Our first anal vaginal double penetration with my husband

We are seriously thinking about our first anal – vaginal double penetration with my husband and on other man. The idea was mine, and my husband jumped into.. I’m very nervous, but just to think about it makes me extremely wet and horny.

swingers sexdouble penetrationnew2thiscpl

I’m looking for any helpful advice from couples who have done it…

It is my longtime erotic fantasy and this is totally my idea.

I love anal sex, not every time, but often and when ever we do it, I enjoy it. We tried double penetration with vibrator, the vibrator in my pussy, and hubby performed anal  sex,  I enjoyed it more than I ever imagined.

We’ve already found a man, and I hope he will be the right man. We had our first business like meeting, and we discussed the idea. He seems nice and understands we have never done this before.

Our marriage is strong and there is no jealousy exist. My husband is quite excited about it, any time when this subject comes up, he vigorously performs and makes me orgasm multiply times… Continue reading…


kinky sexdoublefun

Double penetration is our  favorite sexual activity, but it is not for everyone.

At first you need experienced partners, or list one of the guy should be experienced, so list one of them will know what to do, otherwise you wont enjoy it. Continue reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

Everyone have erotic fantasy, so you are definitely not alone with your fantasy. Some people keep fantasizing forever, but looks like you want to do something about your fantasy,m which is ok…

I suggest, you should go step by step… According to your profile, you never played with others, so I think that would smart if you first visit a sex club or sex party, than play with a other couple or have a threesome with on extra man…

I am not sure how is it in your fantasy… but you said you discussed it with that man… So how was it, you said, I want to get double penetrated and the guy said ok, I can do that…

Usually guys who say things like that, they will never show up for the second date… Continue reading…


casaual sexdoubledeeplover

Do it, but like that Canuck guy  said it at above, it be done right.

Mood, people and patience the key.

In our case it was my husband idea and we did many times with toys before,  I finally decided to do it with real man… But we had few threesomes with that man, so we kind of get to used each other.

It was a lot of erotic pleasure as soon as we all adjusted our strokes and movements. Anal vagianl double penetration is a lot of fun, but my favorite the vagianl double…

Two cocks in my pussy is the most filling and pleasurable experiences I have ever felt. I can’t stop cumming… when ever it happens… Continue reading…

swingers sexnsa sex datingopen4nsa

I did anal vaginal double with my x boyfriend and an other freind few years back. I liked it a lot… According to my x boyfriend I like it to much and he got jealous of his friend and he turned to be an ass hole after that event…

I’m still not sure why, it was his idea the freind was smaller than him, plus if I wanted to date that guy I would date him, not my x boyfriend.

I would do it again at anytime with the right guys… but just only if 100% sure there is no jealousy. By the way, he did not leave me because this db, I left him. I can’t stand jealousy men… Continue reading…


casual sexyeswedocpl

Looks like you had a little preparation  to make it work… you tried with toy, you like anal, so probably the real db would be a lot of fun for  you, if you prepare a little more…

I would suggest a little training… before the event. Like three of you watch hot double penetration video, than try the positions first with just one, than with the other…

This practice will makes your juices flow for sure… If you are nervous a glass of wine or two might help to calm down.

You should not jump right into the double penetration. Start with threesomes at first. Enjoy the extra guy and get used to him, plus all three of you will learn how to be comfortable around each other naked. Continue reading…

casual sexRelated:

You and your wife is white and you are married to each other. What would you say to your wife is she tell you: Baby I got this erotic fantasy. I want to have a threesome with you and with a well hung black man…

Mfm threesome on my bucket list

I am a late twenties divorced woman, threesome was one of the erotic thing on my bucket list. Just before any misunderstanding, there few more things are on my bucket list (not sexual things) that I probably would never try.

casual sexCasual Sex Dating

nsa sex datingopen4nsa

It happened at recently. I was wondering around in downtown, just to kill time and window shopping, when I ran into one of my X fuckbudy. Yes we had sex before more than few times, strictly on no commitment basics and some of them was real hot… But because his job, he had to move several hours drive a way and than things between us cooled down.

We said hi, kiss on the chick,  long time no see, looking good and whats up, than  he went his way and I went my way. About 2 hours later I got a text from him. He said he and his friend will spend the night here in the city, and he told me they could come to over… to my place. Continue reading…

I was confused, although I got alone real well with him in the bed before, but what for the  other man? I told him I not understand what he try to say… He said he mean they can come here and we all can have some fun. He did not spell it out, what kind of fun is in his mind it, so I had to ask: Do you have a threesome in your mind? His answer was a simple yes.

After few second hesitation, I decided, it is time to work on my bucket list, so I told him, they can come over, but sex is not quarantined, I will have to see…

My concerns weren’t deal breaking concerns… My biggest problem was  after such an erotic satisfying experience would only one man ever able to make me orgasm?

no string attached sexWife Sharing Husbands Seeks Willing Men to Play with Their Wifes

Anyways, the night arrived and the two guys too. My old friend’s friend was a nice guy a really educated and a good company.   I was becoming comfortable after three glass of wine with the idea of the two of them on me, but I was still nervous a little.

Eventually they both made their way to the couch next to me and they sat on either side of me. Than when they started kissing and touching me, the real nervousness arrived. How should I kiss two guys in the same tine, asked from myslef? Continue reading…

Than the kissing wasn’t an issue when someone just put his hand in my underwear. Than one of them suggested we move to the bedroom.

I said no, do it here. One of them was behind me, the other front of me and they started to undress me and they got naked too. Continue reading…


Do you enjoy three-way sex? Do you? And why? My lady prefer MFM threesomes

Threesome with your wife, or threesome with somebody’s wife?

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to organize a sex party

So two naked guys was was me sitting on my couch next to me, with their erected cock. Basically those cocks was just inches away from my face. Than it happened, I had a penis in each of my hand, at this point I realized, some fantasy should stay fantasy… I just figured out I am not a threesome girl.

swingers sex partiesSwingers Sex Parties

I just wanted to get over with.. I laid back on my back and told them, no anal sex, no double penetration and condom is a must.

They had no problem with my “rules” they condom-ized they erected penis and the real fun began. They took turns, rotated at upper end and lower end of me…  There was 5 orgasm in my room at that night, and unfortunately non of them originated from me, but to make them fill good, I faked about thee of them. I am pretty good to faking an orgasm.

Than they left, I kind of blamed myself for not enjoy my long time dream to the fullest… but than I realized again, casual sex on on one is more fun than threesome…

What do you think? Do anyone have similar experience? Continue reading…


mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

For us threesomes with two men (mfm)  very close to group sex, and we enjoyed them all…. so far.

The good part is to giving and receiving pleasure and to see others enjoy it. Some women need times to obtain orgasm and two men as a team can get her into the mood easier…

Anyways, my wife and I loving it, we do things that we would not able to do with out an extra man… To seeing her to make other man um again and again really turns me on…  For us threesomes are great fun.  Continue reading…


NSA sexmaybebaby

Did not happen yet… yet but will report back shortly… :-) Continue reading…

full swap coupleCouple Looking for Some Fun

Sharing my wife with single men

I have a very strong desire to share my wife with another guy in the bedroom, preferable a younger guy. The thought of some young guy fucking her from behind while, she sucks me is nearly over powering.

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexwifeshare

She would do it, if we find a polite single guy, who is young, no rude and not pushy.  We are early forties and men no older than 35 would match our preferences.

The woman is her on the above photos (few more attached to our profile‘s photo album).

My question: How many of you share this fantasy and, if you’ve indulged in it, how did it affect your marriage? Continue reading…


swingers sexletsbewildcpl

If you are worry about how did it will effect your marriage, than it is might not for you. If your marriage is perfect… than it will make it stronger, it did for us for sure.

But if there is some kind of trauble in your marriage… than a male female male threesome, or more threesomes will destroy it.

She might like the extra guy better… and leave you, or she can get “addicted to two cocks, and that is a danger again… First you should play with an other married couple, make some “test” run. She can have other man or two men… and you can have the same. Get some experience and if both of you like it…  than you might go for a single guy. Continue reading…


casual sexsex-maniac

I can say only one thing… Good luck to you. You can not imagine how hard is to find a compatible single guy, special if you want someone who is 10 years younger than you are…

I am a single professional woman,  good on the eyes and still men want 10 – 15 years younger women, not older. I guess this even harder for couples… except if you are bi sexual and looking for bi men. There are a lot of bi men here, who are looking for man woman couples… Continue reading…

swingers sexWife Sharing Ads

unicorn womanunykorn

It is your wife that you need to be talking to about this. What does she think and want? I love menage but not all women like the same thing.

She may be horrified at the thought, just does not admits it to you, but she get over selective, by selecting playmates…

If no third man, no play… Right?

Which makes your wishes redundant. But if she is intrigued by the idea then go for it, menage are great fun. Continue reading…


swingers sexcozzycouple

We have been there and done that and it works for us. It does not mean will work for you.

Men creates the fantasy, but with out women, men can not make it real. It will happen only if the lady in the relationship wish to happen. Continue reading…


sex dating48fun

Once you do it you cannot take it back so you need to be sure. We have done it and it worked out just fine for both of us. But everyone is different.

Make sure it is something you both want. Sharing has strengthened our relationship
but for some it has destroyed it. Also reality never lives up to the fantasy. Good luck and make sure you understand how your wife feels about it. Continue reading…

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexwildaspirations

You stand a chance that your wife might like having sex with the man more than you. You don’t want to wreck your marriage.

Keep it a fantasy only. Continue reading…


swingers sexWeLuv2GoNude

Been there done that LOTS of times and it was GREAT. The hubby loves watching me being pleasured by other men.

He never joins in, but take photos… Yes hard to find compatible men (they are camera shy) but if it happens… than sex always great and very erotic… Continue reading…


Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

He turned me down, he did not want to have nsa sex with me

As my user name is suggesting it, I am one of those woman, who loves no string attached sex, by the way I am single, never been married, and do  not plan to get married in the near future. Therefore as  millions of other users, us I came here for nsa sex too.

nsa sexNSA Sex Dating

no string attached sexoneofthosewoman

And I am a bit shocked… with my latest experience. I ran into a single guy on this website, we had our first date, which was like a business – job interview type of meeting, than two days later he messaged me, he want to go further, which was okay for me.

In fact it was more than okay, I find him nice, plus he was a very polite and a very attractive guy, so we met again.  He took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner. The dinner was great, the company was even greater  and than at the end of the night he offered me the right to home. I jumped into the idea…

At the front of my house, we talked about sex, and threesomes and that turned us on both.We  had a nice kissing “session” and much more… virtually we almost made out in his car. I was expecting he suggesting to go up to my place or to his place to finish the night, but he did not. He did  not ask, I did not offer…

Than one weak past by and no any message, text, etc. So I gave in, and called him up. I invited him to my place for the weekend for a steamy night. Basically I told him I want no string attached sex with him and he said; “Thanks for the offer, but no thanks”.

I am very clean, I am fairly attractive, I do alright financially, and I do not want anything else just sex. It’s never happened with me… Why did he turn me down? Continue reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

I don’t know why did he turn you down, maybe he was looking for a threesome… You mentioned, you guys talked about threesomes, maybe that part was more important for him, than you think.

But I had a similar experience, just recently, where at I turned down a couple. Usually couples turn single guys down. We had the first meeting, that worked out good. The second meeting was a date and it ended up in steamy sex play. Our age are close, our financial situation looked like close too, even our  sexual preferences are very close. She was a a very clean and very attractive woman, her husband was straight and very friendly man.

At the second date, they showed me a bunch of erotic photos, mainly of her with different men or alone. At that time, those photos got us into the mood, that how the sex play started, but after a while for some reason, they had a negative effect on me.

I am not sure how to say this, but those photos just showed me to much… things that I did not need to know.

Maybe you showed to much for that guy, you showed how much you wanted to have sex with him, and that scared him a way… Sometimes is better to let the man run the show… Continue reading…

interracial sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex

swingers sexletsbewildcpl

You get turned down because the guy didn’t trust your motives. He did not believe, you do not need anything else just sex.

You were falling for him and you showed that you really like him. Than when he backed off, you called him and offered, yourself for a weekend fun. I am sure he was thinking you are fishing… and sex is the bait.

He was sure, at the end you will get more attached and you will want more than just no string attached sex. Continue reading…


swingers sexHotblonde4U2have

I think everybody is different in terms of just how much possible  effort they are willing to deal for no string attached sex.

Some guys might have taken you up in a fly… Some others would have done what this guy did and backed away slowly, fearing possible conflict and hurt feelings.

When I meet with future sex partners, I never talk about sex. We talk about every day things, based on that I decide I go further or not.

Real nsa sex happens in hotel or motel or sex clubs. When and if you invite someone in your home, that is not nsa sex. Sex will happen in your home and that already is a string… If you know what I mean… Continue reading…

nsa sexHorny Women Looking for NSA Sex – In your city too


What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on Swingersaffair.com

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy

I am 28 years old woman who loves nsa sex

I’m just a young woman, (28 years old) who never been married but love nsa sex. Yest its right, I am a woman, who has nsa sex with men I meet on-line. Nsa and nothing more, and guys can’t get it.

nsa sexWomen Looking for No String Attached Sex

nsa sex datingjust-a-girl

I just an average looking woman, not super sexy, definitively not like
Salma Hayek. She just won the Decade of Hotness’ award, the sexiest woman over 40 . It you never her of this, this is the the Spike TV Guys’ Choice Awards.

I am not like she. I do have some extra padding here in there, and there are other things what I would like to cahnge on my body if I can…

Anyways, I am 28, and I capable to take care of myslef perfectly with out any man. The way how I make living is required a lot of travels, so there is no way   I  would be able to maintain a long lasting romantic relationship, plus I like section… and new. Continue Reading…

nsa sexkinkywoman4you

I’m writing this post because extremely high number of men contacting me and want to  have sex with me, which is okay, but they do not even bother to read my profile to check out what I am looking for.. It takes less than few minutes. Chcek me out… and if you want to know more ask questions.

High number of guys contact me and I select… the number of emails that I am getting give me the opportunity to be selective, but I don’t think half of them goes farther than my photo albums.

The reason I use website like this to have nsa sex is because:  I’m single and not into romantic  dating. I don’t want a boyfriend.  I can not imagine myslef to spend the rest of my life with  one man… I just don’t have that thing most people have in a life long romantic  relationship, but I love men and love sex.

I like men who are polite, who respects women and who do not bragging about his penis size. If things ever will get there… I will find that out anyways.

There are few more thing… Sex is great, but if we are not attracted to each other (attraction means you have to turn me on with your words), if you can’t then there wont be sex… to go until the end you have to be able to hold a communication for few hours over a dinner or few glass of wine, before we go anywhere privet. Continue Reading…

Loacal membersSwingers Sex Dating Ads

Anyways if you think you can be one… than contact me, just be a normal guy, talk to me like you would talk to your friend’s a girlfriend. Try to get my attention and don’t bring sex up in your first  message… I will bring it up if the time arise…

So my questions: Why men can’t understand this? Why hard to find guys, who are willing to put a little effort into a nsa sex relationship? Continue Reading…


casual sex36andneedit

I don’t know the answers, but I can ask the same things… The majority of the guys here, only able to write  maximum two words in a message. Want to fuck?

That will not get my fantasy go, even though yes I want to “fuck” but I am still a girl… and I need to talk to like any other girl… Continue Reading…


nsa sexplaywithme

Your case and I case almost the same… I am into no string attached sex only, because of my carrier, and of course because of my preferences… and I don’t want to wake up every morning next to the same man.

There is no quick fix for you, just keep doing what ever you do and you do not lower your standard. There are a lot of scumbags here, so keep selecting very carefully. Sooner or later you will succeed… Continue Reading…

nsa sex datingNo String Attached Sex Dating

casual sexyeswedocpl

Did you ever think about to play with a couple. There are a lof of straight couple here, with fmf threesome fantasy.

If I were you I would give it a try… Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

I read an interesting article about this. It was about single women and casual sex.  The article’s auditor questioned:  Should single  women have casual sex? He believed  that is just for couples…

I think should is not the right word when we talk about no string attached casual sex. The right word will be, enjoy… So it should be asked this way: Can single women enjoy casual sex?

So if they can, than why not? Maybe hard to find the right partner, but in that case, you need to cahnge your preferences. You are not looking for a mate for the rest of your night, you are looking for someone to ave fun with every now and than… Continue Reading…

nsa sex datingSwingers Sex Dating Personal Ads

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Threesome with two men

Threesome with two men is one of my long time fantasy. I had the opportunity for one male – female – male threesome  when I was younger, (much younger) and I turned it down because I wasn’t sure in the second guy. I did not  know him enough to have sex with him.

no string attached sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexmaybebaby2

Than few years passed by and I turned to be late 20’s, the chance came up again, but the second guy chickened out. What a shame…?

Than came marriage and divorce and my fantasy just died… Now, my present boyfriend has talked about a couple of erotic fantasies of his.

One of them is, I have sex with another man while he watches and he might join in. My old fantasy came back from his mouth… I did not tell him that. 

I am not a teen anymore,  I’m not shy and I love  sex, I am not against doing it for the fun of it, but I’m getting tired to looking for good guys… He is a good man, our relationship is great,  so I concerned about how it might affect my relationship I have with him right now.

Should I do it? Have you done some sort of sexual play with two men?  One of them is the man who you have a romantic relationship? How that effected your “primary” relationship? Continue Reading…


nsa sexpartygirl

Great relationship? My personal feeling, your relationship  is not so romantic if he wants to see you do another man.

However this is a nsa sex dating website. Did you find him here?  If you want have sex with two men, than do it for yourself, not for him. What can happen? He might leave you… With your body, you will find willing men in no time… Continue Reading…

swingers sex partiesSwingers Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexbangwithus

Two men threesome is the most beautiful and satisfying sexual experience what I ever had…

But… I have to admit, two guys always turn me on, they make me very horny, as long as they didn’t touch each other. 

If both both focusing on different areas of me… Than that is a blast. How would it effect your relationship. Might destroy it, or make it stronger. You will find out, if you try… Continue Reading…


casual sexmusicmaniac

I’ve done several times mfm, and enjoyed them all. You just have to live your fantasies.

But I disagree with the above advice. For met the hottest threesome so far was with two young Latino guys. Both were bisexual.

They were good looking guys and very good lovers! Few years younger than me, if I could meet them again I would do it in a heartbeat… LOL… that was so hot! Continue Reading…


mfm threesometwo4one

We have experience both a FMF and a MFM threesomes.

Both are fun in different ways. We are up for either as long there is no inter play between the two guys. Sorry bi guys, that is just not for us. Continue Reading…

swingers sexSwingers NSA Sex Dating

Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

We love threesomes, that is why we are here. We can find compatible sex partner here, but lately not easy at all..

Single guys think they will have to fuck my wife for me, and that is wrong, they might fuck my wife with me… If they understand this and they willing to be her toy… than that is a lot of fun. It make our sex life more complete. Continue Reading…


casual datingrealplayer

My first mfm threesome happened… it was a one night stand.  I break up with my long time boyfriend, actually he dumped me. This sounds real bad but, sex is sex and I missed sex.

One Friday night I went to a bar just to do something (wasn’t threesome, not even sex in my mind), had few drinks and two guys started to talk with me. At the end of the night I excepted their offer to go back to their place.

I ended up having a threesome with the two of them and it wasn’t bad at all, instead it was very satisfying…

Since that first time I had some more, with my friend with benefits and an extra guy.  I am not in romantic relationship, so I am not sure how would a three way effect it, but if I were you I would do it. Continue Reading…

interracial sexNSA Sex Dating Ads


Do you enjoy three-way sex? Do you? And why? My lady prefer MFM threesomes

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party

Sex with two guys at the same time

I am almost thirty years old, so definitely not a teen anymore, and I had my share of erotic fun, include no string attached  sex in my live, but I never had penetrative sex with two men at the same time, until recently…

nsa sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexpartygirl

I had more to drink that I should have on one friend’s birthday party, and ended up having sex with two collage age guys at the same time. I don’t even know how those two young guys got there…

At one point during the night I started to “sober” up and it hit me what I was doing with two stranger, and my brain wanted to stop, but not my body… One guy was penetrating me, and the other sucked on my boobs, I would lie if I say I did not enjoy it… So I did not stop…

At next mooning I couldn’t believe that I was letting these two strangers doing me like that. However, I really enjoyed it and even now just writing about it frankly, I am  getting really turned on thinking about it.

I did things with these guys that I’ve never done with other guys before… and they did things with me, that I never experienced before…

Anyways, I really liked it and I wish I done it with out alcohol. I am sure more then few female and male  have done something like this here… So how did it make you feel? Continue Reading


looking for menstilllooking

We share our sex life, actually more correct if I say it this way:  I share my wife with other men.

Of course she loves to have two men, two hard cocks at the same time! It is definitely fun for the men two. We, the men motivate each others, so sex much better than in one on one sex..

The more we do it, more we want. She are able to obtains orgasm multiply and  times she wants more and more! Luckily it is mine favorite way to have sex as well! Continue Reading


Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

It is a male female male threesome. I am married and this is something I have been into for several years.

Fortunately for me, my husband is open to this and he loves it too, he is the one who selecting the men to our sex scenarios… and he happily provides the extra penis or two… Continue Reading

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexepcouplexxx

My girlfriend and I looking for willing men for threesome and we cant find. People think we are to young…

You got lucky… Consider yourself to very lucky…  Continue Reading


sex datingweRnotShy

My man would enjoy sex like a modern day cuckold

Does anyone have experience in cuckolding? I am natural blond 26 years old woman, my boyfriend is 32 and we are living together for four years. He started fantasize about nsa sex and swingers club a couple of years back and recently we visited a swingers club.

casual sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads


The deal was… we wont do anything just watch what others  do. It was an on premisse club, so sex was not allowed on the promise, but there was a lot of sexy dancing, touching and a lot of naked people, and oral sex…

I know oral sex is form of sex too… but I do not want to get there. And there was a black guy, very muscular and he was very popular, there was always more than few women around him. Continue reading…

casual sex datingablondandherman

The club was a big turn on, after club hours at home we had better sex than we ever had, so we decided to go back to the club at the next weekend, and we did so.

Pretty much the same story, very erotic behave… and there was the same black guy with an older blond woman.

Than we went home, made love… (it was great)  and he started telling me his fantasy since our first visit to the club,  he wants me to have sex with that particularly black guy, and he will seat and watch it all.

He thinks he loves blonds, because he was there with a blond woman at both times… I am not sure about the first time, I was busy looking at men not women…

I never had a black lover and I never had sex with well hung man, and that black guy’s cock is fairly sized.  Only about two white guys cock was bigger there then his (what I saw), but my bf still wants to see that black guy on me… He said his dark skin on me would make a nice color combination, because my skin is very white…

I am concerned that he wants me to do this. He says it is for my  pleasure mostly because he usually doest not make me orgasms via vaginal penetration, but he does it via oral… He is kinda small ( between 4 – 5 inches) and if I am not extremely horny than no vaginal orgasm…

Does anyone have  any thoughts on all this? Makes me nervous for a lot of reasons, but in the mean time it sound really “appealing”… of course. Continue reading…


casual sexsinglebychoice

So you do not remember for the older blond woman, but you can recall the men’s cock size… Just two men had bigger cock than that black man… Plus you posted three photos of yourself showing your nicely shaved  pink pussy.

This happens, because you are dreaming about big black cocks… and sex with big black cocks… and probably your boyfriend knows it. I agree with him, that black man would be for mostly your pleasure… and he might enjoy it too, like a modern day cuckold enjoys  watch his lady when she had sex with others.

If I were you, I would jump into his idea… Just tell him, okay lets set it up… Continue reading…

interracial sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

nsa sexbangwithus2

If you are not sure about yourself, don’t do it. I don’t think you need a big back cock…

Sounds like you need to experiment with foreplay a bit more, as it is only a minority of women who come solely with vaginal penetration. Continue reading…


sex datingwewantblack

Don’t do it! Once you go black, you never go back…

There are a lot of things that you can do… Have you considered role playing?

Your boyfriend can act like a  black man, can buy a large black vibrator or dildo and fix you up with it… This wont work if he want to the excitement that I cuckold fill… Continue reading…

interracial sexnsa sexkinkywoman-4u

I went through something similar a couple of years ago, my  husband  at the time talked about me being with other guys while he watched and how that idea turned him on.

He finally suggested we find someone in this erotic dating website. I was scared, apprehensive, worried about how this would affect our marriage, but eventually gave in.

There are a lot of willing men here, even though hard to find the right man, but we did… mainly he did. He did the preen-screening, I  gave the final word, and did the screwing… and he watched us all the time.

The problem was that I was afraid that if I didn’t try to give him what he wanted, what turned him on (at least try) we would end up in divorce, so I went for it. At first sex  was kind of numb, but after the third guy I started to enjoy it…

Truth is he couldn’t really handle the fact that I actually enjoyed sex with other men more than with him… He got what he wanted, but it broke us up. We divorced and I am still here, selecting guys…. Live and learn. Continue reading…

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We love cuckolding, it works for us, but I am not sure would it work for you. What would be your pleasure?

It sounds like he wants you to do it to make his own fantasy reality… This is just one way to talk you into to make it happen and he gets what he wants.

If that big black cock is something you want to try, that would be fine, if not just tell him, you wont do it and don’t go to that swingers club anymore. Continue reading…

Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?


I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

You may know some of these members! They could be your teacher, a college student, your librarian, or even a neighbor in your city.


The best sex I ever had happened with two married men

I am not perfect, in fact I am fat by genetic. My mother is fat and my grandmother is fat, and her mother was a way fatter than us. I have a belly that makes me look like I am pregnant despite never having a child,  plus my my breasts is small and sagged.

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I have big ass and marble skin on across my hips and thighs. My face is like a man’s face… So I am everything but not beautiful.

Anyways…. I ran into a man in this website and we had our “coffee” date. He started to flirting with me while toying with his wending ring on his left hand’s ring finger. His profile did not state, he is married,  but  I just knew, he wanted to make clean his marital status.

I was very horny, so married, or not I don’t really care, I flirted right back. Flirtation eventually led to bed on our first date, which led to truly fantastic sex – all night long sex.

We both had missing satisfying sex in our respective lives and we met in a hope, we will find, whatever we looked for. And the sex was extremely satisfying…

So I did it again. I found an other married man and I had sex with him too and that was great too. For the fact I had sex with him several times, and once he was suggesting mfm threesome. I said ok, but I “kept the right” to choose the extra man, which was okay for him.

Of course I contacted the first guy… I did not hesitate, I was very strait forward with him and he jumped into the idea.. Few days after after we made it happen. That was so great, there is no words to describe it…

It made me think… I had more than few casual sex partners in my life, all of them was single and the sex wasn’t even close  this good… So why I had the best sex with two married men? Continue Reading…

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I don’t know way you had the best sex with married men, but I don”t think their marital status had to do anything with it. Probably they were excellent sex partners and they know how to serve a woman erotic needs…

But I have a question… Did you ever had sex with two single men? If you did  not, you should try, probably they will “rock” your world too. Continue Reading…


bored wifeboredwife

Why? Because sex with married men can be  animalistic and amazing. 

If a woman is looking for great, passionate, animalistic nsa sex a married guy can often be the best choice.

If he’s been with the same woman for ten years, his sex life can be balanced, but routine sex in the same time too. If he is looking for an affair, he would do things with his  sex partner, that he would not be able to do with his wife.

So affairs with married guys might lead to some of the most arousing, exciting, mind blowing sex a woman can have…

Sex with married men should not be a long term solution but it  can provide a lot of short term joy. Continue Reading…

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I am single and I have no problem to date married men, in fact, I like married men more than singles, because they do not get attached.

I know it sounds terrible but since I never plan to marry, I’m not worried about bad karma… Continue Reading…


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Married men who are looking for casual sex, likely older men. Older men have more experience and   experience does count…

According to my experience, older men are better in sex much better. They wont rush things, they take their times, They are in full control over their sexual organ,  they go slow and they go farther, much farther… Continue Reading…


Adult DatingolderMan

It is very simple… Moderately fat girls are more fun. Nothing better than a woman’s  fat ass…I find them very attractive.

Fat girls can give me a lot of sexual energy and I  am not married…. Continue Reading…

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More mature women enjoy wilder sex with younger men as they get older. Older women looking for younger men for NSA sex

Younger women looking for experienced older men for NSA sex. Younger women date older men for many reasons

Sexual relationship between older women and younger men

How can I ask him for nsa sex?

I am a late 20’s single woman. I do not want any relationship, I have no time and energy to deal with serious, married minded men, therefore I am single by choice. However beside my carrier, I love sex and need casual  sexContinue Reading…

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casual sexsinglebychoice

That leaves me casual sex only… I own my house, my car and my business, so  I have to select sex parters very  carefully…

So here is the story, one of my neighbors who lives few house down the street own his car repair shop. I took my car there for oil change and we chatted a little. I found out, he is single too, anyway he gave me his phone number number and told me to call if I ever wanted a drink or just need a company to chat.

I do not know to much about him; he lives in a nice house, he own his business like me, so he is not after my money… He appears to be in a similar situation to me: that is, he seems to work a lot and is single and he is fairly attractive.

I could go for a drink with him, but there is a risk he wants relationship and I do not want that, I am just going to want sex, maybe more than once…

It would be a win – win situation… we live close by, we are in the same age group, our interest are the same, etc.  So, how should I approach this? How can I make him my casual sex partner? Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

You can not make him your casual sex partner...

I think you just have to let him do the work. Not on your car, let him to work on you.

Apparently he is having the same idea, that is why he invited you for a drink. So if I were you, I would call him and tell him, “I am calling you about that drink, that you offered in your shop”. Than wait and see what will happen… You are a very attractive women and if he is a healthy man, I think  he will try to get into your underwear…. Continue Reading…


hot housewifehothousewife

You should call him and say something like; “I would be happy to have a coffee with you, and then perhaps something stronger at my place, if you think that is okay.”

This way you let him know upfront, you are ready for more than a drink, so he can decide if he want to go any further…

Don’t tell him I would enjoy sex with you because, he would think you are a prostitute and you are after his money. Continue Reading…

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casual sexyeswedocpl

As a man from the couple, who has been on the receiving end of similar sex play before, you should mention for him,  you’d like to keep your relationship casual.

Don’t puss to meet up, he might be busy or might need time to “digest” your offer. If he wants you, he will respond for sure… Continue Reading…


casual sexmusicmmanic

You can skip the above mentioned get together for coffee part.  Just invite him for a drink after work on Friday or Saturday.

You can tell him, we are almost neighbors – let’s find out more about each other. If you do not have some easy funny movie rent one, a movie that you don’t have to pay too much attention to and can talk over. That will will put you on the couch at the front of the TV.

And the when you are on the couch, next to him, than you can trick him in… Lay down perpendicular to him and lay your legs over his lap, or any similar maneuver. I am sure he will put his hand on your legs… and from this point mother nature should take it over… Continue Reading…


swingers sexTrueIncubusDream

Go out for a drink with him and during drinking and talking, briefly mention that there are many reasons you don’t want to be in a  serious relationship right now.

Then when the night ends, invite him in to your home for a drink. If he turns it down, than he is not a casual sex material, but if he except you offer… than you will get laid on your  first date. Continue Reading…

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