My husband want a threesome with my bi girlfriend

I have been married for 7 yrs. I love my husband very much. I have never had a sexual encounter with women but am highly attracted to them. I have a childhood freind, really good freind, she is openly bi sexual. Continue reading…

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My husband picked up on this and asked if I want to experiment a threesome with her. I think my freind would be more than happy to join us.

We have talked about this possibility a lot and I am interested, and find it sexually exciting, just the idea of it turns me on…  but am afraid of one of us getting hurt.

I don’t  want to destroy my marriage and don’t want hurt my friendship. Any advice? Continue reading…


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Hard to find a woman like you. A lot of us (including myself) loves threesome with two men, and you would like to introduce your best freind’s pussy to your husband.

Sex with two women is top of many men’s bucket list… It can be a lot of fun,  if you and your husband are secure and self-confident people, who are secure in your relationship and in your value and worth to each other, than you are the right type to think about opening-up your relationship for a threesome with your freind.

But if either of you question it  right or not, should or should not…(and you just did), than  should not do it… Talk some more, maybe together with your extra wanna be partner, and find solution for your issues. Continue reading…


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Do it only if it is both of your erotic fantasy, not just yours or his. Doing this is helping your husband have sex with two woman, and you will be one of them… you will be there, you can help them to make for him more memorable, while you get to fulfill your bi curious fantasies.

If one from three of you being manipulated into it, it will cause problems in your relationship. 

I heard of couples who broke up after a threesome or more some because one of them just went along with the partner’s idea to please the partner. Continue reading…

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I have similar problem… My husband  and I both have the fantasy of regular threesomes. We have experienced this once together which I thought would confirm if it was something we both wanted to do again and we do want to do it.

Bu I would like to hear from other couples who have experienced this and still do? Is it something that enhances your relationship if you are both into it? Continue reading…


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Actions behind closed doors by consenting adults where no innocent people may be hurt (cheating) is not an issue with us. If purely sexual then 3somes are fine. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.

There are many couples are here like you,  who are into 3 some,  many who aren’t into threesome would not mind  moresomes. It is personal sexual preference.

If you enjoy it and there are no issues between you two then go for it and have fun. Do it smart and you wont regret it. Continue reading…


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Not a good idea. You should never open the door for a single woman. Become intimately involved in your marriage with an other women is dangerous…

If you’re looking to “spice things up” with extra partners get some experience with couples. With a right couple both of you can fulfill this erotic fantasy and there should not be any future issues, who did what and whom because both of you did the same… Continue reading…

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Ffm Threesome for married couples

Unicorn women for casual sex

Threesome with two bi women

A lot of men dreamed their whole life about two pussies and they are just from a step a way from it, plus the idea comes from their wife. Isn’t life wonderful guys (for some lucky guys)?

threesome with two womenThreesome with Two Bi Women

Spontaneous threesomes are a lot of fun, but if you looking for more then spontaneous three way fun then you should do your home work and you should plan your threesome. Even better if your lady, wife or girlfriend wants that threesome to happen.  In that case you just had to go with the flow…

However if you do not want get yourself into some real deep trauble, you need to make your rules.

You need to have some kind of rule, before you are ready to finish the talk and move on action. I mean you and your extra lady and your primary lady have to make it very clean what is allowed and what is not.

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It happened many times, men get into a spontaneous two women  threesome and after that they got charged for sexual assault…. The latest one I heard of just happened recently. A couple had a dinner date with a bi curious woman. Things was grate the sexual energy was all over… they got alone real good and they ended up in a near by motel room.

The man had sex of his lifetime… several orgasm via  anal – vagianl penetrative sex with both women. At morning good by kiss and they never heard of her again, until few moths later when the court’s invitation mail arrived. They, both the husband and the wife too, almost get sentenced for sexual assaults.

The charge  included one count of sexual interference and several count of sexual assaults. They “washed themselves” clean, but it is not over yet. Now they are running after their money, because it cost them a fortune… To pay their attorney they needed to re-mortgage their house…

So if ffm threesome in your mind, just be very carefully… You do not want to get into a jail over a sex session with two women…


How to set up a ffm threesome

A gay couple asked me to watch them have sex

I know two guys, a gay couple, and they asked me to watch them have sex. I was a friend to both of them with out any issues or insecureness. So agreeing to the request  for full filling their erotic fantasy

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They had anal sex… That experience has opened a door in my mind burning images, I want but cannot seem to forget.

I didn’t find it to be even the least bit appealing or sensual or erotic. I still am very flabbergasted by what I saw the noises and smells…

Would you have done this for your FRIENDS? Continue reading…


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No, I would not. Even though I love anal sex, and double penetration  I can’t find anything erotic in sex plays between two men, that is why we play with straight men only… Continue reading…


anal sex


I spent most of my life thinking anal sex was gross and off limits that all changed a few years ago when I meet a woman that changed my mind about it she loved it and taught me to enjoy it and how to do it right!

It started one night when she was sucking my cock and started playing with my ass with
her finger soon she had it lubed up and deep inside me and she found my Prostate and made me cum longer and harder then ever before!!!

I have never had an orgasm like that any guys out there that have never experienced a Prostate orgasm I recommend you try it before you rule out anal play you really don’t
know what your missing!

The next thing she introduced me to was the proper cleansing and prep for anal play our sessions always started with a shower and enema play to get our asses ready for what followed….

Apparently your gay friends did not know this… that is why was a smell there. It should not smell at all.

The next thing she introduced me to was the pleasure felt from rimming and the feel of a
warm wet tongue around and in my ass wow what a sensation. Now I know why women enjoy oral sex so much and they do not even have prostate…

After that she did start fingering me and inserting toys in me, it felt so good feeling the toys in my ass as I penetrated her pussy and ass and when I finished her she would flip me
over and pull a strap on out and gave it to my butt long and hard.

I learned so much from her, she opened the door to a whole new way of pleasure
and soon I wanted more!

I am not say you should enjoy anal sex, it is not for everyone, whoever it is how it is… If you do not like it, or do not enjoy it, don’t do it, don’t even watch anymore. No need to do a big deal from it… Continue reading…

ass play

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Gross or not for you… it makes no difference for me.  Anal sex really does give the best orgasm for me and to those that have never tried it you really don’t know what you are missing.

Penetrate me with toys is real good, but nothing better than the
real thing! Continue reading…

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Our first nsa sex with a black couple

We are a open minded married couple and we love sex. We fantasize about threesomes and partners swap for years, then we decided to go further. Literally has been years since we’d created this profile and gave thought to casual sex or swinging – but we just never
found the chance, having a family and busy careers, etc.

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That didn’t stop us maintain our erotic fantasy, though…  I decided to make it happen…

I it started off with whispering things during the heat of sex like, “I want to see another Man’s cock entering your pussy… It makes me very horny to think of the look on your face!”

I just got a boner writing that – it’s such a cool thing  to whisper in your wife’s ear, and believe me I could tell she appreciated hearing it too! I never did anything more than kinky talk, but I know she was definitely behind where I was in terms of interest in taking our sex life to the next level.

Over the years, the talk became more explicit and even more enjoyable as a result. We started to watch erotic videos from members where Black men fucking married white women while we had sex – a particularly acute fetish of mine – and my wife was most definitely turned on by it, which was a clear signal to me that her mind was warming
up to the idea.

I soon realized that I could get her to reply back to me, and very gently started to tell her, (while we were fucking), “Tell me you want to fuck other men. Beg me to let you get fucked by a hot black guy with a big black cock.”

I figured that in asking her to say the very words, it would be something akin to an affirmation – she’d be talking herself into it!

That really pushed things in the right direction, because she didn’t need me to put the words in her mouth for long. All I had to whisper in her ear while we were doing it was,
“Tell me what I want to hear, Honey.” And she would happily, hornily comply. And the sex continued to be greater and greater due to that.

interracial sexThere was a moths of talks and erotic video watch during sex, than one day we decide to go for a Florida vacation to our anniversary celebration. The very next time we made love, I whispered, “Let’s find somebody to fuck you while we’re on vacation…” She eagerly wrapped her legs hard around me and breathily whispered back, “Ohhhh, good idea!” as she became consumed by a very hot orgasm. (Of course her reaction drove me over
the edge, too.)

Than we browsed profiles, select and contact and messages went and arrived, than some video chat, etc. A lot of people do the talk and they don’t do the walk and I was sure we will run out of time, before we find someone, when one day a black guy answered our ad. He said he is married and he plays with his wife only, which is better than ok.

So we went back to the “speed” on basic, and after some chat and video chat we decided to meet while we are on vacation, which was just two days a way.

So the time arrived and my lovely wife was getting ready on our first date…  After a while, I checked in on her progress: My honey was dressed hot and sexy in a tight fitting black and white dress and waaaaay come-fuck-me-heels. Yes!!! God I love her. We hopped in a cab and headed over to the night club where we will meet.

We got to the night club and  voila! There they were, my fantasy young, hot black couple! Sitting in one of the box, they were much younger looking than on webcam and she was hotter than an extremely hot super model…

We talked and had few drinks and even danced a little. There was a great chemistry and the sexual energy was all over us. We made the decision to go back our hotel room. I could not believe how lucky I am. It was very likely I will see my wife get fucked by this young and nice black man and I had a filling I will have a chance to get into his wife underwear too…

Than arrived in our room. I did not want to much talk.. It is action time… But… well, how do you normally start this off?”  I knew From our conversation, these youngsters did have previous experience! He said, “Well, we usually let the ladies start off and then we join in.” Just like I’ve read 1, 000, 000 times on Swingers Couple… I guess I should known that…. Dork Alert!

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Anyways the night was great and we played with them more than few times during our vacation.  I really enjoyed to watch my wife while her pussy was stretched out with a BBC, that made me extremely horny plus the harmony of colors, (her pink pussy looked good with the black cock in). You can read the entire story on my blog (plus some photos there too). And his wife, she was a piece of beauty and she was the best sex partner that I ever had, so far.

The reason why I made this post… I want to organize an orgy, I mean  3 – 4 men and my wife, or maybe two women and 5 – 6 men, but I have difficulties to find willing men. Did anyone here participated in something like this? If yes how can I find willing men?  Continue reading…


nsa sexpartygirl

Having black cock is my dream. I’d be fine with one on one or  threesome. Hubby wouldn’t go for it, he said not with black man. I know it sounds like racist, but he is not. I think he things all black guys hangs like a horse and he is on the smaller side.

He scares, once I go black, never turn back… I hope he will change his mind one day, I have no choice but enjoy white guys…  Continue reading…


casual sexfatwomenlovesex2

I don’t have a problem to sleep with men from different race, and I do not have any difficulties  to find black guys to play with me.

Maybe because I am blond and a little overweight… and black guys like blond women… special with big ass like my ass.  Continue reading…


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Any of the black man I was with didn’t taste like cotton candy. They tasted like normal, everyday cum.

I like the taste of cum, regardless, have never tasted bad anyway…

Members Erotic Videos

double penetrationdplover

We had both MMF with a black male and FFM with my wife and a  black female.

During the FFM i was busy banging the black female while my wife  played with her tits.

During the MMF, the black guy and I gave my wife a DP an came all over her body. My wife enjoyed it so much and asked fr a second round…  Continue reading…


I never had sex with back man,  and it is one of my erotic fantasy is to have sex front of my hubby with a black man. Or a threesome with a black man… I think his dark chocolate brown  skin would look good on my white skin and his dark cock into my pink pussy… Continue Reading


You and your wife is white and you are married to each other. What would you say to your wife is she tell you: Baby I got this erotic fantasy. I want to have a threesome with you and with a well hung black man…


I don”t know how it will be different… But she will be black not blond. And I don’t know sex is different with a black lady… but it is my erotic fantasy… a black lady and my blond wife fuck me until I pass out… That would be different. Continue reading…

I turned my husband poker party into my first gang bang

My husband had started hosting poker nights for his friends at Friday’s night, once a month. They play until early Saturday morning hours. Usually, I went out with my girlfriend to watch a movie  at those Fridays.

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nsa sexmrs4mr

My friend went for a vacation  with her family at this “specific” Friday and I tried to find some excuse not to be arounf during this night, but my husband asked me to stay home and help him to host the card night. Was a rainy day so I decided to stay home and be a ultimate wife to make my hubby proud.

I greeted each of his buddies at the door, escorted them to the living room, like a hostess in a high end restaurant, the only different was, I was the waitress too and served them drink and some  nibbles. Than left to the basement to watch TV, but told them if they need anything just call me.

Jokingly, one of his friends asked, anything? And said he would not mind to take me home… Well, we’ll talk about it later…, my husband replied.

I glanced up at him, laughing and noticed a mischievous gleam in his eyes. That look told me something was up that night, and I had a strong suspicion that there was more to

Before we go any further, I have to let you know, this is my second marriage. My first husband was an alpha male, with a big sexual appetite, therefore our sex life was very active with several different sex partners.  Of course my present husband know this and also he knows I would be happy to play with more than one man… once on while on every blue moon.

I had secretly hoped that my real life stories would turn him on enough that he would want to try having a male female male threesome with me, but so far, no luck. But maybe tonight is my night. I decided to go farther than a housewife should go with her husband friends, so I became more and more flirtatious as the night wore on.

swingers sexIt felt my hubby liked it… so I changed my clothes. I put on a low cut blouse, leaving more buttons undone than I needed. After all, if a glimpse of boobs is good, then more has to be better!

Walking into the living room with a tray full of fresh drinks, I leaned over the card table, to making sure my breasts were visible to anyone who is looking. Bra less, I could feel my heavy tits beneath the thin material of the almost see true. I could barely contain my excitement, and I knew my nipples were rock hard. I look into my husband’s eye, and could tell he approved one hundred percent of where this was going.

But just how far would he let me go? The possibilities of what could happen with any, or all 4 of these men was overwhelming. I never had sex with four men at the same time, but fantasized it… I could feel the moisture building between my legs. It felt as if my heart was beating through my pussy lips. I tried squeezing my thighs together to bring me some relief, but I was too far gone.

I was very horny now, so I decided to make the card game a little more interesting… see where it would lead.

I let my tits dangle over the table for a few seconds more, making sure everyone of those four guys had a chance to see, as I collected the empty glasses to the tray.  Then I angled
my hips slightly, making sure my ass was right in front of his friend’s face, as I made eye contact with the man at the opposite site. So…, I asked on as erotic voice as I possible, What are you guys playing for tonight?

With that, my husband chuckled and said, Well, exactly what do you have in mind?

I have an idea… Instead of the winner taking those quarters from the bank, how about getting me instead?

My husband had the biggest smile on his face that I ever see, and I knew the game was on! Looking around the table, I could sense each of his friends dicks straining against to their their jeans.

no string attached sexWalking over to my husband, my mind was racing with the thought of having a new cock inside my pussy. I sat down on his lap and whispered to him. Are you sure you are OK with this? I asked while grinding my pussy down on his thighs. Smirking naughtily, he turned it around on me. Are YOU sure you are prepared for this?

Without answering, I tilted his chin up and kissed him deeply, biting on his lower lip. More than you can ever imagine. Sitting on his lap, surrounded by men, was unbearable. The torture was intense, not only was I incredibly wet, but my pussy was throbbing in anticipation of having two dicks. I can’t stay there… I had to leave the room.

I decided to keep myself busy doing mindless chores around the house, hoping to pass the time until the hand ended. Finally, the game was over! I could hear loud laughter coming from the other room. Was this really going to happen?

I heard the room quiet down a bit, and my husband yelled my name. I can’t recall if I even breathed as I walked into the den. My excitement was so great, I couldn’t even feel my legs. My husband grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards him. He paced a quick kiss on my forehead and stated;  We have a winner, so why don’t we show the rest, what they going to miss…  and  what the winer gets.

casual sexI looked around nervously, all the guys were still here and all of them had visible erection. I knew there will be sex… but the thought of an all out gang bang never crossed my mind. Could I be so lucky, was this what he meant when he asked if I was sure I was prepared for this?

He slowly undid the buttons on my shirt. I could feel my skin tingling with every touch he made. He spun me around so I was facing his friends, while kissing me lightly on my neck. I pressed backwards and started to rub my ass against his cock. He motioned for one of the  guy to come forward. Take her panty  of.

I closed my eyes to allowing myself  just to enjoy the erotic sensations without thinking of what was going to happen. I felt my pants being pulled down, and I felt my pussy juice started to run down inside on my thigh.

My husband had unzipped his pants, and I felt his warm penis slide between my butt cheeks. The constant pressure of his hard cock teasing my asshole was immense. Continue reading


swingers sex


No hole barred, sex party

Older woman first gang-bang with younger men

I am a 47 year old divorced woman. My marriage was extra “vanilla”. I am living alone and I  had developed a liking for all kinds of sex, and all kind of sex partners, men women couples or the variation of those. However, I prefer young men, much younger then I.

swingers sexno string attached sexoralmedexpert

I am not saying older guys are not good, they are definitely know how to make a woman happy, but young guys, they fuck, like their is no tomorrow…

Anyways I was flattered to discover the son of of a playmate’s couple had a massive
crush on me. He does not live at home he is in a  collage and just spends the summer moths in his parents home.

As my birthday approached, I received a call from his mom to  asking to meet me in the close by bar to talk about some “birthday’s” details over a drink or two. I was sure, she just wanted to have an excuse to have a drink or two with someone, so i said yes.

But she never showed up, her son was there instead of her. He said, there is some emergency in the hospital (she is a nurse) and they called her into work, just when she wanted to leave to meet me, and he asked her not to call me, so he can have a drink with me… Continue Reading…

sex partiesSwingers Sex Parties

It made me wonder why, but did not get into the though deep at that time. We had a couple of drinks, we chatted, but his obvious attempt at flirting with me, made me realize the drinks are just a reason…

As we progressed I couldn’t help noticing the obvious erection he was developing, and I took the opportunity when he made a corny joke, to fake laughter and put my hand
on his thigh, touching his bulge. Continue Reading…

NSA sexI asked him, do you want me to do something about this… and he immediately responded to go to our place – no one is home. Well he took me home and I fucked his brains out. What he lacked in skill, he made up for with the stamina of youth.

After that we chatted some more and I told him he could be a pretty good lover one day… He said he knows it from experience… Word after words, than he explained he had few threesomes with his girlfriend and her roommate and he always made them reach orgasm. Then I said fmf threesomes are fun, but one woman two men are much more fun… if?

Saying that if was a mistake, because he asked all kind of   questions to define if in a mfm threesome. Finally I did…. my definition for if was, if the guys love making knowledge is good, than they can find an open hole on her at the same time and that is fun and very erotic for all…

Than he said he really wants it to try… Well after about two weeks of talking during some hot sex session, I told him that he could bring 2 of his mates that Saturday, but he have to make sure, the guys are healthy and they are adults enough to keep all, what ever will happen for themselves.

He promised and Saturday arrived. They showed up at my door at early evening with a photo camera. I said my number one rule is the camera go… if they don’t like it, they can go too. Then they was begging and begging and I started to get wet… so I said at the end ok, but I will have to edit the photos, before it leaves my house…

I do not try to describe or explain a gang bang  or an orgy here, because what happened on that night, that would qualify for both. We had a lot of sex and we used a lot of condoms… They were very creative and they twisted me into positions I never heard of it…

It surly was more than fun, the only part that bothered me about this, was that  not just him but all his mates, came  from homes where I been before, and I knew their mums,
and probably had known them since they were small kids.

When I had cock in my ass, pussy and mouth, at some point all 3 together in the same time, I forgot I know the parents… but after that it was bothering me full…

It was my first gang-bang with young guys and I would be happy to repeat this experience, and I am sure the guys would be more than happy to do me again… But… Is something like this had happened with anyone else, or I am the only one? If yes how you dealt with it? Continue Reading…


swingers sexthisntats

I am not sure if I missed some memo or something, but with out of the risk of sounding naive… I have no problem with guys age as far as they are legally in adult age, but there is something that bothers me too…

A lot of VERY young guys want to have (gasp!) something more than just casual sex with older (sometimes VERY much older) women like myslef.

My sexual education is spotless…  I know all about the MILFS and now GILFS, the COUGAR and older women, younger men thing and whatnot, but lately, it seems to me that its becoming way more frequent for these younger guys to want to actually hang out and do things other than sex, at least it happens to me more frequently!

You go out with him and the waitress said something like, ask your mum and he was sure I am his mum… Not complaining, just puzzled! Anyone ever had or has now, an older female and younger male “relationship” ? Continue Reading…

swingers sexcasual sexislamilf

I see those kinds of relationships a lot on here. A lot of older women, younger men type relationships. I like seeing it too! Plus you’re gorgeous, so it’s no surprise that the younger guys you play with would want more.

I’m still not comfortable going much younger than myself, so I haven’t experienced it personally. But I do have a friend who is 45 and her sex friends is 25 – and they have a
lot of fun together. Continue Reading…


NSA sexVickie_Jo

Social norms are changing. Society is becoming more sexually tolerant. Albeit sometimes fear of lawsuits, and special interest and media pressure. Main stream media has lead the charge with films like as  “The Graduate”, “Summer of 42”, “American Pie”, and others.

Over time people’s perceptions can and have evolved about certain acts when presented in either a positive or negative manner. For example: American Pie, was aimed at a younger audience. In the film sex with a Milf was depicted as humorous and cool. The film became subject of conversation in both main stream and social media circles. The more it’s  talked about the less odd or taboo things become. Life imitates art, art imitates life.

If you enjoy it, why not? Live only ones… Continue Reading…


swingers sexluv2suk1966

Being married for 29 years, and playing with young boy toys only  in nsa sex (with permission).

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a relationship with them. If I ever have to date again I mean for romantic dating not just for nsa, I would date young men only. Continue Reading…


Our favorite thing to do is sex party, which we always know is a no holes barred, wild fuck fest of an orgy!

Erotic  party story with sex party pictures

Hottest Member Videos. It’s the ultimate exhibit of wild and untamed specimens – letting their horny instincts overtake them on cam!

Double Dipping Food During Sex

Strange things can happen with anyone at anywhere… even in casual sex dating when you list expect it to happen. It happened with me, and I kind of can get over it…

interracial sexAnal Vaginal Double Penetration

threesome fantasybeenthere

I was on a nsa sex date recently. Things started to get real hot, he was a handsome polite guy, looked like he is everything that I am looking for. There was chemistry and a lot of kissing too… But we did not talk about any rules…

So we had some food between two kissing session,  some nacho chips and the dip was served in the middle of the nacho chips on a big plate for everyone to share.

And I double dipped. I think I turned him off, because after that he did not go any further, in fact he just said some excuse and left in panic. Both of us was almost naked, his erection was very visible…

I thought, geez, what is that big of a deal? Continue reading…


no string attached sexoneofthosewoman

You wrote it, “to everyone to share.”

How many people was there? If that everyone just two of you, then e had to be something else going on, because double dipping  and kissing is pretty much the same… which is share about 60 million bacterias…

He couldn’t communicate… then it’s his loss. Get over it and find someone else. And next time don’t feed your playmate before sex… Continue reading…

nsa sexCasual Sex Dating

no string attached sex1Canuck

You are referring to double dipping nacho chips…  I thought
you were talking about something sexual. like anal – vaginal db with out protection… or sucking his dick from under the table and then kissing him on the lips..

Sorry, it my dirty fantasy. Have no any idea what was his problem. Maybe something else, and he could not find any excuses to run a way, so he did it with out excuses and left you wondering what went wrong…

Only he is the one who knows the  answer… Continue reading…


swingers sexthrillofitall42

Double dipping food items is not the most non sanitary thing that can be done.

However many people see this as poor social graces not a health issue. Whether acceptable or not acceptable is not what to build a friendship around in my opinion.

Have we not all done something that at least one person does not like or agree with? Continue reading…


swingers sexsexslave59

I’ sure that double dipping was not really his issue, if you were alredy kissing.

There was something else or he was a real jerk and did not tell you something. Continue reading…

mfm threesomesNo String Attached Sex Parties

threesome fantazyx-fantasies

I don’t know if it would bother me or not. I would likely notice it, but it’s not something that would make me cancel a casual sex date.

Cleanness and reasonably good manners are important though, bvt double dipping food and kissing, there is no different.

If there was more people then just two of you, than no – no, I’m anal that way I guess.  Continue reading…


casual sexpartychixxx

Do you realize we are living in a world where some people licks as-holes, sucks  cocks after anal penetration  and they freaks out double dipping a food items?

It is one of those things that have no logical explanation… Continue reading…


How to perform double penetration. How to have two cock in one pussy at the same time.

Detailed double penetration info with double penetration photos

Double penetration sex tips for women, created by a woman.

Our first mfm threesome wasn’t great

We had our erotic fantasy… Male – female – male threesome, that brought us here. The idea was my (the girlfriend) and my bf jumped into it… with a catch. The catch is, we will try a female male female, threesome.

threesome fantasyCouples Looking for Men for mfm Threesomes

threesome fantazyxfnatasy-sex

I would call that a fair play… Than we had to find a guy, which was not easy at all. We were looking for a guy, who is close to our age straight 8 (my boyfriend did not want to play with bi men) who is well hung, and we had to find each otehr attractive, plus if he is not Samara shy, that is a plus.

We did not find anyone for moths… Than we decided to drop the age things from the preferences list and than we found a perfect guy… So we had our first mfm threesome.

It was great for me, I really enjoyed myslef, I think a little to much, but I don’t think my boyfriend had a great time. Unfortunately he could not keep up  with the other guy… plus his penis was smaller too. Actually the extra man’s cock was extra thick…

I want to repeat the experience… but  afraid to ask my man.  I don’t want to destroy our relationship, but there is a but… What should I do? Continue Reading…


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We loves mfm threesomes too. They are great and sometimes they are not that great… for both men. There is no perfect world and no perfect sex partner, but my men is very close…

Two things you can do, at first set him up a fmf threesome and hopefully he would be able to satisfy both of you… After ask him for the mfm, but I suggest do not do with the same guy… Try to find someone else. mfm are couples game and both of you have to have great time.

Tell him I realized you did not have a blast, so I think we should try it with someone else at this time. I think it will work… Continue Reading…

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I don’t have answer for you… but I do have a question. MFM is on my wish to-do list, and some of the guys from this website have claimed to be fully on board and then chicken out.

What is that about? I am not expecting the guys make out with each other, I just wanted to entertain me…   Is it too much to ask? Continue Reading…


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The truth is, a lot of people talk the talk but only some will walk the walk.

So it doesn’t surprise me that some chickened out. You’ll find that happens a lot. Some people are just rarin’ ta go till it’s time… Hang in there! Sooner or later the right opportunity will come along. Continue Reading…

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Go for an older man… Older haver more experience. Go for the experienced male, sure were older but most of us know how to touch a lady and we can take directions in pleasuring the lady that wants to get pleasured.

Older men do not rush things and they do not chicks out. They use the opportunity and usually they make sure their partner is happy…  Continue Reading…


Do you enjoy three-way sex? Do you? And why? My lady prefer MFM threesomes

BBW woman want to get Gang Banged

How to perform double penetration

How to organize a sex party

My wife enjoying pleasured by other men. I enjoy it too.

I’m a STRAIGHT woman, a wife enjoying hubby’s urge to see me pleasured by other men. I’m on the IM and click on a 24 year old female profile. Why? Because I am curious how other women get men’s attention… Continue reading…

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I checked her profile out and it made me  feel  very bad by comparison…. because she is so damn attractive.

According to her profile she is just 15 miles from our place and I had nothing better to do, so I decided to chat her a little.

The IM has the web-cam icon on the name, I clicked on it and then glimpse fast before exiting out. WTF just happened?

There was a woman… It’s what I guesstimate to be a 250 pound man, camming at a desk from his crotch up to his boobs.Yes, boobs, bigger than my and my boobs are not small at all…

SO the profile states a single woman looking for man, it have attached to it several very erotic photos of an attractive woman. The IM  shows the profile owner is on-line, and cam-ing. When I clicked on the camera icon’s I faced and extremely fat and hairy man, who played with his dick… that was smaller than a 10 years old boy’s dick…

Is he stupid or what? Anyone experienced anything like this here? Continue reading…

swingers sexLooking for straight males to share me with hubby for weekend fun. Special consideration  given to married/attached so long as the better half doesn’t get hurt. Open to all variations of color. Basically searching for NEW and DIFFERENT to add to our bed where Safe and Familiar already exists.

Photos and videos are available with just a click to gouge your interest. Always on chat but as a courtesy we never multi-chat, so please understand if your page goes unanswered. As our implies our window of opportunity is limited to weekends only and condoms are  ALWAYS in play.

My (the wife)  ideal person is:

Man only and  someone new and DIFFERENT… I am open to any age and any race. We all know why we’re here but that’s still no reason not to be respectful and a gentleman. Contact us for more.


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We had a similar experience with a couple. The explanation was simple… Chat-ing and cam-ing  did not do anything for the wife and she  was always fast asleep in bed.

But when we asked him he pointed the camera at her… she was there at the other side of him… Maybe you should asked him what is going on, he would tell you something and we are here just guessing…

On the other hand it might be a fake profile, but fake profiles owners don’t   web camming… If they do than everyone can see they are fake… so what is the point to blow there cover up?   Continue reading…


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I don’t bother with the cams here anymore. Most of the couple cams you click on is the same.

Usually just some guy stroking his dick. Continue reading…

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I am like you… enjoying hubby’s like, which is he likes to share me with other men.

And he is the one who do the pree-selection, therefore he is on-line and he is on webcam when we are looking for new playmate.

But this is not explains, why was that profile a single woman profiles… The guy could be her friend with benefits or fuck buddy.. Continue reading…


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Just be confident and do you own thing. The cams are silly sometimes, but you do not know the reason behind it…

It happened with me too, I laughed at this one guy laying back in bed with no expression on his face, nothing just laying on the bed, whoop the do, laid back trying to play with his small limp dick… At list you know waht you going to get if you decide to date him… Continue reading…

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How can a single man build NSA sex relationship with a married man – woman couple

I like to watch my wife while another man fucks her

I am dying for a good oral sex

I love oral sex. I love more than vaginal penetration. Unfortunately very hard to find men with oral knowledge. Of course almost all of them bragging about themselves how good they in oral sex… Continue reading…

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Of course men say anything to get into a woman’s underwear… even though that woman like me a little over weight. But just I have few extra pounds on me, that does not mean I do not love sex.

Special oral sex… Nothing better than a oral orgasm… What do you think? Continue reading…


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What is your experience when having sex with an animal lover? Have you ever picked animal hair out of your teeth while performing oral sex. (stop or continue).

Have you lost your peak interest if a large dog enters the room. Maybe hops on the bed if that is where your at. (What to do?)

Could also be a cat or monkey. A voyeur in the room should we say. Maybe even a parrot saying “Polly Wants To Fuck”. Continue reading…

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I love sex, but no sex at the front of any animal… Sorry no pets in the party room.

Not because I am shy, but because it will take a way some concentration… Continue reading…


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This website (Swingers Affair) have a petty good oral sex related article, actually have more but this one is for men and it explains in details how to eat pussy

Also it answers the first lady’s question and have some oral sex positions too… If you are into pussy eating… you should read it.

One part of that article, I copied and paste it: “A polite guy will go down on her first. If you want to be that polite man, do her first. You shouldn’t give her signals to go down on you, before you did it on her. If you do not like eating pussy, you better change your like and dislike, because most of the ladies in casual sex love oral sex more then the actual intercourse. Also you should know, even if you have the smallest dick in the entire world, but if you have a magic tongue, you will be appreciated as a fabulous lover.”

Ladies do you agree with this? Continue reading…


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I am definitely agree… A polite guy and a good sex partner do not hesitate to go down on his woman. He goes down and stay down there until she is not finished.

When she finished than his fun begin… and she should return the favor for him… Continue reading…

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