MFM Threesome – Over Marriage

Would you accept a male female male threesome relationship instead of normal, traditional female – male marriage?

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casual sexyeswedocpl

Let me explain….

It seems to me, that more and more countries and here in US more  states are accepting Gay Marriage. For example marriage of any two persons who love each other.

Would you be willing to have a threesome marriage? In this case two males and one female get married and they live together as a married  family.

If you are religious and if you truly deeply love,how would you deal with it?  Could this fit into your world view? Continue Reading…


swingers sexcuckoldcorioues

I don’t think you will find here a lot of religious people. Casual sex, sex party and swinging does not go with any religion, list what I know… and this website is a nsa sex website.

Otherwise, I love men… but live together – full time with two men as a family, well that is not for me. One husband is more than enough…


swingers sexVickie_Jo

While threesome can be fun as a occasional distraction… Long term as in a relationship takes a tremendous amount of work to keep things on an even keel.

It’s tough enough with  people, (look at the divorce rates) three is way more than a challenge. Continue Reading…


nsa sexchocolates52

That would be awesome, woman with multiple boyfriends or husband.

However it might not work, but would be interesting to see and  try to get it work…. Continue Reading…


casual sexOddcpl9

It can be difficult to find one person who fills my “every” need. So, I have multiple sex partners and multiple relationships.

Each relationship varies from the other, with different levels of involvement and understanding. One of my relationships has even included other partner(s) for the male as well.

If you understand and trust that you have meaning to one another regardless of whatever else is going on, and encourage, maintain communication, etc… it could work but, the people involved have to be open to the idea of making it work.

It’s commonly known that we can love more than one person, different levels, or types of love if you will, but love none the less.

Love is not sexual attraction, it is the things that you are willing to do, go through, or face with or for the individual in question. How much you like, need, want that person in your life.

Regardless of other involvements and goings on. Continue Reading…

casual sexcasual sexLadyTeddieBear

I have been involved in several threesomes over the years.They are fun, but just every know and than.

I don’t think I would go into that sort of relationship for full time living.  I would prefer a normal marriage.

As I would want to be his one and only that he loved, a third person is great if you want to add an extra person into the mix once in a while. Continue Reading…


swingers sexnsabarbara

I think that sounds like a lot of fun  but in real life I don’t think it would last very long… Continue Reading…


swingers sex Curiouslocalwife

My husband encouraged me to take a lover. I wasn’t interested in another relationship but to keep hubby happy I obliged.

Sex with a lover is different than with a husband. It feels awesome to let my inner slut out. No inhibitions or worry of what he might think of me. The hotter and nastier the better he liked it. My husband too.

Would I recommend it to others? Why not but only if everyone is on the same page.

Two husbands? Not with living together in full time. That would  take a way the fun factor… Continue Reading…


swingers sexfun2play6709

I would love to have two males. Now that I am 40, my sex drive is insane. I need two guys to keep up with me.

As guys get older, they don’t want it as often, or can’t have it as often as I need it.

We could all play together, or we could play with who ever is in the mood. Have different rooms, but sleep how ever you want. I am thinking. that just might work… Mmmmm… Continue Reading…

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looking for menstilllooking

We have no problem being in any kind of threesome, But marriage with two men is out of the question.

A marriage hard enough to make it work for two people, so I don”t think that would work for tree as a life long commitment… Continue Reading…


casual sexmusicmaniac

The name of the “game” is polygamy. I mean when a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time, that is  polygamy.

Some people in religious group makes it work, but mainly  men have 2 or more wife… for example Muslim harems…  Continue Reading…


How frequently are you finding yourself, between two straight men in a threesome with Ben Wa Balls in your pussy?

How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos

Threesome basics

My mfm threesome almost turned to be a sexual disaster

My longtime erotic fantasy was a threesome. Threesome with 2 straight men. The straight was important, because I am  selfish and that threesome should be my threesome… Therefore I would not want to share a guy… Continue Reading

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threesome fantazyMyThreesomeFantasy

Than I hesitated in partner choose…. Should I do it with two friends    or  with two strangers. Than I decided to “get it done” with my boyfriend and one of his friend, who I find attractive.

And that threesome was a disaster… The two guys was way to bossy… They bossed me around a big time… and the sex was just so – so…

That threesome wasn’t that I fantasized about, it almost turned to be a sexual disaster.  I think, I should go with  strangers, or visit a sex club at next time, because there will be next time….

Did anyone experience something like this? Continue Reading

love threesomesMy Threesome Fantasy

swingers sexHon57ey4fun

I was in a similar threesome…  It felt like the Three Stooges only I wasn’t Moe.

They told me everything to do or not to do, kiss here, don’t kiss there.

I realize it wasn’t my party, and I felt like a sex toy, a blow up  mannequin type of sex toy.

Would be nice to know how should I do second time. Any advice to get the next threesome something real, like every third decision is mine? Continue Reading

casual sex

swingers sexnoheadgame

Same here but was a foursome. Another couple my wife and myself.

Other husband acted like a movie director the first time we were together. My wife and his wife talked about it and she agreed.

Next time we got together we had a little talk first and we let the women run the show, after all if we make them happy it is going to be returned.

Work out better than we could have imagined, the girls got into it and did things that even they didn’t think they would just because that was the way things flowed.

First time wasn’t great, but after with experience, things changed… Try to find experience partners and you run your show… Tell them it is my threesome, my rules… Continue Reading


casual sexwedesirethefire

You have to take control or they going to use you… for their fantasy, their needs.

Communicate before play time and  tell they what they need to do with you.  Find out what they like during foreplay  and confidently give it to them. Than it will be fun for everyone…

Usually first you receive… and than give. This is the only way to make sure you have your share of fun.

We had several threesomes fmf’s and mfm too, no one complained yet, in fact they returned for more…. Continue Reading


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Threesomes are not like a game where you all say, OK, my turn  now.

For have a great time, you need great sex partners. So choose your play partners well for compatibility and consideration.  You have plenty to choose from right here in this website… Continue Reading


casual sexhinj1

I HATE scripted sex.

It should be spontaneous if it is to happen. Sounds like you where making a porn flick. Be more than a semen deposit box. You are entitled to  satisfaction too. Continue Reading


swingers sexHotblonde4U2have

When we 1st started to play with two men,  my 1st threesome was like suck this, fuck his cock etc etc.

That doesn’t happen anymore,  now I put my foot down and I am in control. My way or no way… Continue Reading

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I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome

Would you have sex with your stepson?

Would you have sex with your stepson, after his father (your husband) died? Or I can ask it from men… Would you have sex with your step mom, after your father, (her husband) died?

sex datingswingers sex ckout4fun3

It might be morally wrong, but husbands watch their wife while she get fucked by other man or two men,  or they exchange sex partners, maybe they double penetrate her, so that can be morally wrong too…

The definition of incest is: Sex between close blood relatives, so in this case, there is no blood relationship, so it would not be incest sex. Is it like MILF? I mean I would be a MILF?

Would you do it? Continue Reading


swingers sexcuckoldcorioues

There is other way to define incest sex : Incest sex can be  sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry legally…

Step mothers and step sons are closely related, but legally they can get married… however if the age different is big, I mean if the step mom used to change his diaper, and now she is fifty the guy is 20, than it would not be right… Maybe MILF is the right word for this…

Otherwise why not? Continue Reading


swingers sexashashely

Absolutely, I would do her!! Its my biggest erotic fantasy. Continue Reading

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nsa sexangelaandrod

It has nothing to do with insect, so don’t let guilt deprive you of enjoying sexual pleasure.

If you  both want to have sex, do it and enjoy it, that would be only leisure sex… not incest. Continue Reading


threesome fantasybeenthere

It wouldn’t be incest because you aren’t related by blood, MILF? What ever.

The husband died, therefore there is no step mother step son relationship anymore….

My step father was a really sexy man and I wished for years to get into his bed…  It never happened, but not because of me, because my mom kept her eyes on me…

I say the same what others said, if you both want it, go for it… Continue Reading


mfm threesometwo4one

If you don’t feel like its right, then its not right. You are just lonely, maybe horny too.

I am not sure you guys living in the same home or date each other… But if you can give to each other some company and good time.. Than why not?

Who knows, just go with your gut. Continue Reading


casual sexmusicmaniac

Step son – step mom have sex  after her husband – his father died, that is nothing.

I know a couple, his step mom was cheating on his father and the boy figured out, who is 30 years old. His father is  64 and his wife is late 40’s. Her age is just my best guess.

Anyways, the step son figured out her step mom fucks around and black mailed her, asked her to have sex with him too or going to tell his dad… She was more than happy to have sex with her step son, he is a really handsome guy, but here come the surprise, her husband figured out his son fucks his wife…. and now the family life turned into cuckolding.

The son have sex with his step mom and her father – watches  it.  It is not a fantasy story, it is true. That young guy used to be my sex friend and I broke up with him because of this. I am very open minded, but I find this disgusting… Continue Reading

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adult datingdultfunxxx

If a man is sleeping with his father’s wife, or his father’s widow that is sexual immorality, but MILF the same…

However anal sex is sexual immorality for a lot of people… and we  love it… So you do what ever  you think is right for you. Continue Reading


Leisure Sex

No String Attached Casual Sex

Cuckolding. Is it immoral?

Women’s preference for multiple sex partners

From viewing Swingers Couple’s member videos I have concluded that more women are willing to have sex with two or more men at the same time than are willing to share, at the same time, a man with another or more women.

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sex with multiple partnersPixture

Does this mean that men are more willing to share their women with other men than with other women?

Does it mean that there are more of a certain type of woman (what is that type called) that enjoy servicing multiple men simultaneously than women who enjoy sex with other women and a man?

Does it mean that there are more of a certain type of woman (what is that type called) that enjoy servicing multiple men simultaneously than women who enjoy sex with other women and a man? Continue Reading

swingers sex

swingers sexcuckoldcorioues

Frankly, I am not sure, but in nsa sex usually men easily get jealous if an other man have bigger pens or better in sex, last longer etc…

It is hard to say more men or more women willing to share their spouse or sex life. My man “dying” to watch me with other men and I don’t need to share him with women. I would in a hearth bit, but he said that is not fun for him. Continue Reading


casual sexyeswedocpl

I think a lot of women loved threesomes and sex with more than one partner in the pass too, but that was a very conservative world and people (women) did not talk about it.

Today in our opens sexuality world men – women are the same and they are free to looking for any kind of sex, if they wish too. Women are more open, for example browse the profiles here and you  will be pressurized, how many of them states it; “looking for man or two men”.

Anyways hard to say more men or more women…. I think men talk more and less action, women does not talk that much, but I bet they have more sex play… Continue Reading


bored wifeboredwife

I really believe it is all a matter of personal preferences. I’ve found quite the opposite to be true.

I meet men all the time who are willing to share me with another woman in a threesome but who are reluctant to have an MFM threesome because of homophobia.

I find that, although women fantasize about having sex with two men at the same time, this doesn’t happen as often as you might think because men don’t want to interact with each other sexually unless they are bi sexual.

Maybe you should start a blog and ask this question as a poll question. It would be interesting to see what the numbers look like. I could go either way. I would choose either another woman or another man, but I have yet to have an MFM threesome! It is on My bucket list! Continue Reading

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adult datingouttherelinda

It may be that women who indulge in threesomes etc. just enjoy the attention of more than one male at a time.

It may also be that there are more women like that who enjoy web-camming or showing kinky videos of themselves on here than there are of the women  who only enjoy one on one. Continue Reading


swingers sexnvrgetsenuf

Before I met with my husband here, I have gone with a MFM, but not a FMF threesome. As stated by many, it is a matter of  preference.

I don’t like to share him and he does not want to have penetrative sex with other woman, so we play, but sex is just with each other. Continue Reading


free sexherforfun

I have done MFM threesomes a loty of timers. I haven’t experienced a FMF threesome.

I would like to try it but most girls I meet refuse go down on me, they want pussy licking service from me while my man penetrates them. Continue Reading

no string attached sexThreesome Desired…


Everything that you need to know about casual sex.

Swinging tips for women

My boyfriend suggested, we should try cuckolding…

I do not understand something… In a mfm threesome,  (two straight men, one woman threesome) men can take turns to entrain the woman, one of them watch the action, the other plays with her.

threesome sexThreesome –  BJ – Pussy Eating

swingers sexcuckoldcorioues

When one player ran out of sexual energy, he turns to be a watcher and the watcher will be a player….

So isn’t it how we today define cuckolding? Husband or long time boyfriend watch the wife or girlfriend while she have sex with other men.

The other type of mfm would be when two men play with her at the same time.  I like this kind of three ways, but my boyfriend suggested, we should try cuckolding…  What would be the difference? Continue Reading


swingers sexcuckoldlove

Yes the todays cuckold lovers  not the same with the old timer cuckolders. In the past cuckold meant adultery…. committed by the wife. The husband know she do other men because he wasn’t enough for her sexually, maybe his penis was small, or their marriage was a prearranged marriage etc.. She did it to panish, to humiliate her husband.

Today’s majority of cuckold lovers do not have a strong desire to be humiliated. For example my husband is a “cuckold” husband. He has a strong desire to live out his voyeuristic fantasies.

He is proud of me, my sexual knowledge and my body too.  Actually I am proud of my body too. He just like to watch  me while another man enjoy my beautiful body… And I like this too.

Maybe something like this is in your boyfriend mind, but you are right, it is very close to a “watcher” threesome. Continue Reading

no string attached sexFoursome  & Threesomes Desired

casual sexcucoldcpl

Some men get really turned on bragging to their buddies about how hot and kinky their lady is.

A lot of men love to talk about the hot piece of ass they got at the weekend…. This kind of men loves prostitutes or strippers to be girlfriend. They know what is sex and what is love making… and what the differences are between the two.

Very easy to get this type of guys into threesomes or cuckolding. She just need to do some talking during sex and sooner or later, he would like his friend to experience the same erotic pleasure he receives from his lady.

This kind of sex has little to do with humiliating the cuckold. It’s about sharing the fun, in this case his lady’s body. Continue Reading


cuckold couplecuckoldcpl

According to your profile you are young, so I am not sure why your boyfriend wants to get into cuckolding…

In our case, (I’m 49, my husband is 55 years old), we become attracted to the “cuckold lifestyle” over the age as his  sexual energy decreased. He cannot get an erection as easily as he did 5 or more years ago, and seeing me with other men is a big  turn on for him, plus if he might not be able to satisfy me… there are always is an other man. So far it’s works for us well… Continue Reading

sex partyWant Men – More Is Merrier

cukold cplcuck-oldcpl

Threesome or cuckold does not matter at this days. Anyone who’s ever been in one of these sex plays with a loved one will tell you that they’re very passionate, very erotic and extremely satisfying.

It is  because some chemistry happen in the lovers’ brain. Threesomes and cuckolding alters brain chemistry levels in both men and women.

The lovers become addicted to shared sex because their brain produces adrenalin and dopamine  (pleasure) associated with these activities. The key thing is in: You have to do it with somebody you love… If you join a married couple’s play, it will be fun and erotic, but it wont effect your brain chemistry that way…  Continue Reading


swingers sexwewantgroupfun

Be careful what you get in to… If you get into cuckolding, it might not be enough later on.

For example, when we started I the husband liked the idea to watch her during sex with others…

Now, the wife loves it so much, she is looking for sexual variety in the form of group sex. Group sex is fun, but it wasn’t on my wish list when we started this… Continue Reading


casual sexyeswedocpl

I think your boyfriend takes much more risk than you do… Special if his cock smaller than an average sized cock.

He needs to face it… once you will get lucky and have an incredible orgasm from an extra large maybe 8 inches plus sized cock or maybe you will have several orgasm one after the other, then you will never again be satisfied with his average penis, special if he unloads his load in two minutes and then stay soft for the night.

So the risk is his not yours, you have nothing to worry about as far as you made them wear condom. Continue Reading



I find the idea of wife fucks an other man to be intensely erotic.  Just the idea of having to share my wife’s pussy with other men, give me an instead rock hard erection.

Just to think about her dripping wet, hot and creamy, nicely saved pussy messed up by an other man,  can take me to the erotic heaven…

Does not matter it is threesome or cuckolding, go for it sweetie. You wont regret it. Continue Reading

Straight men afraid or hesitant to meet and do a MFM threesome. Why?

We have done some (maybe more than some) mfm threesome and all of them was very satisfying and very good for all of us. However there is no willing man here who would play with a man woman couple and we are not sure why…

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mfm threesometwo4one

For some some reason straight men afraid or hesitant to meet and do a MFM threesome. They are not afraid to chat and webcam about it, but they afraid to meet…

They say they are very straight, (the man part of this couple extremely straight too), and they say they scare from  man to man contact… So why they waste our time for chatting and get to know each other via webcam?


threesome sextwoarebetter

Chat on the webcam is not scary, that is why… They might be married or have a female partner and she does not know about their on-line activity…

Or some guys just come here, to entertain themselves. This site is all their social life. Continue Reading


swingers sexnoheadgamehere

We used to have the same problem… but we made few rules and let our wannabe partners know them up front.

The number one rule is: No man to man play, but accidental contact might happen, but it does not mean men will end up in a cock in their arse or in their mouth.

The next one, it is our sex life, our threesome, our show. He, the third guy is our sex toy. He will be tehere, to  serve her erotic needs, and my fantasy. Not we are the one who want to serve his needs…

Some guys gets it and happy to play with us, but a lot of losers are here, they make the talk and wont make the walk… It happens all the time. Just have to put some time and effort to filter them out. Continue Reading


threesome fantasybeenthere

If some men don’t want to be part of a threesome with a man woman couple, that is their choice and not an issue they need to get over.

Your profile says your looking for single man or (2 men) so you are fine with that aspect. To each their own… Continue Reading

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Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

It is fact, a lot of guys don’t like touching their dicks to another man’s body parts during threesomes, even by accident.

They think it will make them a homosexual…

We have had many threesomes with my wife and playmates. I am as straight as an arrow. It’s no big deal to me if his dick touches me or mine touches him. In my opinion it’s all about pleasuring that sexy woman we are playing with.

It’s not like I am sucking his dick or him fucking me. We are doing our best to satisfy my wife and giving her an explosive orgasm.

By no means I am playing anyone who is bi and enjoys experiencing another guy while with another woman. I am just talking about the guys that are scared when another dick touches them.

Men in mfm threesome should concentrate only on her and on her juicy, hot pussy to play with, not on dick and the other man ass… Continue Reading


How can a single man build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome

Members come here to hooking up for nsa sex

“Hooking up” for nsa sex is very popular among “older” students and young adults… In my dictionary nsa sex is stand for sex for fun only, therefore, the sex partners not interested in a relationship other than a (or more) sexual encounter.

mfm threesomesLeisure Three-way Sex Dating Ads

casual sexcoolandhornycpl

In my student age, nsa sex play have happened, usually at a party which wasn’t planned to be a sex party, but when a bunch of horny people start to partying and drinking, things have happened and will happens.

This website is not for students, this is for adults and a lot of member looking for nsa no string attached sex here, so my question is: Do adult women (younger or older) really want and can they truly have casual sex with out getting attached? Continue Reading


mfm threesometwo4one

Based on your question… I assume you are the man half of the couple, otherwise you would know how women feel and what they think about “nsa hooking up“.

I think you are jealous, because you think your wife developed some  kind of feelllings toward a sex partner… If I were you I would ask her for the answer.

Anyways I am the woman part of the couple and my answer yes, I can have nsa sex just for the fact to have sex with a different person. I don’t even look at them like person,  they are (my nsa sex partners) a sex toy, to serve my erotic needs and I am their sex toy, to make their erotic and sometime dirty fantasy real. But I am sure there are a lot of women, who needs emotional attachment to have sex… with anyone.  Continue Reading

no string attached sex1Canuck

Few moths back I was talking about the same thing with one of my friend couple, they love nsa sex in the form of mfm threesome and they play with couples every know and than…

Anyways they told me, both of them (she and him too) want emotional commitment at that moment, or longer than a moment, maybe commitment that last until next day morning.

It is something like, they are committed to make your day and to return the favor, you are (as their nsa sex partner) committed to be their  sex toy fore the night.

They do not want turn nsa sex into any kind of relationship. They alredy got one… They just need nsa. Continue Reading


swingers sexsweettexgal

It also depends on how you define attached. You can develop an attachment to someone without it ever involving sex.

In casual sex, feelings can develop, but that doesn’t mean they’re romantic feelings. I like to think great sex begins with lust. Lust is a feeling therefore, it is an emotion.

The same goes with passion. Wouldn’t you prefer you sex partner to feel lust and passion? Continue Reading



What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy

unicorn womanunykorn

It is also possible for a woman to care about the man she is having sex with but at the same time she doesn’t want to be any more involved with him.

It all depends on her situation as to whether or not a woman wants to be (or if it’s possible) in an involved relationship.

With my situation, I’d love to have a full time committed relationship BUT due
to my circumstances I know it is highly unlikely that I’ll ever meet a man who is willing to be that involved.

So I am happy with a FWB,  os a NSA sex deal. It is usually the men who want more but aren’t willing to get further involved with my life; They end up leaving because they don’t want the limitations of  no string attached sex by being just my  fuck buddy. Continue Reading

swingers sex

My husband erotic mfm threesome fantasy with my X lover

My husband talks about his erotic fantasy a lot, which is about me have sex with another man,  and he will watch or might join in.

pajama partyFree Adult Dating Ads

threesome fantasybeenthere

Our marriage  was in the hole few years back for 10 months or so. We separated and I had a relationship with a very young man. Than we decided (the hubby and I) to try again and I moved back home.

He knows about the guy, in fact he knows him in person too and he knows the sex part too. He really gets turned on by what happened and what we did when I talk about it. I just talk about it only when he ask me.

We always have really good sex together during that time, I mean when we talk about sex with that young man.

He said he want to see me do that guy or someone else… and he might join in. I do not want to do with that young man, but would not mind to try with someone else. Is this normal from middle aged man? Does it mean he doesn’t love me because he want to see me with other man? Continue reading…

sex datingNSA Sex Dating

threesome sextwoarebetter

I would say Yes, to fantasize about watching you with other man, during sex is normal, but fantasy and reality is two different worlds.

A lot of men would love to watch their wife have sex with others, but they scare to do anything about it. But men who visits this site… they more likely will make it happen… I know it is not for everyone, but we enjoy it… Continue reading…


cukold cplcuck-old

Some man harbors fantasies like your man, his fantasy is the today’s, “Cuckholding.”

He is like my man… He enjoys himself when I  have sex with another man. He loves to hear and watch it. Sometimes he participate in, lying down beside me, hold me, talk with me, open my legs for the other man.

This can be a beautiful, sexual experience, definitely beautiful for us. Continue reading…

Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?

no string attached sex1Canuck

I checked your profile and your photo album out and according to those photos, you  are kind of offering yourself; here I am take me… but there is a catch, my husband will be there.

To get back to your question. I don’t think anything wrong with him, if you guys can handle emotionally, than go for it. You can cali it cuckold or mfm threesome, what ever… if you done it right, that can be a lot of fun and I am sure both of you going to like it. Continue reading…

interracial erotic datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexnoheadgamehere

If you ask me last year… I would say most men would not want their wife have sex with anyone outsider, but since last year my husband came up with a very similar idea…

Since that time we had many threesomes  fmf’s and mfm’s too, and we both enjoy mfm’s more, so some of us do enjoy the thing, that you hubby just fantasize…

If you go forward and decide to make it happen, you will need to be careful on the third guy’s selection. That is the hardest part… Continue reading…


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

You may know some of these members! They could be your teacher, a college student, your librarian, or even a neighbor in your city.

Members post photos and videos of themselves performing sexual acts with partners or masturbating by themselves. These real, amateur images are high resolution and may be shocking to you…

Our terrible mfm threesome

swingers sex addLeisure Sex Dating Ads

My girlfriend is 23 and I am 26. We have been together for few years, dating each other since high school. Both of us had just few sex partners before we started to date and neither of us had a threesome in the past, and threesome is (was) one of our long time sexual fantasy, until yesterday…

mfm threesometwo4one

It happened yesterday and it was terrible… To make the long story short. One of her co workers brought it up in conversation, she said she had a threesome with her husband and his friend without planning it.  She said “it just happened in the heat of the moment” and she loved it. It kind of put my fantasy into overdrive…

My girlfriend and I talked about it and she got really horny just talking about it. She said she would be up for it, but was kind of weary about the extra man, but I told her that I’ve always had a fantasy about watching her with a guy have sex in front of me. I didn’t push the issue but she agreed, just as long as she was attracted to the guy.

After few weeks search we found a willing guy in a nearby city, that we thought would be a good candidate. We give him a fake name and rented a hotel room (in that city), to maintain our privacy.

The time arrived (last night, at Eastern Saturday), after dinner we head to our room. Yes it was our first meeting, but he was clean and very attractive man, so we decided to go all the way…

In the room I did not hesitate, did not talk… just started kissing my girlfriend to get her into the mood. I get her naked while he watched, and I started going down on her.

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He undressed too and for our surprise, his dick was really small. He said before he is average, in fact he emailed us a photo of his erected dick, but I don’t think his full erected cock was bigger than 5 inches. I am around  6.5 on a good day and I beat him about 2 inches.

Size does not matter, right? So we went forward…

My girlfriend wasn’t comfortable giving oral for him, but she gave him a hand job while he kissed her and sucked on her tits.

I gave him a condom and he put it on while she got down doggy style (doggy style is her favorite position). She started giving me oral and he went on from behind. He just kept looking down and he gave it a few slow pumps, very few. She moaned and he started pumping faster.. and then he was done.

20 seconds, honestly, 20 seconds is actually too generous. Its all right I thought, the night is long, he just got excited and carried away, but he dressed up, said sorry and left.

What the hack? Free dinner, free pussy and did not even bother to try to pleasure her…

Basically this was a terrible night, with a terrible threesome, it cost us almost $300 (room and the dinner) and we screwed up our Eastern Saturday…

We did not give up on our fantasy, but how can we do better? How can we make our threesome  an unforgivable sexual experience? Continue reading…



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Mfm threesomes actually any kind of threesome is not healthy with a stranger. Do it next time with a friend  couple, but make sure he brings his lady too.

If you choose a single man friend, that means trouble… He might start to yapping about it, or try to play with her without you… So a couple would better. Continue reading…

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Well your guy was a loser…  things like this happens often in leisure sex.

The nice thing about the MFM threesome is that sex doesn’t have to end when one of the guys orgasms. One guy gets off, the other steps in and the first guy can have plenty of rest and time to recover by the time the second finishes.

Your guy took off and ran a way, that is why he was a loser. Maybe he was a married man and he was in rush to get home to his wife… Continue reading…


erotic datingchic4oneon1

I am not into threesomes, so it can’t and won’t happen with me.

But (there’s always a but :-) ) I had terrible one night stand more than once… Get over it and find someone else.

You did not do any mistake, but (see the second but) next time, try to webcam with you future partner, and list you can see his dick, before you meet, even though your girlfriend did not have issue with his cock size… Continue reading…

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MFM threesome with bi man

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I am a female TS and hubby and I had a few threesomes with two men over the years and its seems that the guys we’ve brought in all say that they are bi.

They enjoy the fact that I’m a sexy ts but its like when we start having nsa fun and my man pleases the extra guy,  all he’s interested in is doing me.

He leaves my man watching me get served and no play between the two men, not even  attention or any other way to pleasure him.

I guess what I’m asking is; Is that fair for me to get all the attention and satisfaction or should we stop bringing others in?

Should we stop and just enjoy each other or try to bring in another ts or real bi  man so he can have his share of us both? Continue reading…


looking for menstilllooking

Threesomes are fun with bi man and with two strait men too. I think it depends on your preferences.

Just to make it clear, two men in a threesome with a woman are not automatically bisexual.  Some men states they are bi, because they want to get laid or in your case they never had sex with a ts woman and they are curious how it would be… So when they had their share of fun, they don’t care about your male partner…

Just for the record, I have had threesomes with straight men. They tried things together, and focused on me, not on each other, so this type of three-ways are more fun for female…

I did have a threesome at once with a bi man and a gay man, in which the gay man and I focus on the bi man. It was a lot of fun for both guys, but I had my share of “pleasure” too.

If you want to stop to doing it stop, or select your partner better, Continue reading…


casual sexyeswedocpl

As a bi man we’ve had several MMF with my wife and another bi man.

She enjoys seeing two men together, I enjoy seeing her enjoy it as I’m taking pleasure and giving pleasure to another man.

I enjoy seeing her with him, and she enjoys having two men giving her pleasure. To me I see this as being what a lot of heterosexual men say about wanting a threesome with two women.

Also I agree, a lot of men states they are bi, but they just want to do her. You have to be sure they are really bi or your man wont have his share of nsa fun.

How can know it for sure? You can ask your wanna be playmate to show your photos or videos when he plays with other man. If he say he does not have, than before he plays with you, let him blow your man… If he can’t than he is not a bi sexual man.

it is up to you both you stop or not, we can give an advice on that Continue reading…

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casual sexmusicmaniac

That is a common problem. A lot of bi men are not as bi as they think or state it.

I have a freind couple where the guy would meet with the new guy alone first and play before the woman was introduced.

They seemed to think that helped to screen the fake bis guys out. You should try to filter the fakes out, than you both will have a lot of fun. Continue reading…


swingers sexSexPartyClub

You’ll find most men who say they’re bi, they aren’t. They don’t mind getting serviced orally but when it comes to reciprocating they get real straight.

It would not make me and did not make me stop, better communication helps to find the right sex partner. Continue reading…


swingers sexlilsprite

It doesn’t only happen with guys… In fact the opposite happened  with us  many times.

I am the female half of a couple,  and we both say we are straight (neither of us is bi interested). We have had “couples” contact us, when wasn’t really a couple, just  single males, wanting to join us.

We have allowed a few, just as a diversion, but have found that most are more interested in my guy than in myself.

Hmmmm… list as straight, approach us as straight, but once naked want to deep throat my man while I play with myself. NOT cool!!!!

It has gotten to where we are afraid to even meet with anyone new. Continue reading…

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