Make my holiday sex party an incredible sex party

The best way  celebrate the Holiday Season  is nsa sex.  Doesn’t matter, it is Christmas or New Years Eve, sex is sex, nsa sex is no string attached sex and holiday is, with or  with out nsa sex still holiday, but with nsa sex and holiday more enjoyable.

Horny WomenOversexed Horny Women

My opinion is, the best holiday celebration should include a lot of sex. Sex is sex and sex with multiply sex partners can be even better… but let’s just go step by step.

There is only one better way to celebration the holidays than sex. It called more sex, or more casual sex, some say NSA sex, or no string attached sex. The two things not the same…

You can have more sex with your spouse, but to have casual sex with the same spouse,  that is not that simple. Both of you need to be open minded and you might need some outside help, or you can have NSA sex with your spouse… but you have to play a game, role play…

Anyways I am not here to talk about erotic games for the holiday season or erotic games for your Sex Party. If you looking for something like this,  just Google it. You will have with a mouse click about 30 million kinky ideas. Continue reading…

Local Women Looking for Casual Sex

So let’s get back to the above subject…. Holiday with Casual Sex. You can browse the local section of this website and you will see, how many erotic parties goes on in your neighborhood in all December, include Christmas and New Years Eve.

Are you not into NSA sex party? Do you like betterm one on one sex? In this case just search the local erotic picture personals… and you will see, how many people like you. No game, just pure no string attached nsa sex for fun only. Remember only one thing is better than sex… more sex. Continue reading…

NSA sex ads heavenlyangel143
Do you have what it takes to make my holiday sex party an incredible sex party?

Many men say that they know how to please a women just because they have a so call huge cock… So I believe that a man with a small cock is just as good because he works it and lets the women enjoy every  move.

Christmas or not, an average man who know how to use his cock is much more better then a big dick man with no love making knowledge. Do you agree? Continue reading…



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“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…


3 some3fun4me

I will sleep with the man – men that I like, regardless of the size of his cock….

I am about the whole package, not the one piece of equipment in between his legs…. Continue reading…


adult dating outtherelinda,
As far as I am concerned there is much more than just a guys dick involved when it comes to giving me pleasure!

I have sex with a person not just an appendage so his cock size has very little to do with. Continue reading…


erotic datingfoxeyatfifty
Well I really that a lot of men that think with his cock , not his brain.  And thinks the size of his cock is going to get him trough life. Wake up!!!

Well it is the use to the tool that is important. You can have a cock as big as a bull or as long as a horse, or an ass. He will be not getting anywhere near this ass. I need more then just a big dick… Continue reading…


NSA sex dating swagz66
I actually enjoy all sizes and the different ways they feel. Most women know not all men know how to use what they got.
Continue reading…

sex dating

sex datingwannabesexpot
Sex party or just a fling… I prefer being filled – which means his  cock size should be slightly above average.

However, men can’t help their cock size any more than us girls can control our natural boob size. Unless you surgically correct it.

So I go for the man and am certainly concerned about the size of what’s between his ears too, not just what’s between his legs. Skill is as important as size… if not more important. Continue reading…

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Wife Christmas Casual Sex Play

I am wondering what  will we do at this year’s Xmas time? Last December my wife went to an office Christmas party. It was for employees only so I was not invited. I told my wife Linda, that I was going to a ball game. But I  changed my mind and went home instead.

swingers sexErotic Adult Dating Ads

After watching TV for a while I went to bed. About one in  the morning I heard voices. I got up and started to walk  out of the bedroom. I saw a man helping my wife in the  front door, closely followed by two other guys. I assumed  they were three of Linda’s office co-workers.

I backed into the dark bedroom and decided to watch and  see what was going to happen. My wife took off her coat  and sat down on the couch near the far wall from the

The bedroom was dark and I only had the door open a  little so they could not see me. I watched my wife sit  down on the couch and almost immediately one of the guys
sat down beside her. The other two sat on this side of  the living room. I could tell my wife had had quite a bit  to drink as she was not too careful how she sat down.

Casual SexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

She had on her short red dress with the low cut neckline that I love so much. As it really shows her legs and the  top of her tits. And she never wears a bra with it. When she sat down the dress rode up to almost the top of her  nylons. From where I was sitting I could see the white soft skin of her thighs above the tops of her nylons.

I heard Linda say, “Stop that Joe. I’m a married woman.”  I could see that Joe had his arm around her shoulders and was trying to kiss her. But Linda kept pulling back.  Suddenly Joe pulled Linda towards him and covered her  mouth with his. I could see him force his tongue into her  mouth. As my wife was trying to pull away from Joe her legs came apart exposing her white panties.

adult dating sexnsa sex dating ads

I could see her panties from where I was standing and I  knew the two guys on this side of the room could see her  pussy hair sticking out of both sides of her panty legs and the slit of my wife’s pussy through the very thin  material. Linda has a lot of pussy hair. As Joe was
holding Linda in a tongue-probing kiss he forced his hand down the front of her dress. I could see him squeezing  her tits.

When Joe finally broke the kiss and let her breath, I could tell Linda was getting mad. She tried to get up,  but Joe held her down. I heard her say, “OK god dammit  that’s enough. Now let me up.”

Then I saw the other two move to the floor. One on each side of Linda’s legs. When she saw this she tried to  close her legs. But they each pulled her knees apart until she was wide open with her dress pushed to her  waist.

Again Joe grabbed Linda and kissed her hard. Again pushing his tongue into her mouth. As he did he pushed Linda back against the back of the couch until she was almost stretched out with her legs almost off the edge of the couch. One of the guys on the floor reached up between her legs and pulled her panties to the side. Then he pushed his fingers into her defenseless pussy. And he began stroking his fingers in and out of her pussy.

I heard Linda say, “No, no, Joe please no.”

I could see Joe had pulled the top of her dress off her shoulders baring both tits. But I could see her pink nipples were getting very hard as Joe began sucking on them.

Then I saw Linda begin to cry as they pulled her panties off. Exposing her beautiful pussy to all of them. In spite of her pleading and crying they pulled her down onto the rug. Two of them held Linda’s hands above her head making her tits stand up even higher. And they
pulled her legs wide open. I saw Joe drop his pants and shorts.

erotic Christmas party

I heard my wife say, “No, no, no, you can’t do this to me, please don’t,” As I saw Joe’s cock sink in-to my wife’s pussy. But I could see that in spite of herself, the sucking on her tits and fingering her pussy was having its effect.

I could see Joe’s cock went in very easy and was glistening from the juice of my wife’s pussy. Joe fucked her for about ten minutes. I saw my wife squeeze her eyes closed and saw her mouth open and her breathing was very fast as it is when she reached a climax.

nsa sex dating

nsa sex dating

After Joe shot ‘his’ load into her he pulled his cock out and I could see the cum running down the crack of Linda’s ass. The second guy took Joe’s place and eased his cock
into her. I noticed now that they were no longer holding Linda’s legs open, they just stayed that way. This guy must have had too much to drink. He fucked her for about twenty-five minutes before he shot his load into her. I saw Linda cum about three more times.

The third guy was not satisfied with Linda’s spread open legs. He pushed her legs up till her knees were touching her tits. That gave him a straight down shot into my wife’s wide-open pussy.



Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

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“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next>>>


As he was fucking her I saw Joe put his cock against Linda’s lips. She turned her head to the side to avoid it. But Joe pushed his fingers into her cheeks on both sides forcing her to open her mouth. By the time she was force to take his cock in her mouth I had already taken off my shorts and I walked into the living room and stood at Linda’s feet looking down at my well-fucked wife  sucking cock.

Slowly she opened her eyes. Her eyes flew wide open when she saw me standing there. She started crying. She said she was sorry, she couldn’t stop them. I said yes I know I saw the whole thing. Then her expression changed to  anger.

“Why in the hell didn’t you stop them from fucking me? I told her because I enjoyed the show. I told her to remember back when I suggested I’d like to see another man fuck her. And she said that would never happen. Well it just did happen. And I can’t wait till the next time.

She said, “You bastard, there won’t be a next time.” I said, “We’ll see about that,” as I eased myself down on her and took my turn fucking her. She was so hot she couldn’t stop me and didn’t want to…

Anyways, after that kinky sex, she changed her workplace and according to her, she never saw those three men again… But we talk about it a lot and I think she realized it can be a fun… I think she would love to have a similar Christmas, and   I hope we will have a even kinkier…

kinky datingAre you into whips and chains, and masters – mistress and slaves, pain and pleasure. If yes Visit Kinky Cupid

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I am pregnant & can not get enough nsa

I read the previous post about a pregnant lady would like to participate in a sex party, and asked user what they think about it. My problem is pregnancy and sex related, but not the same sex party problem, that is why I started this new treat. Continue Reading…

swingers sex

adult dating SensuousPlays

I am about 6 months pregnant, but I am a big girl and hard to see it on me… but thats not the point.  Every time a guy finds out that I m pregnant, he turns into a horny goth and want to have sex with me.

I get a lot of, “mmmm, I love to fuck a pregnant woman“, or “pregnant women turns me on” etc.

More than few men told me, sex with a pregnant women is like the best thing in the world. Personally for myself, no different, I was horny always before my pregnancy and I am horny always now too…

Pregnant sex or not, good sex is satisfying, and when sex is not satisfying than it is not good sex… Right?

What makes sex with pregnant woman so much better then sex with a non pregnant

This is not just a question for the guys, ladies, I would like to hear your feed back too… Continue Reading…

no string attached sex

casual datingrealplayer

You are right, there is no different for some women…  on the pregnant woman’s view side.

When I was pregnant, I couldn’t get enough sex, I had to masturbate a lot, even though to find sex partner during pregnancy is very easy… Not a lot of men hesitate to ave sex with a pregnant women…

My son is almost 2 years old, and  I am not pregnant, but still can’t get enough sex… I am always on looking after new playmates and I am always in the mood for sex.

I guess it depends on the person… When my lady friend was pregnant, she was to busy to puking, so the last thing she wanted is sex…  Continue Reading…


sex datingfun_chix

Oh my, your freind is like me!!! I think it can go both way…  Pregnancy make you horny or make you sick.

When I was pregnant the last thing on my mind was sex, I couldn’t even get close to being in the mood and could not go farther then 10 fit from the toilet… I was puking 24 / 7 for nine months… Continue Reading…


Related Topics:

Pregnant women want threesomes

hat is the feeling of people out there toward pregnant women wanting threesomes, MFM in particular?

Is a pregnant woman sexy or is she ugly?

Would you like to double the pleasure? Are you looking for a threesome?


casual sexcoolandhornycpl

When my wife was pregnant with both of our kids, we had sex many times. I did not find it to be a turn off, in fact it was a turn on to me, because she was more erotic and more open to any sex play than before her pregnancy .

So I would say, man into sex with pregnant woman, because pregnant women are more erotic and more open for sex play than non pregnant women…  Continue Reading…

no string attachhed sex

no string attached sex1Canuck

I had sex with a pregnant woman once, she was very horny and very wet. Actually she was the first person that I had anal sex with.

I enjoyed it a lot, I mean not the anal, anal sex was ok, but for some unknowing  reason I am not big fun of anal sex, and never been, but she asked me to do her ass…

She was on the wild side during her pregnancy and if she wanted something she made sure she got it… I think her hormone affected her sex drive a big time…  I kind of felt sorry for myself when she gave birth of her baby…  Continue Reading…


swingers sexneedzmorecpl

I have not have related experience, but  from what I heard, a woman is usually more primed sexually, when she is pregnant due to her hormones.

Aside from that, I believe a lot of guys enjoy sex with pregnant women because it is a bit more taboo. There are plenty of women in this world, but far fewer are are pregnant women who are willing to have sex… or want to have sex. Continue Reading…


NSA sexrm_akkdee

My wife is pregnant and she enjoys sex  “way” much more than before her pregnancy, because the penis gets just the right pressure on her clit.

I like it  also much more because she seems to be wetter – extremely wet and her lips
are more full with blood, enlarged and much more sensitive than usual. Continue Reading…

bi sexual ads

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Sex party with pregnant woman

We are an open minded married couple and we have few open minded friends. I can say friends with erotic benefits, or some people would say we are fuck buddies.   Every now and then we get together for erotic partying. Continue reading…

sex datingOlder Members Looking for NSA Sex Partners

adult datingfunfufnmorefun

There are some rules, one of them in no hole bared, this is include men too. I mean if you give it, you be prepare to receive it too.  We call it play fair… Therefore if a guy want to have anal sex with a woman, than he should be ready to get something hard into his butt, maybe a dildo, maybe a dick.

We are rotating hosting our erotic parties. At next moth, we will be the host couple, and it will be a big party. It might-be around Christmas or at New Years Eve, I am not sure exactly when it will be, but I have a problem, I am sure about this.

The problem is, I am almost 4 moths pregnant  and horny like never had sex before. It is alredy visible and at the end of next moth, my tummy will be fairly big. However I want to participate in our sex party, I want to have my share of fun, but I do not want to hurt my baby.

Should I go for it… Or just be a watcher? Continue reading…


adult datingislamilf

Go for it… Just don’t have unprotected sex with someone you’re
not monogamous with, I guess that person is  the father of your child.

Sex during pregnancy brings some risks… The biggest one  is std’s.  Of curse as long
as you’re not doing anything crazy like take a 15 inches dildo up in your  vagina… Continue reading…



Is a pregnant woman sexy or is she ugly?

Pregnant women wanting threesomes

Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Dive headfirst into thousands of raw and uncut member videos from Dating Sensations hottest and most popular members – like the next profile.

“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next>>>


nsa datingpam73160

I am not sure about sex party… Otherwise sex during pregnancy is like having sex when you were not pregnant. As islamilf  said, don’t do anything stupid or reckless.

If it hurt, than do not do it. If you do it smart, than it will be a lot of pleasure for you and your partner too. Continue reading…


pregnant sexhorny-pregy

When I was pregnant I got very excitable. I am not pregnant anymore, just I did not delete this profile yet. I will do it soon.

I was very horny during my pregnancy and could not have enough sex. My problem was, my spouse cock is 8 inches, nice and thick, and he love to pound hard, or if he was gently, he could not rich orgasm.

Vaginal sex with him was to painful and dangerous to enjoy. But I took him anally… and I did enjoy vaginal penetration with other, less endowed and less rough men.

By the way, an awful lot of men would love to have sex with a pregnant woman. Even the ones who usually not into casual sex. Just be smart and be sure  about condoms. There is no any other way around it when you are pregnant. Continue reading…


no string attached sexnice4now2

I love sex with pregnant ladies, bit it is very hard to find pregnant women, who are into nsa sex.

They really turn me on, I think it is some kind of fetish or something that is out of my control… During my very limited experience, I  always stopped when asked and never pounded her too hard.

It can be great for both as the pregnant lady  usually are very wet and normally love to feel some cock between her legs. The one I ran into last time, fucked me like a crazy
as she knew the damage is done and she can not get pregnant… because she is alredy there… She led and took control all night. It was a lot of and very erotic fun. Continue reading…

threesomeMan – Woman Couple Looking for Men for MFM Threesome
Check their video out

nsa sex adssexaddicts

I have always loved sex and nsa sex anyway but seriously, the level of horny-ness during my pregnancy was off the scale!!

I could not even be touched slightly by without my pussy turned into socking wet pussy!!

Obviously it was very frustrating, when no willing man was around, because I need to masturbate and I masturbated a lot. Sometimes 3 – 4 times a day, but it is just not the same as sex with a real thing…

I wish some invited me to a sex party when I was pregnant… Continue reading…


curious couplewewant2play

Sex during pregnancy can be the greatest sex that the partners ever had… Ad there are many reasons why sex with pregnant women or sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable.

For example, there is an increase in vaginal lubrication, lot of blood in the genital area helps some people become orgasmic for the first time… Or if it is a sex party, she can be multi orgasmic very easily.

Than no need to worry about birth control, and just have sex for only the pleasure. Continue reading…

nsa sex datingCouple Looking for Same Room Fun

swingers sexnoheadgamecpl

Sex during pregnancy is really satisfying for men and women too…

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie was last quoted saying it: “Pregnancy is great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative. So you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full. Be proud of your bump and what your body is doing and you might be surprised at just how sexy you do feel.”

I don’t think she was talking about sex parties… but what ever rock your world. Pregnancy should not stop you, just you need to be a little more carefully, as people alredy stated it at above. Continue reading…


casual sexeagerbeaver

When I was pregnant, pregnancy made me want to hump like rabbits. My sex drive is very strong… but during my pregnancy I wanted it at anytime.

My boyfriend and I have always had a pretty good sex life, including nsa sex,  but when I got pregnant I could not stop thinking about hard cocks!

I wanted it all day! I’ve been looking at porn while he was at work to try and get it out of my system, and by the time he got home from work, I was ready to just rip his clothes off and drain his balls bone dry! He did not complain of course, he enjoyed the ride! In fact he stated several times, he wish I am always pregnant… Continue reading…

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She wants to get raped fantasy

I am living in a small town close by a city of three-hundred thousand. Came across a lady from that city, used by this website, she  asked me to play out her  rape fantasy…  She described her rape fantasy with the words “consensual sex. Continue Reading…

nsa sex

adult dating smalltownman

According to her screen writing, I should wait for her somewhere at her path as she walks home, pull her into my car and rape her vaginally and anally.

After when we, mainly  I finished with her,  I should kick her out from my car and be on my way.

I like rough sex so It was very appealing fantasy… but I turned her down as it did not seem safe enough for me, mainly because it looked like a real rape at public place…

However I am wondering, if  a lot of women actually have this type of fantasy? If yes why? Men if you played in a erotic fantasy game like this, how did you make sure everyone was safe? Continue Reading…


free sexhereforfun

I think fantasize about get raped have  something to do with rape itself is being taboo, like you shouldn’t be thinking about it, but you are.   Also rapes are really hard rough sex, no romance and no romantic, just go for it hard. Rapist are not going smooth and slow…

But bear in mind that rape fantasies and a actual rapes are completely different things. Like rape fantasies are pretty much consensual in the women’s mind.

Well they’re erotic and hardcore, right? I don’t think any woman fantasizes to be a victim in a rape or gang rape… Continue Reading…



I get really turned on when a man pushes my head down on his dick. Am I submissive?

Gang bang me… I am a submissive woman, and I do what I told to – in gang bang.

People Attitude Toward Casual Sex


love gangbangsgangbangkrista

I have rape fantasies, gang rape… but I don’t fantasize about being actually raped. The way I see it it’s no different than any other erotic fantasy people may have.

Just because my gang rape fantasy, it doesn’t mean I want it to happen outside of a controlled environment. How can I control it? I can’t… therefore I just fantasize about it.

I mean, I have gang rape fantasies, because I am very sexual and I think I am oversexed. Plus I like to play hard. Hard core, rough sex and gang rape is about of being helpless and dominated by few men, that gets me off.

Being men’s sex doll and being powerless to stop it. But exciting as that thought is I wouldn’t do anything to increase the likelihood of getting raped because God only knows what sort of crap crazy sadistic bastards could do to me in real life!

That’s the point though, in a fantasy you are the one in control. By creating a rape fantasy you can still retain that control while presenting that you’re not in control… But it is a dangerous sex game, that can go sour very easily… Continue Reading…

no string attached sexandreaplaysnice

Sounds like a set up to me. Not that anyone would ever asked me to play in a rape fantasy game, but the only way I’d ever agree to something like would be to first have a face to face meet, then a video taken with both of us in it at the same time with her (a dual selfie on video) with her explaining in details what her fantasy is and how she will make it happen.

That way I would be reasonably confident that something wouldn’t come back to bite me later. You know like hand cuffs and jail time… Continue Reading…

sex datingAndrea Plays Nice

sexywifey31 free sex dating

It is my erotic fantasy too and it can be a lot of fun. A lot of people have fantasy like this, in fact I get asked this same exact thing every day… Continue Reading…


nsa sexjuggalo_love2014

It is  fiancée rape fantasy too… and  actually played her “non consensual sex” fantasy out the other day.

I came home from work she was sleeping, I used the cuffs that we have, restrained her to the bed, blindfolded her before she woke. She could not see and she could not be sure who is rapping her and that is the beauty in the fantasy sex game like rape fantasy…

I know it was safe to do her, as she is my fiancée. Would I do this with anyone else other than her? Not a chance in my life, it smells like jail time… Continue Reading…

interracial sex dating

casual datingrealplayer

I for one, I have fantasies about being brutally raped

Then I catch my rapist and do horrible, unspeakable things with him and with his sex organs.  I get aroused just to think about this.

In my fantasy I violate his body sexually and otherwise. In a sense, I end up raping and  torturing him whit strap on dildo. Continue Reading…

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BDSM or role playing in nsa sex

I love my hubby and I love sex, and both of us love nsa sex with others, but lately the chat on every site I’ve tried has been quite tame and even a little boring at certain times, for example of the week and hours of the day. Continue reading…

no string attached sex dating adsRole Play in nsa Sex Dating

casual sex tickylicky

Please don’t take this the wrong way. I love my Internet activities. I especially appreciate the many members, chatters, cybersex partners, and fellow performers, who’ve given me many hours of erotic  entertainment and multiple orgasms.

It just seems like lately I’ve really had to search for my fellow dirty talking, kinky cammers, and my hubby could watch our home movies, the same old porn movies, and
porn sites over and over. Continue reading…

nsa sex datingNo string attached sex ads

I guess it is just me, who requires more spontaneity and mental stimulation. Hubby doesn’t have the same flare for naughty as I.

Our role play is great, bondage hot, and group sex is fabulous!!!

However lately feeling a Little Bored and Unsexy…

Do any other gals ever experience the same lack of stimulation, arousal, or your usual uncontrollable sex drive? Continue reading…

no string attached sex partiesSwingers Sex Parties

 dating sexaflower2c

Do any other gals ever experience the same lack of stimulation, arousal, or your usual uncontrollable sex drive?

YES! I cant find anyone that can keep up with me. I did find one nsa sex partner, he had a similar sex drive, but his ex baggage was following to closing behind him.

I found that BDSM gave me the imagination and stimulation I needed, I cant fulfill my life with sex so I channeled my sex urges into kink instead.

I basically spiced up casual sex with fetish. That way my brain is stimulated with the endomorphism and full body high that my fetishes bring, so when I had NO sex partners I could still find release.

Most men around here cant fuck their way out of a wet paper bag anyway. So give me a flogger or violet wand and I am the happiest cat around!!

But that’s just me. Continue reading…


I get really turned on when a man pushes my head down on his dick. Am I submissive?

Gang bang me… I am a submissive woman, and I do what I told to – in gang bang.

People Attitude Toward Casual Sex


couples adcupl4fun56

We have a friend who uses her super duper vibrator a lot… and, she has trouble having orgasms like she did before.

She  has tried to cut down or quit the vibrator but it’s not happening and it takes more and more vibes to get her off.

She is still fun, lots of hot kissing, loves eating pussy, takes two cocks if needed  but I feel bad for her because of this issue. Continue reading…

adult dating Sparkliegoddess

I’ve run across several guys that are into BDSM, role playing  and controlling women. Not a dome necessarily, but a women that practices denial, control, maybe a little humiliation.

I have never been into role playing, but it is a lot of fun… I’m all for learning new things and I’m a pleaser. Giving pleasure, gives me pleasure so if this kind of thing turns a guy that
I’m interested in on, then I want to do it for them.

Finally, to the question. How do I learn how? I don’t know what constitutes too far. When I asked, he replied “if it turns you on, then it will turn me on”.

Well that doesn’t work because this isn’t something that I seek out to turn me on. Continue reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

I don’t know about humiliation, and role playing to much… however I like tom play photographer and the model thing… but there is more in roel playing then make some sex photos.

About himulitacino9n, that is not my cup of tea… and being in control, does noit need humiliation.

When I want my lady to be in control, or she want to be in control, when she want to use me…  she use me like I am her sex toy…

Sit on my face for a while, spend a lot of time on top, maybe pinch my nipples, etc. It is more about attitude and fantasy though. Continue reading…

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She wants sex with multiple partners

We are a married couple and our erotic fantasy is sex with multiple sex partners. We are hopping it wont be just fantasy to much longer, we are going to make it happen. However as we are getting into the idea  deeper, there is always a question comes up…

swingers sexAdult DatingNo String Attached Sex Ads

adult datingsundys2

Anyways, we have talked about the thought of having multiple men pleasuring her (that is me). I sure we, both would enjoy that a lot…

The question is; What is the right number of men to have involved? We are thinking 2 or 3 plus hubby. That way we could go for several hours, while making each of the participating partners (including myself :-) ) cum a few times.

We plant to “graduate” to with more men each time. It wont be a one time deal, if someone can’t perform, we will replace him… Just trying to feel out what is a good number to start with. Being hopeful that if 3 or 4 is less than hoped for that they can go multiple

Is anyone here with similar experience? We are looking forward to hearing from you… Continue Reading…


love gangbangsgangbangkrista

As long as you know that the guys will all be able to deal with the other naked men in the room and can handle your decision…  who goes where and when, then 3-4  guys with your man, would be a good start  for you.

Some women wants more men to keep sex plays going on…  Some men needs more rest to recuperate, but I think 4 middle aged guys would be a nice team to start with… Continue Reading…


mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

It depends on you… The woman run the play in sex with multiple partners.

You have to make the decision, you should know it  exactly how many men you are comfortable with. Not really any point asking us here because we won’t
no your sexual preferences…

For example, are you into double penetration? If yes… than one round my keep busy three man, so in that case 3 is not enough.

If you are panning to one on one sex with one after the other, than maybe 4 guys would make it, but just maybe… A lot of men gets stage-fright…  So according to my experience, the more is merrier… Continue Reading…

nsa sexNocondomswanted

When I have been lucky enough to be involved in a gangbang, the minimum number of cocks is usually 3 and has never been more than 7 in any one night.

But 3 cocks wont last all night long… They will be useless in the matter of hours… Continue Reading…



Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Dive headfirst into thousands of raw and uncut member videos from Dating Sensations hottest and most popular members – like the next profile.

“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…


couples adcupl4fun56

We both love gang bangs & group sex…. Both of them are the great joys of no string attached sex. Group sex & gang bangs is a great way to have unlimited erotic fun, but not for everyone…

It seems I get more turned on and want more and more cock as  each of them fuck me and shoot my pussy full of their wonderful love juice.

The best time I ever had in this situation was a house party where I fucked about eight guys plus my husband, plus played with three or four girls.

I was a little sore and very tired by the time we went home the next morning…. I wish we could do this more often. Continue Reading…


adult datingsoft_lovemaker

Mmmmm, … a gang bang,  that is on top of my list of things
to do.

Would love watching and participating, so much to do in a gang bang,  so much for her if she is insatiable. She would be at the focal point of attention, all those men lusting over the same beautiful woman, desiring, lusting, wanting only one thing, having their cocks stroke, sucked, fucked.

That sounds like an amazing and very erotic plan, for the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season… Continue Reading…


couples sexhere4rmfm

Why yoou guys talking about gang-bang? She said sex with multiple partners.

Sex with two three guys is not a gang bang… It can be a more some, like FMMM or if one of the guys bi, than can be a group sex too, but 3 guys is not enough for a gang bang. Continue Reading…

full swap couple

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No String Attached Sex with Multiple Sex Partners

If sex can be no string attached nsa sex, than there are many different kind of no string attached sex play possible. Do you prefer multiple partners for nsa sex, or are you sexually exclusive? I think it is something that depends on the person’s sex partners preferences.  Continue Reading…

adult dating

swingers sexislamilf

If you prefer nsa sex with multiple partners, are you into group  sex or just polygamous sex?

Are you into gang-bangs? Personally, I’m a one on one kinda girl, but I do enjoy watching  gang bang porn. Continue Reading…


free online datingslave2end

My sex partner, should be sexually exclusive for me…. for the time being. Continue Reading…

reciprocal sex

casual sex


I enjoy nsa sex with multiple partners… but only with select, sexy D&D free woman or couples.

Having more than one playing is very exciting and energizing. Continue Reading…


adult datingrm_c1ndy81

Sexually exclusive, but I love to watch in live when others have sex, and like to be watched too… Continue Reading…


Gang bang me. I want a cock in my hands, in my mouth and one in my pussy at the same time

I am an Always Horny married woman and my hubby and I want to have a gang bang

Horny woman want to get gang banged


unicorn womanunykorn

It depends on who I’m with. If my partner wants exclusivity the that is what he gets.

If he is open to menage a trio, I’m happy with that as well. Not into swinging so much or big groups… Continue Reading…


boring wifeboredwife

While I always keep the door open to have sex with more than one man at a time (and have sorta a “fantasy” of having a true three way  relationship), it’s not something I’ve ever done in real life.

If I had the perfect opportunity, most likely  I would try it in a heartbeat…

That’s what happen, I may start out meeting one or two men, then once it’s gotten to actual sex with one of them, my interest slowly fades for everyone else.

But so far I did not run into the perfect lover… maybe one day I will.  Continue Reading…


nsa sexNocondomswanted

Though most of my sexual encounters was one on one, in my younger age, and one on one in my family life, but nsa sex is not family life…

I have had a few gangbangs and truly enjoyed every minute of it. I always tell my guys that I would be willing to spread for multiple guys but for the most part guys don’t like
to fuck in front of other guys.

I am really surprised by this. So in short, if a gangbang presented itself to me, I would be there in a minute. Continue Reading…



If you would like to know how to pick up women for casual sex, check out our no commitment sex related web page here. This page is part of

What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy


NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

Several times a year, say 4-6, I like to spice up the sex life. I’m pretty flexible, could be a couple or couple of single guy, or more than couple of   guys.

When I get lucky and find a unicorn, FFM is always nice. Outside of my wild flashes, it is just me and the hubby enjoying our always awesome sex.

I could give up all others outside of our relationship in a heartbeat, but do find sex with others exciting and fun, but reserve that for rare occasions, not the norm. Continue Reading…


swingers sexsudhir_5768

Such type group sex or gang bang sex is good for watching only.

We kind of fantasize about it but not  practical to try it, because  of STD.

Adult datingthebabygurl70

When I’m in an exclusive relationship, one-on-one  and adding a third as treat once in a while if he is into that.It would be his choice.

It would be for his pleasure, not mine. When I’m with out romantically involved partner, than I’m up for pretty much anything. Continue Reading…


dating sexaflower2c

Exclusive is nice but its like a unicorn… rare. Most men are not capable of it.

So now I enjoy having 2 or 3 fuck buddy, but having a tough time finding new ones to replace the ones I had.

As someone stated at above, men don’t like to have sex in a team…


love gangbangsgangbangkrista

It is in my user name. I love gang bangs. They are a lot of fun. About STD, everyone have to wear condoms, or no sex at all… Continue Reading…

couples sexhere4rmfm

Depends. If I’m in the mood and feeling hot to trot and I like the guy and want him to do me and his buddy is along he can jump in too.

Keep me hot and keep cumming. Just got to have it. WOW! If it’s a couple and no holds barred I can take that too, just do me. Continue Reading…


couples adcupl4fun56

The most fun I have had is where we attended house parties with multiple couples and we fucked, and get fucked by multiple people in one night.

They wasn’t gangbangs,  but all of them was great fun… I wish I could attend these more often.

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How to choose playmates for threesome or for partner exchange

We are a long time married couple and into nsa sex play. It started as his erotic fantasy. We are into threesomes and we play with other couples too. Usually the male half doing all the talking when first try to connect with another wanna be play mate singles or couples.

no string attached sex

amateur swingers tnjpassion

Me, the female half, not really getting involved  at the first selection… I am on when the first date arrives… when both side decide to  getting to know each other better.

So my question here is;  How many females are more of  to go along, to get  into nsa sex play with hubby for pleasing their husband or partner only, but otherwise really not into
nsa sex play, couples play, partner swap or threesome

Be honest please. Continue Reading…


sex datingfun_chix

I love threesomes and  have no permanent man in my life at this time, so I need to do all the talk… with two men.

One would think men here would fuck anything and everything…. but they do the talk, but wont do the walk… 95% of them chickens out…  Continue Reading…


couples adcupl4fun56

I agree with you about the guy seems like the main one to make decisions in most playmates.  It’s not that way with us.

Honestly, I think it’s about equal with us. For one thing, the meetings that we’re not thrilled with, are known immediately by just one look from one to the other.

Most of the time, words aren’t needed since we can both read the other’s expression quite well at this point in our lives. Continue Reading…


free sexhereforfun

Something telling me, you are not happy with the playmates, sex partners, that your husband choose…. Or you got fed up with nsa sex play.

When married people start to have sex with people outside of their marriage, they need to communicate. It been told a lot of time… the communication is very important. If you do not like something, tel him.

And to answer to your question, we choose together than he does the talk before the first date. From that point we do everything together… Continue Reading…

full swap couple


We are doing this sin the last 15 years and we are still loving it…

For the most part I select and contact future playmates, if they are couples it, has been the male once in a while who responds. The woman has something
to say too being in as the  2nd female.

Or a single woman in 3some can be fun too, in that case no male talking going on… In some cases the woman does the talk, and if woman arrange the things, they always work out better… Continue Reading…


casual sexWeekendcouple3

Your question draws some similarities to the way hubby and I started. He spent the better part of 15 years to get me to give things a try and I resisted with every excuse or road block imaginable.

Maybe it was my upbringing…. or the fear that if it did happen, it would be something hubby would always hold over my head even though it was he who persisted.

Then, I finally gave in and took the leap, surprise – surprise, it was fantastic, and it’s almost to the point of an addiction.

I went from being the prude, good girl housewife and kool aid mom to a woman open and comfortable about her desires.

I’m the one always on the IM chatting it up. Never happier… Continue Reading…



How can a single an build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple
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swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

Well it is usually the guy that does all the taking and suggesting in couples play.

But in my case, I am single and like mfm threesome, so I need to find to guys…

I was looking for a guys that would play if the subject came up. Believe it or not, it was just as hard to find a guy who willing to play in the present of another guy as hit the jackpot on lottery…

Yes there are lots of wanna bees, but when it comes right down to sex, they turn to be almost homophobic.

They scare male body parts may touch other male’s body part, and swords may cross…

interracial sex dating

easter sexscfun29680

For us it is “joint adventure”. We both chat, we discuss who we meet and how far we go. Neither of us “takes one for the team”.

There has been times when the other husband turns me on and the wife does nothing for him and vice versa. Sometimes that just leads to a great open friendship and other times, that is the end.

It is very challenging to line up couples. We are finding singles are the better way to go for playmates (we prefer long term playmates and not one time encounters). Continue Reading…

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Halloween Moresome

We are planning to have a very erotic Halloween sex party. My fuck buddy and some of his friends, they are “our friends”… We played together more than once. Those plays always are a lot of fun.. Next day my pussy hurt and my mouth hurt too, and I am loving it…

nsa sex No string attached sexsussi1028

My fuckbuddy  is a fantastic sex partner, he and his friends take me to heaven many times every time they come over, but now he does not want to do a more some any more, only a one on one or a 3some.

Why would a young man not want a more some anymore? He loved it, he was the one he introduced his friends… (He is much younger them I am, so there is no chance for any romantic relationship)..

Has this happened already to you and how did you make him to stay with the “program” or how would you make him to remain a friend with benefits and share that benefits with his friends…. Many thanks in advance for your advice. Continue reading…


casual sexjustaluckygirl

You don’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to do. If you push him to hard he wont enjoy it and he will leave you fort good… Continue reading…


free sexhereforfun

You said he  is into for threesome… Have to or three threesomes with different playmates…

I am sure that would be almost like a more some, or better than a more some. Continue reading…


love gangbangsgangbangkrista

I know what you mean… I love more some and gang bangs too. Something like this have happened with me too. I ditched the guy, replaced him with an other play mate, and you know what? He wanted to come back. I told him it is a one way street, no way back…

You should dump him,  give it some time and he will  will be back. Continue reading…


couples sexhere4rmfm


You are the one who run the show… Find someone with mutual desires, don’t make anyone do anything they  are not enthusiastic about doing! Continue reading…

nsa sexjust4funtryus

He probably felt out of control when there were too many people taking your attention… or maybe he want more than just be your fuck buddy, but not understand why he is into threesome…

Sometimes there is no way to understand men… Continue reading…


mfm threesomeweRxxxcouple2

You are welcome to our party… We can serve your erotic needs, but if you think we are not the one who you are want to have sex with, then join a swingers club.

They can make your pussy and mouth hurt too… Continue reading…

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