Swallow or no to swallow? Kinky way to swallow his cum

casual sex

Which is the kinkiest way you like to swallow cum?

no string attached sexactivecpl

This is mostly for the ladies, but some men love to swallow too, so  it applies to those guys as well I guess.

I was wondering which is the kinkiest way you ever swallowed cum…

Personally I had once drink it from a wine glass… It was the best cum shot of my life! Continue Reading…


Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

My wife prefers to have the cock as deep in to her mouth as possible when I cum in her mouth. She said, that way does not matter how it would taste, because no taste at all… Continue Reading…


sex datingnot_shy

I love to be deep throated, when my cock hit her throat, I can’t control my load any longer… I just have to blow, fill up her mouth.

She swallows or don’t make no difference for me. Her choice…. but I don’t think a deepthroat is consider as very kinky… Continue Reading…


adult datingfunfunmorefun

I  have inverted myself against a headboard in my bed, my wife’s anal toy in my butt to simulate my prostate with and tried to shoot my own load in to my mouth… It takes some practice, pacion and few weeks to get it right,  so I had to try several times, before my load hit the target…

At once my wife caught me doing that, I won’t ever forget her face… that was price less.

You can see few photos about this action in our photo album, the one that attached to our profile… Continue Reading…


adult datingAnewWoman

If you are not going to lick the cock clean while looking
him in the eyes, why bother to swallow. Continue Reading…


swingers sexfoxeyatfifty

If you are really the age you say on your profile… you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And cum in a wine glass is not new, in fact that is old school… It is so pa say nothing is new to me any more… It used to be a “training” option for “new” players to make up their mind they like it or not… Continue Reading…


swingers sexVickie_Jo

With some Chianti and some nice fava beans? Continue Reading…

swingers sex

swingers sexcupl4grl2

As deep inside my mouth as possible…. Most of the time I attempt a really good deep throat move as soon as the guy begins to shoot.

Getting a throat full as well as a mouth full liquid protein in the form of cum is hot…. Continue Reading…


How to Deepthroat a penis? Read the article on SwingersAffair.com


swingers sex Snoooy4

So I think the kinkiest part is never really knowing just how much and what taste are you going to get…

And of course how you going to get it… face shut or in your mouth? You get some guys who are just knocking around like a bull in a china closet and then you get the ones so intensely hooked up that if you vary by one degree they are  screaming, no don’t stop, keep going…

And then there is that little dribble or that rush. Some salty, some soapy.  A few just seem to paste the entire inside of your mouth.

A sexologist at a health clinic told me to safe by either spewing it out or by swallowing cum, if the man is healthy.

He said your gastric acid gets it all gone. So I often swallow, but there is a certain type of sex partner, who turn to be “cocky”… He orgasms and  just lays there for a moment and then I kiss him and push his cum back into his mouth…That is kinky!

Instead of freaking out on how lousy sex partner he is,  he freaks out from his own cum…  Continue Reading…

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He is to big for anal sex

sex ads

adult dating kooltohangwith

I love anal sex rimming and penetration. The problem is my boyfriend’s penis is to big to enter me from behind no matter how much lube we use.

The only single guy that I ever tried with, was much smaller but couldn’t stay hard so that was a bust.

My best experience so far was with another couple that we met on here and the female did me with a strap on. (She had every size attachment that you could want.) Her husband rimmed me so well beforehand that I thought I was going to pass out.

So I was wondering, people who enjoy anal sex, do something special to make it more enjoyable? Continue reading…


swingers sex adshere2play

We love anal plays too, he loves to give it and I really enjoy to receive it… Try practicing with anal toys, gradually increasing in size.

Eventually you can get used too and one day he can enter inside of you at the back door, just remember, lube is good… Continue reading…


anal sexjnd4funtimes

I love anal sex but, I have to be in the mood for it to be good. No need anything special just good lube…

Of course you should go step by step, but you are not an anal virgin, so you should know how to take a penis in from behind… Continue reading…


no string attached sexandreaplaysnice

I think anal sex is one of those things that everyone could enjoy, men women… both, but would first need to overcome the social and other stigmas attached to it. Continue reading…

threesomeCasual Sex Dating

casual sexanal-lover

We are loving it, special during her period… I love it, my wife loves it too.

It usually happens when she gets super wet and is extremely horny, its a true treat when we do it right and usually we do right…

Lube is the key, practice with toys to get used to the size and eventually you’ll be able take your boyfriend  monster cock into your anus. Continue reading…


swingers sex herpes14u

We love anal sex. We both love to rim and be rimmed.

She loves anal penetration especially with a  right size of strap on. Continue reading…


anal threesomeanal-penet-cpl

I love anal sex, love rimming, giving  with strap on and receiving, sends me through the roof!

I prefer to receive with a real thing… but strap on ok too. Continue reading…

no string attachhed sex

adult datingcurious-wife

My  anal sex experience is  limited but the idea of it and trying double penetration certainly turns me on.

I also enjoy rimming  but I haven’t met to many person that seem into it. So yes, I’d be up for it… Continue reading…


adult datingfunfufnmorefun

My favorite is when my girl turns around and begs me to fuck her ass.

Make anal most enjoyable knowing that my partner loves it…. Continue reading…


unicorn womanunykorn

Anyone can enjoy anal sex

Plenty of gel lube and patients is needed. You start with plenty of gel and one finger, then when the muscles relax add more lube and another finger.

Ride out that bite of pain and when the muscles relax he uses those fingers to stretch you, slowly and gently until they are moving without causing discomfort.

Then repeat with a third finger, once all discomfort is gone then you should be able to take his cock. There are also inflatable butt plugs that start small and you gradually increase in size, but they cost money and fingers are free and give you more intimacy.

The key is for you to relax so the more anal play you do the quicker you will get use to it and relax automatically and for your partner to take his time in preparing you. Continue reading…

kinky sexSome People Love Anal Three-ways


Women & anal sex. I love my ass & pussy both fucked at the same time.

While I am being fucked hard in my ass, I use a toy on my pussy to reach full body orgasm

Kinky sex & ass play. How can I enjoy some anal stimulation?

St. Patrick’s Day Sex Party

cropped-newaffhead3.jpgLeisure Sex Dating

St. Patrick’s Day give us a perfect opportunity to turn someone into a party animal at a sex party. Oh you are alredy a party animal… Than you can be a green sex machine…

There is always reason to have no commitment casual sex. Not because we need a reason other than no string attached sex is good…  Reason number one is, you are horny. Yeah it is a very good reason, but many of us horny at all the time, so we should find a better reason. Continue Reading…

NSA sex personals

I am going to help you. You can organize a This St. Patrick’s Day sex  party. You are not an Irish? Forget about it. You can still celebrate… Search Dating Sensations and you might get lucky even with out green beer.

Whether you have any Irish in you, (or just want some!) or you just want to get lucky with an Irish lady do yourself a favor and search Dating Sensations’ member. I can guaranty you, you will be be kissing a lot more than the Blarney stone! Just for help… your Swingers Couple’s credentials (user name – password) works on Dating Sensations too…  Continue Reading…



You don’t need to be Irish to get lucky on St. Patrick’s Day. You can find it out how here…

I am young business woman and one day somehow I ended up partying. And it wasn’t a tea party…

My wife with two guys on a house party. True based erotic story

Erotic Party Pictures & Swingers Party Stories
What will you find there… Unfaithful spouses? No. Forbidden sex? No. Virgin girls?  Definitely no virgin girl here (thanks God)!

So what is it? Taboo? No, you wont find any taboo there. Click on the above link and find  out yourself!


You can check out their Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Dive headfirst into thousands of raw and uncut member videos from Dating Sensations hottest and most popular members – like the next profile. Continue Reading…

NSA sexSpecial_K845hotm

“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”  Continue Reading…


Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…


swingers sex adshere2play

Last year one of our friend hosted a St. Patrick Day’s sex party and he invited us. He is not Irish, but he have some Irish background, great – great grandfather was Irish.

Anyway, you do not need to be Irish to have as much sex as you wish or have sex until you green… but that party was a blast. It almost turned to be an orgy…

I hope he will host one this year too. If you plan to go a St. Patrick Day sex party or just even a normal vanilla St. Patrick Day party, I have only one advice for you. Wear a nice shiny  green underwear and if you are a lady, make sure it is one size smaller that you need and you flash your ass with that small shiny thing on…

After that, the sex will happen, as much as you can handle… until your ass shiny too… Continue Reading…

nsa datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads


Adult Dating Free

sex adsErotic Adult Picture Personal

casual sex adsWith one of the largest selections of dating, swinging and sexy swinger erotic picture personals on the net, there’s no need to go anywhere else if you are looking for romance, date, or no commitments sex only.

Check out the next link only if you would like to meet with comparative horny sex partners.

Swingers Sex Ads

Let the fun begin! You are just a click away… Browse our partner’s swingers sex ads. Those on-line dating ads are very sexy and in some cases very erotic ads! The good thing, they are adult ads and free adult dating ads. Of course just the basic service free, however it does not change the fact… those adult dating ads give a possibility to practice adult dating free!

Do not hesitate, if you want to find horny people for sex only, check out those swingers picture personals. Post your profile FREE, and have a lot of adult fun! NO CREDIT CAR NEED. Once again, basic membership is 100% free!

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

No string attached adult fun for open minded adults

pajama partyNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating

no string attached sexbeenthere1914

Obviously this is a casual, no string attached sex dating site… For a lot of users it’s mean dishonesty is the game.

If a guy calls me, not the other way around – it tells me he liked me, or my profile or photos and respected me enough to contact me.

If not I won’t chase him down… I don’t need my ego stroked. Fuck buddy  means hit and quit it – period. A lot of men can’t understand the fact, this website is not for search romance.

If you have issue like this, how you deal with it? Continue Reading…


casual sexpapis_baby_girl

Indirect way of blowing you off… Similar problem, but opposite meaning…

I am with you about dishonesty… This site for open minded adults, who are looking for adult fun. Adult fun doesn’t always guarantee adult behavior.  It should since we’re all adults, but never the less, the games, the guessing, the dishonesty abounds. Not complaining by any stretch just stating a fact.

Some men comes here to hit, but they do not want to “deliver”. I guess they need this to boost their ego…

So instead of being honest and saying, “I had fun chat with you, but I’m moving on”.

They don’t want to say I lied… and didn’t really want casual sex relationship, just wanted to hit it and quit it. So there are a lot of adults who are not mature enough being here…

I guess you just have to screen the losers out. Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

I am not here for romance either, but if it comes I will deal with it.

I am somewhat direct and do not want to hurt any ones feelings and I am mature enough to take rejection…

If someone does not met my exception as a sex partner, I just say, it was fun but no chemistry to take it any farther… And if they do not get the message, I am not   interested,  I do have to do the ignore or even turn into rude mode.

Most of the time it does not escalate to that, just let bygones and move on with your life, include casual sex life.

All of us here for some reason and life is too short to not be honest and direct. Continue Reading…

nsa sex

T girlkantarii 42 T

If you are dishonest before you start the relationship, even nsa sex relationship expect dishonest results. Honesty is always the best policy, but there are times when mature adults tend to act adolescent in behavior.

I could make a fortune selling adult sized pacifiers to the cry babies that can’t take no for an answer or deal with rejection well on this site.

Happy hunting and choose wisely before you commit to anything, you feel may not last beyond the present.  Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Adult Dating Free

Fuck My Wifefuckmywife

The above poster (kantarii 42 T) said “…choose wisely before you commit to anything…”.

We are looking for single men or married men to have mfm threesome with us and the last thing I need is commitment. We need someone who is not committed, but honest and will show up to play.

As at the top of the page stated “hit and quit”… In our case it means play with us, fuck her at front of me and with me than quit… You don’t need to come back, only if we call you.

I know it sound mean, but it is how it is. You are a third wheel, and as a third wheel in a couple life, you are her sex toy… but honesty is important.

Our problem is…. after we spend time to chat, and or video chat, set up a meeting, she cleaned up herself in details, shaved, waxed,  self-administered an enema and the guy in the last moment cancel, because he is busy…

He wasn’t busy for webcam… We are all busy, and live life as we see fit. If he – you want a playmate, if he want to have no committed erotic adult fun with a really sexy woman, then stop making excuses…  Continue Reading…



If you would like to know how to pick up women for casual sex, check out our no commitment sex related web page here. This page is part of  Swingersaffair.com.

What are the differences between lover, fuck buddy or leisure or NSA sex?

How to pick up horny ladies for NSA sex? Read the articles on Swingersaffair.com

Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

How to find a woman for fuck buddy

Wifes swaps husbands for casual sex

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

I browsed through this advice line and found a lot of info on wife sharing, or couples swapping sex partners… Actually it would be better if I say, couples swapping spouse… in my case wifes swaps husband for sex.

swingers sexyourhost69

I had the “balls” last night to finally bring up the subject to my long time friend (my best friend actually) about the possibility of trading husbands for same room sex. We partied together in our high school age, I mean there was wild parties at that time too, but we never shared sex partner… and never tried to share sex partners.

Until now… I could tell for a really long times she wanted to fuck my husband but never asked it… and I am sure she did not try behind my back.

I find her husband very attractive too, I would not mind take both men at the same time… So I just asked her.

Of course we sat there and joked about how hot each others husband were, and how good they in sex, which is true. We finally came to the conclusion that yes, we will do them together in will will manage to swap ….

It is extremely arousing, just to think about it…  We talked about the jealousy and agreed if we do it front of each other, there wont be any reason to be jealousy.

We discussed protection and came to the conclusion that we will do it “bare back”. Non of us fuck around, so theres is very small risk of STD, plus both of us tube tied, so no pregnancy risk…

Essentially my question is, is swapping sex partners with really close friends like that a good idea? Continue reading…


no string attached sexactivecpl

My husband and I had an awesome night out at Valenties’ Day weekends.

We met up with  a friend couple for a dinner and drink at a bar, then shared a cab to their house.  We settled into the leaving room, they got some red wine and a nice vintage porn DVD collection. I call them vintage, because in those movies something happens, not just hard core fuck…

Did not take to long to start to make out… with each others as well as each other’s spouses, then three or four somes…. What ever you want to name it, than a cab to take us home in time to relieve the babysitter.

Yes, we do our friends, not to often, but when ever we do, we have a blast. If I were you, I would not hesitate at all. Go for it. Continue reading…

swingers sex

NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

Two things can come out of it, one is very good, the other very bad, not much middle ground, which is why I would advise against it.

I’ve seen these deals go both ways, and one is very ugly. With true friends being hard to come by, I would not risk it. A friendship worth more than nsa sex, easy to find sex partner, but hard to find long time friend…

Do it with a stranger, it more fun… Continue reading…


swingers sexLTSwing69

Well my husband and I  have a very close friend couple of many years and we share sex…

We found that when the sex part of the visit was over none of us acted any different and we never flirted out of the sexual side of our relationship.

He is a man and though very good friends he never even kissed me or grabbed my ass, if my husband is not present.

Even there was a time once, my husband had to go a way for work related issues  for 5 weeks, our friend would come over and check on me,  2 – 3 times a week help me with things around the house.

We never fooled around not once without my man. Respect and loyalty is the key and than you can have a lot of fun with friends! We still  remain great friends, and every now and than we still share sex. Continue reading…

anal sex

adult datingspiderwoman15

Yes try it. If you never try anything you’ll never know, you like it or not.

Swinging can go many ways, use jealousy to your advantage. We’ve been swinging so long and had so many fun times, sometimes friends get jealous over, than they stop to do it.

We can do it, and hopefully will do it  with out breaking up for a long time. Having long term friends to share sex or swap spouse is better.  Why end a good thing that can be shaped into wild safer times then cheating… Continue reading…


free sexhereforfun

We are into sex partner swap with friends, and for us it works…

However, there need to be open communication and few very particular rules.

We do not leave in  an open marriage, we don’t date around alone, what we do, do it together.

Sharing, swapping husbands one of the most pleasurable aspects of the whole thing. It’s a huge turn-on to glance across the room or bed and see my other half using his gorgeous body to send a woman we know and care about into convulsions of ecstasy, usually whilst I’m enjoying some equally amorous quality attentions from her husband.

Like the Nike ad states it, “Just do it!” Continue reading…

ass play

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How do you introduce your threesome idea to your mate?

Threesome sex tips for women

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Play with my wife

older womenMature – Older Women Looking for Younger Men

Fuck My WifeFuckMyWife

We have very hard time to find willing men… to have sex with my wife… Not sure why?

Anybody interested in threesome, more-some, maybe gang bang?  Everything goes… The only catch, I will watch it…

If any men, single or married want  to play with a couple fill free to check our profile out and contact us…

We are looking for men who are spontaneous and like to have fun and does not mind if husband just watch…

I am wondering, what users (mainly women) do women think about their man wanting to watch them with another man? Continue reading…


cuckold couplebackfmore

My wife loves it. She gets even hotter but I don’t just watch wife. I really like having two men (one of them is me) showing her a good time and yes I’m straight…  Continue reading…


swingers sextjanedoe

I’d prefer he joined in some capacity instead of watching. Continue reading…

nsa sex dating

adult datingcurioues-wife

Being an artist, my opinion and like is; All visual aspects must be explored and savored. Just as all the rest of our senses. Touches, from sensual tickling to spanking.

Smells, from sex… The sounds that come from your lovers passion, from little moans to verbal instructions to screams of ecstasy.  It all adds up experiences never to be forgotten.

Good to watch, but much better to join in… Continue reading…


no string attached sexRandCH

I love that my husband likes to watch me as a different guy’s hands, lips and body are exploring me

We are married 30 years and it’s a tremendous turn-on to him that I can still excite and satisfy most men, and I like to satisfy different men. Continue reading…

free datingCasual Sex Dating

no string attached sexhinj1

I perform better being watched. Especially the foreplay part Continue reading…

swingers sex

husband share wifeQuinnalexis2

I understand that. We all get aroused by different things. Just human nature.

I didn’t understand him at first… but it now turns me on too. Continue reading…


dating sexaflower2c

That would be very hot!! He can watch then join in when I tell him too. We have the same issue, can’t find willing men, not even one man.

I would enjoy finding another man that does not mind being watched… than hubby can see me with other man… it can be a lot of fun and big  turn on for all.

Before marriage I tried once to make it happen…  I used to have relationship with someone, who wanted to see me with several men, he knew he alone couldn’t satisfy my lust for sex… But we could never find other men to join us.

Men chicken out for some un-know reason. They can find all kind of reasons to not show, or some of them don’t even bother to find any reason, just wont show… Continue reading…


older womenMorejj73 40 C

We like young guys… for that kind of three some or more some play. They do not need to much time to recuperate.

Being apart of a middle aged couple, I love that I can still turn a younger guy on few times a night, or get him hard just by chatting with him. And of course, my husband loves to watch it… Continue reading…


Couples looking for single  men to share wife with…

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

My wife makes out with two guys, then she takes me too. Swingers Sex party story

Who goes first in a gangbang?

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

no string attached sexhinj1

I could be gang banged if I am in my Hot to Trot mood. But it would be with those I know and made me fill comfortable.

The guys should keep pressing all the right buttons. Don’t abuse me but satisfy me.

For a guy ask,  if you can bring some friends, I know what that means…. I want pleasure for giving pleasure and not showcase… My sex drive is very high, if you get me started.

Forget what you saw in a porn movie or in the pit at a sex club, I ma real. The only problem the guys have… who should go first? What would be the right order, if a right order… Anyways, do men like to go first or last in a gangbang? Continue Reading…


T girlkantarii 42 T

I did not know there is a picking order in a gang bang…

I thought the biggest , the bravest, most dominant male is the first.
I guess I had that all wrong… Continue Reading…


love gangbangsgangbangkrista

Gang-Bang is one of my favorite “sex sport”. According to my experience, and  I am just going to be blunt.

There more than just penetrative sex going on, so does not mutter who goes first… A gangbang should be fun for all, a go with the flow event. Continue Reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

I guess it comes down to being the lead off man or batting clean up.

You could play center field, but next to being short stop, I guess the worst position would be left out… Continue Reading…


Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Dive headfirst into thousands of raw and uncut member videos from Dating Sensations hottest and most popular members – like the next profile.

“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

Sound good? There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…

swingers sexNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

sex datingnot-shy

Well, in a bareback gangbang situation, does not matter, because I would not be a player in that… to messy and a lot of health hazard…

In a protected, condomized gangbang  going first would be like vanilla sex you can do anytime, but the thrill of a gangbang…  set up the orders should be up to her. She should select the first player… and if she is married and the husband is present, the husband should be the very last… Continue Reading…


swingers sextjanedoe

I think most men would just be happy to participate and follow
the lead of the lady.

If the female is part of a couple the husband may start it off and finish it up. However it should be up to the lady. Respect the wishes of the lady (and her mate, if there is one). Continue Reading…


Order by cock size. The smallest go first and I want the biggest dick to go last. Finish me off… Continue Reading…

I want a DP for Valentines Day

I have a few erotic fantasies, and most of them will remain fantasies. MFM is not really one of them, I mean MFM threesome with anal vaginal double penetration wont remain my fantasy… I will make it happen. I wanted to make it at New Years Eve and it did not happen.

kinky sex ads

casual sex adsAnluvmab

On guy from the two backed off, I’ll give it an other try  at Valentine’s Day, and I will do it right at this time.

Is anyone here have any advice for someone who is about to have her first MFM threesome with anal vaginal double penetration? MMF threesome would be ok too, as far as I can have my share of fun with both…

Or BBC, that is at the top of my wish list…

Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Are you comfortable with both men? Just be safe. BBC? In my understanding BBC is not for British Broad Casting in this case… It stand for big black cock? So you want anal vaginal double penetration with big black cocks...

If you know he is BBC already… you should now what to expect with two of the same things. So my advice is, just be yourself…. Just think it is your fantasy getting reality and enjoy it, because it will be your first time… and if you wont enjoy it, that might be your last time. Continue Reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

She is right at above, enjoy yourself. Nothing else you really need to know… Continue Reading…



ff you are a woman and looking for well hung men for casual sex, or even very large men for any kind of sex log in to Swingers Couples website and click “Search” at the top of your page. Halfway down the page, it says “As for male endowment, and you can choose, wide, long, thin, short, whatever is in your erotic fantasy or what ever is in your preferences. To use this feature you need to be registered member, however the registration is 100% free.

Kinky sex position with small penis

Husband feel he needs to get his wife to have sex with well-hung men

How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.


couples sexhere4rmfm

You are living in a dream world… Keep dreaming, because it not going to happen on Valentines Day. You have 3 and a half days to go and you just ask for advices now…

My party is ready to go. Everything is set up. I have plan and have my back up plan too. Only one thing I need, the day should be Saturday… Continue Reading…

sex dating

sex datinggirliegirl

I at once got close to an MFM but declined in the end as upon meeting the guys for the first time, I didn’t feel comfortable around them. It was the first meet to see, whether I’d feel sexually attracted to them.

My reaction to both men was ‘No, Hell no!’ In all our emails and phone calls, web caming prior to the meet, they felt safe and sexy to me.

But meeting them, I got the vibe of ‘creepy slime-bags… When they realized and told them, it wont we any sex… and definitely wont join them in a mfm, they started calling me names among which ‘frigid’ was one of them.

As if name calling would endear them more to me than whatever they said before.

I didn’t react to their name calling, not even to the ‘frigid’ part, because I am everything but frigid… I can have so intense orgasm… I squirt all around a dick a humongous amount of fluid…

So, my advice to you is: stay safe, if you get bad vibes from the guys, get out of there. If there are things you’re not comfortable with, let them know about it as well, the rest? Relax, and enjoy it… Continue Reading…

erotic dating

casual sexpej1970

Well… .you’re my hero because, mfm or mmf is my fantasy too
but I’m just too chicken to do something about it… Sill working on overcoming it in my mind though…

I have never never had penetrative sex with BBC but I have had a very large white cock so if this guy is anywhere in the 9-10 inch range, and you want to get anal vagianl double penetration, and if you work for living…

Well, than you may want to take the next day off, because walking and sitting will be difficult, and it is not a joke!! Continue Reading…


no string attached sex1Canuck

The reality id far from your fantasy… I am not sure why you want to take two bbc in at the same time, in fantasy it can be a lot of fun…

In reality, a big black cock is around 10 inches long and 4 – 5 inches in diameter, so lets get real here… If you take that monster cock in your tinny ass, there will be pain..

Unlike the vagina, the tissues of the anus are not stretchy. This means that the anus can easily tear, which puts you in danger of anal abscesses, hemorrhoids, or fissures (a very large tear)… So make sure you are lubed up enough and make sure, there is enough condoms… Continue Reading…


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That 1Canuck is right… It can be really messy and I think to take 1 day off from work is not enough… If you make it happen, with two bbc, than you need to take list a week off… because you are going to have serious pain in your butt… Continue Reading…

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Group Sex Approach

We are, my  wife & I is a early thirties married couple.  We red the previous posts related to Valentines Day Group Sex & Valentines Day Swingers Sex Party. Than we searched the blog and that put our Valentines Day’s fantasy into sexual overdrive…

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The question is; What is the best place to go to participate in a group sex at Valentines Day?

Or if we if stuck at home and host our own group sex at Valentines Day;s weekend, how can we find a couple to have group sex with? So far we never met any couple that willing to play..

I was given the task by my wife. We have had few mfm threesomes but she wants more now. Normally she handles the approaching and looking, but now she short on time because of her work related issues.

I m good at making a room full of people laugh but not really great at getting personal and absolutely do not have any idea how can find the right place to go, or how can I set up our own Valentines Day Group sex.

I know I just need to find a couple to close our home town  to come to our house and have sex. But how? Continue Reading…


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We love to have your wife’s kind of fun too, but I have to tell you, you should not go anywhere to find anyone to partying with on Valentines Day.

You are short on time, plus you should not take any couple into your home, if you never met with them before. Would be much better to make it happen in a hotel room, but you are late for that one too.

The best you can do, check out your local groups’ Valentines Day party list here on the website and try to join someone else’s party. Continue Reading…



Valentine’s Day is the ideal occasion for sensual indulgence of one sort or another. It could be a rich selection of chocolates. It could be the heady perfume of a bouquet of roses, or the subdued elegance of a candlelit dinner.

Or it could be a nude massage with warming oils. Or the pleasure of crisp, clean sheets in a fancy hotel room. The sexy slide of specially selected lingerie. Or the extra-sexy sensation of a blindfold being tied across your eyes. You get the picture.

And we want to see the picture!

We’ve chosen the sexiest, most provocative photos for our Voluptuous Valentine Contest. Now it’s your turn to be the judge.

Choose the photo that best captures the sexy side of the holiday and help determine the winner! Last day to vote is Monday, February 9, 2015. Happy Valentine’s!

Valentines Sex Voluptuous Valentine Contest

Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic party story with sex party pictures

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“I am a very sexy married female who needs some fun during the day while hubby is at work. He knows, approves, and is turned on by me having 2 or 3 guys who can take some time out of their day to play with me.”

There are many more profiles like this, even in your neighborhood! Check them out at next…


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OUCH! Have group sex with a couple! Good luck. You do the meet and greets different in your town…

On a personal note, I don’t do meet and greets. Avoids the pressure of sex with someone I may have no interest in. Continue Reading…

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Search the group listings… Join the group of your choice and viola, the moderator will keep you in the loop of meet and greet and hook ups et.

I am sure there are willing men who will be happy to play with your wife… Good luck. Continue Reading…


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In a small town? Sounds like a longhorn long shot! And you need more than one couple, even in a small town to have an orgy… One couple and you, that is two men.

You can have every possible version of threesomes and or full partner swap, but that wont make it an orgy or group sexContinue Reading…

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At Valentines Day last year I was invited to a group sex party, which turned to be not group sex at all...  People did not show up. There was a guy and I plus the host couple and it started like a drinking party.  We were seating and drinking beer… we talked for like forty minutes.

I remembered that husband had told me that his wife love back rubs so I reversed
it and said that I loved to give back rubs and I am pretty good at it…. Than asked  would they mind if I give her a nice back massage…

That sparked the wife to go into the bathroom and came out in tee shirt and nothing underneath and opened an other beer. This told me that it was going to be some more time in the talk zone unless I do something to spark it.

Then husband went into bathroom and I admired the wife’s leg tattoos and actually reached out and caressed them while complimenting her on how nice they looked.

Then husband came back out and they took the beers and us too into the bedroom
and suddenly all four of us were on their king sized  bed with out clothes.

So, the trick is to have some idea before hand about your visitors and use it to your advantage.

It was very awkward and even though it was going to be a group sex party, they did not have any idea what to do… I was the guest and they were willing follow my lead…

Plus you have to have a back up plan. What will you do i f people wont show…?

At the end it turned to be fun, but was far a way from group sex. We, men took turn on her, all night long. Continue Reading…