Cuckolding is our sport

pajama partycasual sexyeswedocpl

We are a married couple and we have a good friend, a couple friend with benefits . We do organize get together approximately once a month.

For my big surprise they play without us too. They are into cuckolding,  todays cuckold fetish means, the husband gets erotic pleasure from watching other men have penetrative sex  with his wife or spouse.

They said, they play this differently. Usually the husband brings home a man, from the gym or from other places, but never from work and never a friend. The guys is stranger for her. She is at home waiting wait for them to arrive… in a very sexy outfit, shows a lot of skin. The game is, she have to get the guy to fuck her at the front of her husband…

I told them I never heard anything like this… Than the husband said, the search term “cuckold sex” is the second most popular in the search engines’ database. (He works for a SEO firm, so probably, he knows what he is talking about).

Anyways that mean, a lot of people like to see their wife, have sex with otherw, with out the husband touch, and I don’t understand why… Do not misunderstand, we like nsa sex, we play with sex friends, but that is different, we do it together and share the fun together…

So I am just wondering, why a husband into sex play with his wife, if the wife subjugate him to a secondary sexual role by having penetrative sex with men without his participation? Continue reading…


casual sex cumcraverwife

Because theres nothing sexier than to wait your wife get fucked by a bigger dick then yours, to watch how much she enjoys it and cum on his cock.

If your man is a man enough to try, you will be surprise how much he actually will like it… Continue reading…


casual sexSeika111

Cuckold is not for everyone. Some love it some hate it. Same as everything else in the world…

Who ever don’t like it, can’t understand those who are into it. If you like something and fantasize about something sex related, for example cuckold and make it happen… you might like it or don’t… If you don’t you wont do it again. Continue reading…

no string attached sex

swingers sexcuckoldlove

Cuckolding is our sport… and we are loving it Cuckold brought us here.  Why? Because it is fun.

Our rules are: The playmate man should be younger and  have bigger penis than my husbands.

This one is a hard one… They should be better sex partner, but you can be sure how good he is, if you do not try.

When we play, I am (the wife) just an object, a sex object and we want the playmate to be dominant. Take me and fuck me… at front of he. That is our game. Continue reading…


Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?


swingers sexYouWant2Cum2

I was lucky enogh to have some nsa fun with a couple. Basically the husband was watching  as I fucked his wife as hard as I can. She kept saying harder harder!

The husband was really turned on, he had a big erection while was watching and than jerking his cock while watching.

Did not take him to long to shot his load… Later on they both talked about how great it was and wanted to do it again in the near future. Hope they going to call me, because she was a wild vixen… I really enjoyed her and myself too… Continue reading…


adult datingWNCCuckoldcpl

We are into cuckolding too, in our modern, todays cuckold, which is not really cuckold.  In real cuckold the husband is being humiliated… which is not the todays, cuckold, therefore I prefer the term, hot wife. Hot wife in casual sex stand for cuckold… Continue reading…

swingers sex


Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

I had few FMF threesome with my boyfriend and my girlfriend

 swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

looking for menstill-looking

My boyfriend and I had few fmf threesomes, we loved it and would do it again actually I will do it…. At first we just “shared” our fun with my best friend, but later we introduced otehr girl into our sex play.

My boyfriend is orally bi and I really want to experience a MFM or MMF.  However there is no willing man… or who ever would be available are older than my parents… Any idea, tips what should we do? Continue reading…

swingers sex

leisure sexyoungandplayfull

I heard you… Had  FFMs with couples, but I would really love an MMF, or FMF like you, and agree with you. Young men do not want to share their sex partners, They think they can do as much as two men…

I think two men do twice as much… and I really want to try. Bi or not, I don’t care as far as is not guy. I have nothing against gay men, it is just my preferences… Continue reading…


swingers sexhot_vixen4u

To be perfectly honest here, I am not bi, I don’t care for women who are bi, that is not a turn on for me.

I just don’t want my man to be bi and be sucking dicks and fucking the ass of some guy and then having sex with me. Call me whatever, but that is a real turn off to even see two guys together.

I guess I see bi men as not real masculine men. It also means they have more choices of being able to have sex, and I figure most bi men have sex more often with other men than they do women because it’s more available and easier to score.

I have been with a bi man, but when I found out about it, I worried about AIDS and other STDs, so for me, I’d rather be with a man’s man who only has sex with women. I can deal with that.

Not to mention, who really knows with bi men if they like men better, or women better. I just don’t want to deal with that at all. Continue reading…

Big titiesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

nsa sex2bzeez

Bi guys are gay. Not solely ONLY for men, sexually; as body pleasure is body pleasure. The difference is that he is “attracted” to men – and that is not ok with me.

Just the same as if he has a roving eye towards women and I’d not feel confident that he’d only be mine. It minimizes the masculinity I’d see in him as my mate.

I do not find it attractive – at all, what-so-ever man on man. I’d really rather never sex someone that is into that. Continue reading…


casual sexmusicmaniac

mfm threesomes are good, you should not give up the hope to find compatible partner. Join a group, there are a threesome groups everywhere, probably  close to your location too. They “will help you out”.

I don’t care if people are bi, or gay, in any form. I hope they are happy being who they are and doing what they  do…  but, in my sex partner, my potential playmate, I prefer straight men,  it important for me and for my boyfriend too. Continue reading…

MMF threesome with bi man. Bi man in threesome with man – woman couple.

sex dating

When I started to think about threesomes…. my assumption was fmf was what most couples wanted or tried.

However, after talking with many ladies here  MFM is more common and the  biggest fantasy for a lot of couples. Men just want to see their wife get fucked by other man

Course that makes total sense as what woman doesn’t want two men chasing her and paying her lots of attention?

The question is what couples should face and be sure:m Can a man share his woman with another man and be happy?

I do not mix bi men into this,  play with bi or straight men is very personal preferences for anyone. Continue reading…


How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos

Threesome basics

Does any man want to hook up here with a man woman couple?

swingers sexDoggy Style – Threesome

swingers sexlindyq

Does any man actually want to have no string attached sex with a man woman couple here?

We’re new, our profile had been viewed by over 1000 times since December. We’ve been hot listed and flirted with, etc.

Every time we ask a guy to have a drink, meet for dinner, etc. we get no response at all or get jerked around until we give up.

Also if we manage have to first meeting, the wanna be partners  are not 51 & 56, they are 61 & 66! Liars.

We’ve been totally honest on our profile but are starting not to even enjoy this process.  We just want to have as a couple some no string attached sex, would anyone want to look at our profile and tell me what’s up? Continue reading…


casual sexnewcpl

We used to have the same problem. Actually our fantasy was a mfm threesome and we did not know how to find a guy who is willing to do it.

We go to night clubs but no success. The guys was drunk or they wanted one one one sex, plus not essay to explain… Like “Hi, this is my husband. Would you like to come up to our hotel room and have a threesome with us.”All men would say no thanks… than we found this website.

Well, not easy to find a willing and a compatible partner, but the majority of the people come here to find NSA sex partner, so you started up right….

Definitely honesty is your best policy, just be positive and you will find someone. Continue reading…

sex with freindsSex with friends at a sex party

casual sexmusicmaniac

In a way you are advertising your partner and yourself for a threesome. This is not really clean from your profile. You have to re-write it and make is Cristal clean what you looking for.  

As you alredy experienced it, going to a nightclub or using a social networking site may not produce the results you expect.

But if you like socializing than join a group from this website, a group that is close to your location. A lot of groups are attached to this website, groups that dedicated to swinging, or threesome lovers, etc.  Continue reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

You have already stated that you have met people from the site so obviously people do meet here. You can’t really expect to click with everyone you meet.

The fact that so far you haven’t met anyone who has been genuine and sincere tells me you need to re-assess your screening process. Don’t be in such a rush to set up a meeting.

Make sure you are arranging a meeting with someone who is as they are on their profile. Insist they show themselves, use web-cam, on cam so you see them. Continue reading…


swingers sexcpl4girl2

It is not the land of free candy and easy, hot sex that the adverts sell you. So to tell; “We are a easy going professional couple” wont do anything about sex.

Men who are looking for join a man woman couple for threesome, don’t care you are professional or not…

They care about sex only, they want to know what you and your mate except from them…

If this way does not work for you, start to engage with the different aspects of the site other than browsing or being browsed and messaging.

As someone suggested above join a group. I am sure there is a swingers group in your your area too. They will help you make your fantasy happen.  Continue reading…

no string attached sex

swingers sexsafecouple59

Like most things in life you get out and make it happen. Be positive and than it will happen!

Want a sex party, than make your profile look like a party lovers profile.

Have a partially filled out profile something in proportion to what you put into
it. Just a few pictures, of her boobs and his cock wont create any real activity.

Don’t get lazy, join on-line clubs, or groups. use the built in chat or even video chat. It will work, just you need to be patient a little. Continue reading…


Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

We never had any problem to find new playmates… In fact we can’t keep it up…

We used to play quite a bit on the first meet. We stopped because we found that we were making bad, spur of the moment decisions. We prefer to just flirt and have a sexy kiss at the end of the evening and then plan to meet another time.

We look for people we’d like to hang out with and see again and again. That just wasn’t happening when we’d meet and then play on the first date.

Now we can talk and make sure we’re on the same page (my husband and I). I have to say though, besides the bad decisions, we did have some super great and very erotic times playing on the first meet.

So you may want to change your profile and be supper honest, what exactly you are looking for… Continue reading…


How can a single man build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


Women having sex with women

swingers sexSwingers On-line Dating

sex fantasiesfantasy67694

What do men find so exciting, erotic and or fascinating about, women kissing and having sex with other women? Continue reading…

no string attached sex

casual sexmusicmaniac

I’m not sure why men love the see women while they have some bi sexual or lesbian fun. I guess they hope they can join in…

But the other day I was browsing on Google and found a ffm threesome related post on a blog, that made me think… A lady wrote it how a ffm  is every men’s dream, and a lot of women that would enjoy them.

Than theres was a comment from a man, he said his female female male threesome fantasy, could be a female male female, but either way it would consist in his  X wife and his present  girlfriend play with each each other and than get into a fight over him… for who should go first…

It immediately reminded me for my present man. He talks about his ffm fantasy a lot, a god thing he did not mentioned his X, but he told me they are friend…

You just gave me a dirty ides with your question… Continue reading…


swingers sexTrueIncubusDream

What’s not to like? Two attractive, naked females, doing  something sexual and enjoying it. Guys are typically very visual, and girl on girl is a visual feast.

But, everyone is different. From your tone, I suspect you just don’t get it. And I suspect you don’t enjoy seeing two guys getting it on either. I know many gals who like seeing two or more guys going at it… and they totally understand why guys would like seeing women’s sex play.

Regardless, to each their own. If you are female, and it doesn’t excite you, you are not weird or abnormal. In swingers club, it may seem you are unusual – but in the general populace, I’d bet you are more typical… Continue reading…



Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?

My Husband Enjoying Seeing me while Having Sex with Another Men

A lot of people fantasies about 3somes, my hubby and I too. Be it MFM or FMF… I would love both scenarios

Men love to have spouse fuck by others, or women love to fuck in front of him?

couples sex adsCuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?


swingers sexidblueswoman

I am agree with the above: “In swingers club, it may seem you are unusual…”

Fortunately for me it’s not something my husband is into. Unfortunately for us as couple, most couples want the woman half a couple to be bi and since I am not they pass us over.

Have been told as much. Oh well, there loss…. Continue reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

Everyone has their own personal preferences,  and a bi woman couple is not on my preferences’ list.

In fact to watch a woman having sex with another woman is not my favorite activity. It can be turn on for a while, but after it gets boring…

Why better better scenario if a man plays with that two women. However I would choose a mfm over a ffm at any time. Continue reading…

sex party

swingers sex3somefetishcpl

Most men are like me… and I don’t like woman on woman.  A lot of bi women around… a lot of men find women’s sex play very sensual. This way bi ladies can gave their share of fun, he can watch and join in.

However often in a ffm, man can have penetrative sex only with his own lady partner… therefore he have a lot of times to watch… It is like a new wave of cuckolding… Continue reading…


casual sexkitcatkat

It is a preference, I like mfm or man on man myself to see… What men like, how they hold them self…

Can a man suck of a man better than a woman ? Just my thing, I like watching how they Jack each off.

So there is men and women who love to see some bi sexual action… Not just men only. Continue reading…


casual sexcoolandhornycpl

Woman make love with woman is a beautiful thing to see. I think maybe part of it is watching sex without having to see another guy’s dick go into the pussy what you eat!

That is like to suck his cock… You can smell his body odor on your woman, that is why if we have mfm threesome, I just watch it.

She can have her share of fun, if she want to, but I never join in… Continue reading…


casual datingrealplayer

Virtually almost every single male on this website has an FFM threesome as a fantasy. This fantasy include woman on woman…

Most guys, perfectly happy to accept that fantasy is something that never will be real, but if it happens, than they are happy to watch…

I think if it is okay for the ladies, than it can’t hurt anyone. Continue reading…

My boyfriend want a kinky St. Patrick Day’s sex party

sex party Adult Dating Free

casual sexmusicmaniac

When I was younger, my friend and her husband took me to a sex party, organized by a bunch of university students.

Everyone was wearing some kind of sexy outfit, girls showed a lot of skin but no one was naked in the “public” area,

Some people was into role playing,  Dr. and Nurse; and photographer and his model  if I am remember right.

A night went on and more than few people started to play… We were wandering around getting aroused when this man asked to worship my feet. I have a nice set of legs even today, but in my younger age they used to be even nicer…

Anyways, I was so newbie that I looked dumbly at him and my friend had to tell me he had a foot fetish and wanted to play with my feet.

It was fine for me. So, there I was in a crowd of semi-naked, horny, sexed up people having my feet, ankles and calves licked and massaged. I loved it! At the end I had sex with him and with my friend’s husband too.

At next morning at breakfast my freind and I weren’t to comfortable what we did…. but we got over it. That was my first erotic party. Since that I had my share of “fun”, mainly threesomes, with men I know well,  but I never participated, never visited any sex party.

Now, 15 years later my longtime boyfriend suggested, we should host a kinky St. Patrick Day party. It sound very appealing…  but I am not sure, should I do it? He is a jealous type and don’t know how would he handle the side effect of a sex party,  emotionally. What should I do? What would you do if you  were me? Continue Reading…

sex partySex Party Groups from you area

swingers sexjerryalton52

Be carefully with jealous boyfriend.  Two years ago for my 50-th birthday my x boyfriend and  I invited 10 guys for a gangbang  me.

We talked about it, the idea was his, and I was fantasize about it a long time.  5 showed up from then 10.  One could not get it up, one other blow his load before   he could roll a condom on his dick… So I ended up have sex with three guys plus the boyfriend. I really liked one of the guy’s knowledge,  he really knew how to make me achieve orgasm.

At the end of the night as “goodbye” I performed my best oral sex on that guy and swallowed all his sperm.  After all night fucking… it was just a few drops, however my x boyfriend did not like it at all… and that was the beginning of the end…

So if you are not sure… don’t do it, or do it with out him… Continue Reading…


casual datingrealplayer

Your boyfriend want a Kinky St. Patrick day sex party…  Don’t know what your boyfriend consider kinky sex… Maybe an orgy?

I’ve never been in an orgy,  but I think sex parties with 3-ways kinky enough… You said you had your share of threesome, so not really understand what is the problem?

Have you had those threesomes with out your boyfriend? Continue Reading…


sex partypartyanimals

The last kinky sex party we were involved had 8 couples.  People had sex on the carpet, because wasn’t enough bed. We had to watch our steps or we would step on someone…

That was a very kinky sex party, but I would not consider as an orgy. You should talk about all the details with you boyfriend, before you agree. Communication, communication and more communication… Continue Reading…

free datingSwingers Sex Ads

love gangbangsgangbangkrista

Your question reminded me of some nice times. For example in the couple of the nicest gang-bangs all guys was very intelligent, so I would say, a kinky party or an orgy or a gangbang much better if the participating people are educated and intelligent.

I know a lot of men will scream at me, because of this comm net,  but it “came” from my experience.

I would go for it, but would select my guests very carefully. Continue Reading…


couples dating2playornot2play5

I’ve really been curious about orgys or kinky sex parties and have wanted to try one for a long time.

Theres something super exciting about doing naughty sex play with strangers. Can you invite me? We are living in the same city :-). Continue Reading…

Am I too young for no string attached sex?

Loacal membersLeisure Sex Dating Ads from Your City

leisure sexyoungandplayfull

I am a very busy single woman, and don’t have time to develop romantic relationships, but I do have erotic needs, that I like to get fulfilled. That is why I am here.

Make it   crystal clean, I am not here to find single men to use me as a sex toy. I can find men in the first bar, but single guys hard to get rid of… I want to play with a married couple. But there is a problem, I am not unicorn, so I just want her to share her husband with me…

I browsed this forum and found a post from an older lady, she had the same problem, just she thinks, others think she is too old for casual sex.

It should not be age issue, but looks like it is. So what do you think, am I to young to play with a middle aged married couple? Why? Continue Reading…


no string attached sex epcouplexxx

You are not the only one. It seems most of the community doesn’t like the young people who are into no string attached sex, or who want to play with swingers.

We’ve had all kinds of experiences already without problems but people have a generalized feeling, because our age we’re insecure or something. What are your thoughts on them?  Continue Reading…

swingers sexLeisure Sex Dating Ads

swingers couplesbrutay2

We don’t think it is your fault but most women in this world are nervous about their looks and are worried about how they would match up with a younger woman.

The other point here is that we have found that younger couples are prone to jealousy bouts during hard core sex sessions.

Don’t despair jut keep looking for other swingers in your age group… Continue Reading…


casual sexpotlatchcpl

Don’t weary about what other people think, just enjoy your life the best way you can.

Sometimes it not easy, but hard work will pay off… Continue Reading…


swingers sex adshere2play

We are a middle aged couple (early forties) and you are right, we do not play anyone who can be our child…

Plus look at our body and look at yours. If we play with a young hard bodied single woman, the older woman might not get enough…

So your best option would be play people in your age group… Continue Reading…


swingers sexfingercuffs530

Well,  a lot of  younger swinger couples may scare off others because people might think they’re too immature to handle the  emotional pressure that comes with no string attached, sometimes very hard core sex.

Young men usually turn to be a big drama king, when they see their woman have a lot of fun with other men.

But persistence will always prevail! Just keep trying it’ll happen… Continue Reading…


swingers sexwildaspirations

It is not always about age. There are many young people that are very mature in the way they think. At the same time there are  older people that act very childish acting.

It all boils down to maturity and compatibility. If both people are happy with each other then good for them. Just keep looking, I am sure you will find compatible play mates. Continue Reading…

casual sex

boring wifeboredwife

I think for some, the age is an issue. But there are those who don’t look at the numbers…  or they want experienced  sex partners.

My younger sister is 25, having an on going casual relationship with a 38 year old divorced man. It is on for few years and they sex life really good.

I am  34 as my profile states. My living in partner turns to be 58 in August. We are living together since 2008.

Despite being in a permanent romantic relationship with this man, I am here to find, unattached single men, for one night stand. I have no interest in spending time with a couple or married man, without the wife’s permission.

My man has no interest in finding a playmate nor desire to join in on my fun, but most of the time he escorts me… Continue Reading…



More mature women enjoy wilder sex with younger men as they get older. Older women looking for younger men for NSA sex

Younger women looking for experienced older men for NSA sex. Younger women date older men for many reasons

Sexual relationship between older women and younger men

Love it when a young stud makes my wife scream!

pajama partyleisure sexLooktotrymore

We love threesomes! MFM is the best! I love it when a young stud makes my wife scream. She loves the attention and it makes her feel great when a  guy  or two guys, half her age,  is screwing her brains out.

Unfortunately slightly difficult finding respectable young men lately. Is it just our problem or some others have to deal with the same issue? Continue Reading…

 mfm threesomeLeisure Sex Dating Ads


We used to have the same problem… but if you get “things” roll, than you will have a lot of fun. Not easy to find nice guys who knows and who are willing to perform in a mfm trio, but hard work will pay off…

The best way to go,  I mean it worked and work for us… We joined the couples group and the mfm threesome group in the local groups section, and from there easier to filter the weeds out…

We picked up a routine over the years  and we host our own party once a months or winter maybe in every 6 weeks or so. If we host we have better control over who will be there…

Our next party will be a St. Patrick Day sex party with dress code, which is green underwear or no underwear… Continue Reading…


swingers couplesbrutay2

We have also found that special man to join us is the most rewarding experience as a couple.

Both men are dedicated to giving me pleasure, and there is no words to describe that pleasure… Continue Reading…


swinger sexStarGazer56

Yes we have done a few mmf and mfm too and wasn’t easy to find play mates, but we now have found 1 very special guy who joins us when possible.

However more is merrier… we still need one more “special guy”. Having 2 guys is good but being with 2 very special guys and the husband, makes it even better… Continue Reading…


swingers couple doubledelight74

We are interracial couple, He is white and I am black. We are not true swingers, but love threesomes, we prefer MFM too..

My man loves to fuck me in the presence of another man and loves to watch me being fucked, it took a while to get him into it.

I have been asking him for years but he was always reluctant as he wasn’t sure he could perform in same room as another man, and some cases together with that other man,  but that soon changed.

Agree, not easy to find a nice and polite guy, who respects our wish… but as others say, there are others who are like us and prefer the MFM scene. Continue Reading…

leisure sexInterracial Sex Ads

threeses ads3forallstmale54

Yes, we love to play with another man too. He loves to  see her with other man or more is better as some men only think they can get it up and they can’t.

Takes all the pressure off if 3 or 4 guys. From four someone always ready for action… and sooner or later that will get the others into the mood.

The husband should always be part of it and help please her. He should be the paymaster… or the director.

There are a lot of looser, head gamer men are here, who just fantasize about sex with a couple, but when the time to have action arrives, they back off or can’t perform, that is why hard to find nice guys here. Continue Reading…


swingers sexBigMox2

We love threesomes too, both of us straight. I preferred finding another man to share my wife. It eliminates concerns about equity and jealousy, and makes finding  play “friends” much easier.

Compatible couples are much harder to find and when you do you still have to worry about whether everyone feels fully included, appreciated.

Join those  local threesome groups. We did and we always had numerous single men interested in joining us and could pick and choose for particular  characteristics.

The men were always appreciative and we had a lot of fun. As we got older we lost interest and motivation, but it was great for a number of years and still fun when ever we manage to set up one… Continue Reading…


leisure sexdadysgirl

Agree, not easy to find willing to perform men with other men in present…

I love threesomes with two straight guys. Straight is important, because bi guys tend to be more into each others than into me…

But it is really hard for me. I am living in a small town, have my own business and everyone knows everyone, I love older, experienced men, which is good because younger man can’t keep their mouth shot… Anyways if people finds out here I love to “do” two or three guys at once, than my reputation is over and that will effect my business and my living too. People very conservative here, like in many  small town in US.

Maybe that is why I love three and more somes, because I can’t have enough sex  more than few times a year… No local partner. Those “fun times” I drive 4 hours, to the city, rent a hotel room and go for erotic partying, after the party to the hotel room (hopefully).

My next big day will be St. Patrick Day’s green pajama party. Can’t hardly wait… I alredy gut a tiny green baby-doll…  Continue Reading…

nsa dating

Join The Party!

With so many enticing members around the world, Swingers Couple is by far the largest and raciest party finder place on-line.

Get in on the fun by checking out the Hottest Member Videos gallery. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens and you’re invited to join their party on cam! Dive head first into thousands of raw and uncut member videos, like this red-hot video clip from  “a very seductive, sexual, and sensational woman, who are looking for hot, tasty, and toned people to meet for a hot time.”

Swallow or no to swallow? Kinky way to swallow his cum

casual sex

Which is the kinkiest way you like to swallow cum?

no string attached sexactivecpl

This is mostly for the ladies, but some men love to swallow too, so  it applies to those guys as well I guess.

I was wondering which is the kinkiest way you ever swallowed cum…

Personally I had once drink it from a wine glass… It was the best cum shot of my life! Continue Reading…


Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

My wife prefers to have the cock as deep in to her mouth as possible when I cum in her mouth. She said, that way does not matter how it would taste, because no taste at all… Continue Reading…


sex datingnot_shy

I love to be deep throated, when my cock hit her throat, I can’t control my load any longer… I just have to blow, fill up her mouth.

She swallows or don’t make no difference for me. Her choice…. but I don’t think a deepthroat is consider as very kinky… Continue Reading…


adult datingfunfunmorefun

I  have inverted myself against a headboard in my bed, my wife’s anal toy in my butt to simulate my prostate with and tried to shoot my own load in to my mouth… It takes some practice, pacion and few weeks to get it right,  so I had to try several times, before my load hit the target…

At once my wife caught me doing that, I won’t ever forget her face… that was price less.

You can see few photos about this action in our photo album, the one that attached to our profile… Continue Reading…


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If you are not going to lick the cock clean while looking
him in the eyes, why bother to swallow. Continue Reading…


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If you are really the age you say on your profile… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And cum in a wine glass is not new, in fact that is old school… It is so pa say nothing is new to me any more… It used to be a “training” option for “new” players to make up their mind they like it or not… Continue Reading…


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With some Chianti and some nice fava beans? Continue Reading…

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As deep inside my mouth as possible…. Most of the time I attempt a really good deep throat move as soon as the guy begins to shoot.

Getting a throat full as well as a mouth full liquid protein in the form of cum is hot…. Continue Reading…


How to Deepthroat a penis? Read the article on


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So I think the kinkiest part is never really knowing just how much and what taste are you going to get…

And of course how you going to get it… face shut or in your mouth? You get some guys who are just knocking around like a bull in a china closet and then you get the ones so intensely hooked up that if you vary by one degree they are  screaming, no don’t stop, keep going…

And then there is that little dribble or that rush. Some salty, some soapy.  A few just seem to paste the entire inside of your mouth.

A sexologist at a health clinic told me to safe by either spewing it out or by swallowing cum, if the man is healthy.

He said your gastric acid gets it all gone. So I often swallow, but there is a certain type of sex partner, who turn to be “cocky”… He orgasms and  just lays there for a moment and then I kiss him and push his cum back into his mouth…That is kinky!

Instead of freaking out on how lousy sex partner he is,  he freaks out from his own cum…  Continue Reading…

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He is to big for anal sex

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I love anal sex rimming and penetration. The problem is my boyfriend’s penis is to big to enter me from behind no matter how much lube we use.

The only single guy that I ever tried with, was much smaller but couldn’t stay hard so that was a bust.

My best experience so far was with another couple that we met on here and the female did me with a strap on. (She had every size attachment that you could want.) Her husband rimmed me so well beforehand that I thought I was going to pass out.

So I was wondering, people who enjoy anal sex, do something special to make it more enjoyable? Continue reading…


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We love anal plays too, he loves to give it and I really enjoy to receive it… Try practicing with anal toys, gradually increasing in size.

Eventually you can get used too and one day he can enter inside of you at the back door, just remember, lube is good… Continue reading…


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I love anal sex but, I have to be in the mood for it to be good. No need anything special just good lube…

Of course you should go step by step, but you are not an anal virgin, so you should know how to take a penis in from behind… Continue reading…


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I think anal sex is one of those things that everyone could enjoy, men women… both, but would first need to overcome the social and other stigmas attached to it. Continue reading…

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We are loving it, special during her period… I love it, my wife loves it too.

It usually happens when she gets super wet and is extremely horny, its a true treat when we do it right and usually we do right…

Lube is the key, practice with toys to get used to the size and eventually you’ll be able take your boyfriend  monster cock into your anus. Continue reading…


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We love anal sex. We both love to rim and be rimmed.

She loves anal penetration especially with a  right size of strap on. Continue reading…


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I love anal sex, love rimming, giving  with strap on and receiving, sends me through the roof!

I prefer to receive with a real thing… but strap on ok too. Continue reading…

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My  anal sex experience is  limited but the idea of it and trying double penetration certainly turns me on.

I also enjoy rimming  but I haven’t met to many person that seem into it. So yes, I’d be up for it… Continue reading…


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My favorite is when my girl turns around and begs me to fuck her ass.

Make anal most enjoyable knowing that my partner loves it…. Continue reading…


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Anyone can enjoy anal sex

Plenty of gel lube and patients is needed. You start with plenty of gel and one finger, then when the muscles relax add more lube and another finger.

Ride out that bite of pain and when the muscles relax he uses those fingers to stretch you, slowly and gently until they are moving without causing discomfort.

Then repeat with a third finger, once all discomfort is gone then you should be able to take his cock. There are also inflatable butt plugs that start small and you gradually increase in size, but they cost money and fingers are free and give you more intimacy.

The key is for you to relax so the more anal play you do the quicker you will get use to it and relax automatically and for your partner to take his time in preparing you. Continue reading…

kinky sexSome People Love Anal Three-ways


Women & anal sex. I love my ass & pussy both fucked at the same time.

While I am being fucked hard in my ass, I use a toy on my pussy to reach full body orgasm

Kinky sex & ass play. How can I enjoy some anal stimulation?

St. Patrick’s Day Sex Party

cropped-newaffhead3.jpgLeisure Sex Dating

St. Patrick’s Day give us a perfect opportunity to turn someone into a party animal at a sex party. Oh you are alredy a party animal… Than you can be a green sex machine…

There is always reason to have no commitment casual sex. Not because we need a reason other than no string attached sex is good…  Reason number one is, you are horny. Yeah it is a very good reason, but many of us horny at all the time, so we should find a better reason. Continue Reading…

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I am going to help you. You can organize a This St. Patrick’s Day sex  party. You are not an Irish? Forget about it. You can still celebrate… Search Dating Sensations and you might get lucky even with out green beer.

Whether you have any Irish in you, (or just want some!) or you just want to get lucky with an Irish lady do yourself a favor and search Dating Sensations’ member. I can guaranty you, you will be be kissing a lot more than the Blarney stone! Just for help… your Swingers Couple’s credentials (user name – password) works on Dating Sensations too…  Continue Reading…



You don’t need to be Irish to get lucky on St. Patrick’s Day. You can find it out how here…

I am young business woman and one day somehow I ended up partying. And it wasn’t a tea party…

My wife with two guys on a house party. True based erotic story

Erotic Party Pictures & Swingers Party Stories
What will you find there… Unfaithful spouses? No. Forbidden sex? No. Virgin girls?  Definitely no virgin girl here (thanks God)!

So what is it? Taboo? No, you wont find any taboo there. Click on the above link and find  out yourself!


You can check out their Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

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“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”  Continue Reading…


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Last year one of our friend hosted a St. Patrick Day’s sex party and he invited us. He is not Irish, but he have some Irish background, great – great grandfather was Irish.

Anyway, you do not need to be Irish to have as much sex as you wish or have sex until you green… but that party was a blast. It almost turned to be an orgy…

I hope he will host one this year too. If you plan to go a St. Patrick Day sex party or just even a normal vanilla St. Patrick Day party, I have only one advice for you. Wear a nice shiny  green underwear and if you are a lady, make sure it is one size smaller that you need and you flash your ass with that small shiny thing on…

After that, the sex will happen, as much as you can handle… until your ass shiny too… Continue Reading…

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