Anal Sex Only

At first, let me start by saying, “Yes, I do like anal sex” but this posting isn’t about justifying what I like. I  just try to understand women desire (and in some cases lack
of desire) for anal sex. I know there are women that say, why do you (men) like anal sex?

anal sexSome Women Desperate for Anal Sex

anal sexDrFeelGood_1911

To that I say, I personally, I like anal sex for the same reason most of us are on Swingers Couple’s members, which is the variety or sexual activities.

No it is not the same if you are doing a man in the ass. To me, that is like saying getting your pussy licked by a man and a woman is the same…

If for no other reason than the psychological reason makes it NOT the same. I have
had women that were newbies to anal sex, and those that were very experienced. Those that were very tight, and those that were lose anally. Those that seem to do it because
they thought I wanted it, and those that wanted it because they really love and wanted (not to be confused with just liking it), but I never met  any woman, who wanted just anal sex. Nothing more,  just anal sex only. Continue reading…

casual sexanal-lover

Until now, so here is he deal. I had a woman hit me up today and all she wanted or would allow sexually is anal sex. No vaginal penetration, no oral sex, no fingering, just anal sex.

She wants to meet a man for regular (2-3 times a week) for anal sex. She said she
didn’t like regular sex anymore and the only way she could cum was through anal sex. She said there was nothing wrong with her mentally or physically.

So my questions to the ladies and men are; What is your take on anal sex, why
do you or don’t you like anal sex, and finally, would you ever have a sex session where the only thing you want is anal sex?

This one is throwing me off. Seems odd that all she wants is anal. Is something going on? Would this be a red flag to you all? Continue reading…


casual sexlove2bewatched

Red flag? Might be, but it depends on, what you are into.

There could be many reason… but the most logival one…

She does not have pussy, I think she got a dick. Continue reading…

no string attached sexno string attached sexWanton_Wench2

I hated the idea of anal sex, my husband always wanted it, but I didn’t, one night when I was very drunk he sort of slipped it in, it wasn’t deliberate… He slipped out from my soaking wet pussy, and aimed badly, as soon as I felt it, I pushed back on him and let it slide in, it was a wonderful feeling.

Since then we have it regularly, I have began to love it, because I fully give myself to him, and his desires.

He loves it, because it is to him the ultimate in domination and a complete power exchange. I can sometimes squirt and cum without touching my pussy or clit from it too, especial when he is encouraging me by saying; “Ride the Pain baby ride the pain push it
down to your clit and come for me”. Continue reading…

adult sexCasual – Anal Sex Ads

casual sexwetlipssink00069

Ok, to me, anal sex is super duper intimate. I do not have anal sex with someone I am not committed to. It Is special, for lack of better term.

I have had idiots tried to talk me into it, as I am not secretive about anything. All that does, is show me, they are not right for me, to begin with. I don’t worry over much of that any more, as I have a pretty good filtering, selection system in place.

Younger guys are always curious about anal sex… Continue reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

Why would it be throwing you off? We all have our preferences,
likes and dislikes when it comes to sex.

She likes anal penetration and apparently prefers it to vaginal intercourse, what’s wrong with that. If you are into it as well it shouldn’t be a problem. Continue reading…

anal sexAnal Sex Lover Women

casual sexExoticErotiCplLA

I absolutely love ANAL SEX, but also like feeling a cock in my pussy. I only do anal with a man I trust because anal penetration done wrong can be very painful.

Anal sex makes me feel totally submissive, i.e. I’m giving a man everything he wants.
My husband loves it because he feels totally dominant and he has a woman that is extremely erotic and fully gives into his desires.

We have anal sex almost every time we have sex.

I have a playmate who prefers anal sex. He loves sticking his thick cock in my ass and feeling my tight anal walls hug his cock. Everyone has their preferences. Variety is thee spice of life! Continue reading…

A lot of girls said, anal sex ends up in the best, hardest, most satisfying orgasms they had ever had.

Women and anal orgasm

They asked me to prepare to double penetrate her

I red some double penetration related questions and answers, but non of them addressed my problem. I met an wonderful married couple recently. We had a meeting, I passed it… than few dates and at last time we had a great mfm threesome.

threesome fantasyCasual Sex Dating Ads

adult datingsmalltownman

That have been absolutely fantastic for all.

Now, at the coming weekend  we will get together again and they asked me to prepare to double penetrate her.

It seems to me they mean a double vaginal penetration and not an anal vaginal dp. I must say I an not excited about it.. I just don’t like the idea of share her pussy with the husband in the same time. I am very strait and  it is sounding a bit homophobic

However I am single man, and I learned, a single man never say no for a couple, so I will give it a try.

I would like to ask those, have done  vaginal double penetration, how was it? Good or badr bad experience?

What position is the easiest and the and most enjoyable for all with out any related experience? Continue reading…


kinky sexdoublefun

My wife and  have done DP quite a few times with various partners. Usually  anal – vaginal db, but we have done few double vaginal. Double vaginal works the best if one of the guy’s cock is smaller than an average size.

Our best position is: One of the guy on his back, woman on top and second guy in doggy. Almost like you see on our profile photo, but if you check our photo albums out, there you can see more db photos in different positions.

Get well lubed and go gently because he pussy can be tight for two dicks.!

Wife always loves it…

For me… it is absolutely mind blowing sexual experience. The other guy have to use condom, so my dick rubbing against the another guy’s condom, but it is always really tight and really good.

I would say, if you’re in anyway uptight about you dick touching his dick, or do not want to rubbing against it, even in condom, than it is not for you. Continue reading…

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating

Double Pentration adsvoyeurcpl

Double penetrations are great. Vaginal double can be a little tricky, but even to get it right is a lot of fun…

The important thing is to make sure she is ok as the  guys comfortable with each others.

Don’t get fussy about whether you need to go in above the other guy or to the side or whatever, every pussy is different, just slide it in whichever way it fits in. Continue reading…

casual sex

no string attached sexopen-real-cpl

We had few threesomes… but before the first threesome, how it started….

My wife and I watched a porn movie, in the move two guy talked a girl into an anal vaginal double penetration and after that, they performed on her vaginal double.

My wife said it was disgusting, but surprise – surprise she became really wet. Her pussy juice was running down on the inside of her thigh.

The next moment she was on her back, two finger into her pussy and asking it: Do you think, is enough room here for two cocks? She said imagine yourself and an other man  inside here!

I did imagine it and penetrated her, but unfortunately my imagination was too good and I blew my load with in seconds.

Than we started to talk about threesomes, we done it few times, but never vaginal db. During sex play, fore play, if we talk about it, it makes both of us very horny. Continue reading…


You and your wife is white and you are married to each other. What would you say to your wife is she tell you: Baby I got this erotic fantasy. I want to have a threesome with you and with a well hung black man

Vaginal DP. Two cocks in my pussy is great

Just recently at a wild weekend’s get together, my friend his wife and I played a role play and  I was her lower guy.  We played together many times before, but at this time it was very hot. When thinks really heated up I started to penetrate her.

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads


Actually she did the work. I was on the sofa on my back and she was riding on me, (her back to my face), my legs was on the floor. At one point she stopped and leaned back on me and her husband wedge his penis  into her pussy too.

She started moaning really loud, I did not move to much before this, but from now I never started moving, her husband did. His cock was rubbing against my cock and it felt like I move, but not she nor I were even moving.

My erection get bigger and bigger, and then came very hard. I never experienced orgasm like this.

At home I explained it to my wife, of course it got her fantasy go. We ended up to call my friend and his wife over at the coming weekend and we did it with my wife. It was   great, although we had difficulties to hold the position for longer time, it need some practice… My friend wife had her share of fun too..

My wife loved it… What are you experiences? Vaginal double penetration is something you love or would like to try, or is it totally off limits for you? Continue reading…


swingers sexanalfucslut

Oh, yes!

I love it, two cocks in my pussy is great! Continue reading…

fun coupleCouple Open for Adult Fun

casual datingelastic_heart

There aren’t any men in my immediate area who would dare do this, without assuming they would come out the experience “gay” or “bisexual”.

For that to happen, they would have to be to begin with, or very open-minded. Continue reading…


no string attached sexbamaman359

Male to male touching is going to happen, even in a threesome, it does not mean the men are gays or  bi,

Therefore if the men and women want to try different erotic things and you want to be part of their fun, then get used to male to male touch… Continue reading…


double penetrationGB_Cple

My wife loves it, so do I…

As said before lots of men don’t like it, because they don’t like “Crossing Swords”.

With out experience, it is difficult  position to maintain, but with some try… anyone can do it. Practice make it perfect… Continue reading…


swingers sexvikingluso

I tried once and I didn’t like it.

I still love two cocks but in different holes. Continue reading…

nsa sexSwingers Sex Parties

casual sexfaty-chic

Small world….

I just experience dp last night with a guy and my jelly dildo. It was a continuous orgasm for a good 5 minutes. I was extremely wet and turned on so it went smoothly.

I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, but it wasn’t much of an issue, because he wasn’t extra large. I think with a well hung guy would not be a good idea…

Dildo in first,  then he inserted himself, which was unbelievably intense. No pain at all, just intense pleasure. So much pleasure, my eyes were rolling back in my head and I kept forgetting to breathe. I will do it again… that is for sure. Continue reading…


casual sexJ&Jcpl

My wife and I have done DP, vaginal and anal vaginal too several times with a guy. So far with only this guy. He is the man part of our favorite sex friend couple.

We did for her wife too and everyone always enjoys it immensely, including both women.  They love it.

We developed a double penetration position, which is hard to explain, check out our  videos on our profile if you want to see it.

For the ladies, it is a pretty easy position and doesn’t require anything other, than get themselves to the right starting position and maybe a little lube.

What got me in this question… no one talked about protection. Our guy  always wears a condom, and I wear condom when we play with his wife. There was never any problem with it slipping off or anything, Plus he is in condom, I “bare back’ but our cock does not touch, no flesh to flesh contact, just flash to condom. It makes some “mental” difference. Continue reading…

swingers sexadult dating1seeking1

Sounds hot, perhaps I will be lucky and get to try it one day.

Continue reading…

How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos

Threesome basics

How many guys too many for a woman at a sex party?

We work on our sexual fantasy… and things are getting better, I (the man from the couple) start to enjoy our sexual adventures too… But lets get to the real reason why I post this message, question here.

swingers sex partyNo String Attached Sex Parties

swingers sexbeaverpatrol

We were invited at a Halloween’s house party at the past weekend. The invitation stated, it will be a  sex party. Never participated in any kind of erotic party before, and we did not miss to opportunity to try it.

It was a lot of fun, my girlfriend enjoyed it much more than I did, however it was okay… I had my share of fun too, but it could be better. The problem  was, there was more watchers then players and more men players then women. Continue reading…

nsa sexkinkywoman4u

I talked with the host couple about it… and they said, they had a Halloween orgy in their mind and they invited about 20 man woman (as couple), because they know not everyone will show up.  Several couple told them, they have other program and few did not say anything just did not show, also from few invited, the men show only, and this created the problem.

Personally, I believe and according to my one time party experience,  men should outnumber women. One woman can handle more men, and men need more time to get play ready then women, etc.. But what is that magic number?

I am asking it, because my lady say, we can do a better sex party – an orgy like this was, and we will host one around the holiday season. We want to make it for fun to everyone who will participate in.

So, how many people does one given person in the orgy sleep with in one night? Do you just choose one partner for the evening, or does everyone just fuck one and move onto the next person? How rigorous the screening process should be, to avoid the cancellations? Continue reading…


casual sexJ&Jcpl

I don’t know the answers for many of your question… but I do have an advice.

We been invited to many erotic parties, and participated in some… There is a very important rule, if you make your party for couples, you invite couples and they should arrive as a couple also leave as a couple. Arrive and leave at the same time.

Men should outnumber woman, that is right, but even if there will be only couples, men will outnumber women, because often women the one who do not want to play, “watchers” as you said… so she watches and her man plays. Continue reading…

Swingers Sex PartiesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

casual sexredgrll2015

For sure there should be more men. How many more? It depends on many things…

But… I done it to with three males and two females the same night, I have done it with up to five guys in one evening, so it depends on the participating persons sexual appetite or horniness… Continue reading…


dating sexaflower2c

Hmmm… The willingness to play is more important then the men or women’s number.

The last sex party where I was at, there where more women than men… Continue reading…


casual datingelastic_heart

I don’t know if it’s a fitting analogy but it’s like going to a Mexican restaurant with a few friends.

Starting off with an order of chips, or salsa with different kind of deeps and everyone want to try the other’s.. So all your friends double dip.

That’s what going to an orgy would feel like to me…. double deep.. Maybe that’s a gang bang. Yeah a gangbang. Either way, more men… Continue reading…

swingers sexcasual sex partieswestartedhere

Have done a number of house and hotel room sex parties. These are generally more one-on-one with lots of watching, more same room sex than anything else.

However, a couple of these experiences involved many people in the same room, all participating together. They were much more enjoyable, fun, intriguing, and memorable. Lots of opinions being expressed, lots of pleasure being made and experienced, all at the same time, and all shared in a variety of ways.

What kind of party your will be? it depends on the participating people experience, so make sure you invite several people who had done it before. Continue reading…


NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

Is four guys and me an orgy? Don’t think so…

Sex with four guys is moresome… not an orgy yet, so if you want an orgy, then then there should be more men the woman… Continue reading…

swingers sexSwingers Sex Parties

swingers sextagteamgurl

The orgies we’ve been to or hosted have had roughly a 2:1 guy to girl ratio as the woman can last much longer than guys and enjoy having lots of attention.

Generally 2-4 couples with another 2-4 extra guys. Some guys aren’t into some woman just as some woman aren’t into some of the guys so some at the party might play around with all of the opposite sex or just a few of them. Continue reading…


Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Dive headfirst into thousands of raw and uncut member videos from Dating Sensations hottest and most popular members – like the next profile.

“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…

She is into threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, she is highly sexed, and love to be kinky

Do woman really like gang bangs?

I’ve fantasied about being greedy and taking part in a gang bang for a long time. Although the idea makes me extremely horny, just even when I am thinking about it, but I am a little worried about few things and guys go out of of control…

casual sexFat Women Love Casual Sex Too

no string attached sexhornyreadhead

Anyways, I got an invitation for a Halloween sex party, with the possibility of gang bang, and I think I will give it a go…

Have you ever been involved in one? Did you enjoyed it? How was it…? Would you do it again?  Continue Reading…


no string attached sexerotic-vision

I fantasize about to get gang – banged too… I would love participate in a good gang-bang! I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Halloween… However no one invited me to any sex party, so probably, I will hand out candies for the kids..

I was thinking to set up my own, but according to my experience :-(  hard enough to find two guys for threesome… To find  few guys for gang bang, never gonna happen.

Sexual encounter whit 4  – 5 men, where I am the complete and total center of attention, sound something I would try!   Continue Reading…


casual datingelastic_heart

You’ll be surprised what women do their own their sexuality and enjoy stuff like that, even if it’s that extreme.

If shes consenting and everyone’s clean… So, why not?  Continue Reading…

pajama partyErotic Adult Dating Ads

adult datingreade2hvfn1973

Gang bang is  the fantasy of a lot of women (even men fantasize to participate in) but the porn industry has made it degrading and even abusive.

If a woman does decide to get gang banged I hope she is respected and the guys use protection.  Continue Reading…


adult datingPVJowe

Having been involved in a few gang bangs, I have to say that I
have always enjoyed my time with multiple men.

Hubby enjoys setting them up and who am I to say No…  Continue Reading…


adult datingsassyjo2014

I like the idea of one, but the reality of one would be a bit much for me. I’d get distracted too easily by all the dicks, and feel like I was leaving someone out, and feel bad for them.

Plus you’d have to worry about everyone’s sexual health status, and pure simple logistics.  I mean, it’s hard enough to arrange just meeting ONE person, much less a whole dang crew!

However I love to watch it, I’ll leave it to the professionals. Just watch when they have a good film quality…  Continue Reading…

erotic adult datinglove gangbangsgangbangkrista

I love gangbangs and do them few times a year. I love when a lot of men touch me, than penetrate me while being watched by others.

I don’t have to find them attractive to play with them. It’s Just about the sex. It’s a huge turn on for me. I like 5 or more in one go.  Continue Reading…



I had a small scale gang-bang just recently,  and was on a high from it for days…

I just felt total empowered while doing it, and after… I was very erotic, but to be fair I used to worry how I would feel after…

But now, I just want an other one… Hopefully it will happen at the coming up Halloween weekend.  Continue Reading…


casual sexlove2bewatched

Twice now, hubby and I have organized a gangbang only to be let down from all the ones on the guest list.

The first time 3 guys showed up, the second time only 1 guy turned up!

Organizing a gang bang or a sex party is a lot of hard work and a lot time  only to be let down. I was really looking forward to enjoy myslef by having several guys use me while my hubby watches.

Its so off putting now as not even sure if we will want to try again… even dough Halloween is a great opportunity… to have a sex party.  Continue Reading…


Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Public rejection for no string attached sex

We all know what a Halloween sex party stand for… with Halloween the holiday’s sex party season officially starts… This brings up a question, which is related to  my last year’s Halloween’s sex party. How men should deal with the thanks but no thanks?

NSA SexAsian Women Looking For No String Attached Sex

sex adsAsian-butt

I mean it is a rejection for no string attached sex and in many cases it happens on public, if I can call public those who are partying with me. Some men think, just because I am Asian I  suck dicks, like children candies.

Let me explain… There will be occasion in a privet sex party at somebody’s home or even at a swingers club.

The house parties are more dangerous… people tend to drink more and there might not be strictly rules set up. At either place, privet house party or swingers club, you can find yourself the object of an admiration from whom you don’t return the interest.

These situations can vary from someone keeps asking you to dance, to someone who will not leave you alone and follows you everywhere you go.

In a swingers club  “no means no” but it does not mean anything if you don’t say the word out loud, or someone does not understand. I was just wondering how everyone deals with pushy or even rude men? Continue Reading…


swingers sexManWVan

Well I can see why they wouldn’t leave you alone, you are super sexy!

Best just to sit them down and explain they really are not going to get it and the more they follow you around or try the less you are interested. If that fails, let the organizer know and he /she won’t be on the list next time. Continue Reading…

Asian hottiesLocal Asian Women

no string attached sexsweet-cpl

You said people tend to drink more, than they can’t take no for an answer. I don’t think it have anything to do with your Asian background.

Sex mixed with alcohol is not a smart thing to do. Alcohol can change people personality. Usually quiet and shy men after few drinks acting like an alpha male and they think every women should jump out from their underwear, just because they wanna look at their ass.

Is it not an easy thing to deal with, because with out alcohol those guys are a nice guys… Call the party organizer is an option, but just the last option, because they would be removed from these parties and not invited to return. The best thing to do is, just do not be alone, always with someone or with a group of people. Continue Reading…


shared sexasiancpl702

I am Asian too and experienced the same thing… It might be the alcohol and also Asian are usually easy going and quit persons and those guys maybe a “sexual predators” and they just want to use the opportunities to get inside your underwear…

The solution never be alone at any kind of erotic party, and if they still not understand what no means, tell them you are a black belted  know kung fu master… Continue Reading…


casual datingsunnygirl67

I guess you could try grabbing another person and show attention
to and they might get the hint. Continue Reading…

swingers sexno string attached datingdeedee_2015

Have had this happen to me at erotic parties more than once and even in swingers club. If I’m there with a partner, easy to say “I’m with someone” but the few times I have gone alone.

Most times I just say I’m not looking to be with anyone tonight, and the one
incident I had where he was very aggressive & vocal, even demanded to know why not, because he can see I am alone…

That guy was really pushy. Luckily, I had have some guy friends there, and hung with them going as far as pretending to be with one of them… 

He eventually left. In hindsight I realize I should of told the hosts for that night, but hate being a shit disturber and I did get it handled without any scenes. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexerotic-vision

This type of guys is one of the many reason I do not like swingers clubs and swingers parties. Some men thinks there, you are expected to fuck any one at any time.

I like to select the men I play with. I have been in several uncomfortable positions in swing parties, in swingers clubs,  never again.

A swingers club is someone business and need to make profit, therefore he need to have more “payed” (mainly single men) guest. And those pay visitors are the trouble makers, they seem to think, because they paid and you came to the party, you are expected to part your legs for any one of them, I don’t think so..

Privet erotic house parties are much better, they organized for fun, plus I like to know the people I am going to partying and the party organizer usually let me know who are invited. Continue Reading…

Halloween PartyHalloween Sex Parties

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Penis extension for Halloween sex party

This is the man from a man woman couple. I do have a major issue… My penis is not big enough. Let me explain this with few words. We play as a couple with single woman, or man woman couples and sometimes to make her day… with single guys too.

no string attached sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

casual sexJ&Jcpl

This question do not apply with single guy’s play…

We are an easy going educated, middle aged couple. She is a very pretty and very sexy lady and according to my friend I am a good looking man too, so we can find playmates very easily. Everything runs smooth and sex happens… at the first time, but there is no second time, and I think because my penis is just 5 inches erected.

So I got a plan… I saw in the local sex shop a penis extension, that works like a vacuum pump, so its attached to the penis via vacuum and it will make about 10 inches and really fat. We got invited to a Halloween Sex party, I will buy this penis extension and I will be the big dick… and will fuck with my monster cock all my (our) previous sex partners, who will be there.

That thing look very real, but I do not want hide the fact that is a penis extension… I just want to make a good fun about my small penis and also want to give a hard Halloween fuck to those, who I could not do with my own.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Continue Reading…


adult datingoralaffectionado

According to my partners size matters and not just in sex. We make decisions everyday concerning the size of things.

Super sized meals to how many ounces of beer we want. It isn’t always that bigger is better it’s what size fits our appetite, but I am not sure about the artificial penis… Continue Reading…

swingers sexno string attached sexsweet-cpl

Artificial penis? Sound like artificial intelligence… Can it talk?

But even if it does not talk… I think it would be a great Halloween Sex Party fun, but not sure what costume would go with it… Continue Reading…


no string attached sexbodybutter8000

Nothing like a small dick falling out all the time… been there done that… no thanks.

And no, my pussy is not big, my pussy is normal sized… Continue Reading…


sex partiesMasterfully

I think most women would say they don’t care about the size, they care about intelligence…

But when given the chance to pick a small cock or large one I get the feeling the majority would be sitting on that nice big cock, a nice big and real not a plastic one… Just an opinion. Continue Reading…

swingers sex addNo String Attached Adult Dating Ads

no string attached sexspicycinnamon-baby-lips

Bigger isn’t better and it really depends on the position
and the act itself. What matters is skill.

I used to have a long time parter with smaller than an average penis… and according to my experience, the best sex position is with small penis man a sex positions when a woman sits backward and leans forward.

If she does this her pussy is very thigh. Use a narrow coffee table or a bench, so your partner can straddle her legs at both side. Continue Reading…

The man lies on her back on the table. His legs should be bent at the knees. She should be sit on the top of him, facing his feet. She should straddle her partner and scoot backward, so her pussy is over his face. She should ask him to make sure her pussy is wet enough, he can do it with his mouth and she can do the same on his penis. When both partner lubricated well, she should move forward and let his penis slide into her well lubricated pussy.

She should lean forward as far as she can, between her partner’s knees. It need to take slow, to get it right. Leaning more forward will constrict the vagina tighter, and it will provide extremely tight penetration. She can make the pleasure even bigger if she clench her vaginal muscles together. Plus as she leans forward his penis will touch her clit too and very likely she will have clitoral orgasm…

He doesn’t have to do anything. She is in control, plus he can see as his cock slide in and out from her thigh wet pussy. Continue Reading…

swingers sexswingers sexmaybebaby2

The experience of accommodating a larger cock can be a mental stimulation to a lot of women. I am not sure penis extension will do the same..

You should know there are women and a lot of them, who actually CAN’T  accommodate an extra long cock. A fair number of women simply have vagina which are too shallow to accommodate excess length. In those cases, the guy with extra long cocks are as they say “out of luck.”

Generally a woman can accommodate a cock that is somewhat longer than the depth of their pussy, because even when fully erect, the human male cock tends to be spongy, and compresses somewhat against the firm back wall of a lady’s vagina, but your plastic thing wont do this, so you might make a lot of damage there, if you are not carefully.

Anyways, real or not, but no one would penetrate me with anything,  that is bigger then 8 inches long. My preferred size is  6.5 – 7.5 inches in length and 5.5 – 6.5 inches in girth size cock.  However the man who owns it should have an excellent love making technique.

But to wear that artificial penis in a Halloween sex party, can be a lot of fun… Continue Reading…

Check out you local sex party list here

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adult profilesMeet attractive horny women near you!

My mfm threesome did not work on my favor

Just to make a long story short. Once upon a time, at a wild weekend, we had one more drink that we should have, my girlfriend, her longtime friend and I. All three of us ended up in  a ffm threesome.

mfm threesomesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexbeaverpatrol

It was excellent.Than the the two girls played with each other and from that point it turned to be mind blowing… Every men or  the majority of men fantasize about to have sex with two women at the same time, and I had this kind of fantasy too, so I was happy when it happened. That was a very erotic sexual experience.

Than she said, she wants to try sex with two men. I said I am not bi curious, and she said she know that and she would not want to share that extra cock with me anyway..

So she had been pressuring me to have that MFM threesome for a while and than once I said ok, and we started to looking for a guy…  It did not happen for a long time because we could not find a compatible guy to join us.

Than once  we run into a man, here on the website, using the built in IM, he lives in our city too. We used webcam, than we met and he seemed like a decent man for playmate.

Than it happened. I know upfront, his penis is bigger than my… I saw it over webcam, but this guy knew how to use his big dick.

naked chatBasically he not just had a big cock, he knew how to handle it. He fucked my girlfriend several times “in details” I don’t think she was fucked like that ever before…

I joined in but should not, I just got destroyed and basically I just watched how this guy made my girlfriend orgasm after orgasm…

I tried took a turn for a little bit, but it just gave time to our guest to recuperate and he did her again… He humiliated me.

We have been together with my girlfriend almost 5 years. She alredy asked me to invite that  guy back for an other play date. I am not sure I can handle this…

What am I supposed to do? Continue Reading…


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My first threesome experience is very similar with your experience…  It took some time and really open mind to figure out, but I did (with help of the users of this blog).

That was just sex my friend. If she really loves you, you guys make love and have wild sex with that man…

But if  she does not love you a lot… than you might screwed up. Weak relationship does not survive shared sex… and if it ends, just get over her and make your next move.

The positive thing in it, list you know now, you two does not meant to be get old together… Continue Reading…

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Have you talked to your girlfriend  about it?

A good relationship and a good sex life should base on open communication… Doesn’t matter what we say here, if her idea is different…

Maybe the experience  to watch her while she got the fuck of her lifetime… has made you think this way… She is still with you, she did not leave you for the other guy, she asked you play again, so that is positive…

If she likes him that much, she she would leave you alredy… so don’t panic. Talk with that guy, and set up your next mfm threesome. You might like better at this time… Continue Reading…


Do you enjoy three-way sex? Do you? And why? My lady prefer MFM threesomes

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How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party

Man woman couple looking for new erotic adventures

We are into no string attached sex play with couples and with single guys, & more… We try to keep this simple just want friends and fuck buddies and no string attached good times out of the house or maybe in the house.  Lets meet and have fun!

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Our place is always open to our friends to come by and meet us!

Couples when you’re tired of chatting for weeks and not getting anywhere try coming to one of our home party, you do not know what you missed.

You will have more fun than you can imagine… email us for details! Newbies are welcome too. You never have to do anything but come and have fun, no means no and just have fun. Continue Reading…


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Well my problem is related… People often ask me the question, why  a pretty girl like you, joined a website like this? At first there is nothing wrong with this website, it does exactly what it supposed to, which is everything about adult dating.

The second reason is… I joined this site is to explore my naughty sexual side. To open my mind and try new erotic things, to fulfill some of my erotic fantasies and to discover who I really am.  I have always been curious about sex with multiply partners . It has always been a fantasy of mine to let  two or more people control me and my orgasm at the same time. To make me orgasm multiply times…

In real life I am an aggressive business woman, I like to be in control. I am also known to somewhat demanding. The sex is different,  in the bedroom I want to be the center of attention of two or more men.This could be role play, I really could enjoy.

So I shared this information with my partner and we started searching after compatible single males it and we did not find… but we found couples and I discovered my bi curiosity. It is fun and more fun for my man, but I am sure there is nothing better than causal sex with several men

What is wrong with guys today? Not just here on the website, but in real life too, why do they scare from a woman and her boyfriend? Continue Reading…

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For me was hard to find willing guys at first… because I (the woman) tried to find those willing men…

Much more easier if your guy, your partner search… of course with you together, but he  should “interview” the guys alone at first. If they pass the first meeting, than at the second meeting you will be there too and it might be a play date…

Guys face to face with out woman can communicate more openly… Usually a wanna be sex partner think “I will fuck someone wife.” It is easy… Right?

But than when the meeting times arrive, some questions arrives too… Will your man be comfortable if the new guy makes you cum easier the he does? What about if his penis is bigger than your man’s? Will this bother your man?

Will your guy be OK if the new partner fucks you more than than one time? If he’s any good, then very likely there will be more than one shot.

What about kissing and blow job and where to cum… There are a lot of stuff, that men can deal easier without woman. He should make the pree-selection and the first meeting and you should give the final word…

This is the only way to make it work. If you do it alone, the guys want to get inside you with out your man and this is not what you are looking for… Continue Reading…

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Finding someone qualified man to be the third in a man woman couples sex play isn’t as easy as it sounds. We know this from experience.

Actually we surprised how many guys  said they can’t wait to play with us, then  they chicken out or not show up with out any notice and we already payed the hotel room.

It happened with us more than once, so now we share the room’s cost. The single guy have to pay half of the room up front… Some couples even make the single guy to pay the room alone, but we “share” not just her and the fun but the cost too.

Since cost sharing,  no show did not happen… Continue Reading…



I have to say one more thing… Alcohol, one glass or two is more then enough to calm the nerves down… more alcohol effects sexual performance on negative way, or some guys get too aggressive, therefore don’t miss alcohol with sex. You want sex party… not drinking party.

Also husbands or permanent partners are complicated creatures, usually they get jealous when you list expect it.

Than some men  carry huge homophobic kinks in their head. If he freaks out seeing bi sexual play between two men on xxx DVD than probably he does not to want get close to you when you play with the other guy… so here goes your sex play with mutipley sex partners at the same time… They might take turns after each other, but that is not the same, plus this would bring up an other question… Who should go first?

So make your homework and select carefully… Continue Reading…


Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

I am a lover of first date nsa sex

Ladies, I am sure I am not the only one who heard it, no sex on the firs date… Every dating magazine, every dating websites and all of your friends have always been stated, how important rule is in dating – no sex on the first date.

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I am disagree… However I’m a very straightforward person, I don’t like wasting my time and or anyone else’s time. I don’t email
unless I’m really interested, don’t meet unless I truly feel there is some  chemistry…

I am a lover of first date nsa sex, though, and my question is, how is sex on the first date perceived? If I meet someone in person and there is obvious chemistry and sexual tension, is it okay to go ahead and have some real xxx fun? Is it slutty or too wild?  Continue Reading…


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It is a casual sex dating website and the majority of people comes here for casual sex, not for endless dating and meeting… I don’t think anything is wrong with sex on the first date, but I am man and thinking with man’s brain…

If sex is good, than we might-be will have a second date, if sucks…. than list we know we are not compatible.

When I met with my X we ended up in the bed on the first date. It wasn’t even a date, we just ran into each other in a night club, so that was sex on the first meeting. Well it ended up in a marriage, that lasted  almost 10 years long and before marriage we lived together more than 3 years, so that first meeting sex turned to be a long relationship…

So you never know wast you going to get… Continue Reading…


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Its comes from a girl who has slept with more than few men and with a fair share of couples too.

I am a big believer in first date sex, or sex on the first meeting. That is why we are here, I mean for sex, not for endless dating and meeting. I am not acting like like a virgin girl…

We are adults, and all of us “experienced” in sex – on way or other. Many of us into many different things in sex, and if one of the two (or sometimes one of them from few)  has a really fucked up sic fetish like syndrome, like water sport or even grosser thing… I don’t know you, but I want to get out from there as soon as I can…  So why would I wait for the second date, that would be waste of my time. Continue Reading…

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I  disagree with the above, but this is how things are now in this day and age.

I never have sex on the first date. I barely know someone on a first date,  I’m sharing a dinner and maybe some drink on the first date and collecting info… And if I decide to meet again (second date) that is a playtime… Continue Reading…

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I have had sex on the first day I’ve met  a man and we kept get together as sex friends for months, and also  I dated a man for months before we had sex and we never had sex again…

Therefore, I firmly believe that, as long as you practice safe sex, any individual should feel free to have sex with whomever they choose on whatever “date” number it is. Continue Reading…


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We are in 2015, and this is an erotic adult dating website.

I think, if you’re on a date with someone from this website  and there’s chemistry and you’re both consenting adults, than why not? Go for it, sex is the main reason why people visit website like this… Continue Reading…

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