How can I ask him for nsa sex?

I am a late 20’s single woman. I do not want any relationship, I have no time and energy to deal with serious, married minded men, therefore I am single by choice. However beside my carrier, I love sex and need casual  sexContinue Reading…

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casual sexsinglebychoice

That leaves me casual sex only… I own my house, my car and my business, so  I have to select sex parters very  carefully…

So here is the story, one of my neighbors who lives few house down the street own his car repair shop. I took my car there for oil change and we chatted a little. I found out, he is single too, anyway he gave me his phone number number and told me to call if I ever wanted a drink or just need a company to chat.

I do not know to much about him; he lives in a nice house, he own his business like me, so he is not after my money… He appears to be in a similar situation to me: that is, he seems to work a lot and is single and he is fairly attractive.

I could go for a drink with him, but there is a risk he wants relationship and I do not want that, I am just going to want sex, maybe more than once…

It would be a win – win situation… we live close by, we are in the same age group, our interest are the same, etc.  So, how should I approach this? How can I make him my casual sex partner? Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

You can not make him your casual sex partner...

I think you just have to let him do the work. Not on your car, let him to work on you.

Apparently he is having the same idea, that is why he invited you for a drink. So if I were you, I would call him and tell him, “I am calling you about that drink, that you offered in your shop”. Than wait and see what will happen… You are a very attractive women and if he is a healthy man, I think  he will try to get into your underwear…. Continue Reading…


hot housewifehothousewife

You should call him and say something like; “I would be happy to have a coffee with you, and then perhaps something stronger at my place, if you think that is okay.”

This way you let him know upfront, you are ready for more than a drink, so he can decide if he want to go any further…

Don’t tell him I would enjoy sex with you because, he would think you are a prostitute and you are after his money. Continue Reading…

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casual sexyeswedocpl

As a man from the couple, who has been on the receiving end of similar sex play before, you should mention for him,  you’d like to keep your relationship casual.

Don’t puss to meet up, he might be busy or might need time to “digest” your offer. If he wants you, he will respond for sure… Continue Reading…


casual sexmusicmmanic

You can skip the above mentioned get together for coffee part.  Just invite him for a drink after work on Friday or Saturday.

You can tell him, we are almost neighbors – let’s find out more about each other. If you do not have some easy funny movie rent one, a movie that you don’t have to pay too much attention to and can talk over. That will will put you on the couch at the front of the TV.

And the when you are on the couch, next to him, than you can trick him in… Lay down perpendicular to him and lay your legs over his lap, or any similar maneuver. I am sure he will put his hand on your legs… and from this point mother nature should take it over… Continue Reading…


swingers sexTrueIncubusDream

Go out for a drink with him and during drinking and talking, briefly mention that there are many reasons you don’t want to be in a  serious relationship right now.

Then when the night ends, invite him in to your home for a drink. If he turns it down, than he is not a casual sex material, but if he except you offer… than you will get laid on your  first date. Continue Reading…

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What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy

Men love it when I pump my vulva up

I have some issues with my clitoris. It is small… and loves hiding. I need sex partners with a lot of knowledge to obtain clitoral orgasm with. Than few days ago I ran into  some photos on-line, about clitoral pumps.

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The results look pretty extreme. Than I looked around here, checked some profiles out and I think a lot of women use it…

So, if you ever tried… how does it feel? What do you do after you’ve pumped up?

I am not a medical professional… and not sure about side effects. I know for fact, at over see, mainly in Europe  it’s been being used since forever.

Do you think pumping up my clit might do damage? Continue reading…


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I use it sometimes… because young men are visuals… the aspect to see a pumped up vulva, make them extremely horny, therefore nsa sex more enjoyable. But I use nipple pump, I never tried clit pump.

The nipple pump, pumps up all my vulva, not just my clit. It works with vacuum, so not really pumps up, it sucks the blood into the area and it makes it bigger, more sensitive.

At first, it’s a bit painful, and you have to keep your legs pretty far apart as well as elevate your pelvis to keep the cup from losing suction. This part sucks, as it’s pretty uncomfortable. Few minutes the swelling gets pretty significant, and the effects will linger for a day or so.

If you pump up your vulva and did not have sex, and walk around a day or so with your swollen up vulva, it feels like you were in a gang-bang been last night. Continue reading…

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It’s a mixed feeling. On the one hand, it makes things way more sensitive therefore sex is much better.

On the other, my labia can get pretty swollen and sore, even through the next day.

Overall, though, it’s pretty fun, and men usually attacks after pumping. Continue reading…


swingers sexnoheadgamehere

I am not a woman, but my girlfriend own one vacuum pump like that. She uses it, but not to often. She use it because she knows I enjoy it, and she seems to enjoy it a bit as well.

I think if it weren’t for the lingering swelling and some minor bruising side effects, she would probably use it more often.

Seem to me, it makes her clitoral orgasms a lot stronger and easier to obtain. Continue reading…


unicorn womanunykorn

Like with anything else, over do it and yes, you can do some long lasting damage.

Moderation is the key thing… I would hate to lose sensation from that particular bundle of nerves. Continue reading…

mfm threesomesWomen Looking for mfm threesomes

swingers sexletsbewildcpl

Have you ever had marathon sex until you are so sore you just can’t take any more?

It’s like that.  The enlargement and swelling in the moment is what I enjoy. And according to my experience… men can’t have enough from a pumped up vulva.  it is bigger, softer more wet… They loving it. Continue reading…


threesome fantazyMyThreesomeFantasy

I used it once and never again… Walking around next day,  all day with a raw, bruised pussy… thinking about the whole experience. This is pretty much how it goes for me.

At next day, when I had to go to pee and wiped my pussy, it was hurting like the hell… but the sex was amazing…  the feeling of my boyfriends cock finally sinking into me, it felt hard as a metal rod and he made me orgasm several times in a hour or so. Continue reading…

Is it worth? I don’t think so.

love threesomesMy mfm threesome fantasy


Is she faking it? Why some women fakes orgasm?

How can you give her mind blowing orgasm?

Sex party with our first gangbang

We have received a facebook message from someone we had met here and played more  at several sex  parties a while back. We had a great 4-some few times that involved my man eating her cream pie that put her into a screaming orgasm.

no string attached sexnsa sexbangwithus

Unfortunately, she and her boyfriend broke up and we didn’t see her at any more parties. Than she said she remember those great times we had spend together, and she asked if I wanted to meet for happy  hour.

We met, chatted and discussed the multiple relationships we had both had since the last time we saw each other. She said that the orgasm she had while my man ate her cream pie was the best she had ever had.

She also said that she had always had a fantasy to be gang banged, but part of the fantasy is to go bare back and to be filled with cum.  I told her that I knew a group of people that were clean and that we could probably make this work.

She got excited and agreed to talk the next day.

We met and talked a bit and she made a  decision. She decided to go for the gang-bang, with some condition apply… She will bring her fuckbuddy, and he will be the only one man who will go bareback. If my husband want to have cream pie, he is free to clean her out after her boyfriend. Continue reading…

swingers sex partiesSwingers Sex Parties

What she asked from me to get those few guys, and asked me to guarantee discretion, I mean, she wanted to be sure  the guys can keep secret…We live in a small city and a lot of people know a lot of others, so non of us want to her stories back about our kinky personal life…

It didn’t take long and we had a party scheduled. I picked her and her fuckbuddy  up for the party and she was looking great. She had a sexy top, mini skirt and fish net stocking. The agreement was that when we arrived, all the guys would be naked and waiting in the party room.

I verified everything was set, her fuckbuddy undressed too turned on the music and she danced in. As she did a strip tease, she watched every cock in the room get hard and handed them out a condom. She danced past each guy brushing her fingers across his dick, sometimes giving a little squeeze. Every guy in the room was staring at her sexy body and thinking of all they were about to do with her. Continue reading…

nsa sexWife Loves BBC for NSA Sex

We agreed in advance, her fuckbuddy would eat her first to ensure that she was sufficiently lubricated.  We he went down on her, she opened her legs very wide and all of us could see, her pussy juice virtually running down on her legs, so the lubrication would bot be an issue, list not for the first guy, but just to be safe we had a couple of tubes os KY on the hand.

The guys had already agreed on who was first, second and so on, than the show started. The first guy jumped on her and shoved his cock all the way in with one thrust. She yelped with surprise, but quickly recovered. Her legs went up in the air and wrapped around his back as she pulled him in deep.

The others was standing around her and started to masturbate. The second guy rolled his condom on to his erected penis.

I was the “show master” or the hostess and I started to get really horny too. My pussy was extremely wet… Continue reading…


Gang bang me. I want a cock in my hands, in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party

I had my first squirt a night after, during a wonderful time at a sex party

I think no sting attached casual sex, leisure sex and even swinging is a very healthy way to engage with others that are like minded and into erotic sex plays.. I enjoy o pleasure others as well as being pleased.

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swingers sex bbwslut1966

I have met many wonderful friends here on this website,  friends who I enjoy in and out of bed.

I am looking forward to more adventures and meeting new friends. I am always ready for some sexual  challenge and I love to learn new thing…

Also I love this swingers sex blog too,  especially love reading  here all the posts from other how are into nsa sex  and how fulfilled they are. Way to go people, just keep up… Continue reading…


casual sexLadyTeddieBear

I have met many many wonderful people in this website and in the lifestyle.

When my husband and I got married we had a huge Nude swingers
wedding party. We had about 70 nude swingers at our wedding.

And then when my husband  passed away there was 125 nsa sex friend and swingers at  his funeral.

They were, and they are more just swingers or sex friends, they are part of my life and they close to me as my family. Continue reading…


swingers sex WETnWILD4fun

I am in my early 50’s and having the time of my life sexually.  I met a man about a year ago here, and he has helped and taught me a lot about sex and nsa sex.

He explained me how to enjoy it and explained me what is the different between sex and love. I am still learning, but I know now how to to open up, and relax, and enjoy SEX.

I have always been basically a missionary, and doggie style type woman. Yet, I enjoyed giving a blow job often. In my mid twenties my then husband and I had a threesome with a friend of ours. I will say as excited as I was, I was extremely nervous. So, I really did not enjoy all of it as much, as I should if I am relaxed enough.

If I find this website earlier… maybe 15 – 20 years, well I can’t even imagine how much great sex and sex partners I miss…  So I have a lot of to catch up and I work on it.. Continue reading…


swingers sexVttongue

The wife is 62 and I am 59. We may do a few things differently, but we still have a great time and if we would know about this website earlier, that would enhance our sex life even better…

I mean when you are younger you can handle more… Continue reading…

swingers sexswingers sexletsbewildcpl

We had a lot of good time here and I hope we will have much more…

The best think that had  happened with me, because this website is,  learned about the squirt and how to the squirt.

For years, when about to reach an orgasm I felt pressure in my genital area and it always disappeared after the  sex was over and or I orgasmed.

Than a woman explained me just let it go, because that might that  ends up in female ejaculation.

I had my first squirt a night after, during a  wonderful time at a sex party. I got double penetrated and I squirted all over both guys… My orgasm intensity  was something else… Continue reading…



Is it possible to achieve squirting orgasm during anal sex?

Anal horny woman need your advice. Ladies, how did your first anal sex feel?

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos


Some straight men would perform oral sex on man in mfm threesomes

I recently attended a house party where the topic came around to how to discourage men that wouldn’t take no for an answer. One couple said that when guys get pushy about threesomes, her male half would pretend to be bi but even that didn’t work.

mfm threesomesSwingers Sex Parties

adult datingsweetlysassy10

Approximately 70% of supposedly straight men said they would perform oral sex on man  in order to have threesome, about half of them drew the line at anal sex (at the receiving and), but 30% of them said, anal sex would be ok too.

We did not believe it, so the host logged into this websites and went on live naked webcam chat. The camera was focusing on his wife. So we all stood around his computer, watched him. It took just few minutes and he found a web cam video chat partner than other and few more. Continue reading…

Amazingly all said they would suck his cock in order to have sex with his wife one on one and he can watch it, and 2 of them would not mind a mmf encounter and they agreed on anal sex too.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself. Apparently the definition of straight  heterosexual  men had been changed…

It made me wonder… Just how many straight guys that I’ve been with that have been with men and do they have any limits? Continue reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

If a man agree to suck other man’s cock and even agreed to anal sex being at the receiving end, I would say that they are just saying that they are straight.

Sounds more like they are bi or even gay and are afraid to let anyone know. They should be careful of the hangers in the closet so they don’t choke… Continue reading…

local sex dating adsNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

dating sexfunMinx4 40 T

Men are notorious for not putting the whole truth on their profile. There is a good portion of the men who contact me have nothing in their profile about being open to a CD/TS girl, and yet they date them all the time.

Men lie about sex for lots of different reasons. Not sure why they make it that complicated… Continue reading…


swingers sexetsbewildcpl

I, the woman part of the couple have an openly gay workmate. He said  in the old Rome Empire, men had sex with their wife only when they wanted to have kid.

If they wanted to have fun, they visited their man lover…  The only  difference, they did this openly… not like a lot of men here. Continue reading…


threesome fantasybeenthere

Been there… Does it matter? Play only those who you wish to play  let the rest of them do what ever they want to do.

There are a lot of different kind of people here with different preferences, different  erotic fantasies  and different ideas, how to make that fantasy real.

If a guy won’t take no for an answer, kick him in the nuts. He will get the idea… Continue reading…

swingers sexcouples adcupl4fun56

It’s not just the men who are guilty of this. A lot of women are here who are everything but honest… for example in their age or marital status.

It’s more about a lack of strong morals or not. I would much prefer dealing with folks who think it’s important to be honest. Continue reading…


casual sexyeswedocpl

Well, generally men came here to find nsa sex partner, maybe they very horny and or more desperate than anything, so they they are maybe compromising to play in bi men action in order to get chance to play with a man woman couple.y action.

I am sure when they are less horny and are in less heat they will generally react differently (i.e. if they are straight)  But maybe most are open to experiment and exploration (first
reason why they are here). Continue reading…


nsa sexstrawberrycarrie

Is there something wrong if they try to do anything to get laid? They are not rapist, they are just horny.

Or they just trying an erotic experience? Something new and or different? What if they are gay or bi? People lie, people lie on-line more. Sometimes they lies by omission. Sometimes out of fear of judgment.

Bi or straight, all people came here, because they want orgasms and fun. Live & let love or fuck… anal or not  whatever.

If they do not much your preferences than go to the next one. if men being rude and pushy that is different. I have only one advice on this, go to well organizing sex parties  and if someone does not understand what no stand for, ask the host to explain it to him…

Well organized party host hire securities, or invite people who know hot to take care pussy individuals in the order to let others play in safe… Continue reading…


My girlfriend actively seeks out for bi men to cum play with us and  suck my cock

How to find a sexually compatible sex partner for casual sex

Why some straight men afraid from threesome from couples?

Carrier & Nsa Sex. A Business Woman Double Life

As I start to write this, I know, I need to warn you, it wont be a short story, because it took time to realized my kinky side, my hunger for no string attached sex, and this hunger for nsa sex  brought me here and to put it down into written words wont be easy…

no string attached sex No String Attached On-line Adult Dating Profiles

nsa sex datingkinkywoman4u

I am sure I am not like all women here but I sure hope there are some who also  admit they have a kinky side as or even kinkier than I have.

As a woman I have struggled with the double standard, my carrier my family life, while  spending time seeking a forbidden secret sex life I yearned for but never thought I would find. This is my attempt at honestly sharing my inner feels and how I discovered my kinky side.

Anyways, I am going to cut a lot of details out, (but if you want to know my detailed story, it is posted on this website erotic story section here), I will tell explain my “hunger for sex adventure” in a short form here…

So here you go: I am a late thirties typical American woman,  who love life, love steak (or any other meat) and red wine, who hate to shave her pussy every day… Plus I am  absolutely does not look like any of the today’s super model. I am not a sex bomb at all.

But a guy from the university’s football team got me pregnant. Luckily I alredy had my diplome. He married me, by the way he is the man, who who took my virginity. One would say very sad, she is 25 and had one lover only. And right, very sad, just I did not know it at that timne… Continue Reading…

nsa sexkinkywoman4u

My husband turned out to be a boring lover and a bad husband. My mother became my best friend and eventually she confessed to me that Dad had gotten her pregnant and that is why their married. The only difference between her and me was that my husband  and I got divorced five years later while she stayed married to my father till the day he died.

I do not want to talk about how hard is to be a single mom… I am here to talk about my casual sex life.

I was and I am still reasonable “good” looking,  if you like big boobs big ass women (with nice pay check. Isn’t it funny how a nice pay check make you more attractive, than you are :-) ). I dated a lot of men. However I tended to view the men as just a friendly fuck and nothing more. I fucked many of them on my first date, because I know we wont have a second date.

Until one day, and that date was years later… (again, you can read the the details of the story here). Continue Reading…

I came here, because my best friend. She know my hunger for sex, she know my double life (a cold business woman at day an oversexed woman at night)  and  suggested me this website.  True enough, it just took few weeks to find a very interesting man with her help.

Another waste of time or so I thought until I met him at a restaurant and we began to talk. He  was exactly the perfect man for me at that point in my life. He was also divorced, only a few years older than me, no young children and was not interested in anything serious relationship. Continue Reading…

nsa sexkinkywoman4u

He seemed so confident and sure of himself as we began to get to know each other. I might add quite handsome as well.

A few glass of red wine we both began to loosen up and the topic of sex was coming up more than I ever thought it would.

“What’s the sexiest thing you have done in the last year?” he asked me at one point. Pausing for a few seconds I asked him to go first.

He blushed or so it looked to me as I tensed up wondering how honest he was going to be. “You want the truth”? He asked. “No please lie to me, ” I replied as we both broke out laughing. When we each calmed ourselves at the table he leaned over and whispered to me that he was invited by a friend and his wife to have a threesome with them a couple months before.

My heart rate picked up as my mind began to want more information that he had shared. “Ok your turn now and remember you have to be honest as well, ” he said putting me back on the spot. “I will admit this may sound stupid. Last year I agreed to be auctioned off for a charity event. Nothing sexual of course but it really turned me on beforehand, not afterwards, ” I said and shut up hoping he was not thinking I was some sort of sick bitch. (Again you can read the details of this auction of here)

He stared at me as I felt my nipples harden from the tension was felt. It felt like the silence at the table lasted for hours as Jack stared at me with this strange smile. “Say something, ” I finally said hoping to break the awkwardness I was feeling. “Sorry. I think that is so cool. I mean I appreciate you being so honest with me, ” he commented as I felt some tension leaving me immediately. Continue Reading…

swingers sexSwingers Leisure Sex Ads

“So how was the threesome?” I asked hoping he would share a few more dirty details with me. “Different, odd and very hot, ” he said as he leaned back in his chair. Of course my female curiosity was killing me, I was dreaming and fantasize about sex with two men since forever… and I think he sensed it but wasn’t going share too much. From then on our date was easy, fun and quite interesting as our honesty with one another continued.

Finally the bar was about to close as we walked into the parking lot together. I was entertaining the idea of inviting him back to my place but didn’t want to appear too easy either. With other men I had dated in the past, as I said I fucked most of them on our first date because I knew I would never date them again. But with him, he was different and I felt a real desire to see him again. Continue Reading…

NSA sexnsasexdates

We got to my car as my mind kept flipping back and forth wondering if he was going to make a move on me. My heart was racing as I unlocked my car and turned to at least give him a kiss good night. I might add here his cologne had made me dizzier than the red wine I drank on our date. I have always been a sucker for a man’s cologne.

As I turned I saw him smiling as he reached for me and carefully and tenderly pulled me into his arms. I melted the moment I felt his arms around me as my lost my ability to remain respectable. My breasts crushed tight to his chest right before I tasted his sweet lips on mine for the first time. It was the kiss for the ages and the best I have ever had.

From just one kiss, the man could have thrown me into my back seat and raped me and I wouldn’t have even screamed. Yet he remained in control and pulled back after our first
lingering, mind altering kiss. I stood gasping for air feeling light headed and weak legged. I was speechless in front of him as I sensed he was enjoying the affect he had on me.

Wanting another kiss I stood panting like a dog in heat hoping he would pull me back into his arms. What I wanted or needed and what he had in mind were not the same. I didn’t understand why this man didn’t ravish me and take advantage of what he obviously could get from me. “Do you want to come back to my place?” I asked him after he didn’t offer me that second kiss. Continue Reading…

He smiled and didn’t respond as I began to feel embarrassed for offering myself to him on our first date. “Well I understand and need to go. Thank you so much for the interesting evening, ” I said as I turned to climb into my car. I then felt his hand grab my arm and spun me around. “I want a second date next weekend and I want your wet panties before you leave, ” he said. I felt myself smiling even though I should have been insulted by his second request. “I would love to go on another date with you, ” I replied avoiding the
panties comment.

He seemed pleased but didn’t say anything. He simply pointed towards my pussy and panties and waited for me to hand over what he had asked me for. When I didn’t’ react
or respond he turned and began walking away. I felt such panic and frustration as if I was blowing my chance with the best guy I had dated ever. “Ok wait. I’ll give them to you, ” I said as another couple passed me and looked at me oddly. Continue Reading…

swingers sexI am one of those hornhy woman

He walked back and waited as I looked around and saw other people leaving the bar all around us. “Not here,” I whispered to him but he insisted I reach under my skirt and remove my panties in front of everyone. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed as I reached under and pulled my panties down while two men stopped to watch. I stepped from them
feeling their wetness and smelling their scent as I blushed and handed them to Jack.

“Wear a short skirt and sexy top next Saturday. And no panties, ” he said as he walked towards his car leaving me with two strangers staring at me.Continue Reading…

leisure sexLeisure Sex Dating ads

swingers sexOneQuite

Very cool, honest, and true. I have a kinky side tto and still learning to deal with it. I hope my parents and children wont ever find it out

Have not meet anyone yet, that is respectable or patience  enough to let me bring it out. Therefore I keep abusing my vibrators… Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

This post got my attention and I decide to read your whole story, and I red all from the first word, until the last. In fact I red it several times.

I am not sure it is really the story of your sex life and it real happened with you, or you just created to get your profile view more.

However, if you have created this story, than you are damn  good story writer and you should make living from writing… I am a marketing specialist and I can help you to make it happen. As a return I wont ask sex (but  sex would be nice), but if you think you need my help we can talk about details, if you contact me. I am basic member, so I can not contact you.

Get back to leisure sex: If it really happened with you, than I have to say kudos for you and I have to say, that man, who you talked about… he is a really lucky fellow. Continue Reading…

Anyways, thanks for sharing…


My Husband Enjoying Seeing me while Having Sex with Another Men

Penis Size and a Man’s Ego. A man with a huge penis gets all the beautiful girls.

NSA sex with small penis

swingers sex

Our first Everything Goes Privet Swingers Sex Party

We are a middle aged married couple and love the “lifestyle”. Few years back when we  first started to play with others via casual sex, we were excited as well as eager. We weren’t sure what to expect or what to  do at times.

swingers sexSex Parties in Yous Area

swingers sexletsbewildcpl

But we were very horny and wanted to experience others in our sex life so we fantasize a lot about casual sex and threesomes and sex parties.

We were secure in our relationship and knew without a doubt we could get beyond fantasy into reality. We had talked to so many couples and singles who couldn’t take that leap into reality, and like so many users here, we had to weed through those, until we meet some who were eager as us to move on to bigger and better erotic things.

We started out with some MFM threeways and they were fun and exciting, as I enjoyed watching her fuck other men. It was a fantasy coming true for me, and she enjoyed it extremely without a doubt.. Of course she did, those guys was very selected young men, in excellent psychical shape, so they did her all night and sometime all weekend long.

Than we started talking with couples here, on-line, and one day a couple invited us to a their privet house party. Being excited as well as a little nervous, we gladly accepted the invite.

There was several other couples, some of them have profile here, some others… we never saw before.

To skip all the boring parts, it wasn’t long and the sexual tension took over and people began undressing and making out. It got us  into the mood too and we started to make out with each other, until  the male half of the couple who was hosting the event, come over with a hard on and a rubber on asking me if he could fuck my wife. I willingly said ok, and my wife left her butt up higher (we were in 69 position).

He went behind her and entered her, his cock was just about an inch from my face as he move in and out from her wet pussy. I started to licking her clit again  and she went nuts. He started to fuck her faster, and I was really turned on laying under her watching his dick going in and out of my wife’s pussy. Continue reading…

sex partyNo String Attached Sex

I then felt a rubber being put on my cock and looked down and his wife was straddling my cock and inserting it in her pussy. She started riding me with a fury as watching her  husband and my wife set her hormones on fire.

She rode me for a few minutes, when I  moved out under from my wife  sat up and laid her down. She wrapped her legs around me and I got lost in fucking her. I slowed down for a little bit and heard a familiar moan around the side of me. As I looked up,  next to me my wife was sitting on top of a guy, and he was fucking her pussy and another guy had come up behind her and was fucking her ass. Continue reading…

casual sexShe was in an anal vaginal  double penetration  bliss and hollering for the guy to fuck her ass harder. As I was seeing this and fucking the host wife, I lost all control and must of shot a least a quart of cum into my rubber.

Anyways it was our first sex party and It was an exciting party and we both enjoyed  ourselves. She must of fucked at least four different guys that night. I had my share of pussies too, from three different ladies as well as  from my wife.

When we got home we were in the bed in minutes having some of the best sex ever talking about that party, and making plans for the next time make our very own sex party.

That party, our first hosted one, took some patients and some time to got there, but it was well worth the wait…

I hope you will find here too what ever you try to find… Continue reading…

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Cool writing, thanks for sharing. Our experiences are very close… and we do always wear rubber too.

Smart people practice safe sex (or as safe as possible) sex only. Continue reading…


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Very good, shows how things can progress. You never know were the journey will end. My wife and I are not the same people we were 38 years ago when we married.

Less sexual energy, but we still enjoy the journey time to time… If you can finish the trip together what a trip it will be… Continue reading…


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Very nice sex party… Really enjoyed to read it. We are living in the same city… I can’t wait till we are invited to some of those erotic house parties…  Continue reading…

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How can a single an build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

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We are a late thirties married couple and red the previous “Once you go black never turn back” post. Our problem, question is very black related. I know it sounds racist, we are not at all, in fact we would love to play with black men… Let me explain it in details please.

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Anyways my wife and I have been on this site for just over a year. Our dream – top erotic  fantasy would be to find a well hung young black man  who would play with us and bang her while a watch them / her and or might join in.

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We are around for several years and we do have our close friends circle. At first we had some problem too, because we were to selective. Once you manage to get over the first encounters, after that, it will roll…

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Well I wish you all good luck. No I have not been in this type of situation, but so what…

If on the odd chance someone here has had two large black men lined up to do their wife, and they did show up to do so, do you think it will turn out the
way your three way would?

I would think it depends on the people involved, and their personalities, because that’s going to be important, unless they are robots. If you and your wife have had a MFM before, the experience will be heightened by the people you shared it with and not the color of their skin. Continue reading…


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I could not find your city in your profile, so you might live on the north pole. That would explain it, or you got some serious attitude problem. That explains, why that man who played with did not penetrate her. Continue reading…


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My wife and I have been together for almost 11 years now. She is a gorgeous 5’7″  natural redhead, with  green eyes, and her ass is so smart… it  can make any man hard in the fraction of the second.

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We took turns all night long and that was a really good first time experience… It just made us hungrier for more.

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Than we decided to change and we went into black…  This is when this  adult dating
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You and your wife is white and you are married to each other. What would you say to your wife is she tell you: Baby I got this erotic fantasy. I want to have a threesome with you and with a well hung black man…


I don”t know how it will be different… But she will be black not blond. And I don’t know sex is different with a black lady… but it is my erotic fantasy… a black lady and my blond wife fuck me until I pass out… That would be different. Continue reading…

MFM Threesome – Over Marriage

Would you accept a male female male threesome relationship instead of normal, traditional female – male marriage?

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Let me explain….

It seems to me, that more and more countries and here in US more  states are accepting Gay Marriage. For example marriage of any two persons who love each other.

Would you be willing to have a threesome marriage? In this case two males and one female get married and they live together as a married  family.

If you are religious and if you truly deeply love,how would you deal with it?  Could this fit into your world view? Continue Reading…


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I don’t think you will find here a lot of religious people. Casual sex, sex party and swinging does not go with any religion, list what I know… and this website is a nsa sex website.

Otherwise, I love men… but live together – full time with two men as a family, well that is not for me. One husband is more than enough…


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While threesome can be fun as a occasional distraction… Long term as in a relationship takes a tremendous amount of work to keep things on an even keel.

It’s tough enough with  people, (look at the divorce rates) three is way more than a challenge. Continue Reading…


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That would be awesome, woman with multiple boyfriends or husband.

However it might not work, but would be interesting to see and  try to get it work…. Continue Reading…


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It can be difficult to find one person who fills my “every” need. So, I have multiple sex partners and multiple relationships.

Each relationship varies from the other, with different levels of involvement and understanding. One of my relationships has even included other partner(s) for the male as well.

If you understand and trust that you have meaning to one another regardless of whatever else is going on, and encourage, maintain communication, etc… it could work but, the people involved have to be open to the idea of making it work.

It’s commonly known that we can love more than one person, different levels, or types of love if you will, but love none the less.

Love is not sexual attraction, it is the things that you are willing to do, go through, or face with or for the individual in question. How much you like, need, want that person in your life.

Regardless of other involvements and goings on. Continue Reading…

casual sexcasual sexLadyTeddieBear

I have been involved in several threesomes over the years.They are fun, but just every know and than.

I don’t think I would go into that sort of relationship for full time living.  I would prefer a normal marriage.

As I would want to be his one and only that he loved, a third person is great if you want to add an extra person into the mix once in a while. Continue Reading…


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I think that sounds like a lot of fun  but in real life I don’t think it would last very long… Continue Reading…


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My husband encouraged me to take a lover. I wasn’t interested in another relationship but to keep hubby happy I obliged.

Sex with a lover is different than with a husband. It feels awesome to let my inner slut out. No inhibitions or worry of what he might think of me. The hotter and nastier the better he liked it. My husband too.

Would I recommend it to others? Why not but only if everyone is on the same page.

Two husbands? Not with living together in full time. That would  take a way the fun factor… Continue Reading…


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I would love to have two males. Now that I am 40, my sex drive is insane. I need two guys to keep up with me.

As guys get older, they don’t want it as often, or can’t have it as often as I need it.

We could all play together, or we could play with who ever is in the mood. Have different rooms, but sleep how ever you want. I am thinking. that just might work… Mmmmm… Continue Reading…

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We have no problem being in any kind of threesome, But marriage with two men is out of the question.

A marriage hard enough to make it work for two people, so I don”t think that would work for tree as a life long commitment… Continue Reading…


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The name of the “game” is polygamy. I mean when a woman takes two or more husbands at the same time, that is  polygamy.

Some people in religious group makes it work, but mainly  men have 2 or more wife… for example Muslim harems…  Continue Reading…


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