NSA sex with a lot of noise

I was lucky enough to ran into a pretty good looking woman from this website, who happen to be live just a short drive to my city. After few chat and web cam chat we decided to spend a weekend in a popular summer tourists’ place close by.  Continue Reading…

interracial sex datingErotic Adult Dating Ads

casual sexmaybeno

I do not want to get into the details to much… but at night when we get “dirty” in the motel room and when we got to the moment where we had sex, she started to moan and talk just as in a porn movie. It sounded so fake that it brought me somewhat in trouble, but then she faked her orgasm as well and I was glad it was over.

When I woke up in the morning – still horny, since I didn’t spit my load, I started to wake her up very sensually. She was in a haze and was in no shape to repeat her charade. That
was when it was my time for the real performance and give us both an orgasm like sweet candy.

How do you cope with female overdone real life porn charades? Does it turn you on?

And for the women, what do you think about it? Do you fake your orgasm often? If so, why? Continue Reading…


adult datingwildcatr27

I have never had to play charades, I don’t need to fake orgasm when in the bedroom. I either orgasm or don’t,  in which case I do myself a favor and use my pocket rocket, so  either way I orgasm…

I think sometimes people play charades because they are nervous with a new lover and they think this is what they want. She might not faked anything, just wanted to turn you on… Continue Reading…



Is she faking an orgasm? How can you tell that your female sex partner is faking an orgasm?

There are a lot of excellent website on the Internet with a lot of  women orgasm related info. They provide casual sex – orgasm related information, for men, women and for couples too,  not just Kegel Exercise info.

There are a lot of things, that couples can do do for each other and those things will might give her screaming mind blowing orgasms, therefore, she doesn’t need to fake it. She will scream and moan from real pleasures, from real enjoyment…   Continue Reading…


swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

Like wildcat mentioned, I never play charades. Maybe she was really a moaner and moaned in anticipation, or maybe she added alot of sound effects as being a new lover, she wanted to turn you on.

You stated “she was in a haze and was in no shape to repeat her performance” at morning.

She may have been still half asleep or her moans last evening may have not have been a charade but a hurry up guy, “I wanna go to sleep…”

There are two kind of people…  Sound effects are liked by some and some like it really quiet. You had both versions, nsa sex with a lot of noise  and quiet no string attached sex… Not sure why is this a problem… You got what you wanted. Continue Reading…

casual sexNo String Attached nsa Sex Dating

swingers sexVickie_Jo

The key is to be yourself…. some people are loud, some aren’t. Some people talk dirty, some don’t.

If you find yourself being fake and acting fake you have to ask yourself why are you doing what your doing? In the end there is really nothing gained by it. Continue Reading…


adult dating1seeking1

Faking orgasm is very bad idea, special in casual sex. There are lots of things that can not be faked, pay attention to body language.

In my case being multi o and a squirter, can not fake that fluid… Continue Reading…


Oh yes you can fake squirting too… You just have to watch some porn and you will see yourself.


NSA sexAnewWoman

The “lack of interest” can be a problem of fucking for the sake of fucking. The entire process is only mechanical.

Obviously if she was faking orgasm, she wasn’t getting what she hoped for. And because you read her as faking, you lost any desire.

I won’t say it is her or your fault, but something to consider is being honest upfront about expectations. Building too high of expectations opens the door to a let down, so at least be honest about what you are bringing to the table, or bedroom in this case. Continue Reading…


nsa sexburrbaby68

I fake orgasm only if my partner under perform…  when sex is so lame I just want it to be over. Continue Reading…

naked chatLive  Erotic Web Cam Chat – with free public chat rooms


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Cream Pies

After seeing a post on whether to spit or swallow cum, my mind wandered to cream pies. Not coconut cream pies, just in case any of you had a clean enough mind to go there, but cum filled pussy cream pies. Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex

nsa sex adssexaddict

Personally I love when someone don’t waste anything… and clean up after himself and eat cream-pie… That is an incredible felling for me,  but no longer get that privilege to enjoy it,  due to my present sex friend’s lack of of cream pie eating interest…

In a safe relationship, where you are assured that neither of the partners has any STD’s, have you or would you eat a creampie? Continue Reading…


caasual sexeagerbeaver

First lets set the seen. Both partners are long time ones, STD free, have both swallowed one another’s pleasure out flowing fluids in the past, to be comfortable with that.

Then why would it be a problem to lick or clean up the same when mixed. My mann would and have as a showing of more than just lust for me, if I want it.

This is again a preference of eating a hot cream pie that we both made in pleasure or not doing so… Continue Reading…


swingers classifieds1seeking1

Seeing as I am not into women, no I would not.

My playmate, oh yes, he has done this hot kinky act many times, and yes I will gladly kiss him after he has eaten me. I know I am clean… Continue Reading…


swingers sexMrPoke

No, I’m what’s called a depositor. Once it’s in I don’t make withdrawals. She can spend it, if she want bare back… but I am into safe sex only, therefore, producing and eating cream pie is a big no…  Continue Reading…


adult datingGeorgeW1964

I don’t have any hangups concerning cum. I have had cream pies before and hope to have many more in the future.

Having a MMF or MFM threesome ensures it is freshly made… Continue Reading…


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How does cum taste? How  can you change the taste of your cum?

How to swallow a man’s semen

Semen and you

leisure sex adssexxxcrzd

If she wants oral stimulation after I have cum in her pussy, I have no problem with that. After all, it’s just me.

If it was there from someone else, HELL NO! Continue Reading…


nsa sexfirsttimersalso

I enjoy eating my wife’s pussy after another man has cum in her. I will also clean him, if he wants me to… Continue Reading…

leisure sex datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

No string attached sexsussi1028

I think it is between 2 and 3 people, what they like or what they don’t like…, but my hubby did never suck any other guy’s cock or eat me out after I have been filled up by others and that was just fine with me.

None of my boy toys do this either… Continue Reading…



My first taste of it was when i was 15 I’ve tasted enough cream pies to know that men and women alike have their own unique smell and taste.

Nothing looks hotter, smells sexier, or tastes better than a horny freshly fucked woman with an abundance of cum leaking out onto my tongue. Continue Reading…


swingers sexHot4itcpl

I have done this several times with my old lady and all I can say is how good her pussy tastes with another guys cum dripping from it!! Continue Reading…

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I am here for nsa sex

A lot of people, mainly men complain here not getting any responses or meets here on Swingers Couple. Then their are others have been successful in meeting plus more. It takes time to get that meet so be patient. Continue Reading…

sex datingErotic Adult Dating Ads

casual sexroxy37sexy

I met many here in more ways then I can count.  As far as the sex life… my is better than ever been before. This site helped a lot to how to experience great sex.

What about your’s sex life, either your single or married has it improved and made sex more interesting, more enjoyable, or just the same.

So my question to you how has your sex life improved since you are using Swingers Couple? Just curious. Continue Reading…


no string attached sexpandoo54

I met few horny ladies and had good sex.

I came here here for nsa sex and for my surprise all the people I met wanted no string attached sex only. Continue Reading…


casual sexglendabear

Nope. Not at all. I have somewhat backed off on thinking I will find a successful match.

Been here for five months now. Talked to lots of people. 90 percent of the people I
have asked and planned to meet, all bailed at the last minute and never to be heard from again.

But I enjoy reading the advice line and checking out blogs and profiles so I stick around. Continue Reading…



I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

Detailed Tips for open minded couples how to start their own threesome

What our user think about threesomes

Threesome basics


nsa sexAlwaysHorny4446

I met with few great guy too, and I met the man I’m currently in a relationship with here.

My sex life is fantastic now… so this website definitely works well for me. Continue Reading…


nsa sexwetlipssink00069

Great question.

This website has been a big help to me. My goal is; steady fuck buddy. Swingers Couple’s website helps me to meet people that I usually would not.

Swingers Couple makes it so much easier. Continue Reading…


Erotic Adult Datingntnwillis98

The site works for my purpose for being here.

I’m here to meet nice single men who live in my home state of New Mexico. Continue Reading…

erotic adult datingSwingers NSA Sex Dating

sex and funa-man

how has your sex life improved on Swingers Couple?
…. Or being on any ‘fuck-site’.

Going to these sites provides [anyone] with the choice of variety, and a place to seek out like-minded people.

If you are completely incapable of finding chemistry, or not active on this website, then there won’t be a noticeable improvement in your sex life, otherwise you can have as much erotic fun here, as much you can handle… Continue Reading…


nsa sex adssexaddict

It is what it is, this site being “Adult Dating”,  casual sex dating, swingers sex site, does have it’s advantages over other dating sites…

It works for me, no complain… and cost less than a dollar a day…. What kind of face to face erotic entertainment  can can you get for less than a dollar a day? Continue Reading…


no string attached sexTSTVLOVE75

It has made my sex life more interesting and exotic.

Making love to a sweet transgender has added a new dimension to
my wants and desires! Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

I will be honest my sex life has improved. Yes, was trial and errors, live and learn and learn some more, but the quality of gents I am interested in sleeping with have increased .

I am much more sexually open and have had a few good lovers  and will not go back in time.

It depends,  for me if I just want good sex… I could have it in abundance, but looking for a good lover, a great sex partner to have lots of no string attached sex with him…

At this point in my life quality is much more important then quantity. Continue Reading…

casual sexNSA Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexislamilf

My sex life has improved tremendously! But then again, my sex life was non-existent before I joined.

I hadn’t had orgasm for over a year before I joined. Still, I’m extremely satisfied with the sex that I’m getting now… Continue Reading…

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Casual Sex with Married Women

Concerned that you simply are not measuring up to certain expectations?

The truth about penis enlargement and enhancement.

Luckily you are not alone when it comes to the fact that you dream about increasing the erected size of your penis, as there are millions of men that are constantly searching for male enhancement products or certain solutions that can help them improve their overall size.

Men in this lifestyle know, size does count… even some women states it, no it does not… Women just say so, because they do not want to be shame about their own lovers… penis size. Continue Reading…

sex datingSwingers Sex Personal Ads

Just think about it, if a married women decide to have casual sex, with a guy… why should she choose a small dick…

Despite the fact that a large number of men are dealing with a need for erected penis enlargement, the entire topic seems to be somewhat taboo and incredibly sensitive on the whole. If you are searching for answers or desperate for a solution that meets your needs, then you have come to right place.

Get comfortable as we discuss the truth about penis enhancement. Continue Reading

Which Penis Enhancement Techniques are Most Common?

There are a number of penis enhancement techniques that are utilized by men all over the world. Some of them even enlarge the penis permanently… They range from everything from invasive surgery, creams, oils, lotions, pumps, exercises, and pills.

What is the Average Penis Size?

The average penis ranges between 5 to 7 inches when erect, and that measurement is taken from the tip of the penis to the start of the abdomen. Continue Reading

Does Penis Enlargement Work?

Penis Enhancement

The Best Penis Enhancement Methods

There are a number of products and programs that claim to be the final cure and most beneficial product when it comes to penis enlargement. However, how can you know which ones work and which ones are a waste of time and money? While surgery has been known to show success it is incredibly expensive and dangerous so is not necessarily the best option.

If you are looking for permanent penis enlargement for both your soft and erect penis then there are a number of extenders and penis exercise techniques that can increase size.

But let me tell you… who cares about the soft penis size… The erected penis size the one that count…


How can swing a single man. Single man and casual sex.

Casual sex advice from a swinger women for single men.


Possibly the best solution when it comes to erected penis size enlargement is herbal supplements that are proven to increase blood flow to the area and increase the hardness and size of erections. These products do not have any side effects, are incredibly affordable, and are easy and simply to use. Continue Reading

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For more information, go to ProsolutionPills.com

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Ladies Threesome or Anal Sex with a stranger?

For the women; Are you more likely to have a threesome or anal sex with a new partner? Continue reading…

swingers sexcasual sexsexty9

I am asking about threesome or anal sex with other than a significant other.

What is something you will do with a “stranger” that you won’t do with your partner? And why? Continue reading…


unicorn womanunykorn

I would only have a threesome with a total stranger if I was with someone I trusted.

Anal would depend on the person I’m with. Continue reading…


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How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

 Anal sex positions with anal sex photos

 Threesome basics


mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

You are asking about threesome or anal sex with other than a significant other…

My significant other is my husband and I can not have threesome with one man… For a MFM threesome I need two men.

No for anal sex with a stranger. Anal is for hubby only. Continue reading…


casual sexPetronia2013

I am not into sex with strangers, so for me the question makes no sense as I try to communicate clearly about what I’m interested in and early in the relationship established the spirit of open minded adventurousness.

There is nothing I would do with a stranger but not my partner. I go to the edgy places with my partner, in the context of trust and shared sexual experiences, not with some random stranger I don’t even know. Continue reading…

older womenNo String Attached sex dating Ads

NSA sexthebabygurl70

I am not into anal sex, so definitely take a threesome with my long term boyfriend and with some otehr guys… but not with a completely stranger.  Continue reading…


nsa sexhere2play2cpl

No anal sex with a stranger and if my present partner isn’t into threesomes than no threesome either.

If he is into a threesome a stranger would be fine, but anal sex just with him.

If we break up some time in the future, I might have a threesome with a new partner if he’s into it. If not, then it’s not on the agenda.

I wouldn’t do anything behind the back of my partner nor would I nag him into doing something he’s not comfortable with.

I’d expect the same consideration from him as well, to accept my boundaries as well as I accept his. Continue reading…



Threesome Sex Positions
FFM Threesome


MFM threesome2hot4one1000

Threesome, that is why I am here, and someone alredy said it at above, you can not have threesome with one guy, you need two… with a stranger is more fun. You never know what you going to get from stranger, and not STD is in my mind. Continue reading…


swingers sexneedzmorecpl

Hubby I and a stranger. Everything goes, anal threesome double penetration. What ever it takes to keep everyone, including myslef happy, but safe sex only or no sex at all. Continue reading…

threesome sexCouples Looking for Extra Man for MFM threesome

adult datingfun-lover

Vaginal penetration is getting difficult… so I would take anal sex, but not with a completely stranger.  Lets say anal sex with someone who I had penetrative sex before… Continue reading…


swingers sex3somefetishcpl

Threesome with anal sex. I can say anal threesome.  Oh yeah! I just can’t wait to bend over and spread my ass cheeks for a total.  Prefer well hung stranger enter in my back door…

That would be fun!!!! Continue reading…


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Do You Fuck Him on the First Date

We heard a lot of times about dating etiquette, chemistry or we click right away… Also one night stand is often come up when we talk about casual dating and casual sex. I think you alredy found out, the subject of my question is, sex on the first date… Continue Reading…

swingers sexSex on The First Date

older womenolderwomenwhoplays

Or first date one night stand…

So, ladies, you are on a first date with a guy you really like. If the chemistry is right and you want some kind of relationship with him, like sex friend, freind with benefits, or maybe fuck buddy, or some other long term type relationship, do you fuck him on the first date, or do you wait?

By the way I have searched this blog, it have more then few first date sex related post, they even had a first date sex related – get lucky on your fist date poll. According to that poll, the majority of people into first date sex…

Men, would you be in a long term relationship with a woman who fucks you on the first date? Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

Yes, I would be in a relationship with a woman who fucked on the first date.

I like women who do what they want instead of adhere to an artificial standard and some kind of dating etiquette that was created some conservative people…

The best and the longest relationship of my was with such a woman. We quickly became soul mates… Continue Reading…

Swingers Sex

casual sexFitguy3317

Is it ok to fuck on the first date?  Yes

Men, would you be in a long term relationship with a woman who fucks
you on the first date? Oh, Yes! Continue Reading…


nsa sexfoxeyatfifty

You are not a teen age anymore, and one would think, you know by now, what is okay and what is not okay in casual dating.

However in my opinion, it varies from person to person. Myself included… sometime the first meet is just that a coffee or dinner with no expectations and no second meeting ever happens.

Sometimes you see someone for the first time and it is lust at first site. Yes play right away, but to you question in regards to what men think of woman that fuck on the first date…

I am waiting there replies, if there is an instant connection and both parties are in agreement why not? Continue Reading…

sex and funa-man

Short answer,  yes. Long answer,  oh yes to both!

If the chemistry is right then the whole situation takes on a life of its own and the morals of others do not matter to me and hopefully that partner. Continue Reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

If both parties are attracted to each other, bot parties are horny and both of them  into it then there is nothing wrong to have sex on the first date… Continue Reading…



Anal sex on your first date
Do you prefer sex with out commitment?

Casual Sex TipsCasual Sex Advice;
Monogamous Casual Sex Relationship
People Attitude Toward Casual Sex
No String Attached Sex


sex on the first datePanhandleMan

My wife of 19 years and I fucked on our first date.

We are still happily married and  still have penetrative sex almost every day. Sometimes few times a day, so my answer is a big YES for both of your question. Continue Reading…


nsa sexready2play

That is one of the reason’s I am on this site… If penetrative sex is on you mind when you were talking about sex on the first date.

I don’t like pussy footing around, (pardon the pun) and playing games, as a lot of people plays here…

Yes good sex for me is an important part of any relationship… so no sex or not good sex, no any kind of relationship. Continue Reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

Is it? Sure if it’s comfortable to both parties. In nsa dating circles it’s quite common.

However, one also needs to be aware that just because someone may fuck someone on a
first date,  doesn’t mean they always fuck on a first date. Continue Reading…

kinky sexRecent New Members Erotic  Photo Album

adult dating adssefesexonly

The most erotic first date I had didn’t involve fucking. It was more of a test of will power, she told me upfront no fucking on first date but would be willing to have mutual masturbation instead.

We were both naked on her bed only touching ourselves, enjoying watching how the other plays and cums.

Play as long as we wished then shower together when done. We did have sex on every date since… She is my sex freind in the last 5 years or so… Continue Reading…


no string attached sextawnie89115

If you go out with a guy and you want to have sex with him, what’s wrong with that?

If you don’t just because it’s your first date, then that’s just game-playing, I think. If the mood’s right, and you’re both ready, why not? Continue Reading…

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Women Looking for Friends with Benefits

I have noticed that while women around my age were tired of drama filled relationships, & trying to find fuck buddies or friends with benefits (fwb) in an attempt to avoid all that but still have fun sexual experiences.

swingers sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

adult datingstrawberrycarrie

Also there men in the same age group are tired of multiple sex partners, one night stands and want more intimacy with some older lady with out commitment. I think it is great….

Do anyone realized this? Continue reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

I agree with you… As I have gotten more mature, or I can say as I am getting  older, I’ve noticed there are more mature women that have friends with benefits and if you check the profiles, you realize will realize  it too, every day more new members, women and couples looking for sex friends or friends with benefits and or fuck buddies.

It is because our today’s sexual freedom, and the Internet boom.

I think  its pretty cool and I think nothing wrong with this, in fact I think its great, because women of any age can have any kind of commitment or no commitment erotic fun if they wish to have fun… Continue reading…



What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy, leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on Swingersaffair.com

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy


NSA sexVickie_Jo

Women of any age can have erotic – sexual needs and everyone need some kind of entertainment…. Continue reading…


no string attached sextawnie89115

Depends on how you define FWB. It means different things to different people.

Sometimes, you gotta be clear about what you mean by that. Continue reading…


letsprtyhrd replied:
Someone that is not looking for a relationship. We both respect each others needs, and respect each other period. Also likes to get wild!! A little bit of what it is I guess.


casual sexMinka1967

You don’t need a license to have casual sex. Men and women alike
should feel free to explore their sexuality without the need to be in one traditional monogamous “Relationship” after another.

As long as everyone is honest and safe, I’m good with FWB‘s, what ever meaning is in your mind… Continue reading…

sex datingfun_chix

I think its a good thing, but some people getting mad about others if they married and looking for sex with other than their spouse.  It happened more then  few times on this advice line.

Those people forget it… this website was created for men, women and couples who are into nsa sex…. and being married is not against the site’s user agreement ot rules…

I think a fwb can be a great thing… As long as the boundaries are set. I live up to my end of the deal. Then again some people might even go to committed relationship with a nsa partner. Everybody’s path is different. Continue reading…


nsa sexhere2play2couple

We’ve noticed there are more women  have and looking for friends with

I  think for many women friends with benefits is more convenient. Especially for women who are busy with work career, tired of dating, travel a lot, or just don’t want to commit to anyone.

They have erotic needs, they can get horny too, so should they depend on their sex toy… A boy toy is much better… Continue reading…


nsa sex adssexaddict

As you get older, you begin to realize you have probably seen more days on this Earth than you have left to see. It can take you in two directions.

You can choose to accept that the coming days may be fewer. But also accept that doesn’t mean it cannot be the best time of your life.

Move forward and enjoy as a free spirit. If you are single and happy with sex friends, it can be as rewarding as in a relationship.

If you are part of a couple and into nsa sex with your mate, that too can be rewarding. It’s being at peace with yourself. Continue reading…

local sex dating pprofilesAre You Into Casual Sex? Don’t go any further… Check out this nsa dating profiles.

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Enhance Your Sexual Performance

This post is for men who think, they need help to improve their erection or they want bigger, longer lasting erection with bigger orgasm at the end. I know there are a lot of products on the Internet that offering exactly the same thing, but non of them is like VIGFX. Non of them let toy try it free. No catch, no trick, you can try it for for free.

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It is true, and  proved. Otherwise they would not give a free sample to anyone…

casual Sex Dating Ads

VIGFX ‘s first clinical study of its kind, was tested on 75 real guys (not lab rats) for 84 days.

Because we wanted PROOF, EVIDENCE & REAL DATA…

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The combination of the liquid gel capsule and enteric coating not only increases the ingredient absorption rate of the formula by up to 90% but also has the added advantage of extended release, allowing for a slower and steadier release of the nutrients into your system.



How To Give Her Mind Blowing Orgasm

Information on woman orgasm. How to give a mind blowing orgasm for any women. Sex guide for males who love to please their sex partner at any time.

Oral Sex Guide – Deepthroat

Good oral sex is excessively joyful for both sex. Guide, tips and tricks on how to deepthroat a penis.

Are You Wanna Be A Sex God?

Oral sex related info. Make her day, go down on her! Eating a woman’s pussy is the most wonderful thing you can do for her.

Female Sexual Enhancement

For women nitric oxide doesn’t do to much different in libido enhancement and in sexual arousal. However – for women too-  the hormones have important roles to increase sexual desire, and restore sexual vibrancy. If a woman having trouble with arousal, and vagianl lubrication, she can see her doctor for hormonal treatments, or she can try herbal female libido enhancer, which can be use as lubricant too. Continue reading…

Libido Boosters for Couples

Couples can use herbal supplements too, plus  there are certain things that can exchange the quality of sex. Desire increases with new situation. Anything new can help. The best is a new sex partner, or a threesome. If you never had a threesome before, it is almost guaranteed, you will be so horny, you never been that horny before…. Continue reading…


casual sex

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How can I make her squirt with anal sex?

I was reading some advice lines posts from way back in few years. One that I came across was one that talked about frequent questions that are asked over and over again. This is a list from that post. Continue reading…

adult sex

casual sexwildaspirations

1. To Shave or Not to shave?
2. Does size matter?
2. Never had anal sex…What to do? Do women like anal sex?
3. What are Kudo’s?
4. How do I get points?
5. Why didn’t I get laid the minute I signed up?
6. Women squirting. How can I make her squirt?
7. How do I get my wife to agree to a threesome?
8. Are there any real people on SwingersCouple?
9. How do I make my cum taste better?
10. Cut or uncut?

Sound familiar? Some things never change. Except now we get a lot of …

Is my profile ok? Dick picture… and gay sex…

There are many more but these came to mind.

Don’t you get tried of seeing the same questions month by month, year by year? Can’t these people look anything up?  Continue reading…


no string attached sex1canuck

T^hose people running in “energy saving mode” and they don’t have the energy to search, bowser and go back to years to read  the available  answers to their question…

Or they might be just after the points. Continue reading…

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I’ve watched my wife on several different occasions play with 2 different guys and it turns me on to watch her pleasure them. So no it is not only you.

Also we have done few 3 somes with my wife and we will have a next one on Valentine’s weekend. So far all of our threesomes was extremely good sex and all night long erotic play. It really turned me on by see her doing it.

She has also done another woman (and me) and that one was very erotic too. then told me about it and I got turned on. However I like the MFM scenario much more better. Two guys can do much more thing with one women, then one guy with two women. But what two women can do with one men… that is a different thing. I always have thoughts of things like that for us. Continue reading…

Anal horny woman need your advice. Ladies, how did your first anal sex feel?

Anal sex positions with anal sex photos


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Yes I am fed up with the same old questions over and over and over. All some idiots have to do is look down a few posts or look a day ago…

They very same question has been asked many times. Yes I was going to put something like, do you think has the magazine had it best days???

Sometime I do think so, but sometimes there are some sensible questions and good remarks and interesting facts…

Well lets see if we can make a new topic for discussion?? Do you like any makeup  guys and
do not say men don’t wear makeup, as a few of business men do…

No how many of you have secretly used your wife’s or your mums makeup? How is that for a new question… Continue reading…

casual sexSwingers No String Attached Sex Ads 

adult datingouttherelinda

The thing is no one is forced to read the same old questions over and over and no one is forced to answer the same old questions over and over again.

It really is quite simple to just click the close button and move on or just not bother to open it in the first place if you see one of those titles.

There are new people coming here all the time who don’t know that you can search through archives or don’t know how to. We were all new at some stage and had to figure
things out. It doesn’t surprise me when the newbies don’t stick around here.

Everyone has the right to ask questions here, = even if they have been asked a million times. Continue reading…


NSA sexKateCoxuker

Yes. I am tired of them. At one time I used to try to answer some of them as I felt a sincere question deserved a sincere answer. But I burned out on that.

I do check in most days, but I only actively participate once or twice a week (at most.)  It is more of a “Wishful Habit” I suppose.

Eternally looking for what may never have really been there but was perceived to be in the past. Continue reading…

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Woman Looking for Playmates for NSA Play

Looking for playmates for nsa play. Originally a girl was in my mind, but hubby said last play with a man first. It does not mean threesome and he is not gay, so guys don’t have to worry about their rear entry… but he will be present at all the time. Continue reading…

interracial sex datingInterracial Sex Dating Ads

no string sexFunandFucks2

Okay, so here it the problem… We been on here a couple of months, looking to meet men for no strings fun, play in couple settings, but beginning to think that people say what they are looking for but aren’t actually for real .

Can anybody tell me where I am, we are going wrong? Or am just being too eager… Aren’t all of us? Continue reading…


swingers sexneedzmorecpl

Everyone is different. We just met someone for the first time after initially talking a year and half ago. We enjoyed that meeting and had a great time.

I would say you have to be patient to build a trust in each other and or communicate with more than one person. On that  way easier to filter the losers out… They are the one who does not have time at evening or at weekend…

However, there are some people here that expect you to meet the first time they talk to you, and some others, who are into nsa sex on the first date. Continue reading…


casual sexMinka1967

Since you are a “Couple”, I’d suggest to try to find a couple. Than you can have man or woman, or both at the same time… What ever you prefer…

Also to  having at least one or two pictures of the man on your profile, would be a big help. Continue reading…


woman for nsawomenfornsasex

I am her for nsa sex and I have no problem to find casual sex partner. You just have to be smart to select the right ones, because there are are a lot of fake men here… Probably fake women too..

My advice is, if someone do not give you phone number, or not call you when it said, or not show at first meeting, than don’t give a second chance. Turn the page and find someone else. Continue reading…



How can a single an build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

What to do in MMF threesome

Threesome Sex Positions

FFM Threesome


swingers sexIslandlacel97l36

Most of us put “Who & What” we are looking for on our profiles then use the resources we have at hand to contact the members we are interested in meeting.

Based on your interests and various other sexual preferences it may take some tine find a compatible person to play with. Not a lot of men who is willing to have sex with you at the front of your husband…

IMO, meeting in a casual setting for casual sex after emailing and going face to face on Cam is a reasonable thing to expect. Any more that meeting is something to be decided but all persons concerned.  Continue reading…

naughty sex datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

erotic datingNjoy_a_lil_tango

The female half of the couple here.

My spouse and I met here two years ago, and have had mixed luck meeting others here as a couple. We have been able to find a few good men for MFM play, but another suitable couple hasn’t been so easy.

As a single woman, with my own profile and all on my own, I’ve met several losers, and a few keepers!

I’ve got Tango, he is my spouse plus a man I call my boyfriend here, and have made several great friends as well. All of them know each others and sometimes we play with one or two at the same time… Those plays are a lot of fun, but takes time to build up a team like that…

All I can say is it takes a lot of patience… but when you find someone that fits your needs, it’s all worth it! Continue reading…


casual sexphatass2

The short answer is, Yes. As a female it takes a lot longer for me to say yes to anyone, because I think of my safety over my hornyness.

If I were to play as a couple the time period would drop because I trust my partner and I know that he would never let anything happen to me. Just understand  there are a lot of creeps out there and women are very careful.

Give it some time, and good luck. Continue reading…


adult datingouttherelinda

I can tell you where you are going mate. Your attitude is where you are going wrong.

Just because people are here on the site does not mean that they are all obligated to meet with anyone for nsa sex, if they do not wish to meet. We are all here for our own reasons. You may be here for casual hook ups but don’t assume that everyone else is here for the same thing.

We all have the right to decide who we will meet.

There are plenty of people who do meet others in real life, I am one of them. You will need to have patience here and roll with the punches because it is not always smooth sailing. Continue reading…

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