Big Sex Party At Easter Weekend Spice Up With Double Penetration

I am living together with my boyfriend more than 5 years now.  We both very open minded and love casual sex. He and I have gone through various phases when it comes to sex,  and various sex scenarios. Continue reading…

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casual sexcuriouescpl

Those sex scenarios include sex parties, threesomes (mfm, fmf ) and few full partner swaps  too. By the way he loves to perform anal sex. It does not do anything for me, but I have no problem to take it…

We will have a big sex party (with few regular friends) at Easter’s weekend and  I would love to have a threesome with my boyfriend  and another guy and my boyfriend is definitely into it. But he said, Easter is not Easter with our double penetration and I should try. I think I am willing to try but I have some concerns….

Now my questions are, how exactly does it feel? Does it hurt at first? Is it very  uncomfortable, or is it a lot of pleasure?

More details the better….we have talked about this frequently and more and more we get closer to Easter, I am just wondering more and more. Continue reading…


casual sexwelovefun

I am loving it… And you said you have no any problem with anal sex, therefore the guys will have a lot of fun…

My advice would be for you to try double penetration with your boyfriend  and a sex toy at first. If you like it… you will love it with the real thing…

If the third guy is experienced in double penetration, than your Easter will  be amazing
Continue reading…


caasual sexeagerbeaver

I love it with sex toys. I mean the vibrator is in my pussy and my man is in my ass. It always give me incredible orgasm…

I discussed involving a 3rd person with my man but he turned it down…. but one day I will talk him into… Continue reading…

multy orgasm

NSA sexVickie_Jo

You asked it; Does it hurt? Rule of thumb… nothing is the same for everyone.

Some people have a high tolerance to pain, some don’t. Some people stretch easier than others, some guys are quite large, some aren’t

So what may be painful to some is only mildly uncomfortable to extremely pleasurable for another depending on the circumstances. But in any case it usually take a little practice and some time to get used to the sensations. Continue reading…


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swingers sexnoheadgamecpl

I don’t know what double penetration has to do with Easter? At Easter time we used to go to the church and pray and not to think to take two cocks at once…

Just because it Easter weekend’s…I guess it wont be any more painfully then any other day. Continue reading…


kinky sexdoublefun

noheadgamecpl at above is right. Easter won’t make any difference… The difference would be make by on your erotic scenario…

Which is, what kind of double penetration is in your mind? Anal – vaginal, vaginal – vaginal, or double anal? I love anal vaginal double… it is a lot of joy, mainly it penetrate my “brain”. vaginal double is very uncomfortable and I don”t like it at all.

Anal double penetration, I don’t know. I never been there and I wont ever go there. Continue reading…

nsa sexfoxeyatfifty

I am loving it… If done properly and expecting it, it should not hurt. I
have to be ready and have to be in the mood…

If I am not ready and not well lubricated and he jams it in… Than that was the last time he had sex with me… Continue reading…


NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

If you are experienced in anal sex and you said you are, and if you are able to relax your sphincter muscles during anal sex, than it wont hurt. In fact you might will enjoy it…

However make sure your partners wear condom… Accident can happen even people who are experienced in double penetration.

Anal sex, anal penetration can tear the tissue inside the anus, allowing bacteria and viruses to enter the bloodstream. This can result in the spread of sexually transmitted infections. The risk is much higher than penetrative sex with vaginal penetration… Continue reading…


casual sexcuckoldcpl

Wife an I enjoy anal vagianl double penetration. When we tried anal sex at first it was very uncomfortable to her with my girth.

However we entertained a friend one night, he  was kinda small in girth, but he had great oral talents she said.

Anyways she lubed her butt up and asked him to lay on his back and she let herself on his dick on reverse cow girl position.    At first I did not even realized, he is in her butt hole, but at one point she laid on him and invented me to  enter in her vagina… and the rest was

It was more than 5 years ago and I still smiling, even though we are repeated offender and  every know and than we doing it… Continue reading…

ass playThreesomehappilyhorny

I agree, double penetration a lot of fun and not just at Easter. It fun at any given day, and fun for men too.

I never get more turned on than my wife say she wants a  hard cock in  every hole of hers… At first  I used to think it was slutty, but now I don’t care, I’m not going to block out the way I feel, I get the best orgasms and getting turned on just thinking about she is being double penetrated. Continue reading…


Casual SexWhatToDo

You do not need two men for double penetration and not  because men should go to the church at Easter… I prefer sex over church too.

As far as for anal vaginal double penetration goes…  I’ve done it with a vibrator in my vagina and boyfriend in my ass and vice versa too.

Feels really good for a change but not everyday. My ass starts to hurt with extreme pounding. When my vibrator is in my pussy and he is in my ass, it turns him into a sex machine and he can’t stop to cum… He can have multiply orgasm and able to get hard several times… Continue reading…


casual sexuseme

I’ve had anal vagianl double penetration, (not at Easter time) and if you’re relaxed and your partners listen and know half of what they’re doing, it can be in-fucking-credible.

Personally, I can take girth in my pussy easier than in my ass, anything  wide back there feels to tight for me unless I use personal lubricate that contains anesthetic. There are anal lubricates with anesthetic, however if you use it, you  wont feel anything, so no pain but no pleasure either.

Here’s the key, and it may not work for you because everyone’s different, but have the guy who’s gonna be in your pussy underneath you, so you’re in a cowgirl position. This way he can thrust up into you while you lean down against his chest or hover just above on your elbows. You keep your hips still and give him a good angle up into you. Have the other guy crouch behind you and carefully enter your ass from behind.

It’s not true doggy for him because the angle doesn’t seem to work right. He kind of has to bend at the knee and be over you more than behind you…

Try it… if you get it right, than you will like it…   Continue reading…

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Husband want to watch me while I have sex with his friend at Easter weekend

Has your hubby watched you with another man? My husband keep asking me to let him watch me, and he might join in while a have sex with another man. He is straight and he does not want to do anything with the other guy. Continue reading…

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casual sexwelovefun

He gets so horny talking about it… He  even told me, if find the guy a good sex partner, than once in the blue moon, when he is out of the town for business trip… I can have one on one sex with  him.

For return… I just have to explain in details how it went… He said it is a big erotic fantasy of his, and his friend would be more than happy to play with us. I kind of like his friend too. He is a very nice, very polite and extremely clean man, few times during masturbation I imagined a MFM threesome with him… I am not sure how would it be? Probably it will be really satisfying…

I am really thinking about to giving him his fantasy as he wish at Easter Saturday….

I know this is an adult dating website or a swingers erotic dating website and I red this advice line back and fore (someone else want to have a MFM threesome at Easter too)

Anyways, is it a normal thing with couples after 6 years of marriage…? Do all men like to watch their partner, wife have sex with other men? Does your man like to watch you?

Not sure how I  will react with him watching me enjoy myself… with his friend. Continue reading…


kinky datinggoodluven

That would be a wonderful Easter’s Saturday. Let him watch… it is so much fun… You should even ask him to hold you or touch you, etc. I am sure both of you will have a blast. Continue reading…


adult datingpinkismyfavorite

I know it is erotic dating website where at people looking for casual no string attached sex, (that is why I am here too :-) ) but I would not do it at  Easter. Easter is not for adult dating, and not for no string attached sex.. Easter  is a very religious holiday…

However if both of you and your hubby’s freind atheist, than I guess there is no point to wait…
Continue reading…



Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

Cuckold is all about watching your wife while she is having sex with other man. Or is it something more?


nsa sexanalfetishcpl

Hay, pinkismyfavorite; Why do you mix threesome with Easter, adult dating… and religion? Doesn’t matter you are religious or not. There is no any religion in this world,  that let you fuck two  three men at the same time… You have to make up your mind, spend time here, or spend time in the church. Continue reading…


casual sexdreamy_myst

Many men like to watch their partner play with other men. Most join in, because turns them on to see their partner getting  pleased.

Try it, you might like it too… Continue reading…

sex ads

eastern sexaeb0206

I can’t speak for all men, but I like it too…  Watching girlfriend or wife or maybe dating partner while having sex with someone else is like a live erotic or porn show, but that is just a small part of it.

It also has to do with other men have different styles sex technique. it can be educational… Seeing what other men do, that turns her on tells me what I should or shouldn’t try.

Example; One guy had my wife sit on him, face to face,  while he sat on a bar stool. She loved it because it was like standing sex without him having to hold her up and try to satisfy her at the same time (exhausting).

We did that a lot after that. But then again for some men just like to see two people having hard core penetrative sex, because it turns them on, if one of them is the loved one, it turns them on even more… Continue reading…

swingers nsa sexlooknagain2

I love it when he watch me with other guys… I love putting up a big and very erotic performance for him. Continue reading…


easter sexscfun29680

My hubby loves to share me with other stud. He is straight and participates as our extra activities are always done together.

I would never meet another man without him being there. Continue reading…


casual sexTrapper69

In my opinion, only a fool would say, play with my friend when I am out of the town and try to make money… Business trip is a money making trip, isn’t it?

Often, couples who play together, they stay together… If you start to play alone, than you ask for disaster…. It would make you very selfish for not wanting him to be involved!!!! it might destroy your marriage.  Continue reading…

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Top of the line erotic fantasy of my was mfm threesome with two men

I was fantasize to have MFM threesome for a long time…. Actually this was my the top of the line erotic fantasy… I used my “packet racket” a lot, and fantasized about two men and sex with two men at the same time… Continue reading…

sex adsErotic Adult Dating Ads

swingers sexchichere2play

Finally at one day I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he liked the idea a lot… We found a guy and few weeks after that we had our first  MFM threesome.

It was very disappointment… Two move and our extra man blow his load… We found an other guy, and almost the same thing happened… At list this guy tried to make my day with oral sex… Anyways, he was not great at all, so wee took few months break, than we tried again.  We selected our third man really carefully, we wanted to make it right at this time. He said he is experienced in threesome, and he love it, and he could not even get it hard…

What is wrong with men? Why they looking for MFM threesomes, if they can’t play in MFM scenario? Are we doing something wrong? We might try it again at a Eastern Sex party, but I want to know how to get guys go…  Continue reading…


MFM threesome2hot4one1000

I am not sure you do something wrong or don’t but our problem is pretty much the same…

My man loves watching me with another man, even with  multiple men or couples and he often likes to be part of it.

Similar things happened with us many times. For example at last time our playmate could not get erected…  Literally I sucked him for hours… I had pain in my jaw next day…

I guess being watch me was to much for my man, and he joined in. He fucked me in doggy style, and our playmate started to get hard. Than my man started to penetrate my ass  and the extra guy with out any warning ejected into my mouth…

It was very disappointing, I worked hard on him, and he got his pleasure and I got his load in my mouth for return…  Has any other couples had this problem? Continue reading…



Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in mfm threesome

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swingers sexlive2maxcpl

We did not even get that far… We found our wanna be playmate too, rented a hotel room and went out for dinner. After dinner strait to the hotel room. Seat down, started to talk and we talked true the night.

Non of us know how we should start to play… and our wanna be extra man told us when we “interviewed” him, “Oh yes, I been there, dome that and loved every moment of it.”

So how should we start in a MFM threesome at next time, if will be a next time…? Continue reading…

local womenLocal Women Looking for NSA Sex

no string attached sex1canuck

Talk true a night is a real danger with first timer in threesome.  I can say the same, “I been there, done that”, but with a little experience it would not happen, so  that guy had no MFM experience at all.

For example you as the woman, you should say something about how much you like to receive a massage, particularly a four-handed, full-body massage. Seldom will the extra guy turn down that offer. And if oil is involved, everyone will have to shed their clothes so they don’t get oil on their clothes….

Or if you do not want to go to full body massage, a simple sexy dancing with you permanent partner would make it… Start to dance, kissing and a lot of touching and start to get ride of your clothes and when you are almost naked, invite the third guy to join in…  I am sure he wont turn you down… Continue reading…


sex dating969695

Nothing new, it happens to us all the time… The more they brag, about their threesome experience the worse they are.

Lookout for those guys that say that they are oral experts,  thats because there cocks don’t work… Continue reading…

threesome sex

casual sexmaybeno

I have been fortunate enough to have been in several mfm sex plays.
I admit that the first time I was fearful that I would not be able to perform with hubby there and keep watching….

And it got a little tens when we arrived in the motel room and she went into the bathroom for what seemed a very long time and left the two of us together…

He was very friendly and assured me she was getting ready. When she came out she had been change from street clothes to a very sexy almost see true lingerie.  She was not extra hot, but she know how to turn a man (me) on and I found it was no problem for me to perform, even when being photoed.

You can see in my albums I am not camera shy, but I can understand, if a man has not done it before is a little scary. Continue reading…

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Kissing During Group Sex

Just want some advice if you can… If you have a partner who you love very much and you guys don’t have hang ups and you get together with other people for some group sex fun
do do you think it is ok to kiss the other people or is that private…

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kinky sexrm_2ofusr4real

Therefore you only kiss your own partner.

Myself…  I prefer kiss on the mouth my permanent partner only, and I don’t kiss other men. I just think that is something special. My man loves me alot and is fine with this and not an issue….

Just recently we played with two couples and they had different thoughts, so I wanted to
know what others think and do… in similar scenario.

Also if you are a person that does have extra erotic fun with other people and your partner is there, is any other sexual thing that you do not do? Continue reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

Let me make it clean…

You play in group sex, which usually means a woman play with more than 3 man. Play with two men is threesome, play with 3 men is more some, so for group sex, you need list 3 or more men. So you do not have a problem, the have intercourse with, list three men at the same time, you do not have a problem two give them a blow job, but you have a problem to kiss them..

I do not understand… I would understand if your partner say… if you give a blow job to someone, don’t kiss me, because I taste his cock on your lip and I don’t like that…

However it is between you and your partner, your game, your rule, you play it on the way.. how both of you like to play.  Continue reading…


swingers sexwewantgroupfun

I know couples who do not kiss anyone… For some, kissing is more intimate than penetrative sex. For example prostitute usually do not kiss on the mouth either.

Also you asked, “other sexual thing that you do not do?” We do everything that fun and not humiliating, however we have a playmate couple, and her anus is just for her husband… Continue reading…



Gang bang me. I want a cock in my hands, in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party

swingers sexbr3rd4fun

We also do not kiss others when we enjoy play time with them. That is surely a good limit you have set as a couple. Everyone is different when it comes to the actual get together.

We also do not allow others the play in the bed we sleep in, that bed is just for us. We are lucky enough to have the extra room for play with others.

And as a couple we don’t play alone, this life style is an experience to be shared with us both. So in a nut shell every couple should set their own limits before, get into play with others.

They will truly be different from couple to couple but its what you decide should not be share. Continue reading…


nsa sexHe_cant_do_it

It is all about personal preference. For us, I kiss, he doesn’t… but then he doesn’t really “play with others” but rather watches me have fun.

The kissing drives him a little insane because he does see it as something personal… but that is all part of our fun.

We do have other things that are just for us but they are not as “openly sexual.” It is personal things like him shaving me… or giving me oral sex after I have orgasmed.

When meeting with someone new, you should always discuss and appreciate these rules that they have for play to protect and serve their primary relationship. Continue reading…


nsa sexrm_Enjoyssexfuk

I am the same way.

Kissing for some reason is out of context in that kind of situation. I’d rather keep the kissing for expressions of love, not lust… Continue reading…

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Married Couple Looking for mfm Threesome

My wife and I used to have mfm 3somes in the past. She used to even set them up. We had a regular guy join us and everything was going very well. He has since moved and got married. Continue reading…

Swingers Sex PartiesNo String Attached NSA Sex Dating Ads

casual sexdabussport

Since he left the picture she has told me that she does not want a 3some set up but if one just happens that is fine.

Well its been 3 years and one has not just happened. I have talked to her about it and she says that’s the only way it will happen…

Any suggestions to get this going again would be great. Continue reading…


adult datingpinkismyfavorite

I checked your profile out, it states it, you are a male female couple and looking for threesome.

In the above question, you stated, you did not have any threesome the last 3 years… So, my question is: Do your wife know about your membership here? Does she know you posted her photo with the title married couple looking for mfm threesome?

Somehow I think she does not have any idea about it… Am I right? You can not have any kind of threesome with her, if she does not want to have. Before you do anything here, you have to make her want to have mfm three-ways. If you can do that, than give it up. Continue reading…


swingers sexMySweetBloom

It takes two (or three in this case) to tango. If she’s not interested, you are out of luck. You can talk to her about it but you can’t change her mind for her.

She has to come around to that on her own. Continue reading…

kinky sexRecently Added Members’ Photos

no string attached sex1Canuck

You are a couple and you are looking for threesome. I am not really understand what is your problem… She is into play with a couple, than you can have your mfm at any time…

Or if she is not into couples play, than you posted a fake couple’s profile… Continue reading…


erotic datingfoxeyatfifty

Well if you ask me… She is not interested anymore, leave it at that way. If and when she is interested she will let you know, and you know if you  keep pushing the issue, she may find another man permanently… Continue reading…



Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in MMF threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


NSA sexVickie_Jo

Sounds a bit like the adage that you can lead a horse to water but you  can’t make it drink. Perhaps she was only doing it before because she felt it was something that pleased you.

In that vein, maybe you should find out if there was something particular that would please her and get involved in that. Continue reading…


swingers classifiedsWeRreal

To make it work work she need to want it too. You alone not enough to have a threesome as a couple and an extra guy…

I am sorry to say,  but be care full,  if you keep asking it… then mostly it not going to happen! Continue reading…

casual sexLocal Women Looking for Casual Sex

horny adsrealhornycpl

If a 3-way sex play is what you want to happen, take the reigns to make it happen. You want it and she’s willing if the opportunity presents itself.

From your description, she is just not into making it happen. There has to some guy on this site, in your area, willing to play with the two of you and who catch her attention too.

Put some effort into it, find that guy. If you’re open-minded enough, to be on this site; willing to participate in MFM scenarios, with your wife, than you should feel comfortable enough to find another guy.

A guy who you think would be a good playmate and the guy who can make her fantasy go again…. I wish you the best. Continue reading…


casual sexqtpnkpssy66

Sounds like she has retired from the activity to me. Going to be pretty difficult given the circumstances that she has laid out for sure.

If you want to “play” you need to find some other type of sex plays and keep hopping something on the way, makes her to change her mind… Continue reading…

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Women – Men & Double Penetration

There are different kind of double penetration and  this two words double penetration, defined differently by different people.  Double penetration can be penetrative sex, via vaginal anal -  penetration, or anus,  and mouth bi men, gay men sex play.

sex adscurious couplewewanttoplay

Or it can be double vaginal, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Anal – vaginal double penetration was in my “mind” When I created this post – question.

My question is: What is it about a man’s girl getting double penetrated that makes it such a fascination? Continue reading…


swingers sexliv2maxcpl

My friend and double entrapped my wife, anal – vaginal double. It was her wish… and  it was mind blowing, for all three of us.

From the male side of,  even one guy is in her vagina, the other in her anus,  but both men  can feel the the other’s hard cock that is inside her, and that  feels a bit weired… Continue reading…



From the lady side of… I feel super full. I mean, I feel like something really nice is drilling inside me by having normal one-on-one sex, but to have another cock up in my butt makes me feel really busy down there and really full…. I enjoy it very much… and the guys loving it too… Continue reading…


nsa sexLkn4funwith2

I love double penetration and men told me, the fact that a woman
wants to have a cock in her pussy and another in her ass at the same time is a big turn on for them and they fantasize about it a lot.

Do something and fantasize about it, is two different thing. To enjoy double penetration, is jot an easy thing… you need two experienced sex partner. Continue reading…


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casual sexTrapper69

Double penetration is all about women. It is giving a woman as much pleasure as possible, if she is kinky enough to enjoy a hot DP, or wants to try it…

Most men want to experience a FMF threesome and have both women performing oral, vaginal etc., but they don’t want to do anything with a two men threesome… With out two men hard to have double penetration. I know, you can use dildo or other toys, but that is not the same…

You can not replace the real thing with a plastic toy… The toy can penetrate any hole on anyone, but it can not penetrate my brain. And the best part of a double penetration is, two know there is two hard cock onside me… Continue reading…

Horny Hotties

swingers nsa sexlooknagain2

Hmmmm, the first time I had a DP it was more out of curiosity.
It was actually quite hilarious,  the movies make it look so easy.

I really enjoyed it have had a few since, but its not must to  have at every time. Just depends on how I feel and how hubby feels…. Continue reading…


NSA sexlolipopf

I must say I am constantly surprised at how reserved most, of the members  appear to be on this casual sex dating site.

Just not what you would expect at first (sight). Would have expected much more willingness to try most anything new, more adventure? Continue reading…

naked chatNaked Chat – Erotic Web-cam Chat. Free Public Chat Rooms…

casual sexcuckoldcpl

We did do it many times  with different male partners. Some of them were very straight and experienced sex partners who could let it all hang out…

What was unusual for our double  encounters, all  was vaginal double, therefore both cocks were in the pussy.

At the first time, have two big cocks in a small place together made control a very big problem and she did not enjoy it at all, but we found other ways to reward her.

After that, we never selected well hung man for double penetration play mate, and that worked for us perfectly. Continue reading…

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I Need Men for Casual Sex Partner

It appears that there are some people on this website who just talk and talk and talk to you. They say they are here to meet to have no string attached casual sex, but they seem to feel the need to build some sort of email  chat relationship.

casual sex adsNo String Attached NSA Sex Dating Ads

casual sexeroticonnection

I’m not sure what that is about. I am not here for romantic  relationship. I want  men for casual sex partner. I tend to think that you can get some information about a person via chat and email, but past a certain point, you just have to meet.

The chemistry could be off; you may have been misreading each other; you may have completely missed the tone in which something was written, you’re not getting non-verbal language.

What, really, are folks waiting for when they talk for weeks on end? Either you want to meet or you feel uncomfortable or you don’t want to meet. Why drag it out? Continue reading…


adult datingpinkismyfavorite

Agree…  I had similar experiences. I think some people come here to have some kind of social life… and just chat and chat and email… Or I think they are fake, because usually those kind of people do not own web cam, or something wrong with it… or their Internet connection to slow to broadcast…

I do not have any time to waste, therefore I made a little rule for myslef… If somebody can’t meet after 3 – 5 email exchanges or IM, Web-cam, can not give phone number, than I move on…

Approximately how long do you email or chat with a person before you feel it is time
to meet and figure out if you should continue on? Continue reading…


erotic datingfoxeyatfifty

Everyone is different and here for different reason’s. Like most I am here to meet people not into endless chats or email.

I have the three email rule, if they do not want to meet me by then I don’t think they really want to meet. Continue reading…

naked chatLive Naked Video Chat – You Don’t Need a Webcam to Join in

casual sexTXArmyWife

I don’t talk to men that I wouldn’t actually meet. How long we email or text is up to them. I don’t want a, how are you doing, everyday… I want nsa sex

I have met men in a week, some in a month.  I the past I’ve emailed or texted men for, one month, two months, and three months, and have never met them.

I don’t  do this anymore. I tell them, that what they are doing is not working for me, and then tell them what I want. I’m very honest, open, and blunt about it. If they choose not to step it up, I say goodbye. Continue reading…



If you would like to know how to pick up women for casual sex, check out our no commitment sex related web page here. This page is part of

What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy


caasual sexeagerbeaver

Depends on the person really. I have met some men within 24 hours. The person was available to really chat, compare notes, see if there was enough connection for even good, casual sex… and we both had free time to meet up right away.

Otherwise, we may talk (off and on) for a week, maximum two, before trying to set up a meeting. But, I rarely need some fancy dinner or hours of their time to know what I want,
I usually have a good idea in advance.

I don’t bother unless I feel it will be really passionate and hopefully not just a one night stand. (I never intentionally bother with one night stands.)

Sex is easy to come by, great sex is always my goal. I am just no longer satisfied with
just getting laid. I have a vibe that can do more than many men can. Continue reading…

older womenCasual Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexnoheadgamecpl

I agree. It seems like a lot of people want to talk forever. When it comes to meeting there are so many who have excuses.

We try to be up front that we are here seeking some recreational sex with couples, before write to anyone.

I used to be able to narrow down who I would write to when the Swingers Couple profile had more information about what a person was looking for.

Now I send out more messages and get fewer responses. But those that respond should
be after the same thing that we are.

We can’t really tell if we are attracted until we meet. I think lot chat is not necessary… We do not looking for pen-pal. We are looking for playmates and with out meeting, no one can tell the compatibleness, not even after a year long cheating… So lets meet as soon as possible, and we can go from there. Continue reading…


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When it comes to meeting I prefer that folks talk to on a phone to get a feel for me, because we might not be right for each other and we can cut ties right then instated getting writer’s cramp novel instead answering questions via  5 to 8 min phone call.

If they give me bullshit excuse (trust me its all bullshit why someone can not have a simple phone) then I just say good luck in your search, and move on… Continue reading…


swingers classifiedsampussy

Nothing wrong with exchanging a few messages. Sometimes it takes planning to find the time to actually meet but we agree that once you say you are going to meet then follow through as soon as possible.

Even then things can happen, but you should exchange phone number and notified the others in timely manner… if you can not make that meeting. If they wont give you a phone number, than move on… Continue reading…

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Lets Meet for Casual Sex

Figuring out what to do on a Saturday night is the easy part. The hard part is avoiding misunderstandings about what it is you’re really after. Whether it’s casual sex with your sex friend or one night stand, you’ll want to work on your plans accordingly.

kinky sex personlasKinky Sex Dating Ads

adult datingpinkismyfavorite

I god a plan too. I had a first meet with a guy who I talked with for a week or so. He seemed straight-forward enough.

Depending on the person, I make different arrangements for the first meet, but I always make it clear that we are meeting to check each other out, find out if we are the same person we say we are. We look like our pictures, and find out if we have some sort of attraction to each other, and that there is always an “opt out” available to both parties.

So, with this dude, I drove way the hell out to some rural area. There wasn’t a lot around, so he suggested that we meet at the grocery store. Though he was questioning why we needed to meet in public. (Duh, I should know it that point.) Continue reading…

swingers sexBiInteracialCouple

Anyway, I get to the grocery store. It’s dark. I go inside. Not sure where the guy is. Finally, he texts to ask if I’m there.


He asks one more time if I will just come over to his house and we don’t have to go through this meeting in public thing.


Okay, he says. He’ll be right over. Eventually, he calls to say he’s outside.

Outside? He can’t come in to the grocery store? Whatever…   Clearly, things are not adding up, but I drove a long way and I’m usually up for a little adventure…

I don’t see him outside. I’m about to call him when a guy who is about 50 pounds heavier and scraggly waves me over, calling my name.

So, he says. You can see I’m not a psycho. Wanna go back to my house? Continue reading…

adult datingbisexualwomen

I can see he’s not a psycho? I can see that?

What I can see is that, here, in the dark, his photos must be a good 10 years old and that he has not bathed or showered in the last two days. I can even smell this… I can also hear that he has nothing to say but Come to my house.

I’m up for an erotic adventure with a compatible partner, but him as a partner?  So, thank you, but no. I was nice about it, but I left.

This resulted in multiple messages along the lines of “Was it me? What did I do wrong? What could I have done differently? I’d really like to know”. Then it was followed by
messages about leading people on and making up excuses.

Is here anyone with similar experience? What do you expect on a first meet? Continue reading…


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I’ve turned down people from Swingers Couple before and it was always a reasonable response. I, personally, have had blow-offs and not direct turn-downs, but I tend to think that just means “not interested”.

I’ve never really had this level of immaturity to a turn-down, nor such a lack of respect of a woman’s need to feel safe when meeting someone on a sex dating site.

I guess it just wasn’t your night. I think I would walk too… Continue reading…


casual sex36andneedit

If I were you… that would not happen with me. I would never drive out of my way to meet someone.

If I am worth the time to “chat” with, then I should be worth the time for you to meet closer to my area, somewhere I am familiar with and feel safe… Continue reading…


swingers classifiedsdiscreetsex

Just recently there was a similar thread about initial meets for no string attached sex

First off, makes no sense to even spend time on a meet and greet with anyone before web cam first.

Second, always play it safe! An initial meet in a reasonably safe place with the understanding that there won’t be any physical interaction as online chemistry does not always translate to real life chemistry. Continue reading…

naked chatNaked Chat – Free Erotic Web Cam Chat

Driving to some rural area where a grocery store is the only possible meeting place. Can’t get any less classy now, can it? Add his pressuring you to meet at his place and his hide and seek game.

That fellow sure seems to be quite some catch, not even taking into account the missed shower…

So, the subsequent harassment couldn’t have come as a surprise.. Block the profile and only hope he did not get the license plate of your car! Continue reading…

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Role Play & Rape Fantasies

I decided to ask a question  after searching through my husband’s history on his computer. Yes, that might sound bad but it isn’t. I don’t care if he looks at porn, I look at them with him and they turn me on. Continue reading…

erotic role playMembers Who Are Looking for Playmate fro Role Playing

swingers sexnoheadgame

I was looking for a website that I had visited a few days ago and I noticed he visited a kinky sex role play related website. Than I connected him and the website immediately…

He likes to wear costumes in bed. Let me put it differently, he likes to wear them when we have sex. He sometimes will stock up on the cheap ones on sale after Halloween. I’m open to the idea of this, but they made cheap from plastic, and sometimes it cut me.

couples looking for2-4-sex

Just the past weeknd he injured my pussy because he was wearing one of those plastic masks while he gave me oral sex.

I don’t mind the costumes, well… actually it starts to bother me lately. I don’t like them because they are cheap and because he feels weird in them. I don’t wear them, just he does.

The plastic outfits don’t feel right on my skin. These are the cheap ones that are all plastic. Sometimes they come with fake hair, but that is another story…

Sometimes he concentrate more on his costume, than on me. I am not sure what is it..? Does he have plastic fetish, or is it just a role play?

But for sure he have a lot of fun with that plastic…  I fantasize about more fun lately, I want to try to get screwed by two guys at once… but not sure how can I ask him?

Anyone help will be appreciated. Continue reading…

lets have Sex party

swingers sex datingdoithard

I would ask him what type of costume turns him on the most. Then I  would go to your local costume or adult store or it might be a Fetish  store.

I would find one that he likes. Make sure it doesn’t have plastic pants or anything made out of plastic. If you can get silk or crushed velvet, that would be the best. That will feel good against your skin. This might sound a little weird, but I would suggest to him that you also get one. Maybe since he is into the whole costume thing, he might be into you wearing one. You never know, that might make for one wild night of sex.

Unless this is something that he always does, I wouldn’t get too worried about it. Be more worried about the health hazards from the cheap costumes. If he does it once or twice a month, it is just a fetish.

I’m sure you have something that you like him to do from time to time that might be weird. We all do… Continue reading…

Halloween Sex PartyNo String Attached Masquerade Sex Party

NSA sexjustdome

About the second part of your question, where you talk about your fantasize sex with two men…

A threesome is nice, if your husband is ready for it… If I were you I would tell him  something about it next time, when he want to have sex with  that costume.

Something like…  Ask him to organize a Masquerade Sex Party party with few friends,  or just a Masquerade Party, where all guest need to wear a sexy costume or mask…  I am sure your husband is going to like that, and if all of you will have fun… bang him after the party or during a party and tell him your threesome fantasy. At first you can tell, both men have to wear costume…  Good luck. Continue reading…


adult datingwe-r-kinkycouple2

So, that costume thing is a role play… Just a vanilla one… Once upon a time, in the throes of passion, my wife asked me to “rape” her. It caught me off guard, but being the quick thinking geek I am, I tried to oblige her as best I could. This what I call role playing

We tried it a few times, but not much since then. I’m not entirely sure why, and  communicating about things like that seems… awkward. I stumbled upon a post in a group here on Swingers Couples in which someone was looking for participants in a “rape”.

I realized that it was going to be a staged thing, not an actual violation, but more of a fantasy being played out. It got me thinking about what it was that my wife had really wanted… Was it just rough sex? Continue reading…

Masquerade Sex PartyNSA Sex Dating Ads

adult datingcheyennerhayn

I have fantasized rape too, acted on it, and was the victim. It is called “role playing“, no real violence involved.

The thing with me is that I am so dominant in every aspect of my life (including sex),
there is something about being “forced” (in role play) that is very appealing to me for some reason. Continue reading…

local horny womenladykaym

Which I know does not make a lot of sense to a lot of people who have been raped. That is very different and an awful  and real violent thing.

I have never been raped but was abused sexually several times by a few different men when I was a child. I don’t see that it has any relevance whatsoever in my fantasy to be able to give up the control occasionally.

As stated earlier, I am always the dominant one, the aggressor, the one in control so it is erotic (for me) to have the tables turned.

I think this is exactly the opposite with the man and his plastic costume. Probably he is a very quiet man, but when he put that costume on, the table is turned in his case too and he will be a dominant one… in sex. Continue reading…


kinky sexsalsagirl822

Rape is definitely a  five letter word in my book. No Way!  Even in my fantasy.

I am very old fashioned if we are talking about fantasy rape role playing… Being tied up and having your way with someone can be nice enough. Continue reading…

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MFM threesome with a well endowed man

Finally the weeknd is here, it will be bad or good, we will know it for tomorrow… Anyways our long time erotic fantasy might not be just fantasy from tonight. Our very first MFM threesome with a well endowed  man going to happen tonight. Continue reading…

NSA SexSwingers Casual Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexsheneedsit1964

Not pushy, wild sex or anything out of the extra ordinary at all. Just a extra man with large 8 inches long and thick cock for me, plus my hubby’s nice cook and his very “educated” tongue…

Is there anything special that we should do in preparation for this up coming event? I know all about the hygiene and safe sex thing… But was curious as to what if any more preparations we should make. Maybe we forget something, and I we want it to go smooth as possible. Continue reading…


swingers sexwolftamer2007

Just relax and be yourselves, have some wine or other preferred drink  chilled, to get the nerves calm down a little and keep the lights fairly soft. Get all of the “loud” objects into hiding. Turn the TV off, and get rid of that deck of cards.

Your gonna need that time to communicate your options and your limitations. Or if this was done previously then it needs to be understood, if there are limitations.

Decide who makes the first move, if you all sit around in that pregnant silence, nothing gonna happen. Continue reading…



How to have threesome?

Is her vagina is loose to big, or your penis is small?

Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

What to do in MMF threesome

Threesome Sex Positions


caasual sexeagerbeaver

You are first timer… and you did not say anything about that well hung extra man. If he is the first timer too than ytou do not need to hesitate, because your threesome might not happen…

Now, if that sexual attraction (chemistry) is already there, just cut the talking out and get down to business, or you will talk true the night and your first threesome wont happen.

I know this from experience. Continue reading…

Asian hottiesHorny Asian Women

swingers sexhornysweetgall

You said you are fantasize about sex with a large cock… You have to be careful, if you want to enjoy it.

Any penis from around 8 inches is far too large for the average women to handle. I checked your photos and you are a small framed woman, therefore such a penis can be more of a curse than a gift for you.

In most cases, women find sex with a large penis painful, mainly because it can knock  against their cervix (the top of the vagina) and can even cause bleeding.

So guys, if you’re well hung, remember to treat your lady’s privates with a little more respect.

Regardless of that extra men’s size, he  should be able to enter in you comfortably if you will take your time for foreplay. Foreplay is the key… and tell him, you are not into deep penetration… not with a 8 inches cock list not in round one. First you have to get used to his size Continue reading…

sex datingErotic Adult Dating Ads

swingers sexlvcrmfilin

I agree with the above messages. Don’t go into deep penetration… Most guys with large cocks don’t know how to use them.

They think the harder they slam the better it must feel. Well, they are wrong. Continue reading…


no string attached sexspvcouple

We have a playmate, who we get together sometimes with. His cock is huge. I never measured it, don’t need to, anyone can see it, how big is he, because it well past his belly button (even when he wasn’t slouching, lol!), and quite thick.

It never intimidated me or hurt me, but he is one of the hardest guys to get off I ever met. Or he totally can control his orgasm… which is very rare…

Usually by the time he finis, I worn the hell out, had several orgasm… If your well hung guy would be something like him, well than you will have a hell of fun loaded weekend… Continue reading…

threesome sex

NSA sexloovebigcock

I love big cock too, however size is not everything. Some men’ penis are extra large and they can’t make me orgasm.

They bang me for hours, my pussy gets dry, than have to stop for lubricate, than they loose their erection…

Remember when serious threesome going on, QUALITY is more important then QUANTITY and cock size.  Continue reading…

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