples reaction as she flashes them…

I know it might be weird for some but I enjoy it… Continue reading…

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